Dutch Royal Criminal Organization against victim Hans Smedema!

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Dutch Royal Criminal Organization against victim Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife!

Great overall resume of the Royal political conspiracy with most main criminals & others involved! Including short explanation! Kafkaesque & Orwellian horrifying reality!

For more detailed info see Blog hanssmedema.info

See the following post for explanation and crucial events.

Timeline of only the most crucial events!

Conspiracy against Hans Smedema explained!


Still under construction and will be constantly updated as more and more of this political cover-up will be exposed!


The more you start to know humans, the more you start to like the animals!

Dogs have more rights than Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife, betrayed by the Royals!

Structure of the Horrifying Dutch Criminal Enterprise & Others involved!

How it started:

  • In 1972 my girlfriend was drugged and raped repeatedly during a year, and I suffered to and was secretly made infertile! We both developed severe suppression and amnesia because of the torture.
  • Mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep, a jealous brother finds out about the rapes and suppression and decides to hide everything instead of simply therapy!
  • He lured victim Hans Smedema, his youngest brother into signing a blank paper, and falsifies it into a document giving him the right to decide over and for his brother Hans Smedema for the rest of his life! Unbelievable but it happened!
  • Together with brother in law Tjitte de Jong and help from Rabobank Utrecht they buy  Onno van der Hart to approve a special medical cover-up not to prosecute rapist because of to much danger to the victim W. Smedema-J., the girlfriend later wife of Hans Smedema.
  • Hans and his girlfriend had severe suppression and she even a second emotional personality or DIS. So they knew nothing about any rapes or torture done to them for a year in Utrecht in 1972! They married unaware of the fact she was a defenseless sex-slave when asked and forced to, and Hans was made infertile and had also suppression for all the rapes, so the rapist Jan van Beek could have children from the rapist instead of Hans!
  • The signature of Queen Juliana makes this case ‘state security’ and all officials have to protect the Queen, even when innocent victims like Hans & Wies Smedema suffer for now over 40 years!
  • Police and prosecutors were not allowed to prosecute and investigate any rapes! Severe human rights violations while they protected the rapist, and betrayed the victims.
  • Even Judges are not allowed to investigate or allow any defense! Severe human rights violations!


The results of this political conspiracy were horrifying:

  • No information about being sick and defenseless was ever given to us!
  • No medical treatment was therefore possible as didn’t know we were very sick and defenseless.
  • All evidence since 1972 was deleted, falsified or manipulated! Even one testicle was secretly repaired and a DNA-test proving 3 children to be mine, falsified! Much more evidence was manipulated! They tapped my phone and email to be first when I tried something for many years!
  • No lawyer could ever help us because of the ‘state security’ but they never warned or told us that crucial fact!
  • Hundreds of lawyers refused to help without explaining why! And when one helped no defense was allowed for 10.000 euro!
  • Judges refused all defense! Not even a dead simple DNA-test which would proof my whole case at once!
  • Judges were not independent, but didn’t tell us! No fair trial possible in the Netherlands!
  • Asking asylum was secretly made impossible based on the legal cover-up signed by a Queen!
  • Even the High Office Human Rights was powerless as it is a legal(?) conspiracy!
  • Everything is based on fraud, but still  ‘state security’!
  • Our suffering for over 40 years now is no problem for all involved! Evil, because indifferent for injustice.
  • We received nothing in writing, so no help or asylum possible.
  • An iron wall or cordon sanitair was secretly raised around us! Causing me thousands of hours of suffering and investigating for nothing.
  • Causing my charming betrayed wife to fight me and trying to get me treated in a mental hospital!
  • Without any defense allowed, sentenced to 6 months in prison probational and 6800 euro fine for the rapist! While being only the victim asking for an investigation!
  • I lost my high level position and 100.000 euro a year, not knowing what was right or delusional!
  • Our costs for trying to find out what Justice already knew, is since 2000 around 250.000 euro. A lot having to live in two countries and because I paid my wife half our much less income.
  • Total estimated damages with 3 children not mine and over 40 years of suffering estimated to be between 5 – 10 million euro.
  • I still want children and found many beautiful young woman in Spain who would like to give me some, but I have nothing to offer them yet! We are almost broke! Weeks away! And now I am 66 years old! Almost to late now, and with all the evidence deleted and manipulated the chance of having my sperm changed is too large to frees it in!

All the above I found out the hard way, by experiencing at what the Dutch did NOT do! But should have done! Like judges not allowing any defense at all! Not even in the appeal case with some help from famous lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz! See Dutch Post Hans Smedema Rejected! And English Post Dutch Human Rights Violations   For a situation report see Dutch Post Situatie mei 2014

But the beautiful loving couple lived their lives like this proverb:

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle!”

How evil were they both treated, being so good to help others!

For the latest general info about our whole gruesome situation by the end of May see my Dutch Post: Situatie eind mei!

Dutch Media refuse to publish and help! Silenced to death! Cordon Sanitair!

‘History has proven always to be on the side of those looking for justice’ President Obama

 Media are probably not allowed to publish about this case! See cases below! State security because the signature of a Queen! Disgusting behavior because the Dutch people are left in the dark about the crime of a century which will later be Dutch legacy like Ann Frank, Fred Spijkers, Willem Oltmans, Dreyfus, Multatuli and others!

Peter R. de Vries TV Crime-fighter 2004 -2006

His organisation simple refused to investigate. Probably because they didn’t understand how big this case was. I tried three times in 3 years or so, and that was enough for me! He is now missing the ‘Crime of the Century’ or ‘Dutch Queengate’.

TV Crime fighter John van den Heuvel 2007

He was very interested at first in a secret conversation in a Hotel, but told me after three weeks that his employer Telegraaf, the largest Dutch News paper, refused to publish! No reason given as always in my Kafkaesque and Orwellian case!

Dutch largest Newspaper Telegraaf 2007

John van den Heuvel had my case presented to the all Editors meeting, and they refuse to help me,and/or warn the Dutch people about this horrifying case involving hundreds of officials.


Leeuwarder Courant Head Editor Rimmer Mulder 2004

My Rotary friend Rimmer Mulder refused to publish about it! Although he talked with me for 3 hours and stated that I was betrayed by all family and friends! He found out that a main porn criminal from Utrecht around 1972 could have been involved! He wanted me to let it go. Which of course is impossible not knowing what was going on and with your own family betraying and lying!


Magazine HP de Tijd

I spoke Ton van Dijk, a free lancer for HP de Tijd Magazine at the Commercial Club Friesland and he made an appointment, but canceled it later! Secretly he tried to speak again, so he was forced not to speak with me like all others! But no help from them either! State security must be the secret reason?

RTL Switzerland 2009

Talked to a free lance writer for RTL Switzerland in Zurich for two hours about my case, but she simply didn’t believe my case! It could never have happened she told me!

Argusradio 2011

Argusoog radio Friday September 30th 2011 from 20.00 to 24.00  about Hans Smedema affair. Arend Zeevat phoned me and would like to do an interview, but he canceled just before the start.  He didn’t dare to do it. Or was misled.  Cordon sanitair works perfectly! This conspiracy is to complex to understand! See Dutch Post about it Argusoogradio

Baracuda 2014

On August 2, 2014 Baracuda put an very negative article about my Dutch Queengate on their Blog. To my knowledge the first article since 2000! It gives a great idea how people think at first about my case! 44 remarks are all negative. Unbelievable! Not one took the time to look at what is really happening here. See Dutch Queengate!

Dutch Royals Involved in Cover-up! Dutch Queengate!

‘In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Royal Dutch government and Queen, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of free people like Hans & Wies Smedema.’ (Free from American Declaration of Independence)

Why do they keep working with this horrifying cover-up? Because of the murder cases? They should have ordered the Cabinet to stop with this crimes of betraying me and my wife, and the whole Dutch nation! High Treason!

 Queen Juliana 1972 – 1980

She was betrayed by the Dutch Committee for Royal Affairs, which in turn also was betrayed by the main leaders brother mr. Johan Smedema and brother-in-law Tjitte de Jong, and the main criminal medical involved Prof.dr. Onno van der Hart. After they found out in 1975 that our daughter was not mine and I was secretly made infertile in 1972, they panicked and tried to hide everything like unethical criminals always do.

On special medical grounds and if approved by a Queen, the Ministry of Justice could abstain from investigating and prosecution of criminals! Queen Juliana based on this fraud must have signed in 1975/76! But these crucial facts were still hidden from us with great horrifying consequences for us and all government officials involved! Omerta! Cover it up! We got three children from rapist and she had six pregnancies, while I was secretly made infertile in 1972!

Prince Bernhard 1972 -1980

It looks like he could be involved in this case too! The murder case on my neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog from the town ‘t Harde was done by the Justice Department according to rapist Jan van Beek! They also tried to murder me three times, 1975 when they found out our daughter was not mine but never told us, and twice an attempt in 1980 during which Cees was lured to the town Dronten, drugged and murdered. They made it look like a hearth attack!

Queen Beatrix 1980 – 2013

She became involved without knowing at first by inheriting this horrifying case from her mother! But she chose to go on with it, while she should have stopped it immediately of course! Even when in 2000 my memory came back she still chose to keep the evil omerta going! Therefore destroying my life completely now. An evil ruthless decision! I lost my top position because of that horrifying decision! She is immune and had nothing to fear at all! We as the victims did suffer immensely. Now 14 years after I found out! If you take away the normal civil rights of somebody without warning them, you of course have to take very good care of them! Putting your head in the sand is unethical and criminal! In 2008 I sent her a letter explaining our ordeal and asking her to stop the persecution out of her name, but she didn’t answer. Disgusting evil behavior. In 1987 my American friend A Rust was innocent fired from Military intelligence just because The Netherlands denied everything about the political conspiracy! Only in 1996 with help from former Ambassador in the Netherlands Paul Bremer(later governor Iraq) he was able to proof his case and innocence with a copy of my file, and was paid almost a million by the Dutch for damages! But letting him and his family suffer for almost 10 years, only to protect the name of a Queen, is disgusting unethical and evil. I spent over 6 months in detention in Florida asking for asylum against the Dutch nation in 2009! She refused to help me, and while I was suffering in detention, she was partying in her villa in Italy! How ruthless can a royal person be? See my Dutch Post J’Accuse Queen Beatrix of High Treason!

King Willem Alexander 2013 – now

He only just inherited this case from his mother, and until now has not done anything to stop this unlawful crime with severe human rights violations against me, my wife and even high treason against the whole Dutch nation! And not to forget the American nation! Many innocent officers and high level politicians are against their will suddenly involved in this horrifying case! But apparently all to coward to simply act in the only ethical way possible! Stop with this unlawful conspiracy! Simply be honest for once and confess! I spent again 2,5  months in detention in Texas asking for asylum for the second time against the Dutch nation in 2013/14! He refused to help me also, and while I was suffering in detention, he was partying in their villa in Italy! How ruthless and evil can a royal person be? See my Dutch Post Nederlandse burgers bedrogen door Kroon!

Royal Oath!

Unbelievable, evil ruthless decisions against us by now three generations since 1975! All three generations have now betrayed their oath to protect the Dutch people! Also it is treason to me and my defenseless wife, and American Al Rust, and even high treason to the Dutch people! And of course also high treason to the American people who are asked to help with the unlawful unethical conspiracy!

Main rapist involved

“A thousand times worse than an enemy, is a friend who turns out to be! an enemy “

Not one of all the rapist, and there are many more, have been prosecuted! Protecting the Queen is more important in the Netherlands! So the rapist are protected by the Royals, and therefore the victims, Hans and his wife, are betrayed, severely mistreated and tortured since 1972!

Jan van Beek, Utrecht, the main criminal who started all this in 1972, father daughter!

Rapist Jan van Beek rented my beautiful girlfriend a room, while he was just divorced! She refused to sleep with him, so he simply drugged her with Ketamine which he stole from his employer! And later mistreated her on purpose so badly(taser and dogs) to make sure she would develop a double emotional personality or sex-slave! He used mind control on her which even worked by telephone! Afterwards she would simply reverse into her normal personality and lived on like nothing happened! Dissociation (DIS) and severe suppression! An extra emotional personality! Family found out about it, but I suppressed it too, so they hid it for me her boyfriend, later husband. Making us defenseless against any rapist. He wanted to be and became the father of our daughter in 1975, after in 1972 making me infertile when drugged with Ketamine.  I found out only after 2000 when my memory slowly  came back, because of the cover-up all hid that crucial information from us.

Rapist X – High level Official inside the Ministry of Justice 1972 and later! 

Rapist X was the friend of Rapist Jan van Beek and abused my girlfriend for a year also. He was the brains behind making her into a sex-slave by developing a second personality using an electric taser and other severe mistreatment’s! He got a staff position inside the Dutch Ministry of Justice and so became the ‘mole’/traitor’ who could make sure there would never be an investigation into our torture, mistreatment, illegal making me infertile, using her as a prostitute, and all the rapes. He must have been the official leading or directing the secret department which was executing the special ruling of Queen Juliana! See Post Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers & Rapist Rule A Nation

Porn Godfather Jan Biek Utrecht

From Rotary friend Rimmer Mulder Head Editor Leeuwarder Courant, the main News paper in the North of the Netherlands, I heard this Jan Biek was in 1972 the main criminal around porn! So he was the guy behind selling the rape movies! He also raped my wife several times.

Jan de Vries, Leeuwarden 1977, father son!

He heard in 1977 about my wife being defenseless from Hans van der Heide a friend of my brother Ruud, who also knew that there would never be an investigation because of the signature of the ignorant Queen Juliana! He put 100 gilders on her bed afterwards, which she found later in her normal personality and asked me if I had put it there! Unbelievable, while her sisters, family and police all knew about it, except us! So he became in 1977 the father of our oldest son as I was still infertile and unknowing because of the cover-up/Omerta! We were trying to make another baby and didn’t know I was infertile yet, so he became the father of our oldest son, instead of me! Just because her sisters and my family were to coward to tell us the truth! Disgusting and evil! We could have had children of our own if somebody would have been honest! He confessed, but denied later. Police refuses to talk to him as no investigation is allowed!

H. (Rieks) Perdok, Roden 1977 – 1980 and many times after that, around 2000 for sure! Father son!

Rieks Perdok found out also from the friend of my brother Ruud, and made sure he worked for me while building our house, and raped her as much as he could during over a year! Many times he forced her to have sex with him, even when our daughter of 4,5 years was there and got hysterical seeing her mother naked with this man as a sex-slave not knowing her daughter anymore! She warned me after learning how to call me saying: “Daddy please come home! Angry man and mama no clothes on! Dad scare away angry man!” But with my own suppression from all trauma’s, I forgot instantly! Horrifying! So rapist Rieks Perdok became the father of our youngest son in 1980! On April 25th 2014 he was granted the Royal Order of Orange Nassau for his ‘services’ by Dutch King Willem Alexander! He filed false fabricated charges against me, which were not investigated conform the cover-up! See Dutch Post J’accuse Rieks Perdok! See Post Rapist gets Order Orange Nassau!

Drs. J. J. (Jaap) Duijs, Drachten. Father unborn child in 1980!

He was our neighbor in Drachten and found out about my beautiful wife being a defenseless sex-slave and of course took advantage of her! He also knew from our family asking him to keep an eye on her, that no investigation would ever happen by a special royal ruling and so he could do with her whatever pleased him from 1978 until 2003! Maybe more rapes later, but I am not aware of that yet until my wife gets treatment for her severe dissociation! Instead of keeping an eye on her, he used his penis on her for over 25 years! With my severe suppression and the cover-up, I was defenseless too! He did unbelievable things with my defenseless wife, sometimes even secretly drugging me and his own wife with a sleeping pill, to be able to have sex with her! Where ever he could, even during vacations as my guest a quicky in the house after luring me with his wife into the pool. Or a quicky during tennis in the bathroom, or renting a room in a hotel, or a quicky during dance lessons in the bathroom, after luring me with his wife away for half an hour on the boat of my brother by ordering our 5 year old daughter (who could not swim) to stay alone on deck while he raped my wife against her will (not using the pill yet and me being infertile) below deck and so became the father of an unborn child only a few weeks after the birth of the son of rapist Rieks Perdok in 1980! All that time he acted as our best friend! His wife still protects him! He once confessed abusing my defenseless wife on average once every two weeks or more and would like me to share her with him! See Dutch Post J’Accuse Jaap Duijs!

Main criminals involved in Spain 2008 – 2013

Stealing of 300.000 euro with documents!

See Dutch Post


Conman A.J. (André) Gruters from Houten, Netherlands

End of 2011, I was scammed by this ‘friend’ who I met in a bar. We spent a lot of time together with his wife Joke Laven, and others. But André betrayed me by telling a courier, who had to give me a parcel with 300.000 euro in cash in banknotes of 50 euro, and crucial documents proving my case against the Dutch government, that he should get it and he would give it to me next morning! But of course he never gave it to me, and I never wanted that to happen. The stupid Dutch courier told only him that he had a package for me! Leaving me helpless to defend myself against this thief André Gruters. This happened in the legendary Casa Aleluya in Jalon, Costa Blanca Spain.

See Post Scammed by a friend of 300.000 euro! and many others, also in Dutch.

But André Gruters together with his wife Joke Laven were since 2010 already secretly getting money for all information they could get and give it to my brother mr. Johan Smedema and the criminal organization.Treason of me and my wife.

Joke Laven, wife of André Gruters

She warned me the following morning that her husband was trying to steal the package with 75.000 euro with crucial documents. At the time she didn’t know about the other package with 225.000 euro. But I never got the package. Her husband André made sure he kept it for himself and she agreed in the end! So very guilty also.

Hans Stigter from Mascarat Spain, and Rotterdam

I thought he was a friend together with his nice wife, but they took the almost 300.000 euro cash money to his brother Piet Stigter in Switzerland for whitewashing to get it legally to the Netherlands. They must have gotten a lot of cash money for their criminal help!

Raoul and Pien van de Weerdt, Pedreguer, Spain

Raoul was asked to translate the English documents! They never warned me about the theft. When I offered them help, they lied to me not knowing anything about it. So very involved. To bad, nice people, but to greedy.

Willem and Nel Scholman from Goy

Both best friends from André Gruters and Joek Laven. Never warned me, and were deeply involved in how to get the money making sure I knew nothing. Organised an interrogation at a restaurant without warning me upfront. Very rich people, so why stealing more?

Harrie and Ine van Rijbroek, Uden

They secretly worked for my brother the Godfather of the maffia, collecting information from me about what I did or was planning to do. They made copies from the documents and secretly took them to my brother Johan Smedema in Gennep, Netherlands. He gave it to the Dutch Criminal Organisation. Who used it to betray me and make sure I would never be able to proof this conspiracy. The must have been paid tens of thousands euro for their help and treason.

Main leaders and initiators of the cover-up since 1972!

‘Live is not measured by the moments we breath, but by the moments that take our Breath away!’

They are all protected by the special ruling of former Queen Juliana! Nobody can touch them or prosecute them! We the victims are therefore betrayed, mistreated and tortured since 1972! Very shrewd to brainwash my wife and force me to sign a document after being drugged and extorted!

Godfather Mr. Johan Smedema

Godfather for the family from 1972 until 2003. The main criminal, initiator and brain behind this Crime of the Century, Gennep, Netherlands. Leader of the criminal organization from 1972 until 2003 with direct contact to Dutch Ministry of Justice and Dutch Secret Service, to make sure the rapist were not prosecuted, therefore de facto protected, and no investigation ever would be allowed! making our lives even worse! More and more rapist knew they could rape her without ever being prosecuted! He disliked me from the day I was born and now had the chance to destroy my life, and he did! Why not have me simply treated, so I could protect my wife? In 2014 I spent 10 months in detention, 6 and 2,5 for asking asylum in America, and 1 month innocent for trying to go to America for asylum! He and all others involved including the Queen kept silent! Our suffering meant nothing for him at all! And my only ‘crime’ is the fact I am asking for an investigation by Police/Justice, and some justice done! At least tell me what happened and why! So we can live a few last years together without suffering! See Post J’Accuse mr. Johan Smedema!

Godfather Tjitte de Jong

My brother in law Tjitte de Jong from Norg Netherlands, member of the criminal organization and leader from 2003 until now? Waving daily with his bible, he succeeded bringing this case to politicians, and so create a conspiracy by betraying us as victims, and the politicians involved. Later in 1975 when our first child turned out not to be from me and me secretly being made infertile, he even organised a secret law signed by Queen Juliana! All based on betrayal and unethical behavior! Together with Johan he decided that Hans Smedema and his wife should never know they both suppressed all rapes, the crucial fact Hans was made infertile, and the gruesome fact all three children from six pregnancies were from three different rapist! Dissociation and even a double emotional personality for his wife. No medical help or warning was ever given, so we didn’t know we were severe sick with dissociation and suppression! They both still deny everything until now! He and all others involved kept silent! Our suffering meant nothing for him at all! And my only ‘crime’ is the fact I am asking for an investigation by Police/Justice and some justice done! At least tell me what and why! So we can live a few last years together without suffering! I also want children of my own, but I cannot offer them anything but misery now. I need first my damages paid! Godfather Tjitte de Jong while waving his bible should have halted the cover-up immediately! See Dutch post J’Accuse Tjitte de Jong!

Klazien (& Betty) J. , sisters of my defenseless wife

Both more followers, but Klazien was also leading and deeply involved in trying to betray us as much as possible! She had all contacts with my brother since 1972 as leader and Godfather. Even after I asked and confronted her in 2000, she kept lying. Causing me to get very insecure not knowing if I was getting insane, or into the most unbelievable conspiracy on this world? I lost my top position and 140.000 euro income since 2004! Both could simply have told me the truth in 2000 after lying since 1972. But they were to coward to be honest! Her own sister is suffering immensely because of her cowardice! I could have had my own children, I met some nice woman in Spain but could not offer them anything but suffering yet! No money and still unbelievable for most people! And nobody takes a child from an insane person! Now I am 66 years, so very late to be a donor and get an heir. See Dutch Post J’Accuse Klazien J. See also Dutch Post J’accuse Familie!

Psychotraumatologist Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart

This specialist on dissociation treated my girlfriend in 1972/73, later my wife, and brainwashed her to make her forget all rapes done to her! In 1975 when they found out the first child was not from Hans, he drugged Hans Smedema to make sure this horrifying ordeal and his cover-up would NOT come into the news. And he forced me to sign a secret document stating I would NOT want to know anything about the criminal acts against his former girlfriend and later wife! Despite Hans refusing to sign for 2 hours and explicitly wanting to know everything! And all colleagues from Mental Health Organization Zwolle filing charges against him and even trying to get the Police to investigate! The drug caused Hans Smedema not to know anything afterwards and a promised copy was of course never sent! Psychotraumatologist Onno van der Hart secretly drugged me to hide his failures with my defenseless wife! This forged extorted document was used to betray the Political Committee for Royal Affairs, which in turn lured Queen Juliana to sign a special law. This law made sure there would never be any investigation, and therefore protected all rapist against prosecution since 1975! This special horrifying law is still valid as all want to keep the Omerta going on, to protect the name of all involved. Specific the name of the Royals, which makes it ‘State security!’ I was fighting my own government and Queens, now King! Without knowing it! And I have still no written proof. Omerta! I did not know these crucial facts, and that is the reason for all the rapes of my defenseless wife going on for years, and therefore the trauma’s got worse, causing her dissociation and suppression to get worse too! She until this day still has no recollection of all the gruesome things rapist and her own sisters, and my family did to her and me! She still buys them presents for their birthdays, unaware they destroyed our lives since 1972! I asked him to help my wife and me, but he refused to do so stating others had no time either! At the time I didn’t know he was the main perpetrator behind the medical conspiracy! Of course would not help, he wants us to suffer more and more so we will not be able to file charges against him!

I found out that in 2010 he again brainwashed me using drugs, torture and more to make sure I could never allone solve this conspiracy. Many posts on this blog about what happend in summer 2014. Many witnesses, but Dutch Justice refuses to investigate. Logical as they themselves are involved.


See Dutch Post J’Accuse Onno van der Hart!

Marinus Smedema, Moaira, Costa Blanca, Spain. Brother

He knew from the beginning, but was less involved and also himself a victim later of rapist Jan van Beek Utrecht who by drugging ordered him to pay large amounts  of money! One time he lured me to pay 40.000 euro to this rapist Jan van Beek! Unbelievable story! But he never told me what really happened, so is negative involved. I worked for his company for 13 years and he betrayed me when  I left keeping 80.000 gilders for years, which we needed badly!

Ruud Smedema Epe, brother

He also kept the truth from me. He also lied when in 2004 I spoke to all 3 brothers in his villa in Epe, and asked what was going on! Causing me to lose my high level position in the North of the Netherlands. Even now after 14 extra years of suffering he keeps silent! Omerta! Our suffering is not important to him after selling his company for millions and we with nothing and fighting each other about the truth.


Main Prime Ministers involved in the cover-up!

“If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.” – French author Emile Zola from the famous  ‘Dreyfus-affaire’.

They all have to protect the Royals! Former Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander. Leaving us, the victims, without protection and Kafkaesque and Orwellian without knowing those crucial facts! They were lured into this by the main leaders and  criminals above!

Dr. R.F.M. Ruud Lubbers Jan Peter Balkende Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Former Prime Minister Dr. R.F.M. Ruud Lubbers – CDA

He was involved in the conspiracy by arranging a special secret ruling(1976?) from Queen Juliana which made any investigation into the rapes of the wife of Hans Smedema impossible! This was based on fraud and extortion from Johan Smedema, Tjitte de Jong and psychologist Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart! So they were betrayed, but NOT acting afterwards to repair the damage, made them responsible and accountable!  This hidden act without telling or informing Hans Smedema or his wife, made the conspiracy also state security and all Dutch officials including politicians always have to protect the Queen, leaving Hans Smedema and his wife defenseless against all the rapist who knew(!) they could never be prosecuted! In 1987 my American friend A Rust was innocent fired from Military intelligence just because the Dutch/Lubbers denied everything about the political conspiracy! Only in 1996 with help from former Ambassador in the Netherlands Paul Bremer(later governor Iraq) he was able to proof his case and innocence with a copy of my file, and was paid almost a million by the Dutch for damages! But letting him and his family suffer for almost 10 years, only to protect the name of a Queen, Prime Minister and high level officials, is disgusting, unethical and evil. In 1991 as Prime Minister together with Minister of Justice Hirch Ballin, after an investigation was started by Head Prosecutor mr. Ruud Rosingh, they organized a special law signed by Queen Beatrix which took away the normal Dutch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA/WOB) on October 31st 1991! Only to protect their own name and Queen!

Former Prime Minister dr. Jan Peter Balkenende – CDA

He refused to help Hans Smedema in several letters. Queen Beatrix also refused to help Hans Smedema in 2008 when asked to do so! Estimated secret hidden costs to the Dutch tax payers, must be around 20 million since 1972! They in fact aided the rapist and betrayed Hans Smedema and his wife. All still denying everything! Evil and very unethical! In 2009 I spent 6 months in detention, asking asylum in America. He and all others involved kept silent! Our suffering meant nothing for him at all! And my only ‘crime’ is the fact I am asking for an investigation by Police/Justice and some justice done! At least tell me what and why! So we can live a few last years together without suffering! PM Jan Peter Balkenende should have halted the cover-up immediately!

Prime Minister Mark Rutte – VVD

He too refused to help and simply pointed to former PM Balkenende who refused to answer any more letters for help! Disgusting behavior! Evil, because he is indifferent to the horrifying injustice done to us. Of course all Ministers since 1975 are involved as they let this cover-up and conspiracy go on and on! Evil and grotesque. In 2013/14 I spent 2,5 months in detention, asking asylum in America for the second time. He and all others involved kept silent! Our suffering meant nothing for him at all! And my only ‘crime’ is the fact I am asking for an investigation by Police/Justice and some justice done! At least tell me what and why! So we can live a few last years together without suffering! PM Mark Rutte should have halted the cover-up immediately! See Dutch Post J’Accuse De Kroon!

De Minister President kan en mag zich niet als een innocent bystander opstellen! Uit Universitair onderzoek Fred Spijkers Affaire.

Main Ministers of InJustice involved in the cover-up!

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

They all have to protect the Royals! Former Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander. Leaving us, the victims, without protection and Kafkaesque and Orwellian without knowing those crucial facts! But why do these horrifying things like protecting and helping the rapist, while betraying us the unaware defenseless victims? Never heard of human rights, ethics and helping victims?

Mr. Dries van Agt – CDA 1975

In 1975 when the conspiracy succeeded to get Queen Juliana to sign s special law or ruling, never to investigate any of the crimes done to my defenseless wife and/or me, Dries van Agt was Minister of InJustice and was ordered to implement this ruling from hi Ministry! According to among others witness Elise Boers from Uden, Netherlands who worked for my ruthless brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep. So he knew I was made infertile, and our first child was from rapist Jan van Beek from Utrecht! Still no warning to me with severe suppression, or my defenseless wife! And of course no treatment for our dissociation/suppression!

Mr. Korthals Altes – VVD 1987

In 1987 mr. Korthals Altes openly denied the existence of a political cover-up about Hans Smedema and his wife when asked by the American Justice! Al Rust only kept an eye on me, and when he saw injustice done to me in America, he acted and got fired being innocent! Only in 1996 he was able to win his appeal case and got almost a million. This was disgusting behavior by this Dutch Minister of InJustice!

Prof.dr. Hirsch Ballin – CDA 1991

In 1991 when my Rotary friend of Leeuwarden-Zuid(South) mr. Ruud Rosingh head prosecutor in Leeuwarden started an investigation into the rape of my defenseless wife by two men(several witnesses), he was commanded by the Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin to stop this investigation at once! He saw a letter from a Smedema on the table he told me afterwards! Not my letter, as I still knew nothing and thought he was mistaken! But of course from my brother Godfather of the family mr. Johan Smedema at the time leading the conspiracy to destroy our lives.

Mr. Piet Hein Donner – CDA 2004 – 2009

In 2004 after 4 years of investigating what was already known(!) to my own family and justice, when I tried in vain to file charges against the rapist and all others involved, he ordered the Police force in Drachten not to investigate and tell a story of to unbelievable, to keep me ‘fighting the unknown’! At the time I already had lost my top position, lost 140.000 euro in income and had to live on a much lower disability allowance of around 50.000 euro from a private insurance. But not capable to add to our pension fund and with high costs trying to proof my case. 250.000 euro since 2000 until now 2014! Ruthless! Now ten extra years of suffering for us, only because he was to cowardice to stop the conspiracy! In 2009 I spent over 6 months in detention, asking asylum in America. He and all others involved kept silent! Our suffering meant nothing for him at all! And my only ‘crime’ is the fact I am asking for an investigation by Police/Justice and some justice done! At least tell me what and why! So we can live a few last years together without suffering! Minister Donner should have halted the cover-up immediately!

Mr. Ivo Opstelten – VVD 2013 – now

Until now he did nothing to stop the conspiracy and cover-up to protect all officials involved and Queen Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander! I sent him an ultimatum to pay 1,5 million before the end of June 2014, but didn’t even answer my plead for help! In 2013/14 I spent 2,5 months in detention, asking asylum in America for the second time. Also 1 month for only trying to go to America to ask for asylum, which is a basic human right! He must have ordered it himself! He and all others involved kept silent! Our suffering meant nothing for him at all! And my only ‘crime’ is the fact I am asking for an investigation by Police/Justice and some justice done! At least tell me what is going on and why! So we can live a few last years together without suffering! Minister Ivo Opstelten should have halted the cover-up immediately! See Dutch Post J’Accuse KCOM! See Post Ultimatum Minister of InJustice!


Dutch Intelligence AIVD(Dutch CIA) & CTIVD involved

They are involved because the Dutch Queens were involved! When I asked to inform me I got only the answer they never give information about still running cases! So they are involved which also was confirmed by the very fine and trying to help CTIVD judge who I talked with.

CTIVD Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services The Hague

This Judge did a very good investigation and she concluded it was against human rights. But could not give me written information of course. The advise was secret! So she advised the Dutch Cabinet to stop with this horrifying cover-up! But they refused to do so! It was a political decision she told me! This also proves that the AIVD was still involved! Which in fact proofs my whole case!  See Post Crucial Investigation CTIVD 

Main Medici involved in the cover-up!

They protect themselves and maybe also an oath to protect the Royals? The cover-up of all the rapes is based on a medical cover-up which in turn is based on fraud and extortion! Why not help us?

See Dutch Post J’Accuse Medici!

Family Docter Hogen Esch 1973 -1977

In 1975 I visited him for the first time after a murder attempt on my life in Zeist by two persons from Justice department as rapist Jan van Beek told me in 1977! They just found out that our daughter was not from me! Together with psychiatrist Onno van der Hart Hogen Esch arranged a secret appointment in a Hospital in Zwolle where I was taken to the Dutch Center for Mental Health and forced by extortion and drugging to sign a document that would destroy my life!

Family Docter Lefering 1978 – 2004

He had a letter from Hogen Esch mentioning the cover-up about my wife, but didn’t tell me or warn me at all! So after 1978 the rapes could go on without us able to defend ourselves! Another son was born, and an unborn child. And many more abused my defenseless wife! All just because everybody was to coward to simply tell the truth to us! He denied having or knowing the letter in 2000 when I asked him to proof my case! This crucial evidence is still not given to me in 2014 after unbelievable suffering!

Sugeon Hermsen 1999

He removed a hemorrhoid, but secretly the operation took 2,5 hours! Which nurses were not allowed to tell me, but did anyway! They must have repaired one testicle to make sure I could never find out I was made infertile in 1972! In 2003 our own DNA/fatherschip test was falsified! It stated all three children to be my own, which is not true and known by Ministry of InJustice! But he saw my scar and asked how I got a scar right between my legs?

Surgeon Van Looyen 2003

He lied about the scar from making me infertile in 1972, suddenly a skin-fold.

Dermatologist De Groot 2003

He took away the scar when it caused problems bleeding after becoming harder from aging. Secretly he had a police photographer make a photo as evidence, but I was not allowed to see it!

Urologist Smorenburg 2006

In 2006 I asked Urologist Smorenburg to investigate my testicles for having been made infertile in 1972! Verbal and in writing he stated that somebody must have closed both funicles and wanted to do an invasive investigation. But later refused to do, but he found enough sperms in my seed. Because they shrewdly and secretly repaired one testicle years before! He was ordered not to investigate of course!

Urologist Spain 1, 2008

An Urologist in Spain confirmed the fact that as I expected,  one funicle/vas deferens was blocked from outside(crime), the other was open! Which confirmed my suspicion that  they secretly repaired one testicle to make sure I could never prove to be have been made infertile! Or transplant? So I walk around not knowing if I could have children of my own?

Main Psychiatrists & Psychologists involved in the cover-up!

They protect themselves and maybe also an oath to protect the Royals? The cover-up of all the rapes is based on a medical cover-up! They all knew that I was the victim of a cover-up but lied to me! Omerta to betray us!

Psychotraumatologist Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart 1972 – 2014

See above under main leaders and initiators.  See Dutch Post J’Accuse Onno van der Hart!

H.W.J. Mustsaers Haren 2000

Disability insurance ‘De Amersfoortse’ asked him for a diagnose. He was secretly asked, or ordered(?) to make up a false/fake diagnose! He declared me delusional DSM IV. I resisted but to no avail! Even the Medical board of justice refused to sentence him or any other! The cover-up is deeply embedded int he whole Dutch nation! He had contact with the Ministry of InJustice! Evil, because his fraud made us suffer for many more years now.

Psychiatrist Prof.dr. R.J. van den Bosch UMCG 2003

He was involved as a leader Department for Psychiatry UMCG and when I asked for help his manager psychiatrist Bruggeman, and Luttikhuizen betrayed me by acting as if they knew nothing about the gigantic cover-up! But secretly they talked with the leader of my Family Godfather mr Johan Smedema & Tjitte de Jong at that moment! Causing me to loose my top position as Headhunter or Executive Searcher in the North of the Netherlands. 100.000 euro less a year and by now 1 million and with interest and more, 1,5 million damages for us! He also led the Medical trial(medisch tuchtcollege) after I complained about all the Medici betraying and lying to me and my wife!A big conflict of interest, which he hide from me and others!

Psychiatrist I. Ch. Oostveen Drachten 2000 – 2003

Together with my wife we talked to him in 2000 and he also betrayed us by acting as if he didn’t know about the cover-up! He demanded even of me to take a medicine before he talked to me! Diagnose by telephone based on my hysterical wife with severe dissociation!  Later in 2003 he was involved in falsifying the DNA-test we had done! Causing years of more and more severe suffering! Prolonging our ordeal instead of helping us!

Psychiatrist dr. R. Bruggeman & Luttikhuizen UMCG 2003

Both were involved in the cover-up! They acted as if they didn’t know about this grotesque medical cover-up! Causing me to loose my top position not knowing what the hell was going on! But they confirmed they found nothing wrong with me, but if the unbelievable story was not true, it could be Delusional Disorder DSM IV. But I got more and more proof  it was horrifying reality!

Psychiatrists F.D. van Es & B.T. Koopmans GGZ Drachten 2004 -2005

Both lied to me and Koopmans even tried to intimidate me by threatening to have me put into a Mental Institution by force! Causing me to leave my wife and the country!

 Ellert Nijenhuis & Psychiatrist Mirjam Kootstra-Venema GGZ Assen 2006

Ellerst Nijenhuis was recommended by two different parties and by phone confirmed my suspicion of false diagnoses by the others! He would like to help me and could he told me! But I had to see first Mirjam who was a psychiatrist, before I was allowed to see psychologist Ellert! She didn’t allow me to see him after several appointments! And he is the only specialist in the North of the Netherlands!

Leida van der Heide Drachten & Rian Rijsbergen Consta Blanca Spain 2007 -2008

Both must have known about the cover-up but left us fighting each other and suffering! Very strange. Rian in Spain told me once ‘they should have simply included you, than it would have been oke!’ But she refused to explain to me if she knew my suspicion to be true! So I suffered again for 5 years! Why no simply tell the truth? Kafkaesque and Orwellian! Disgusting behavior!

See for detailed documents Post Fraude door Psychiaters!


Main Public Investigators involved

Here most of the important organizations I asked for help, but all refused! Execpt CTIVD, but the Dutch politicians/cabinet refused that proposal!

Medical board

Medisch tuchtcollege/medical board denied all my complaints about being lied to! They all went free! Must have been a fake trial. No lawyer to help me was part of the plan of course! I suppose nobody can find this trial ever again!

CTIVD Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services The Hague

This Judge did a very good investigation and she concluded it was against human rigths. So she advised the Dutch Cabinet to stop with this horrifying cover-up! But they refused to do so! See Post Crucial Investigation CTIVD 

Amnesty International

They refused to help telling me they didn’t do individual cases!

Human Rights Watch

They refused to help telling me they didn’t do individual cases! Several times and verbal.

See Post Human Rights Watch refuses help!


United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner

They refused 4 times! Convention for Torture CAT, Convention for Civil and Political Rights, and twice letters directly for help! No explanation given at all!

See Post Convention Against Torture and Convention for Civil and Political Rights!


Dutch National Ombudsman

They refused twice to help! Last time by Alex Brinninkmeijer himself, but no explanation given! I suspect he is not allowed because two Dutch Queens were involved at the time. The same as with Dutch judges! But why not tell me? State security? let the victims suffer? Who cares? Disgusting!

See Dutch Post about the code of conduct and case Hans Smedema

Main Private Investigators involved

GeneTree DNA-testing

They did a DNA-test, but it was falsified! It stated all three children were mine!  In 2014 her daughter confesses the children themselves falsified the DNA test together with family of her husband! 3 doctors!


K2 Recherchebureau

Detective Sander Betten did some investigations and he concluded also this looks like a cover-up! Specific he got written proof of my Brother-in-law Tjitte de Jong Norg lying about the case! He denied to know anything and stated I was insane, but at that time he was the Godfather and Family leader! See Dutch Post K2 Report!


PD Recherche Rijssen

Two detectives investigated, but gave back the order as soon as they found out the Ministry of InJustice itself was behind it! Leaving me with a bad report that prosecutors used against me!

See there Dutch PD Report about Hans Smedema

Morand Legal Advise

Morand did an investigation and found out that indeed if officials didn’t prosecute the rapist, a cover-up could have been done. He didn’t believe at the time the Queen could be involved. Now there is much more evidence!  I asked him in July 2014 again if he would help, but he refuses to do so. I am still without legal help since 2000! In fact since 1972! Unbelievable!

See Dutch Post Report Morand!


Foreign USA Asylum cases 2009 & 2013/14

As I have no civil rights, no legal help, no fair trials and can not file charges against the rapist, no investigation is allowed, and all is Kafkaesque hidden, only asking for asylum can help me! I need legal help from a country that protects me against the horrifying Dutch persecution!

Asylum case A087-402-454 in 2009 Miami, Florida

Judge Rex J. Ford Miami Court Florida during 28 weeks in 2009 in Broward Detention Center concluded that my story was genuine, also that the three children were not mine, but that there was not enough proof that the Dutch Government was involved! So he had to deport me as Netherlands was a friendly good country! He was the only judge ever to really investigate my case! Despite he had to deport me, I like this courageous man very much! At least he tried to help me! In the Netherlands nobody does! See my Post Unbelievable 5 grounds for Asylum by judge Rex J. Ford! And Dutch Post Asylum Florida 2009

Asylum case A087-402-454 in 2013/14 Texas

Asked again for Asylum but was deported again after 10 weeks detention by a Judge from Port Isabel Detention Center. He did not believe the story and didn’t look well enough at the former case in which a lot was proven already! Now with much more proof of no fair trials allowed, I should have gotten asylum. See Post Request for Asylum in Texas denied again!

Asylum case 2016/17 San Diego Californie


Main Lawyers involved in the case & cover-up!

mr. Wim Winkel Drachten 1983-1987

He did a trial against my brother Marinus also member of the conspiracy! But he worked secretly with the ohter party to delay everything for many years making a lot of money. Later mr. Justus Werle took the case and solved it in half a year!

Mr. Gerrit Ham Groningen 1987

He did my case against being fired by Baker Brothers Stoughton, Massachusets, USA. But I found out he was secretly ordered to do the case by my evil brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep! He normally did no cases like this, but he was specialized in civil law about government officials! He betrayed me by leaving out everything about the cover-up! Only during the verbal hearing he told more and the judge chairing already knew about me having suppression for all about abuse or rape of my wife! One big conspiracy and I was NOT to know! Omerta to keep all officials out of legal trouble! Crucial information was hidden form me, but I won the case! Later I found out my American friend Al Rust had to pay all! While he also was innocent! My evil brother was behind all that!

Mr. Justus Werle, Trip Advocaten Drachten 1988 – 2004

He was a very good lawyer and has really helped me a lot! He at last solved the case against my evil brother Marinus, who kept our money in his company, after selling it to us! So we financed his company for 5 years, while we were broke at the time with no job and no money! Disgusting, but Justus solved the case in half a year! Very good lawyer. But he refused to do this conspiracy, of which he had inside information he hid for me. As a reason he said the fact I sought publicity! But gave no real information in 2003! So we suffered now for 11 years more just because he refused to help me and my wife! He could have been misled of course, but should have checked what I knew! He did not! Very crucial refusal because now I could not get any other lawyer for years to help us! Hundreds refused to help! And until now I don’t know why they refused! Maybe not allowed by the Royal cover-up also?

Mr. Ad Speksnijder Leeuwarden 2004

I forced a lawyer to help me, but he refused to do so. He was not allowed to help! Protecting the Queen in the Netherlands means that lawyers are allowed to betray the victims and paying clients!

Mr. Canoy Leeuwarden 2009

He took the case from another, but only talked about his money for two weeks. So I didn’t trust him and he refused to wait a week for 53.000 euro coming from another lawyer! I went alone without a lawyer to a court case and was sentenced! No defense allowed by police judge mr. Jeroen van Bruggen court Leeuwarden! He knew about the Royal cover-up and therefore denied me all defense! I offered 10.000 euro for the dead simple DNA-test which would proof my case at once, but he refused! Fraud by Judges, who secretly were NOT independent at all!

Famous Brothers mr. Anker Leeuwarden 2004 – 2009

These famous lawyers refused to help us 9 times! At last Nico Hoekstra told me I should not search for a lawyer in the North of the country! Maybe I could find a lawyer in the South! But he did not tell me why! Again keeping crucial information about the Royal cover-up from me! Causing more years of suffering for both of us! Why? What is wrong with being honest and transparent?

 Famous Mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz Amsterdam 2009 -2013

His fine (beautiful) lawyer Audrey Wolffs took my case! Very good, she knew about suppression and amnesia! She knew my story was true from the beginning! But after a while she left and others took over. In the pre-trial court session December 2011 and trial December 2012 not much was done, and again no defense was allowed by the judges! For me now proving judges were not allowed to defend me! They were NOT independent at all! So again for the second time(first in 2009) I planned for asylum(2013/14) in America! All trial cases are NOT published to make sure the Dutch people will never find out about the Royal conspiracy! So I paid 10.000 euro for nothing. I was sentenced to 6 months probational and had to pay the rapist(!) 5400 euro, later up to 6800 when I refused to pay of course! Severe human rights violations!

He refused to do my main case against the cover-up! And his brother refused to do the civil case needed to claim our damages estimated between 5 – 10 million! I still respect him, and assume he is waiting for the right time to come forward with this unbelievable cover-up! Just after taking my case, the Dutch FIOD/taxes investigators searched him and found problems. I suspect that they tried to force him to keep the cover-up going! With the Royals involved in this cover-up and conspiracy all officials have to help destroy all evidence, and protect Queen Beatrix at the time. They do the most horrifying things! Stasi methods!

After this experience I never looked for a lawyer again! We are helpless in the Netherlands! Against all human rights!


Main Judges involved in the cover-up!

They must be ordered by the Queen not to allow any investigation or defense! Everything I wrote has been neglected! And the sentences are NOT Published! So hidden to cover-up! No fair trial possible! It took me 13 years to find out! With costs of 250.000 euro since 2000, and 100.000 euro loss of income a year since 2004! Over one million, so total 1,5 million or so only financially! 

Several secret Judges since 1973

Since 1973 judges must have been involved in the hiding of all crimes for us as the main victims. The trail leads to Zwolle where we lived in 1973, but until now without a lawyer willing to help us, no documents or trials have been found!

Art. 12 Judges, mr. Kalsbeek chairman, mr. Palman, mr. Zwerver

Denied! No investigation allowed in spite of several tens of witnesses, DNA-test possible, and much more very detailed facts! Hundreds of facts! So they worked with the cover-up! As is visible later, but I didn’t understand it then! See my open letter in Dutch Post Obstructie van recht!

Medical Board Judges Groningen

mr. J.D.S.L. Bosch chairman, mr. J.Sj. Dijkstra secretary, J.U.R. Nieveld, R. van der Eijk. All complaints denied. So working with the cover-up! Fake trial again! At the time I didn’t understand!

mr. Jeroen van Bruggen, Court Leeuwarden Febr 9th 2009

He betrayed me by not allowing me any defense at all conform the secret cover-up and conspiracy! He should have told me so I could flee the Netherlands and ask for asylum with that proof! But now I am fighting an Unknown enemy since 2000, or in fact 1972! This happened in 2009 after 9 years of severe horrifying suffering for both of us! Also in the appeal case no defense was allowed! What made clear the cover-up and conspiracy! The sentence was never published conform the cover-up!Pre-Trial 3 Judges, Chairwoman mr. M.L.H.E. Roessingh-Bakels , mr. A.E. Harteveld,  mr. M. van Seventer  High Court Arnhem 2011
During the pre-trial no defense was allowed and the chairwoman ordered me to be investigated by a psychiatrist Kemperman! Which I refused having seen 15 or so and only two or so believing my unbelievable story! First do a dead simple DNA-test I advised her! The sentence was never published conform the cover-up!

Trial 3 Judges, mr. R.W. van Zuilen chairman, mr. C.G. Nunnikhoven and  mr. A.W.M. Elders High Court Arnhem Dec 3th 2012

During the high court case also no defense was allowed! Despite my famous lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz, no Dead simple DNA-test was allowed which would proof my case instantly! Also none of the 12 witnesses a discharge were heard! Only the 5 plaintiffs! Even God himself would be sentenced under these circumstances which violate all civil and human rights! The sentence was never published conform the cover-up!

Secret Trial court Leeuwarden

During my detention in Texas for again asylum, my wife was called and asked why nobody appeared during the court-session in Leeuwarden? She asked for the verdict, but got no answer. I asked when back, but also no answer was given! So we still don’t know what the sentence was and about what the trial was about? So who was the judge, or judges? And why is it a secret for me? My providor Strato A.G. and Google and Youtube, all mentioned a notice from a Dutch government department which demanded the removal of certain pages about police Drachten and the name of detective Bart van Someren! So their must have been a court sentence!

mr. J.Y.B. Jansen court Leeuwarden

He sentenced me to 1 month in prison, while he knew I was was innocent and that was disproportionately with a sentence based on fraud and for 3 months probational. And after 31 days in prison I found out he was not qualified, it was unlawful  and I was set free by 3 other unknown judges. See my Post mr. Jansen corrupt!

Main Politicians involved

Because the Cabinet needs the approval of the political leaders of all parties this case is many times on the agenda with the Special Dutch  Committee for Intelligence (Dutch – Commissie Stiekum) So always all party leaders are involved and have to approve!


I wrote to all leaders of all political parties for help around 2005 and later, and NO one offered any help! Not even one conversation was possible, although all leaders are members of the Committee for Intelligence, where the decisions are made to go on or stop with the cover-up, Omerta! So all were bound because of their oath to protect the Queen, before protecting the Dutch people,  and did not have enough courage to stop with these horrifying human rights abuses casing more and more suffering to innocent victims! I was a member of VVD for 25 years, but NO conversation or help was ever offered! Even Marianne Thieme of the Dutch party for the animals didn’t react so I can add in my book and movie

“even the party for the animals refused to help the loving couple, and denied them justice!”

Main Mayors involved

Tjeerd van Bekkum Drachten 2014

He refused to order Police to accept my filing and charges against the false and fraudulent charges against me! I tried that since 2000, to no avail! Not allowed but he should have helped me, or warned me to leave the Netherlands for asylum somewhere! Het also refused to do anything. Not even a conversation was possible! Therefore a simple revoking of the verdict after proof by DNA-test of rapist Rieks Perdok from Roden being the father of a son, by the supreme court was impossible! Severe human rights violations!

Dales Leeuwarden 2004

I tried to involve him to but he refused to do anything, not even a conversation! Nothing but silenced to death!

Corrupt Dutch Prosecutors involved (ordered to?)

The fist was not allowed to investigate, so others could be ordered to? But why let my wife be raped since 1972?

Mr. Ruud Rosingh Leeuwarden

He was in 1991 head prosecutor in the town Leeuwarden where he was my Rotary friend. He ordered the investigation of the rape of my wife by two men, but was ordered to The Hague Ministry of Justice and ordered to stop at once! We knew nothing by then because we suppressed everything at once. He refused and was moved to the Town Zwolle in a week! He is not allowed to talk, but gave me this info! So he is a hero and proves the cover-up by the Ministry of Justice itself! Also maybe that others are not allowed to investigate too? But why let my wife be raped? Nobody has to accept that! Misleading info from my brother and criminal Psychiatrist Onno van der Hart who extorted me a document? What is in the document?

Mr. van Houten Leeuwarden 2004

He refused to allow me to see my police file. Only my wife was allowed to see it! He also refused an investigation! Cover-up! See my Dutch Post Obstructie van recht.

Mr. Petra Hoekstra prosecutor Leeuwarden

She refused in 2008/9 to investigate my detailed charges against the plaintiffs who raped my wife or were accomplishes. Unlawful behavior! But legal by the signature of the Queen?

Mr. Pastoor Advocate General High Court Arnhem

She refused in 2011 to investigate my detailed charges against the plaintiffs who raped my wife or were accomplishes. Also famous lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz asked for a DNA-test and hearing of 12 witnesses. All denied. Unlawful behavior! But legal by the signature of the Queen?

Mr. Hoekman prosecutor Leeuwarden

In 2013 he made sure I was put in jail for a month in P.I. Ter Apel, which was unlawful and I was set free immediately, but only after 31 days! I suspect it was a last attempt to intimidate me to stop publishing everything on my Blogs! They are not allowed to investigate and prosecute me because of the same signature of the same Queen? But still disgusting to put a victime of a sequence of crimes since 1972 with a wife for 13 years not believing him, in detention, while leaving the rapist free and not even prosecuted! Horrifying evil!

Mr. Jan Eland Head Prosecutor North Netherlands

He refused to investigate with a dead simple DNA-test which would proof my whole case at once and the sentence could be reversed by the Supreme Court. This case is so simpel! Rieks Perdok is lying and is the rapist and father of a son! He declared never to have had sex with my wife, but he is the father of a son! Unlawful act! So he makes me powerless and we have to suffer longer and longer! See my Post mr. Jan Eland & Hoekman corrupt!


Dutch Police Detectives involved



See Dutch Post J’accuse Politie!

Oscar Dros Manager Police North Netherlands

He refused to do a dead simple DNA-test which would proof at once my whole case and the fact rapist Rieks Perdok is the father of our youngest son! While Rieks has declared to a judge he had never sex with my wife! An easier case is not possible! So I can not file to reverse the verdict with a fine of 6800 euro(for the rapist) at the Supreme Court.

Haye Bruinsma Police detective Drachten

He was the only one believing my story at once and putting it through to the prosecutor in Leeuwarden in 2004! But after 5 months in September waiting for approval by the Dutch Ministry of InJustice, they were not allowed to investigate! He told me it was too unbelievable, but between the lines he was disappointed and regretted not having made an official report earlier when I came to him on April 23 Th 2004.

Bolier Police Detective Drachten

In 2008 I was summoned for a hearing with Police Detective Bolier. He didn’t listen to my defense against the plaintiffs charging me for libel and insult. I gave him al detials I knew by then, but I found out afterwards that he did nothing with all my charges! Maybe not allowed to, but even than he can always refuse to prosecute innocent victims, and he did not! Like a dog he kissed the ass of high level officials and in fact the Ass of Queen Beatrix at the time! Disgusting!

Bart van Someren Police Detective Drachten

In 2013 I was summoned for a hearing again on September 17th, now with Police Detective Bart van Someren of my town Drachten. He didn’t believe my story and laughed at me and my defense! He refused to put anything in his(!) official report, but after yelling and shouting at him, I was able to get something in the report! Disgusting! See Post about it.

Jan de Groot Police Detective Drachten

In 2014 he heard me in the case of insult to police detective Bart van Someren and again insult t rapist drs. J.J. (Jaap) Duijs from Drachten. He was not polite, but his colleague Edema was! New court case for libel and/or insult coming they promised me! I hope so, the more the better I told them.


Collecting Fine CJIB


CJIB from the Ministry of InJustice to collect fine

CJIB is the official organisation collecting the fine of 5400 euro I have to pay to rapist Rieks Perdok from Roden of my wife for a year(father son), and many times during the years after that. Also he filed false charges of insult as he stated never to have had sex with my defenseless wife! Because no defense was allowed, he of course won the case! And one other, drs. J. J. (Jaap) Duijs from Drachten, the rapist for 30 years and father of an unborn child!

GGN Collecting agency

GGN is collecting the fine of now 6800 euro, as I of course refuse to pay the rapist of my wife, just because a Queen signed a ruling I never approved and is kept a secret for me and my wife. I refuse to and they are forcing it now by taking away part of our small pension!


Published by

Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.