Conspiracy against Hans Smedema explained!

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Last Updated 08/03/2023 published 22/01/2019 by Hans Smedema

Conspiracy against Hans Smedema explained!

I will try to give a short(!) explanation about everything I know about how(!) this grotesque murderous conspiracy and ordeal became the largest ever in the history of The Netherlands!


  • Hans was not allowed to file charges!
  • Police was not allowed to officially take in the charges!
  • Huge Cordon Sanitaire raised around Hans since 1973.
  • Rapist got de facto a free Villa to watch over Hans and his Wife and keep them drugged and submissive.
  • Rapist Mole inside the Ministry of Justice who blocked and manipulated everything. Even became Secretary-General SG Ministry of Justice from 2002 until 2013 and betrayed everybody and caused mistrials, and innocent victims being sentenced.
  • Family and others involved were paid 20.000 guilders at the end of 1972 to ly and betray Hans Smedema and so force him to marry a hooker.
  • Hans still cannot get legal help in this case, all here and all letters are from him alone! Including this Blog and the Ebooks about this case.
  • Apparently they secretly took away his Human Rights and Dutch civil rights and placed him secretly(!) under legal Government supervision. And so are able to secretly block all legal help!
  • All media are silenced while using State Security!

This crucial analysis will be constantly upgraded as more info and insight gets known!

An even shorter explanation is of course the FAQ!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Version March 12th, 2019! Much more information after that date!

Only comparable to the famous French Dreyfus Affair around 1900, and the famous fiction movies about Jason Bourne!

There is also a larger explanation Timeline of the most crucial 80+ events:

Timeline of only the most crucial events!

and there is a specific medici Dutch post also:

De decennia lange gruwelijke medische doofpot!

But here just looking at the strategy used by the many perpetrators, rapist, corrupt family, corrupt medici and corrupt high-level officials to ruin my whole life and of my defenseless wife!

Here also how her children falsified their DNA Fathership tests which caused me to be defenseless during court case for insult of rapist…

Kinderen vervalsten zelf hun eigen vrijwillige DNA-test!

and see…

J’Accuse mijn vriendin/vrouw en haar(!) kinderen van mij gruwelijk psychologisch mishandelen en zware fraude!

And even later the crucial Secretary General Joris Demmink who was the rapist from 1972!!!!!!…

Secretary General Joris Demmink was 40 years Royal protected(!) Rapist-Mole manipulating the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

Pitch line Hans Smedema Affair

A Kafkaesque surreal true-crime psychological-thriller about a desperate man’s quest to expose a family-initiated high-level political Royal murderous conspiracy, which destroyed his whole life and put hundreds of officials internationally into severe dangerous ethical dilemmas!

Analysis epic Hans Smedema Affair!

‘Live is not measured by the moments we breathe, but by the moments that take our Breath away!’

1948 – Pre-conspiracy abuse

  1. Child abuse by brother Johan causing fear and trauma when I was around 8/9.
  2. Neglect by parents and no respect for my own human rights, my corrupt mother chased away a nice beautiful girl from school when I was 15/16 which would have been my sweetheart around 1963/64 and most likely perfect future wife! When I met her again around 1992 we were still very close and liked each other very much!
  3. Corrupt backward mother hiding (love) letters to me from a nice 15-year-old distant girl(Emmen) who wanted to sleep(virginity) with me and have them secretly answered by imposter nephew Hans Jan Smedema. Because her father psychologist filed official charges against my parents for child abuse! They knew I would tell the truth!
  4. Leading to child abuse police case which my corrupt parents also totally hid from me and secretly(!) sent imposter nephew Hans Jan Smedema to police to act being me, paid for by years of expensive(thousands) tennis lessons among other things. He became a tennis champion while I never had tennis lessons until I took them myself much older.
  5. Acting to be me he even is invited and sleeps with the girl! Next, my corrupt parents lure me to sign a blank paper which they secretly(!) use to file counter-charges against the poor very honest ethical psychologist who only tried to help me! When I find out in 2009 during my first Asylum request Miami Florida, afterward my sister Rinneke and my brother in law Tjitte refuse to explain to me what happened and to give me the letters which I never saw! In their sick (very religious) mind, I was an outsider not included in the family! In fact, rejected.
  6. Only in 1990, I was able to meet her father psychologist also a Rotary member in Emmen who informed me and I could tell him the truth and sign a document stating I never filed the fabricated charges against him. He was rehabilitated because of that. Meeting the now married girl, at last, I could tell her she slept with my corrupt nephew Hans Jan Smedema Leeuwarden, lying to be me!

Being abused and excluded from all crucial events happening in the family around me I get insecure and traumatized. Kept totally in the dark with even all (official) letters intercepted(!) and never even talked to police childcare! But childcare was in MY file I heard much later around 1991 from a police officer. Never again daring to ask girls to our home. To ashamed for my corrupt parents I get too isolated, but there were many good moments too of course. Doing business hiring other students I managed to have an almost new car(6500) and saved 20.000 guilders when I graduated to (ing.)B. Sc. in 1971. That money allowed me to buy a new house for 84.000 in Feb 1973 which I sold for almost 240.000 in 1978 and build my own Villa on an 1100 m2 plot in Drachten.

1971 – Start personality changing mind-control

  1. In September 1971 my(23) pathological lying girlfriend(20) cheats me with her 6 years sex-boyfriend who is hiding in her room and under her bed with help from her corrupt parents and two even corrupt sisters! Trying to force him from under her bed I kick back at her corrupt mother trying to stop me, who accidentally gets a broken arm. I broke up with her instantly knowing a lying girl like that would ruin my whole life. Many other girls asked me to date them and I would never, never date a girl who had a sex-friend that long and slept with many other men too. I refused two others like that before her.
  2. My corrupt cheating mother forces me with the drug Ketamine and help from her lover Röben with mind control and hypnosis into submission and totally forgetting everything about her cheating and even broken arm of her mother. I was mind controlled to trust her! They, her family and she even tried(in vain) to convince me she was still a virgin! When I see her corrupt mother I even stupidly(!) ask how(!) she got that broken arm! Several times I was hypnotized by Röben as soon as my corrupt mother thought I was not friendly enough to my cheating corrupt lying girlfriend.
  3. First heavy mind control denying me the right to decide for me who to date and to live my own life!
  4. My stupid and corrupt mother gave me and my sister secretly a heavy Valium sleeping pill just before an exam! So my sister who was very clever with high grades was sleeping(!) during her final exam and so failed Gymnasium! She angry hit my mother and never went back to school! Same with me for my driver’s license, he never had someone driving so good and natural like me, but with a sleeping pill, I barely managed! During my exam for High School the same, they had to send me back to sleep and come back late in the afternoon! I barely succeeded and only because they found out about her drugging me and helped me a little.

Secretly(!) drugged and hypnotized! It blurs your intelligence and insight into what was happening! Personality changing mind control with drug ketamine without me knowing or understanding, so not able to fight back! I never knew I was hypnotized into submission to a cheating pathological lying girlfriend I already broke up with! And my and her family always helped her during my life with her, of course not me! 

1972 – Even worse mind control and traumas

  1. At her room in Utrecht, she cheated with the boy in the next room, sleeping with him every night while dating me in the evening without penetrating sex lying she had no boyfriend and never had real sex with a boy! After having sex with her boyfriend since she was 14 years old, and many many others who just needed a vagina! All also hidden by her corrupt family.
  2. She moves to another room where the just-divorced psychopath owner Jan van Beek is even worse as she is and drugs her into submission with ketamine and sleeps almost every night with her. When he stole too many drugs he gets fired and needed money, so forced her with drug ketamine and mind control to prostitute herself while he collected the money. He had to keep giving her a daily low dose of ketamine to keep her under control. To make it cheaper he tortures her with help of his rapist friend(AIVD-Mole-X) into a sex-slave with a double or extra emotional personality. They sell rape-videos of her and bestiality with a dog with help from a porn-gang to Prague and so to America.
  3. The new traumas and new mind control in the first months of 1972 were so severe I saw a text warning myself on my notebook I was being drugged, disappear(!) from the page sitting next to my friend Roland Wester in Dordrecht next morning who did see it. Which happened much later also and in 2009 was proven during a special court session when I asked Asylum against the persecution by the Netherlands.
  4. The rapist-friend AIVD-Mole-X of Jan van Beek was denied an operational job with Secret Service(BVD) but offered an even more influential staff job instead, where he gets promoted quickly with his knowledge of drugs and the porn industry. He is now able to delete or manipulate evidence or investigations about his own crimes! He also uses ketamine to drug his bosses tricking them to sign papers during evaluations to get promoted faster!
  5. When I was there they had to drug me and he also uses mind control to keep me out of there as much possible! He also makes me infertile by blocking both my testicles so he could get a child from her. This, hours(!) after I warned the police about her being a hostage, but police did not do anything but a search in the apartment and left us drugged(!) in the hands of Jan van Beek and the porn-gang who made me infertile at once(hours after the police) to punish me.
  6. A regular paying client of her was the cheating sociopath teacher French Jaap J. Duijs from Drachten! Who became later crucial to destroy our lives and drug/rape many young girls and woman while being protected by Justice!

Severely traumatized and hypnotized into submission again! After weakening me first in October 1971 by mind control, now much worse in 1972 with ketamine, torture and severe traumas! The larger the traumas the more mind control knew his AIVD-Mole-friend! Personality changing events even causing a crucial warning text to disappear! When weekends free(!) at home in Leeuwarden she didn’t say a thing about the severe abuse! Nothing at all! First Government organization Police involved in this case, but were too stupid to understand a high-level case with mind control and drugs like this! In fact, they still are too stupid. I was never(!) able to talk with them about it!

1972/3 – Sleep cure and conditioning

  1. At last her parents find out the end of 1972 and hold her back at home and try to tell me what happened but it was too emotional for me all at once and I faint. I get in a kind of shock situation walking home. She gets therapy and I get secretly(!) a sleep-cure also with conditioning to forget(!) everything and to keep loving her.
  2. A nurse used me as sperm-donor with my permission after waking me up an hour or so. They found out I was made infertile, but never(!) warned me or repaired it by simply taking away the block or bypassing it! Causing 3 children from 3 rapists and hundreds of rapes of a completely defenseless woman. And much later the largest Cover-up and International Conspiracy ever in Dutch history.
  3. Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart UU and prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch UMCG are bribed with both probably over one million paid by Rabobank Health care Interpolis(?) to make sure we forget everything! No investigations and no trials mean no negative publicity for the Rabobank! These bribes made it possible to become both profs, but they had to delete our memory and condition(torture!) us into submission! And keep us like that forever until we die, or get murdered! 5 murder attempts on my life until 2016 and recently Feb 2019 an attack to cripple me here at Brew Rock Beach Club in Albir! A large blow on my left hip causing a lot of pain and almost unable to walk for 4 weeks by a guy on Jan 26th. Many people who get involved die suddenly with cancer or a car accident after being drugged with mind control as they did with me on Jan 29th, 1975!
  4. When I woke up end of 1972 I knew nothing anymore about what happened to her and me, and so became totally defenseless against the rapist and porn-gang in Utrecht who knew exactly via AIVD-rapist-Mole-X what was done to us and that we were totally defenseless! She too! Her double personality is probably never even discovered nor the IUD from rapist Jan van Beek! We could NOT produce a child like that!
  5. My brother wants to talk about MY girlfriend end of 1972 what I refuse several times stating explicitly they should talk to me directly and NOT to him. He should NOT interfere in my affairs I told him several times! I knew he hated me and I wanted to know what happened!
  6. But later my brother Johan lures me to sign a blank page(second blank) and uses it secretly(!) to take control over my life! Never saw it and he denied the existence several times when I asked about it. Also denied everything on Feb 1st, 2004 in Epe where we as brothers talked for the first time on MY request! But Johan also lured me to say something important, after some wine and NOT knowing or expecting a trap, at least once at a party at his house. While it was an official interrogation, but I was NOT allowed to know that crucial fact.
  7. Everybody around me(friends) are secretly paid(bribed) by my corrupt brother to lie to me about what happened(Omerta) with a civil-contract and a one-time payment of probably 20.000 and an allowance to meet at least 4 times a year for 500 if they show up. When they breach the contract they have to pay back the money! Ans Schuh the wife of my best friend Paul Schuh was one of them betraying both of us!
  8. Horrifying obstruction of Justice while we were left totally in the dark and the rapes and much more also in my professional life still going on! In fact, he created a Criminal Omerta Organisation with family, friends, and Justice included, and rapist(acting to protect us) Jaap Duijs who with the mole-x inside Secret Service AIVD could now manipulate any investigation and my life!
  9. The rapist friend-Mole-X inside AIVD/Justice doesn’t want an investigation which could lead to his and Jan van Beek’s arrest and expose contacts with the porn-gang and lures my brother into hiding everything and forcing Justice NOT to investigate the rapes and torture in Utrecht. And most crucial NOT to prosecute the rapists, including himself! Probably lying it would be too emotional for us? With the official diagnose of the two bribed(!) corrupt professionals Onno and Robert, they could easily do that.
  10. They mislead me with a too large 400.000 guilders insurance policy most likely to protect my pathological lying and cheating girlfriend after marriage and the already planned murder by rapist AIVD-Mole-X and/or Jan van Beek! She would have been rich and could mary Jan van Beek the father of his already planned(!) child! She had a secret IUD and I was secretly made infertile! The perfect crime.
  11. And they use the same abnormal large insurance to lure me to sign a document giving my brother the legal right to act in my place if I was in coma or equal! At that time I knew nothing about the rapes or the fainting or my corrupt cheating girlfriend! To my stupid brain, nothing happened at all! I refused but an Official had the document hiding the head with Ministry of Justice on it, and tricked me to believe it was only necessary if I was incapable or incapacitated, which was NOT the case! At that moment I knew nothing about the mind control or all the abuse and torture done to me/us! When I asked why this document was necessary he refused to tell me! Thinking it was only for the abnormal large insurance and I could fight back if my brother tried something I didn’t like, I signed! ‘De Facto’ destroying both our lives and without correct information and after being traumatized and mind controlled! My brother Johan could now secretly(!) control my life and that of my girlfriend later wife. He simply kept everything hidden from me! Unbelievable that such a sophisticated crime could happen so easily and for now over 45 years! And with Royals and Ministry of (In)Justice deeply involved against all human rights!
  12. Both severely handicapped I was ‘De Facto’ forced to marry her on Feb 23th, 1973! Two officials from Justice secretly(!) had to sign on a separate page added to the marriage certificate we never got! Both of us would have wanted prosecution of the rapist if informed and asked! But nobody ever informed us or asked! Omerta and brain-programming with mind control arranged by my corrupt brother Johan!
  13. The Criminal Organisation consisting of Mole-X inside the Secret Service AIVD and/or Ministry of Justice in combination with my corrupt brother was now in control with the bribed corrupt psychologist Onno van der Hart and corrupt psychiatrist Robert van den Bosch and others like sisters, brothers, and betraying friends. One big Omerta and criminal organization conspiracy with brother godfather Johan in charge! Most likely everything was paid by the Health Insurance of my girlfriend/wife Interpolis part of Rabobank organization!
  14. Friends of my brothers hear about us being defenseless too and even rape my wife several times in our home after simply informing when I was away for business. Only the IUD by Jan van Beek prevented her getting pregnant as I was secretly still infertile but we tried(in vain because of the Omerta) to get her pregnant from the start! Horrifying betrayal by our own families!

So again misled, betrayed and ‘De Facto’ abandoned by everybody around me, family and including Justice(!) which you, of course, feel(!), I became even more insecure and defenseless. Both defenseless and totally unaware of the great dangers and all the predators hiding and waiting to attack us. The criminals knew of our mind control weakness from AIVD-Mole-X who was in contact with and lured my brother Johan in the strategic direction he needed to keep his own rape-crimes and the large porn-gang forcing young girls into submission, covered-up. Bribed trauma and hypnosis specialist Onno van der Hart was now deeply criminal involved and would do everything specific brain-programming through torture to hide all evidence and keep me/us unaware and submissive.

I was rejected by my own and her family and was no part of any of their crucial decisions! All based on the signing of a blank paper and the Ministry of Justice document giving my brother legal rights in case of a coma or equal! Horrifying criminal stupidity by a sociopath brother godfather and misled officials of course. While I was perfectly capable to decide for my own and was only brain-programmed into forced submission on certain sex-related events by Onno van der Hart. Not being sick or so at all! Without the huge Omerta, I could have handled things myself easily and much much better!

Government is now decidedly involved, so perfect reason for American Asylum in 2009!

1973 – Defenseless, more rapes and rape movies

  1. Two days after being married rapist Jan van Beek mind controls and orders her (against her own will!) to work as a hooker for him again in Utrecht. Being totally unaware of the dangers for her because of the huge Omerta, I accept the lie she is working temporarily for the Rabobank. After two weeks her parents find out and get her with a police escort back to me. But NEVER warn me as instructed by the omerta ordered by my brother godfather Johan Smedema Gennep. Defenseless we live unaware on.
  2. Jan van Beek takes away the IUD he secretly placed and makes her pregnant with his own seed. His daughter is born in January 1975 while we are made to believe and lied to, it is mine! Which was impossible being infertile since 1972 which they all knew, but we didn’t because of the huge horrifying Omerta by godfather and sociopath brother Johan.
  3. Afraid everything would come out the rapist and porn-gang order the first murder attempt on my life on Jan 29th, 1975(only 2 weeks after the birth of his daughter) by luring me still unaware of all dangers to Motel Bunnik and drug and mind control me to crash my car. Police warned by a woman was not able to protect me but find a glass with the drug which causes memory loss and could lead to heart failure. I barely escape a crash just in time but almost die(heart problems) from the overdose and visit an emergency hospital in Nijkerk who did NOT inform the police as they should have as I didn’t remember anything that happened. My wife would have had the 400.000 and rapist Jan van Beek would have mind controlled her to live with him or even married later! He would have controlled her for the rest of her life.
  4. My bribed family doctor HogenEsch warned and informed by my brother Johan refused to inform me and goes along with all the suppressing and conditioning. He lures me to see the corrupt specialist Onno van der Hart in Zwolle who had to drug and torture me 3 times(!) with a memory loss drug into signing a document he needed to keep me from ever exposing his corrupt treatment! I refused for two hours being totally alone with him, and there were witnesses of him preparing the memory loss drugs in a room next door. I could not understand the text on the document at all because of the severe drugging! I wanted to know what happened to her and me after the hypnosis session, and prosecution if rapes or more had been done! But he wanted to keep everything hidden from me! He also refuses to give a copy as promised. Next days, he secretly conditions(tortures) me into submission and suppression of all sex and emotional events against my explicit will and all his tempory(2 weeks) colleges! It needs to be done every 5/6 years! This criminal forced hiding of all crimes and emotional events became so severe I saw a text on paper disappear! Proven much later in 2009 by Judge Rex J. Ford in Miami Florida! See post Saw 9 blanc lines on a full(!) page during official memory-test!
  5. The wife of Family doctor HogenEsch warned me several times not to go to Onno van der Hart for hypnosis session and refuse to see him, but not understanding the horrifying crimes done to us earlier, or understanding the huge grotesque Omerta organized by my corrupt brother Johan, I think I can handle it. She got problems with her husband over this case and was most likely murdered by him or others! Officially she fell off the stairs! Many others are murdered I think when they know too much. Several suddenly get cancer! Apparently, they are able to cause cancer by putting something in a drink or food or shoot a tiny pill.
  6. Also used by my corrupt brother and Mole-X to get Queen Juliana to sign a special ruling to forbid all investigations into the rapes and rape-movies! So rapist and all omerta people like himself(!) would always go free and we the victims were mentally and legally defenseless outlaws. The case now became State Security as he and AIVD Mole-X had planned! All Dutch Officials and organizations were by law ordered to protect the Royals from negative publicity! Nobody could fight against the rapist friend of Jan van Beek anymore or my brother! The perfect crime! Nobody informs us so her rapes(legally) continue. Huge expensive Cordon Sanitaire! Ministry of Justice was commanded to execute the special ruling together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs where Police and Secret Service were involved too! But NOT to protect us!
  7. Much more rape and even rape movies(1976) after a raid on our house with police warned by neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog who after more investigating later was murdered(according to Jan van Beek) in 1980 by drugging and mind control to crash his car against mine. I barely escaped twice. Total now 3 murder attempts which I was totally unaware(!) of! Rapist Jaap Duijs visits my wife for sex in our house when I was away for business! So did Jan van Beek and many others! Jan collects the money in Utrecht. I was paying for his daughter exactly as he planned it in 1972!

I am still unaware of breaking up with her earlier in 1971 and of her extra emotional personality as a sex-slave and a paid prostitute in 1972. But more traumas happened as I saw some of the sex and rapes, but was conditioned and tortured into suppressing everything I saw since Oct 1971 by my own corrupt mother and the corrupt bribed Onno van der Hart! Brother Johan had his Criminal Organisation to control the rest of our lives with paid(bribed) friends like Ans Schuh, Jaap Duijs, Marinus, Henk Kamstra, sister Rin or Tjitte de Jong, people from Ministry of Justice and others when needed. Huge Cordon Sanitaire! Even my wife. They keep conditioning me into submission while all Officials including Police and Justice were not allowed(!) to help us based on Royal State Security!

Mole-X in charge of the special project inside the Ministry of (In)Justice and Ministry of Internal Affairs could now use Royal State Security to hide everything that could be a threat to his own crimes and of my brother and others! Large Cordon Sanitaire! Nobody could ever harm him he thought. Brilliant cover-up and sophisticated conspiracy! The Perfect Crime!

The government and Royals were deeply legally involved now! Asylum in Florida should have been given in 2009!

1977 – AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs appointed to watch over us!

  1. Moving to Drachten the gang members and my brother as godfather and leader of the Criminal Organisation needed to keep control over us and appointed gang-member rapist and client Jaap Duijs from 1972, in 1977 by famous Joris Demmink. He got paid 100.000 to buy the plot next to ours, and a monthly allowance of 500 to 1000 for having a microphone in our house and a tap on all our telephone and emails. He also gets free drugs from his corrupt contact Sylvia te Wierik at the police station Drachten! Most likely paid by Secret Service AIVD because of the signing of Queen Juliana, but maybe Rabobank health insurance Interpolis still paying all or part? Second rapist Jan de Vries forced my wife to sex in Leeuwarden and in Dec 1977 his/our first son is born, thinking it is mine because of the grotesque omerta. But I was secretly made infertile in 1972, so impossible.
  2. During the construction of our villa, she is several times lured to give advise but is gang-raped by the workers. Much more rapes of course. She remembered only being there for half an hour but was there for 4 to 5 hours! She misses time which is the main condition for proving a double personality and dissociation. I sometimes saw some of the rapes, but suppressed it as conditioned(tortured) by the corrupt Onno van der Hart!
  3. Jaap Duijs with his wife Wimke acted as being our friends ordering my wife to come over and mostly weekly have sex with her when I was working somewhere. So also cheating his own wife. As a teacher French, he also abused young girls after drugging them. He was taught how to mind control unaware defenseless victims by Jan van Beek and his friend at the AIVD who took of course control of the special project ordered by Queen Juliana. Ministry of Justice was made responsible for the execution together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Jaap is also a member of the quarterly meeting of the Criminal Omerta Organisation with brother godfather Johan. Once I got an invitation by accident but was mind controlled to delete it by AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs and corrupt godfather Johan! I had the evidence of their criminal organization to betray us! Someone from Ministry of Justice, Jaap Duijs and the wife of my college friend Ans Schuh too(!) was on the email list!
  4. In 1980 Jaap makes my wife pregnant again just after the birth of our second son from the 3rd rapist plumber Rieks Perdok. She didn’t remember having sex with Jaap and I was still secretly(!) infertile, but she accuses me! She has it legally aborted or we would have had 4 children from 4 rapists but still unaware of it!

The largest cordon sanitaire ever in the history of the Netherlands is built around us! Not to protect or help us, but to control us never to be able to defend ourselves and file charges against the rapist, my brother and all the others obstructing justice. Everybody is paid and bribed except us of course, we only get more rapes and more traumas. Involvement of retard Queen Juliana made everything State Security and all officials have to defend the Queen, not us the victims! Much later I find out even lawyers and judges! My brother and the Mole-X think they have everything covered! I will never be able to go after them because of the State Security Cordon-Sanitaire case. The perfect crime!

The government is even more deeply involved so Asylum should have been given in 2009 by America!

1983 – America gets involved and more mind control

  1. Around 1983 while doing business in Germany they look into my intelligence files and discover a large 30 pages dossier which is deleted(!) by the corrupt Dutch 3 days later. I get interrogated by CIA but know nothing about it, although they had lots of facts about my life and hers which were correct! But I knew nothing about the rapes and Jan van Beek in Utrecht mentioned, or the secret brain-programming by Onno van der Hart UU/Robert van den Bosch UMCG and much more.
  2. Around 1985 Jan van Beek uses his mind control over my brother Marinus to have him transfer 40.000 to his own account, later many times more, causing the company Euro Routing to go almost broke. When secretary Stella van Arkel suspect’s something criminal and warns people, Jan simply drugs and orders Marinus to fire her, the only one able to fight back at Jan van Beek! And also orders him to send me to Germany. Now Jan van Beek had full mind control over my brother Marinus and the company! Warned Police are unable to do anything against the theft of 40.000 guilders they told, as Marinus signed! Not true of course, as it is done by drugging and mind control! Many times police were warned about my girlfriend/wife but always told she should come herself to file charges, which was of course impossible with mind control and brain-programming. But Police was then and still are too stupid to understand that crucial fact!
  3. When I manage to get an Arab order for 1 million with a very large profit margin of 650.000 my brother Marinus quickly forces(!) me to sell my 50% by extorting me and next refuses(!) to pay for years! I ‘de facto’ financed his take over with money loans from my bank! Only around 1990, at last, I get paid 185.000 with help of NOM Groningen who find out about his criminal acts. I get asked to become a Rotary member.
  4. In 1987 I get fired because my sick(!) wife had sex with an employee! I got paid 84.000 damages, which my American friend Al Rust had to pay I heard much later!
  5. On Jan 12th, 1991 my defenseless wife gets raped by two men. I see it but suppress it and even walk away! Rotary friends see it and Rotary-friend head prosecutor Ruud Rosingh starts an investigation but is called to The Hague and ordered(!) to stop it based on a letter from a Smedema! Which Smedema? When he refuses after asking me he is transferred from Leeuwarden to Zwolle in a week! Rotary members try to defend him with an article(which was ordered changed(!) for 7000 guilders by the Ministry of Justice for only(!) the archives!) in a newspaper. All involved like a director Leeuwarder Courant(suspicious car accident!), journalist Chris Kruisinga and my mentor Paul Brenninkmeyer both sudden(!) cancer die within a year or two.
  6. Same with my boss Holding Chairman Ger de Vries and Albert Tiemersma who also suddenly(!) die from cancer after(!) discovering the cover-up and conspiracy and verbally threatening AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs.
  7. Most good witnesses are dead! American George or Neil Baker I worked for with knowledge about the cover-up died from car-accident too!
  8. Ministry of (In)Justice blocked(!) an investigation by Police Groningen ordered by the Holding when a microphone tap is found on my desk in Leeuwarden! Rapist Jaap Duijs was heavily involved and visited my office and mind controled me there! They are not allowed to tell me what exactly is going on and an email explaining it had to be deleted by my Office Manager Jeltje Bos from MY(!) email-account within minutes! Proving all emails were tapped by Ministry of (In)Justice and/or AIVD!
  9. Around 1993 a nephew Jack from Duiven National Police who filed what he knew about the conspiracy after talking to me and on my specific request, gets fired for being ethical! Everybody trying to investigate this Royal-conspiracy gets neutralized, intimidated or dies.
  10. On June 14th, 1996 I get interrogated in Amsterdam by former Ambassador Paul Bremer about my American friend Al Rust who was fired and innocently suffered almost 10 years. He gets help and wins an appeal case with the 30 page Frankfurt file about me and my wife, and gets almost 1 million damages paid by the Dutch, while the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice lied and denied the existence of that 30-page file about the largest cover-up and conspiracy in Dutch history.
  11. In 1998 a girl Elise Boers working for my corrupt brother and parttime(!) for Ministry of (In)Justice, warned me about my brother Johan black-mouthing me and doing horrifying things to me and my wife. Also that our three children are not mine and much more! She therefore ethically correct(!) left him asap in weeks but he(sociopath) hunted after her of course!

The brain-programming(by torture) was done every 5/6 years, mostly after drugging me at home by ordering my wife to drug me, or at the home of Jaap Duijs next to us. Only once I found out about it done at Jaap but suppressed it for years. The Criminal Organisation from godfather brother Johan still secretly(!) controls my life. But why not openly helping me/us? Why secretly and corrupt? To protect their own crimes most likely.

Everything that has to be done secretly, is always wrong! But now in America, more are aware of this perfect crime!

2000 – Horrible Flashbacks

  1. In 2000 I suddenly get several flashbacks about the suppressed memories and get in a shock situation, but keep it silent for a while. Write everything in a computer file and start asking only my wife, not knowing about the microphone in our house or the taps on my phones and emails.
  2. I investigate secretly. That way I remember more and more and everything fits with photos and normal memories. Earlier strange situations even become logical. Anyone I asked denied everything and so at first, I assumed I was suddenly delusional, which was NOT the case. Everybody denies conform the paid(bribed!) omerta organized by brother Godfather Johan! So I think I am insane, what was NOT the case. All psychiatrists work with the Omerta and are bribed, or don’t understand the high-level unbelievable complex conspiracy! Declaring me delusional!
  3. I am NOT allowed to file charges and Police are not allowed to officially file the charges or investigate! Lawyers were warned I was delusional and all(!)refused to help me. During trials later no defense was allowed! And in total since 1975 until 2016, 5 murder attempts on my life.
  4. Psychiatrist Drs. Frank van Es after my refusal to take an antipsychotic without a written diagnose and knowing I am NOT psychotic at all, secretly(!) gives me Sep 2003 an unknown antipsychotic hidden in official(!) boxes of baby aspirin 100 mg based on the false statements of my cheating, lying and mind controlled(by the AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs) wife. That causes me to have to stop working on a very high level with a loss of 145.000 euro a year! Also, I get totally isolated being seen as the idiot who believes his wife can be raped without knowing it afterward, for 30 years!
  5. In Sep 2003 I get an offer of 5 million with secrecy-clause from Minister Veerman/Cabinet JanPeter Balkenende via my business friend ir. Klaas Keestra NOM who tried to help me! I don’t understand it completely, even suppress it as conditioned by Onno van der Hart and on Aug 12th, 2004 they repeat it more or less. I was in a kind of shock and with an unknown secretly given antipsychotic which makes you half a zombie it fails!
  6. In 2003 I get hard evidence with my aerial photo taken above my house with my defenseless wife having 69-sex with rapist Jaap Duijs! In ten minutes he orders the pilot to delete the evidence or lose his license! I refuse, but two sons later delete it against MY will from MY camera and MY email in MY home! And never make a statement about it too, so I got sentenced to jail later.
  7. A DNA-Fathership test is also falsified by the children ordered by Jaap Duijs who mind controls(ketamine) me about it the evening before, and by my brother Godfather Johan, who both have contact with Justice and the Mole-X inside Dutch Secret Service AIVD. Both are members of the Criminal Omerta Organisation to destroy our lives.
  8. Two hard pieces of evidence are now falsified or deleted which causes me to lose the trials later on(2009, 2011, 2012, 2016) and NOT getting correct legal and medical help! And in total 29 months in detention! All by her(!) children from 3 different rapists!
  9. Apparently, all (Victim-)Lawyers are warned and refuse to take this case. Could be they assume I am indeed a schizophrenic delusional idiot or State Security! So I have to do everything my self! No help from any victim organizations! Tapping my phone and with the microphone, they can warn others or order my wife to make a very convincing phone call telling I am delusional and get an antipsychotic!
  10. I am not allowed to file official charges in 2000 and 2004, and even more, important, police and OM(DA)were NOT allowed(!) to investigate. Severe Human Rights violations!
  11. In 2006 I file a complaint with the Dutch Medisch Tuchtcollege Groningen where the involved corrupt prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch who together with prof. dr. Onno van der Hart tortured me into submission by brain-programming was the leader of the hearing about all my complaints against the many medici involved. He should have recused himself! But after my attack at him, the secretary orders the corrupt psychiatrist Drs. Frank van Es to inform me in a written statement and the dossier! But Ministry of (In)Justice used AIVD-rapist neighbor Drs. Jaap Duijs and the Criminal Omerta Organisation(COO) from my corrupt brother Johan to intercept all the documents sent by normal Mail! He had the key of our mailbox and later intercepted the Mailman and even signed for the official papers! Next, he orders my wife to intercept the documents at the Hospital Nij Smellinghe by taking my car with the document after luring me away, so I had to walk home, and her simply refusing to give it to me! Lots of evidence of the corrupt AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs who was at the Hospital executing and ordering the whole intercepting conspiracy, heavily involved in the cover-up and conspiracy together with the Ministry of (In)Justice and Internal Affairs.

The perfect crime from my brother leading the Criminal Omerta Organization(COO) is working perfectly full speed and I am defenseless with a secret zombie-antipsychotic which takes away your intelligence and fighting spirit, and the horrifying conditioning(torture) to forget all sex or emotional stuff I see. Only famous Lawyer Bram Moszcowicz tried to help with the appeal case, but again no defense is allowed against all human rights. Probably use of State Security! Private complaint with UNCAT fails too. So I am totally isolated and feel helpless betrayed and therefore flee into self-imposed exile in Spain in June 2008. Not knowing I am NOT safe there either as the corrupt Dutch simply ask Spain to help with the corrupt Omerta! 

2009 – Asylum Florida denied!

  1. Only CTIVD investigates AIVD in 2008 and confirmed the cover-up or conspiracy! They asked the Ministry of Internal affairs and Ministry of Justice to stop with this cover-up and conspiracy! But they refuse! State Security?
  2. Around September 2008 the corrupt specialist Onno van der Hart conditions me again with Jaap Duijs in Catral at the home of a retired police officer but is chased away at gunpoint by retired police officer Ad who told me it was no conditioning but torture! Which means he was aware of and asked to secretly(!) help with my conditioning by Justice Netherlands! Why is the secret conditioning needed? I never asked for it nor did I give permission of course! Still the secret unknown document extorted by prof. dr. Onno van der Hart in 1975?
  3. In 2009 during an insult trial without a Lawyer present, no DNA-test is allowed and no witnesses are allowed either. Despite two women telling they have proof of bad things(rapes) about rapist Jaap Duijs. Sentenced to pay rapists and others 5400 euro and get 3 + 3 months conditional in jail unless I take away the names of all involved from my blog. Which I refuse as it is the only defense I have.
  4. On April 23rd, 2009 weeks after the sentence I suddenly ask for Asylum on Miami Aiport Florida and am placed in detention for 7 months during high-level investigations which many years later(2017) turn out to be crucial in getting legal help from President Obama! Deported because not enough evidence Dutch Government is involved, after warning judge Rex J. Ford that the Dutch would brain-program me again and damage my brain into even more submission. But all my statements were proven to be right by FBI and CIA! Resultaten Amerikaans Onderzoek Hans Smedema Affair
  5. In 2009 judge Rex J. Ford confirms that according to the American Department of Justice I indeed have the right to publish everything I know under these extreme circumstances! He also orders me NOT to pay the fines out of free will! He confirms the 3 children are not mine and that they found an unbelievable 5 perfect grounds(nexus) for asylum! Unique, happened never before. But not enough hard evidence of the involvement of the Dutch Government yet!
  6. Which exactly happened. On May 20th, 2010 the corrupt prof. dr. Onno van der Hart and AIVD-Rapist Jaap Duijs brainwash me again into more submission in Benidorm after a few hours earlier failed(warned by Belgium woman owner) attempt in La Nucia. But a hidden nice girl heard me shout and scream for 4 hours after police local was warned just in time, but were NOT allowed to protect me from Ministry of Justice Madrid! They tried to let me fall head-down from 4-5 meters, but the same girl had warned the doorman and so saved my life on the 4th murder attempt. Spain was NOT protecting me! But it causes an investigation by Belgium and America and it was well documented as evidence of the corrupt Dutch Criminal Organisation behind it!
  7. In 2010 and again in 2011 help of 300.000 euro I asked for gets stolen when the stupid moron Dutch courier gives it not to me but to a random waitress and later to the corrupt Andre Gruters who was paid by my brother to watch me closely and tell everything he could find out about me! So they both simply could keep the cash! Total 600.000 euro I will have to pay back plus costs.
  8. Also in Spain, again I secretly(!) get the antipsychotic hidden as baby aspirin 100 mg which caused me, once taking 3 baby aspirin for a headache, to get a zombie while driving abnormally slowly to Calpe for dinner while just having had dinner! Local police had to save me in Calpe looking for my car which was parked right in front of the Restaurant! My wife during a holiday also took 3 baby aspirin and got unconscious for hours! Could have been deadly!
  9. Everywhere I live in Spain people around me are paid(!) or bribed to tell everything I know and plan to do, to my brother godfather Johan and Ministry of Justice! They also help with me getting the secret(!) antipsychotic. And I am sure I got brain-programmed(tortured 2011/12) in the villa of the corrupt Andre Gruters and Joke Laven from Houten too!
  10. In the appeal case, no defense is allowed so in Dec 2012 I am sentenced to 3 + 3 months conditional with deleting the names from my blog, which I refuse to do, and 5400 euro to pay to the rapist and associates! I also refuse to pay out of free will as ordered(!) by Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford causing the fine to go to 7000.
  11. In 2013 I was forced to go back to The Netherlands with not enough money to live in exile in Spain while paying for my sick wife in The Netherlands.  I help my corrupt cheating wife(no sex or love since 2003) to move to a better place and agree with her(!) wish to divorce in 2015, still not knowing how horrifying she betrayed me! The Criminal Omerta Organization made sure I knew nothing about what really happened! She also fraudulently set me up in 2013 with a false charge and I had to spend one month innocent in detention before 3 judges released me confirming it was all a mistake! She lied to a police detective that I was going to ruin the marriage-day of her son, which was most likely ordered by AIVD-rapist Drs. Jaap Duijs via his mind control over her as his sex-slave.

The children never simply stated the deleting of the crucial 69-sex-photo of AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs or their falsifying of the DNA-fathership tests! Which would have helped my case enormously! Nor did I get the evidence FBTO CEO Tom Kok got about my wife cheating, or a statement from my Office Manager J. B. that she was raped at the home of AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs, or from the daughter of my neighbor that she had crucial evidence about Jaap Duijs too. Nobody helped, although during the trial on 9-2-2009 by the corrupt mr. Jeroen van Bruggen in Leeuwarden all were present or had sent somebody. But I was too much a zombie with the secret antipsychotic and mentally weakened to be able to defend myself for the first time ever in a court. 

2013 – Second Asylum request Texas denied!

  1. I ask Asylum end of 2013 for the second time in Texas with 2,5 months detention but in vain. The Dutch seized part of my State pension to pay the fine to rapist Jaap Duijs of my defenseless wife. We had to live on a social minimum for over two years to pay the 7000 euro!
  2. When I was in Buffalo waiting to be deported to Amsterdam Judge Rex Ford asked me if I still wanted asylum! Yes and he reopened my case as he found to many mistakes made in 2009. So that was my third asylum request and was still open when I was deported back to Amsterdam on March 15th, 2017 and asked three times legally correct for asylum in the air above Montana!
  3. In 2015 I started living alone in El Albir Costa Blanca Spain. A 5th murder attempt fails first months 2016 when they hit my ear instead of my neck.
  4. I get sentenced for insulting AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs again(!) with 5 + 5 months and 6500 euro(later 8000) to pay. I did not even ask a Lawyer to defend me anymore with no money and knowing they can do nothing against State-Security, so was sentenced without any legal help and without anybody present.
  5. In June 2015 I meet a nice beautiful 20-year-old girl with her father and offer her up to 5 million if she helps me in my fight against the Dutch and maybe even a child. Later she tried to contact me, but AIVD secret service investigates and used a lookalike to betray her being me. Afterward, she is very afraid of me(!) even filing a complaint with Spanish police for me(!) stalking her, which was not the case. I spoke with her only once in June 2015 and never saw her again. The corrupt Dutch use a doppelganger lookalike to impersonate me to get to the facts about my fight against the Dutch persecution! She must have been raped and didn’t dare to look at me anymore! The imposter used a passport with my name and acted/lying being me! Very likely the sperm donor son from 1972 who must be 24 years younger than me!  Who is this corrupt guy and what did he do this innocent girl? Every girl liking me gets harassed and raped!

I was still getting the secret unknown antipsychotic not knowing about it and therefore unable to fight it. Not knowing who was behind it but the corrupt psychologist drs. Janne Geraets from Alfaz del Pi was heavily involved by the AIVD to mislead me into signing a document on July 29th, 2016 which copy he took away from me just before(!) the fifth murder attempt on me in Altea! And on July 12th, 2018 he corruptly denied it totally in Albir! Who is the psychiatrist ordering the totally wrong poison? Why do I have to be defenseless and half a zombie? Why am I so important?

2016 – Fourth Asylum request San Diego cancelled and President Obama help UNCAT!

  1. In fear of the 5+5 month’s detention and more murder attempts on Sep 30th, 2016 I ask Asylum for the fourth time in San Diego, but nothing happened and I cancel it myself with total 5,5 month detention. But during the hearings, I asked President Obama again(!) to intervene and grant me asylum. On the flight back to Amsterdam and detention until April 5th, 2018, on March 15th, 2017 I suddenly get interrogated on the plane by Dutch Secret Service and also in May while in innocent detention for another 13 months. Which NEVER happened in the 17 years since 2000 I asked, and even begged, for an investigation by the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice! The corrupt cowards!

2017 – Fifth Asylum request blocked (he lied!) by King Willem Alexander!

  1. King Willem Alexander was the Co-Pilot who blocked my legal fifth asylum request in the air above Montana state! This was asked by my heroic Judge Rex J. Ford from the 2009 asylum case which he reopened in 2014 in Buffalo New York state! On the question from the leading stewardess I answered three time Yes, I do want asylum here in Montana! There were two American fighter jets in the air around the KLM plane!
  2. Rapist Jaap Duijs and all the others like my corrupt brothers or corrupt psychiatrists like prof. dr. Onno van der Hart and Drs. Frank van Es have never been prosecuted while he is a serial rapist and much worse! Only me the victim of the largest conspiracy ever in Dutch history has now been in detention for 29 months!
  3. The Dutch government was hugely involved and more than enough proof if people involved would simply tell the truth or were forced by an investigation!
  4. On Jan 26st 2019 I get attacked in Brew Rock Beach Club by a young guy who I saw earlier with his right hand in an abnormal fist and looking at me and my hips. I turned my bar-seat-backrest towards him to protect my hips where he was looking at. He disappeared, but half an hour later he suddenly acted as if he fell, but hit my left hip abnormally hard with the same strange righthand-fist while excusing himself! Could be a friend of Mireille(see latest posts) who thought I was the lookalike who raped her, or the porn-gang since 1972 but those would have used a deadly poison in then the 6th murder attempt! I couldn’t sleep for weeks with much pain and almost impossible to walk. X-Ray proved no real damage but it cost me 4 weeks to recover!

Most likely President Obama just before he left Jan 20th, 2017 with some extra powers to pardon and more, has brought the case before the United Nations Convention Against Torture, or something equal. That could mean America can help me legally to stop the corrupt Dutch Royals, corrupt Government, corrupt medici and corrupt Family destroying my life any further! So the perfect crime as my corrupt brothers and the AIVD-rapist-Mole-X think they had, could be blown up soon. Such cases can last up to two years plus 3 months preparing. Or around May 2019 a verdict should become public.

But nothing is sure in this life with the whole corrupt Dutch State, apparently retard Royals and corrupt Family still trying to destroy my life and declaring me insane despite all evidence they have themselves. Like my brother Marinus in Moraira Spain in April 2018! See all the posts about it on this blog.

King Willem Alexander blocked and lied about my legal asylum request in the air above Montana! Which was good documented by the KLM plane log and the DOJ, but also by an American diplomat sitting next to me travelling to Rome via Amsterdam. He was a witness of the whole criminal act by the KING! See post KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander blocked my American Asylum Request against the Netherlands in American Airspace!

Rapist Joris Demmink was my enemy and top Secretary General blocking all I tried!!!

Secretary General Joris Demmink was 40 years Royal protected(!) Rapist-Mole manipulating the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

Complex with several unbelievable crimes interacting in a Criminal Organization!

  • Corrupt Family destroying the life of the youngest son by force and mind control!
  • Bribed Medici hiding dangerous criminal reality for the victims by mind control and torturous brain-programming! Which makes you a slow thinker! Brain damage!
  • Rapist and porn-gang selling rape-movies of the victims and infiltrating into Dutch Secret Service and Ministry of (In)Justice!
  • Rapist who forced a girl to become a sex-slave with an extra emotional personality! Defenseless and unable to defend herself or file charges!
  • Police who stupidly refused others to file charges against the porn-gang stating the girl should file those charges herself, which is/was impossible with her double personality and being unaware of the rapes ans being a sex-slave!
  • Royals betrayed and lured into changing the laws and human rights of the victims, causing State Security protection(!) for the rapist and other perpetrators.
  • Normal victim organizations, lawyers, police, prosecutors and even Judges are not allowed to help because of State Security or are misled with false information.
  • Large Cordon Sanitaire to isolate the victims from any help since 1972!
  • Several highly sophisticated secret murders, murder attempts, or intimidation to silence anybody who dares to investigate or help the victims.
  • King Willem Alexander who lied and blocked my legally correct Asylum request above Montana!

University research

As in the famous case of Dutch whistleblower Fred Spijkers, our lives were also totally destroyed.

Here the statement of a university research on him, but it fits one on one on mine.

Here my own conclusion when an investigation comes later:

“Some authorities, especially Ministers of Justice, and various investigators police Drachten and prosecutors, according to the researchers, have their political responsibilities and natural duties towards Hans Smedema on a series of events grossly violated ‘.

The researchers emphasize that they also mean all responsible members of the Royal Family since 1975 being Juliana, Beatrix & Willem Alexander, ministers and state secretaries of Justice and Home Affairs, from 1972 until now. They should have informed Smedema immediately about what went wrong in 1972 or 1975, according to the researchers in their findings.

The authorities in question, notably politicians, ministers, police detectives and prosecutors, lack ‘moral courage and dignity’. “They have used theoretical means kafkaesque for 42 years to commit injustice and are, therefore ‘bad’ or even ‘malicious’ because of the apparent indifference about that injustice.”

“The police officers Drachten and prosecutors were not allowed to be guardians of justice and of the rule of law, on the contrary, the Ministry of (In)Justice used the powers that served them to override the rights of citizen Hans Smedema from Drachten and as a couple. “

” Minister Presidents, specifically Jan Peter Balkenende and Mark Rutte, Ministers (Mr. Donner & Opstelten) ), state secretaries, senior civil servants, judges (Jeroen van Bruggen), police investigators, public prosecutors, doctors, and even the National Ombudsman ignore constitutional principles and procedures as they see fit. They do so in order to save their own skin or protect the supposed interests of the Royal Family, their ministry, or their political party. “

Smedema’s legitimate expectations were shamed; the judiciary therefore also violated the principle of legal certainty.

Psychiatrist Prof. dr. RJ Robert van den Bosch UMCG violated his duty to recuse at the Medical Disciplinary Board of Groningen and with it the requirement of impartiality.

At the hearing Feb 9th, 2009, the police judge Jeroen van Bruggen stated that Smedema was paranoid and could not separate fiction from reality!

It was eminently the task of the National Ombudsman to test the dubious behavior of authorities in all suitability requirements!

It would be worthwhile to review the actions of all concerned politicians in detail to all standards of good behavior!

The Minister-Presidents cannot and should not act as innocent bystanders!

ing. Hans Smedema B. Sc., El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain

Published by

Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.