KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corrupt blocked my American Asylum against the Netherlands in American Airspace!

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Last Updated 27/07/2021 published 13/11/2019 by Hans Smedema

KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corrupt blocked my American Asylum against the Netherlands in American Airspace!

During the official visit of King WA June 1st, 2015 at the White House he was legally warned to solve my horrifying case.

After my fourth request for Asylum(5,5 months innocent detention) from America against the Netherlands and specific the Royals, I was deported from LA California back to Amsterdam on a KLM flight. King Willem Alexander (WA) was the co-pilot!

Nederlandse versie: KLM Co-Piloot Koning Willem Alexander fraudeerde en blokkeerde het mij aangeboden asiel tegen Nederland boven Amerikaans grondgebied!

He did NOT relay my positive answer to the specific offer(!) of DOJ/Judge Rex J. Ford above Montana `Do you want asylum!’, that ‘Yes, I wanted Asylum’, but fraudulently changed it apparently into…

‘No, he does not want Asylum!’ Or Something similar.

While American Judge Rex J. Ford and Department of Justice had two fighter jets around the KLM plane ready to force the plane to land to let me off!

KLM liable for allowing their(!) Co-Pilot King WA to falsify my Asylum request!

Trying to contact KLM COO Rene de Groot digital through Customer Service, but sofar no luck!  KLM to be held liable for

  • my 13 months innocent detention as a victim(!) and not getting asylum in America!
  • Also for being drugged by someone acting as if she was a KLM stewardess who drugged me together with Sjon the Intel man from the King,
  • and secretly took my backpack to be inspected and all documents copied,
  • and the fact Sjon had the photos of the murderers deleted from my mobile phone, I had of a murder attempt in beginning 2016.
  • And for allowing Sjon the Intel for King WA to intimidate(abuse of power) the leading (beautiful, charming and heroic) KLM stewardess which is ‘unlawful interference!’ and/or ‘abuse of power’, and/or ‘obstruction of justice!’
  • which caused my  legally correct acceptance of the offered and 3 times accepted(!) Asylum to fail!
  • Two American fighter jets were seen around the KLM plane! Apparently ready to force the plane to land in Montana!
  • for allowing Sjon to take away or steal my receipt of the boarding pass,to make sure I would NOT be able to file an official complaint with KLM Customer Service!

Here the full Dutch letter to KLM COO Rene de Groot  KLMComplaint (1) which I also sent by normal mail on Nov 27th, 2019.

The pilot licence for King WA to fly should be removed! And I think he should (be forced to) abdicate for this too. Ruthless inhumane behaviour.

Nobody should be above the law! The King violated his oath to protect the citizens!

KLM will be liable for all damages after that fraudulent fact on March 15th, 2017, but most likely can hold the King/Dutch state liable for that! But I can not use the official Customer Service Complaint because Sjon(Intel for King) took away my receipt of my boarding pass! And that is needed for the normal procedures! He was and is a corrupt creature! For which act the King is responsible, and next the Dutch Ministers and State.

Still waiting for any contact with KLM, but will publish that here as soon as I get one! Don’t hold your breathe!

Legal conversation between DOJ/Judge Rex Ford and Co-Pilot King WA!

Above Montana or earlier he took the very special request from the American Department of Justice DOJ and/or asylum judge Rex J. Ford to check if I (victim of the King and while warned by Pres. Obama on June 1st, 2015!) Hans Smedema was on board? Which was checked by the leading Stewardess and my passport and of course relayed back by him to DOJ.

Yes, I Hans Smedema was on board the plane in American Airspace and therefore in his jurisdiction and with an reopened asylum case from 2009 in 2014 still open in 2017!

Next the question from DOJ/Judge Rex Ford was if I still wanted Asylum!

Stewardess came back again and asked me also that question. But I didn’t understand at first what that meant! So I said ‘Yes I need asylum, I am on my way to Germany later to ask for Asylum! If they don’t put me in jail’ Although the plane was flying first to Amsterdam where I expected to be detained(13 months) for insult to the rapist of my defenseless mentally sick wife.

But then immediately I suddenly understood it. This was an unique very rare question! I was now flying in the jurisdiction of my heroic immigration/asylum Judge Rex J. Ford from 2009 who had reopened my asylum case in 2014 in Buffalo New York State and he while I was legally still in America and now again(!) in his jurisdiction wanted legally to know if I still wanted Asylum for his still open case in 2017!  He had the power to give me asylum! He could even order or request the KLM plane to land! And Sjon had told me people had seen two American fighter jets around the KLM plane!

So I loudly told the stewardess who already had turned around and made two or three steps back to the Co-Pilot King in the cockpit…

‘Wait…, yes, I do want asylum here!’

Which of course caused several passengers to look back to me, so more witnesses! She turned around and came to me, but Sjon the corrupt Intel guy for the King(who hid that crucial fact) intimidatingly(!) and abusing his power(?) waved her away! To be specific meaning ‘go away and let it be!’

That was pure obstruction of justice, abuse of power, intimidating if not mentally abusing the leading (beautiful and charming) KLM stewardess and trying to deny me the right to Asylum in American airspace above Montana! A crucial human right for everybody! Fraud and corrupt! He should get prosecuted for that and go to jail! But instead I was going to jail for 13 months and totally innocent being the victim of the Dutch Royals who secretly(!) took away all of my normal civil and human rights around 1973/75!

And of course she was intimidated by him because she knew he was the Special Intelligence official for the King, and his so called wife and stewardess was of course NO KLM stewardess, who drugged(!) me later, at all! See further below. But of course also Dutch intelligence! And with King WA as Co-Pilot she didn’t dare to go against Sjon or the King! But heroic did so later secretly!

But the American intel, most likely diplomat traveling to Rome guy(see below) to my left who of course noticed all the intimidating and obstruction and most likely knew that Sjon was Dutch Intelligence, specifically asked me ‘you want asylum here?’

Yes, I do want asylum here in this state of America!

He than quickly typed something into his laptop(most likely direct contact with DOJ or Rex Ford!) and within a minute or two DOJ asked again Co-Pilot King WA to repeat the question if I Hans Smedema wanted asylum! Planning to go somewhere is no direct good explicit answer to the simple question. So the poor intimidated if not mentally abused (beautiful and charming) KLM stewardess came back again and now ignored(!) the corrupt Sjon intel guy working for the King, who again(!) corruptly tried to wave her away. But she simply told him she had to ask me personally(!) a question and asked me the same question again!

‘I have to ask you again! Do you now at this moment want asylum? Yes or no?’

Yes…, I want Asylum in this State! Which state is it? Make sure you tell this correctly because if you don’t you could go to jail for that!

I gave her the rude warning because Sjon was acting abusive towards her!

I said it very happy smiling because I now knew that my heroic judge Rex J. Ford was ‘de facto’ behind asking that question. She would check which state it was and come back to tell me. It was Montana! Which answer the King as official Co-Pilot himself should(!) have relayed to the American Department of Justice!

That was my specific answer, to that specific question!

But…, I remembered that the Netherlands and Royals since 2009 did everything to block me to get to America to ask for asylum and therefore to deny me the right to asylum! Justice warned Canada in Vancouver in 2013 to sent me back! Also in Mexico they tried to do that, but American DOJ asked them to let me through as it is was a legal human right!

So I told Sjon triumphant(!) and very happy smiling…

‘Sjon this is now my 5th legal asylum request! Can we land the plane here for a few minutes to let me out Sjon?’

Sjon hesitated for a moment and said ‘but you are on your way to Germany to ask for Asylum! At first I didn’t answer because he tried to block my asylum request I just gave! But then knew that planning(!) is not the same as asking now at this very moment! Yes, I was planning  to, up to then, unless of course I got asylum first in Montana! Which I did ask for twice now! And next after Amsterdam and almost certain detention for a year or longer which I expected! What I told Sjon and the same leading stewardess earlier when I just sat down and she came asking what happened to me in America. I told her that I was in a big legal fight with the Dutch state and Royals and had asked for Asylum against the Netherlands for the third(fourth) time. Spent 5,5 months in innocent detention and 15 months total since 2009 asking only for asylum, and expected to go to jail in the Netherlands for insulting(!) the rapist of my wife with no defense allowed during court cases.

Germany of course never happened after 13 months innocent detention! I went back to Spain instead because I knew the UNCAT procedure was started by President Obama himself. The interrogation by Sjon and the many sudden questions in May in detention center Heerhugowaard convinced me something great was happening! I forgot or suppressed the fact that King Alexander Lied and blocked my fifth asylum request.

Planning to go maybe to Germany at that moment in a plane to Amsterdam if I cannot get Asylum in america does not deny me the right to ask in Montana America again for Asylum at all! That is reality at that very moment and the other is only a plan for the future if all other things fail! On that specific question only yes or no is correct! I said Yes twice to her while Sjon was listening, and once explicitly to the American diplomat too!

But the corrupt Sjon tried to falsify my legal request into another using my plan to ask Germany later if all else fails! And I had no legal help at all! In fact I still have no legal representation at all since 2000 in the main case of the cover-up and conspiracy by the Dutch state! Only famous mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz tried in vain to help only(!) with the defense in the insult case from the rapist! He was not allowed to do the main conspiracy case? Where no defense was allowed at all! Unfair trial because of the secret(!) involvement of the Dutch Royals.

But Sjon working for the coward King was corrupt and wanted to protect the King and NOT me, the King’s victim! Working against the oath King WA gave to protect(!) the Dutch people! Fraud and obstruction of justice! King should step down! Abdicate! Such a criminal should not be allowed to rule the Dutch!

King lied that I did NOT want Asylum in America but in Germany!

Sjon suddenly understood how dangerous this was for King WA and quickly hurried(!) after the stewardess to the Cockpit where he must have talked with King Willem Alexander and/or first the poor intimidated stewardess! He of course knew King WA as most likely his personal secret service man. They decided to lie and tell DOJ or Rex only that after landing in Amsterdam I was going(!) to Germany to ask for asylum next! So lying(!) that I didn’t want Asylum anymore in America! Which was a grave lie?

Sjon came back but said nothing when I asked

‘are we going to land for my asylum Sjon?’

I did not understand at that moment that Sjon corruptly must have changed my request for asylum in Montana into the corrupt and wrong plan(!) that I was planning to go to Germany later if I got no asylum or help first elsewhere. I suspect they corruptly(!) changed my request for asylum in Montana into…

‘no, he is going to ask for asylum in Germany!’

Next the poor intimidated/abused KLM stewardess which I warned for jail if not honest, came back again and wanted to tell me something important!

But Sjon who served(!) the King and not me his victim and an innocent Dutch citizen and victim, again waved her intimidatingly and corrupt away! Again abuse of  power, obstruction of Justice and obstruction of specifically offered American Asylum in an open asylum case since 2009! 

She was not allowed to speak to me again from Sjon, Intel official for the King!

And she went away not daring to tell me what apparently she would have liked me to know! I saw it was crucial, she wanted me to know something. Therefore I now in hindsight know Sjon and the King were lying to DOJ down in Montana to make sure I would NOT get Asylum there! As they made sure since I tried in 2009 for the first time to get asylum! And since 1975 with the grotesque Cordon Sanitaire with maybe 20 million of (stolen) Dutch tax money! Horrifying!

And then a guy, also intel of course, was watching me all the time standing just back of me before the emergency door for hours and talking to the stewardess before(!) she came past me! So for sure ordering and intimidating a leading (beautiful and charming) KLM stewardess NOT to talk to me! Intimidating a witness to a crime? Legally, abuse of power from the King!

She even tried anyway by cleverly asking the woman in front of me to tell me to go for a walk to meet her somewhere! Which proves that she was officially NOT allowed to talk to me the victim of the Dutch King/Royals. But the other intel guy was watching me, so I asked her to go ask what happened with my asylum request! And she did a bit later and told me…

‘She told me they did NOT relay your request for asylum!’

Which means that the now heroic(!) leading stewardess must have been present during the discussion(!) about the answer they wanted(!) to give back to the American Department of Justice!  Which was the lie(!) that I did NOT want asylum in America but wanted to ask Germany!

Why this dangerous lie? Because the asylum case from 2009 in America was reopened in 2014 and ready! President Obama had brought my case to the United Nations Committee Against Torture just before he left Office on Jan 20th, 2017! Which he only would have done with enough evidence! So very dangerous for the Dutch criminal involved Royals and Ministers! America had enough proof of the involvement of the Royals and/or Dutch State for a legal case!Netherlands was almost immediately warned for this going to happen by Obama/DOJ end of Jan, 2017 or beginning February of course!

I remembered this denial of asylum by the corrupt acting King and Sjon just now around November 20th, 2019! While writing down everything here on my blog and for my Ebook Fighting the Unknown Part 5 which I will publish in January or so! If the corrupt Dutch King and Ministry of (in)Justice don’t put me in jail before that! I accuse him of being corrupt and they can try to accuse me of insulting the King! Before that I thought I had legally asked for asylum but nothing happened! But now I have to fight back to the corrupt King myself!

Challenging question who is in charge in a KLM plane in American Airspace?

Beautiful challenging legal question! Is the corrupt King and his corrupt personal secret service men legally in charge of the plane and a leading stewardess? Is he allowed to block the stewardess to talk to me and block my legal request for asylum in Montana and corrupt change it into ‘No, he is going to ask Germany?’ In the American files will be the answer, but also in the log of that specific KLM plane which left LA in the afternoon on March 15th and landed around 11.00 in Amsterdam on March 16th, 2017. And where I was innocent(!) detained for 13 months for insulting the rapist of my wife and who worked secretly for the lying Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

King responsible for wrongful acts of his intelligence man Sjon.

  • Sjon acted as if he was god himself being the personal intelligence man for the King! But this was in the State Montana which is America and Kings have no jurisdiction there!
  • And even if Sjon convinced the stewardess before(!) she talked to the King about me asking for asylum and so the King only relayed what the misled stewardess told him, he is still responsible for the deeds and lying of his corrupt intel man Sjon! Sjon had no legal right to intervene in my asylum request! States, but also Royals are responsible for acts of their employees or officials! In which case the Dutch Ministers/State takes full responsibility for the King and Sjon!
  • See Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts

Also directly after I said yes I do want Asylum and we saw suddenly the corrupt Intel Sjon hurry to the cockpit, the American Intel guy asked me also and I again stated

‘Yes, I do want Asylum here in this State!’

If Sjon and the King lied and only relayed that I was later(!) going to Germany, the American secret service guy left of me was a witness that I first asked again for the 5th time Asylum above Montana! Of course if they had said Ok you can come to America, I would have done so because America has all the evidence ready! Germany would be if everything with America failed. Most likely they would have forced the plane to land! Sjon told me Fighter planes were in the air around us! And of course the stewardess is a good witness also. For sure this was the first time she had ever to do such a thing! Again unique as everything in my horrifying case is.

Based on this evaluation I demand that King Willem Alexander and Sjon his intel man will be prosecuted by America, UN and/or Netherlands! Never let them into America again and/or force them to pay for all damages, or take away their possessions in America by using the Global Magnitsky Act until justice is done!

Conform the United Nations Convention Against Torture they should stop all negative actions and investigate, rehabilitate and compensate me!

See my post request for Global Magnitsky Act and Justice for Hans Smedema

DOJ would have ordered the KLM plane to make an emergency landing to get me of the plane in Montana!

Sjon told me American Fighter planes were in the air around us!

I know that the corrupt Dutch do anything to prevent me from asking, let alone, getting Asylum in America! They warned Canada and later Mexico both in sept/oct 2013 also to sent me back! And even put me in preventive detention for a month and later the judges told me it was a mistake! NOT! See Dutch post

Onschuldig gevangen gezet P.I. Ter Apel door Politie Drachten &OM!

Most likely an action by the in my eyes heroic(!) Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford who very professional(daring to go against the Dutch Royals) investigated my case in 2009 while I was in Broward detention center in Florida, and even reopened my case in Jan 2014 after talking to me in Buffalo detention center in the New York State! He had jurisdiction in almost all America, but not in California and Texas. So in Montana he had jurisdiction and could legally ask again with probably his 2009 Florida case reopened in Jan 2014, still open in 2017?I plan to make a special post about the Tribute to American help in my case of human rights violations.

King cowardly refused to talk to his victim!

But still the King cowardly refused to talk to me and since 2000 nobody in the Netherlands has ever talked to me about my horrifying destroyed life. He passed one meter from me and acted cowardly(!) not seeing me with his head straight, but with his eyes looking to the right straight in my eyes! In his oath to the Dutch people he vowed:

“Ik zweer aan de volkeren van het Koninkrijk dat Ik het Statuut voor het Koninkrijk en de Grondwet steeds zal onderhouden en handhaven.

Ik zweer dat Ik de onafhankelijkheid en het grondgebied van het Koninkrijk met al Mijn vermogen zal verdedigen en bewaren; dat Ik de vrijheid en de rechten van alle Nederlanders en alle ingezetenen zal beschermen, en tot instandhouding en bevordering van de welvaart alle middelen zal aanwenden welke de wetten Mij ter beschikking stellen, zoals een goed en getrouw Koning schuldig is te doen.

Zo waarlijk helpe Mij God almachtig.”

But in my case he did NOT protect my freedom or rights at all! He and his mother and grandmother did the contrary and secretly took my freedom and rights away! They all broke their oath to me and my wife! I cannot get any legal help at all, nor am I allowed to file charges and even worse during court cases NO DEFENSE is allowed at all! Severe Human Rights violations.

Like a thief in the night, just as he passed me in the plane!

Why didn’t he simply come to talk to me and offer his help? He could solve this whole case in a few weeks.

Because he is ruthless and not Royal at all! He just corruptly blocked my legal request for asylum in American Airspace!

I have much higher ethical values and am more royal than he is. I will always stand up for the weak or victims!

Legally King Willem Alexander should have relayed my Asylum Request!

But the King corruptly refused to relay me legal request, blocking it himself, and instead must have lied!

So legally I asked again in the State of Montana for Asylum against the Netherlands where he was King and while he knew about my case of horrifying persecution, together with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte! Both were deeply involved in denying me my civil and human rights. I warned his mother Queen Beatrix in 2008! See post Open brief Koningin Beatrix and he himself was warned about my horrifying case by President Obama on June 1st, 2014 when they visited Obama at the White House! And I asked Rex Ford in 2009 to warn the Royals too!

Meaning the Dutch King has acted corrupt by blocking my asylum request. Which is obstruction of justice, obstruction of legal help, fraud, abuse of power, and I am no legal person so others should decide which laws are broken here!

Dutch State/Royals offered 5 million to hide their criminal acts!

Earlier in September 2003 in Beaune France and again on Aug. 12th, 2004 in Groningen Netherlands by Minister Veerman through my business friend ir. Klaas Keestra Vice President Northern Development Fund NOM, I was offered 5 million euro if I would keep everything about their huge cover-up and horrifying sophisticated conspiracy since 1973 a secret!

While at that time I did not even ask for anything or yet understood how gruesome and grotesque my/our case was. Prime Minister drs. Jan Peter Balkenende was involved in that offer as was his whole Cabinet of course. Queen Beatrix was also informed about that specific offer during the standard Monday afternoon meeting with MP Balkenende.

See my Dutch post Bod Kabinet 5 miljoen als afkoop!

Terror by the Dutch State and Royals!

The Netherlands (ab)used their ‘Bilateral Judicial Treaty’ with America, with terror and torture acts against me/us and my/our persecution since 1972! And others like American Al Rust!

Which was the main reason America could NOT simply grant me Asylum!

If they did give me asylum(or let me in for the proceedings) on April 23th, 2009, they would legally have to help The Netherlands with their terror, torture and persecution against me! And hide it for the Dutch citizens. To make sure I would NOT be able to fight the Netherlands from within America, FBI, CIA and everybody would have to work against me deleting or manipulating evidence and more like that! Just as all officials and organisations in the Netherlands have to protect the coward Royals and NOT me/us! De Facto they fight me/us!

So the corrupt Dutch Royals are putting thousands of officials in severe ethical dilemmas in many countries! Many would try to help me the victim and NOT the apparently corrupt or even criminal immune(!) Royals of course!

See my crucial English post from 2009 Final Statement Asylum Court

But by putting me in a detention center during the asylum case I was legally not(!) in America yet! Neutral in between place.

So only Judge Rex J. Ford was in charge in Florida Broward detention Center. Netherlands and Royals were no legal party yet!

Others like the corrupt request from the Royals and Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice had no jurisdiction at all.

With no Royals involved they could have set me free instantly in Florida on the same evening I arrived April 23th, 2009. I had a Hotel and a rental car waiting for me! They looked at it for hours, but it was legally impossible!

So only the corrupt Dutch Royals are the ones who caused me to be innocent in asylum detention centers for 15 months in total in 2009, 2013/14 and 2016/17. And of course for not getting any legal help and was detained innocent also for 13 months in 2017/18 and 1 month PI Ter Apel in 2013, or 14 months. Total 29 months innocent detention only because of the apparently corrupt coward Dutch Royals! Disgusting! Inhuman! Dogs are treated better! It is also their own special Secret Service and Ministry of (In)Justice who criminal deleted or manipulated all evidence and made sure I would not find out how they managed to falsify documents, by simply hiding and even intercepting  those documents!

This was done with a secret(!) ruling from Queen Juliana around 1975 who ordered the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice to make sure there would never be an investigation of all the rapist and others involved, and all evidence was destroyed or manipulated. So to work upside down or contra their normal mission!

Which had the big advantage they could hide and manipulate all evidence while unsuspecting Dutch people would wrongly assume that because of Justice itself involved, it must be legal and ethical!

They will not have known that a rapist from 1972 was infiltrated in the Dutch Secret Service and because of his great knowledge about this case, was able to get a leading position inside this secret special section! Which was protected by a special secret ruling so he could simple point to State Security and everybody had to back off! No control at all since 1975 or so.

Drugged and interrogated by Special Royal Secret Service to my right while American Secret Service watched from my left!

American Secret Service(?) changed places!

An American asked if he could sit next to me in the KLM plane and paid 3000 euro to a woman who was already sitting next to me, so he could watch how I was drugged and interrogated by the Secret Service of the hiding King Willem Alexander himself! America must have noticed that I was on the same plane with the King and that Sjon who worked for the King as a secret service man was suddenly put next to me! So they knew that I would be interrogated or worse! Drugged as the Dutch did many times with me.

So during the whole flight from LA to Amsterdam I was squeezed between two secret service men! On my right Sjon who negative tried to find anything to force America to NOT being able to give me asylum and help, or stop the UNCAT Special Procedure that was about to start, and on my left the American who tried to protect me and made sure he was a witness.  The American was interrogated back in the plane by Sjon and had to show his laptop, and was taken out of the plane before me! He must have been interrogated on Schiphol Airport also, just as I was just after him.

Drugged by Sjon and KLM stewardess!

During the flight and just before the wife of Sjon, a stewardess(or?) brought a water and jus! I first asked for water. Special service arranged by Sjon and nobody else in the plane got that! Sjon said he could especially get that for us. In hindsight of course because it contained the drug! But when she came I changed  my mind and wanted to take the jus. But she took it back and then Sjon said let me take the jus and took it too! So I had to take the water. The American warned me to let it fall and not to drink it! But I suppress everything emotional and this was finding out that I was going to be drugged! I thought don’t drink it, but forgot/suppressed it and Sjon forced me to drink it later by saying ‘Ok, drink it and I will take the waste cup. The American tried to push me so it would fall, but I was a defenseless zombie at the time. My brain stops working under those circumstances making me defenseless just like my wife. I freeze.

Stupid, but a result of the brain programming by the corrupt prof.dr. Onno van der Hart by torture according to a police detective who saw it happening and chased him and teacher french rapist Jaap Duijs working for Justice away with his gun and two dogs. Why did he allow them to condition me in the first place? This is similar to the famous Jason Bourne movies! There fiction, but in my/our case horrifying reality! Also used to misled(!) the Royals into making my case State Security to protect the criminals!

See post Brainwashed and tortured at Police Officer Villa in Catral!

Also I remember that Sjon suddenly asked me for my receipt part of the boarding pass! And than he said ‘you will not need that anymore!’

And he put it in his jacket. In fact he stole and confiscated it from me.

Now later that was all shrewdly acting from him because without it KLM Customer Service does not have to officially investigate my complaint!

Sjon was corrupt taking advantage of my innocence and the fact I just came from 5,5 months harsh detention which is not good for people like me who are already severely traumatized. I came in a rats-nest!

Interrogation by Sjon!

Next Sjon started asking questions and I found out he knew a lot about my case. And he didn’t deny it when I said that he was a secret service guy. He had not slept at all because he had to fly to LA suddenly and had to prepare in the plane to LA. It was in fact nice to talk to him at last, because never before has anybody talked about my case before! Nobody at all!

They also secretly took my backpack in another bag and it went for several hours to the back of the plane where they must have copied everything I had. Not much and I publish everything and have nothing to hide! They could simply have asked me!

But I mentioned I had made photo’s of the two murderers who tried to kill me in Altea beginning 2016, and when I got out on April 5th 2018(!), all the ten photo’s were of course deleted! Which proves that what they secretly do against me is not for public eyes! Criminal cowards! So it is very possible the Dutch Royals are behind one or more murder attempts on my life. The latest one was very sophisticated in Altea. See post Fifth Murder Attempt Altea

Arrested at Schiphol Airport for 13 months!

As soon as we landed around 11.00 the American was taken out first when they must have noticed him trying to warn and help me, and next I was ordered out and three Marechaussee officials were waiting at the door!

I was innocent( as a victim) put in detention, after an unfair(!) trial in 2016 with nobody present! So no defense at all again. No lawyers, not me, not the rapist, and sentenced anyway for 5 months, later another 5 months extra for not taking the name of rapist drs. Jaap J. Duijs from my blog in time, and another 85 days because I also refused to pay the fine for Jaap Duijs of 6500, later 8000 euro out of free will.

Judge Rex Ford had warned me in 2009 ‘don’t pay out of free will! We will not be able to help you as they will say you accepted the verdict!’

In total I paid 7000 + 8000 or 15.000 euro to the rapist of my wife for insult and a few others who all lied in their charges! False charges which I could NOT proof because the Ministry of (In)Justice itself ordered, manipulated or deleted that evidence! Ordered by a special secret ruling of Queen Juliana around 1975. Rapist Jaap did a lot of that himself with his mind control over my defenseless wife who was his sex slave too since 1972.

See for full explanation Conspiracy against Hans Smedema explained!

I asked Asylum on Sep 30th, 2016 in San Diego and got free again on April 5 th, 2018 in P.I. Heerhugowaard or 18 months innocent detention while being the victim of the largest cover-up and conspiracy ever in the history of the Netherlands and according to Rex Ford and DOJ with 5 perfect grounds for Asylum! Meaning 5 horrifying Human Rights violations by the Dutch.

See also my post J’Accuse Minister President en Koninklijk huis!

Based on this evaluation I demand that King Willem Alexander and his intel man Sjon will be prosecuted by America and/or Netherlands and never be allowed into America again and their possessions in America blocked!

Royals responsable for 5 murder attempts and murder!

I hold the Dutch Royals also accountable for 4 of the 5 murder attempts on my life! Without their involvement and secretly taking away my civil and human rights, they made it possible for the rapists and murderers to try to murder me and others without any fear for any investigation ever! Because investigations were forbidden(!) by the corrupt Royals since around 1975!

The first was in January 1975, two in 1980 during which my neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog who investigated was murdered, one on May 20th, 2010 in Benidorm, and one in early 2016. For sure the last 4 could have been prevented if the retard Royals would have kept out of this horrifying case. And these are only those I know of! Several other people who were trying to help me died suddenly also!

This is not yet counting all the secret conditioning and torture by prof. dr. Onno van der Hart every 5 or 6 years to make me/us defenseless by damaging my/her brain to suppress anything emotional and much more like submission to rapist teacher French Jaap Duijs!

All of this made me and my sick wife totally defenseless since 1972 against the rapist, murderers and others involved.

America spent millions trying to help Dutch Citizen!

While the Dutch State and Royals secretly(!) terrorized me and my defenseless wife since 1973 with around 20 million of secretly stolen(!) tax money, and even tried several times to stop(!) America helping me a Dutch citizen!

This means America spent millions of American taxpayers money to try to help me a Dutch Citizen victim of the largest cover-up and conspiracy ever in Dutch history, while the Netherlands(Dutch) spend millions to make sure I do NOT get any legal or medical help at all and to make sure the Dutch people will never find out how cruel and disgusting this horrifying act was done by the Government and Royals since 1972.

I estimate the Dutch will have spend secretly 20 million since 1973 only for hiding all evidence and making sure no investigation would ever emerge! Disgusting low level criminal behavior. And gruesome kafkaesque as they still(!) refuse to inform me about it and nobody is allowed to tell me what and why this is going on.

I estimate America must have spend up to 5 million since American Al Rust became a victim too, trying to help me Dutch(!) citizen Hans Smedema. And American Al Rust alone got paid 1 million after he proved the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice was lying about my case not existing! But he had a copy of the 30+ page Dutch Frankfurt Intelligence file from 1983 or so.

According to Judge Rex J. Ford and Department of Justice the damages the Netherlands would have to pay could be up to 50 million! I agreed that 50% or more would go to America to cover their costs at least double! The rest would also go to America in a Foundation to help others like me, mostly Americans! That foundation would also have all book and movie rights and so the income from those.

I hope my request to use the power of the Global Magnitsky Act will result in the Netherland paying America back at least the costs they had to make to protect a Dutch Citizen and inform the Dutch people about their severe criminal acts. See post

Global Magnitsky Act and Justice for Hans Smedema

President Obama warned King Willem Alexander!

On June 1st, 2015 President Obama during a visit of King Willem Alexander must have warned him about the severe human rights violations by the Netherlands against Hans Smedema and that he should take care of that as soon as possible! I asked the Judge in 2009 to do that and warned also Prime Ministers JanPeter Balkenende and Mark Rutte many times and many other ministers. I did that myself also in 2008 to his mother Queen Beatrix! ‘Please distance yourself from these human rights violations.’ See Dutch post Open brief Koningin Beatrix

But the Dutch King Willem Alexander is above the law!

But on the KLM plane on March 15th, 2017 King Willem Alexander acted as if he knew nothing about it and refused to talk to his families victim Hans Smedema! Who was innocent and defenseless put in detention when arriving on Schiphol Airport on March 16th, 2017 around 11.00 hours for 6 weeks in the Schiphol detention center and next P.I. Heerhugowaard for a total of 13 months! And after already 5,5 months detention for the ‘crime’ of asking for asylum in San Diego! Being only the victim and asking for an investigation into what happened by Dutch and American Justice!

America trying to help a Dutch victim who is denied legal assistance in the Netherlands and is secretly(!) persecuted by the Dutch Royals! And the people of the Netherlands are not allowed to know anything about it!

Based on this evaluation I demand that King Willem Alexander will be prosecuted by America and/or Netherlands! And denied entrance into America, or even arrested! He should be forced to abdicate also, and never be a Co-Pilot ever again!

Free from American Declaration of Independence

‘In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Royal Dutch government and King, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of free people like Hans & Wies Smedema.’

See my Dutch article Heimelijk vogelvrij verklaard!

Since I know about this unbelievable cover-up and conspiracy no media has ever published about this horrifying case ever! Cowards!

Hans Smedema, in exile in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.