Unbelievable 5 grounds for asylum according to Judge Rex. J. Ford Miami court Florida!

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Last Updated 10/02/2020 published 12/03/2014 by Hans Smedema

Unbelievable 5 grounds for asylum according to Judge Rex. J. Ford Miami court Florida!


Which is abnormal and could be unique or at least exceptional he told victim Hans Smedema during the asylum proceedings in 2009! But I was deported anyway because not enough evidence the Dutch government was behind my persecution and mistreatment! In total now 10 months innocent in detention, while my only ‘crime’ is asking for asylum and help! 9 months asking for asylum and 1 month innocent and illegal by the persecution of the Dutch government! In 2019 this has increased to 15 months detention in America for asking Asylum in 3 cases(2009, 2013/14 and 2016/17) and 13+1 = 14 months innocent in The Netherlands for so called insult of drs. Jaap J. Duijs from Drachten the Rapist of my Wife and many more Dutch women/girls. Also underage girls of course!

Also very strange that around me thousands get asylum with much much less evidence than I have, and with mostly only one ground/nexus.

Very strange that I didn’t get asylum in 2009, and even more strange in Texas in 2013 with much more evidence of the Dutch government behind the conspiracy! Must have to do the Dutch made it look like a legal conspiracy and cover-up because of the official signature of a Queen! But she too was betrayed and everything was based on false documents after using drugs and extortion. Lot of evidence now because of the denial of any defense during a court case and the appeal by the Dutch government, police, prosecutors and even Judges! Severe human rights violations, so asylum should have been given easily! He already knew our three children were not mine!

Also bilateral contracts will prevent America form giving me asylum because America would officially have to help the Dutch criminal government with hiding all evidence! A big ethical problem! So would have to follow me and make sure I could NOT fight the Dutch from within America! Which is violating my human rights!

Denial of asylum in 2009 and again 2013 has financially caused us being broke now. We can only live for a few months maybe if Justice allows us a few years to pay the fine of now 6700 euro or 10.000 US$ I have to pay to the rapist of my still(!) defenseless unknowing wife! Being betrayed by her own sisters and Dutch government she tries to have me treated for delusions and filed charges against me in 2008 and 2013, and finds herself now to have to pay the fine I have to pay to the rapist! We spend 250.000 euro, our whole pension fund, since 2000 when I found out! A lawyer is not possible anymore too! And free lawyers don’t understand this complex situation! Nobody believes a wife can be (legally)raped during 35 years because of dissociation, DIS and mind control in combination with an unbelievable cover up by the Dutch government and even two Queens and now a King! We both are emotionally broken!

I forgot which he mentioned exactly, but investigated the book from Regina Germain ‘Asylum Primer’ when I was in the nice Buffalo detention center, NY in January 2014. He did mention the Queen as a reason and me being handicapped, national, political and social too.

Here what I found about possible grounds, totaling 6 so one must be less good or not a legal ground. I put the one I expect as the last.

Nexus or Grounds for asylum in the horrifying Dutch Hans Smedema Affair!

  1. Political opinion, or Secret involvement of the Royals and Government
  2. Persecution, or Rape and Secret Mental Torture
  3. Nationality, or Special secret(!) ruling by Royal
  4. Social group, or Handicapped
  5. Humanitarian, or Disability, psychological harm or physical harm from lack of medical care
  6. Coercive family planning, or Children from rapist were forced upon us!

1 Political opinion, or Secret involvement of the Royals and Government

  • Any opinion on any matter in which the machinery of the state, government, and policy may be engaged! 
  • Or when expressed through actions well defying the orders of the government!
  • Police refused me/us, rather than that the government was unable or willing to protect me/us!

This conspiracy could only happen with the help from high level politicians and with a special law signed by Dutch Queen Juliana in 1975 or so.  I, victim Hans Smedema and my wife didn’t know anything about that special law! We were betrayed by our own family trying to hide all torture and rapes from us when they discovered it had been so horrifying and traumatic, we both had amnesia and severe instant suppression of any abuse or rapes of my wife since 1972. Disgusting is the fact they still lie about it and make my wife believe I am telling delusions and have become insane. Because also the Dutch government denied everything or refused to tell the truth, I had to start publishing about it, therefore not obeying the orders of the Dutch state who ordered an Omerta about it! Also not obeying sentences!

2 Persecution, or Rape and Secret Mental Torture

  • Persecution of Family, Friends, and Spouse(wife) 
  • Harm to wife = persecution of applicant! 
  • Rape is torture!
  • Mental torture is prolonged mental harm caused by intentional infliction of severe suffering(physical harm)
  • Administrative or application, of mind altering substances, or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the sense and the personality!
  • The threat of imminent death, or threat another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe physical pain or suffering, or …
  • Prosecution versus Persecution! What may at first glance appear to be prosecution, may upon further examination amount to persecution!
  • Prosecution under some laws, however, such as those not in conformity with accepted human rights standards, or those that are applied in a discriminatory manner, may constitute persecution!
  • Court found that returning to home country does not always inherently negate a fear of future persecution!

My wife has been mistreated, abused, raped and tortured by a rapist in 1972. And because of the conspiracy from family(her own sisters!), physicians, justice and the government by politicians and ministers making sure she and myself would NOT get any medical treatment for the severe suppression of any abuses and amnesia, she was raped by many other rapist until at last 2003! They knew about the conspiracy not to prosecute any rapist and even fathers of our three children! Jan van Beek Utrecht, Jan de Vries Leeuwarden, Rieks P. from Roden and drs. Jaap J. D. from Drachten! Since April 2000 I am asking, even begging for an investigation into this horrifying case many many times for years now, but they refuse to investigate and even worse kafkaesque refuse to tell me why! Officials are secretly protecting the name of former Queen Juliana, her daughter Queen Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander! Making our lives a living hell for both of us since 2000! Why making everything worse in 2000 by hiding that crucial fact? We could simply have fled the Netherlands! Now we suffered for another 14 years, not knowing what was going on! Evil treatment!

My prosecution in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the Dutch government and (secret) refusal of any defense by apparently not independent Judges, amounts to persecution! Returning to the Netherlands and staying for the moment is only because lack of funding and to protect and help my defenseless wife as much as a can! I would NEVER stay in this corrupt hypocrite country out of free will! America forced me to stay here by deporting me here two times now.

3 Nationality, Special secret ruling by Royal

  • Signature of a Queen is part of nationality according to Judge Rex J. Ford Miami Asylum/Immigration Court in 2009!

Signature of the Dutch Queen Juliana in 1975/76 which forced a secret case of state security! High level Dutch Ministers and politicians involved who have secretly to protect the Queen by law, neglecting me and my wife as victims since 1972, or now 42 years of mistreatment and rapes with three children from rapist! Secretly no defense allowed by all Judges, so they are secretly NOT independent at all, and no investigations or prosecution of the rapist allowed! No information given to us as the main victims, and never any protection! Police files secretly deleted, manipulated or falsified!

4 Social group, Handicapped

  • Handicapped
  • Extraordinary circumstances justify untimely filing of asylum application!

Handicapped with severe suppression and amnesia of all the abuse, torture and rapes since 1972 until March 2000, and still some suppression of traumatic events, I am unable to defend myself when my own Dutch government refuses to tell me the simple truth! I have to pay the rapist of my wife now a fine of 6700 euro, just because I mentioned their names openly on my Blog after finding out about the refusal to investigate in 2007! So I waited 7 years for the Dutch government and at the time Queen Beatrix to act! Judge Rex J. Ford Miami Court told me that according to international laws and human rights laws I am allowed to publish under these horrifying circumstances!

5 Humanitarian, or Disability, psychological harm or physical harm from lack of medical care

  • Disability, psychological harm or physical harm from lack of medical care, support humanitarian asylum!

The Dutch government by setting up this conspiracy to hide all abuse, rape and mistreatment of my wife and me, and their refusal to prosecute any rapist, even demanding physicians to hide everything and NOT to apply medical treatment by Psychiatrists or Psychologists, caused lack of medical care!

6 Coercive family planning, or Children from rapist were forced upon us!

  • Children from rapist were forced upon us!

By hiding the fact I was made infertile by the rapist in 1972, and hiding the fact the first child was NOT my child but from a rapist, and not allowing us to know those crucial facts, the Dutch government and medici denied us to have children of our own!

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.