Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers & Rapist Rule A Nation

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Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers & Rapist Rule A Nation


Could the horrifying case of Dutch victim Hans Smedema and his wife since 1972, be related to the now famous #arrestdemmink affair about a ‘criminal mole’ or traitor with a high level position inside the Ministry of (In)Justice? See the YouTube video ‘Dutch Injustice’ about that story on #arrestdemmink!

See also the following facts and evidence which proof a very high level Dutch conspiracy inside the Ministry of (In)Justice:

  1. Police detective Voshol police district Leeuwarden, Netherlands told me in April 2000 that police files from 1991 about the rape by two men of my wife, were suddenly missing! Deleted of course like much more by high level officials from the Ministry of (In)Justice covered by a special secret ruling, act or law! Proof of high level conspiracy inside Ministry of Justice. Is this Demmink involved?
  2. Police detective Haye Bruinsma police district Drachten, Netherlands asked permission from Prosecutors(DA) to investigate in April 2004, but in September it was denied by the Ministry of (In)Justice, The Hague, Netherlands! Proof of high level conspiracy inside Ministry of Justice. Is this Demmink involved?
  3. Hans Smedema tried  to get his horrifying case with at least one murder and three cases of attempted murder on his life, rape, gang rape, rape movies and much more during 40 years or so,  investigated by the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice since April 2000! With lots of evidence of a cover-up or conspiracy from inside the Dutch Justice system! Police detectives and prosecutors are witnesses, but judges refuse(!) to hear them! This proves that Judges in the Netherlands are not independent when Royals are involved! State security is more important then the Dutch victims! Nobody knows this in the Netherlands!
  4. Proof  that even the Dutch judges and legal system are involved in keeping this cover-up and conspiracy hidden from the whole Dutch nation! Prime Ministers and high level Dutch politicians are involved by refusing to stop this Dutch Injustice to protect two Queens, and therefore prolonging the suffering of the victims like Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife! Even with the famous Dutch lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz all witnesses were denied and no dead simple DNA-test was allowed which would proof the whole case! One of the rapist is the father of a son! And he denies having had sex with my defenseless wife! Two times (normal and appeal) during a trial denial of justice by judges! NO DEFENSE ALLOWED AT ALL! Which is against all laws, specific Human Rights Laws! No fair trials! Fake political trials and the famous Dutch lawyer accepted it without a fight! Proving lawyers have to protect the Royals and (false) state security also!
  5. Special organization in The Hague, the Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services. In Dutch the CTIVD with the also English website www.ctivd.nl In 2008 I warned this Committee about this horrifying conspiracy and was heard! The Judge mr. I.P. Michels van Kessenich-Hoogendam told me that this horrifying case was only possible with a mole and help from inside the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice! She also sent a report to the Minister of Internal Affairs giving the advice to investigate and stop with this cover-up and conspiracy, but politicians would decide she warned me upfront. Which also proves high level politicians and Ministers are involved and try to protect the criminals! This is proof of someone inside the Ministry of Justice who is hiding criminal acts and making sure innocent victims from sexual abuse and rape since 1972 like me and my wife(because of dissociation/suppression) are denied justice! That could very well be this Demmink or the same criminal organisation inside the Ministry of InJustice! See the Post from 2008 Crucial investigations CTIVD The Hague.
  6. Witness Elise B. from Uden who worked a few weeks for my brother mr. Johan Smedema and part-time for the Ministry of Justice(!), the criminal brain of this conspiracy, confessed in 1999 to me that my brother black-mouthed me while working with the Ministry of (In)Justice in a big cover-up hiding, deleting or manipulating all evidence together with a secret service! Therefore, and with her high level of integrity, she even cancelled her job with his Real Estate Agency in the town of Gennep, Netherlands!
  7. Two cowardly Prime Ministers, former PM JanPeter Balkenende & now Mark Rutte, refuse in writing to stop with the proven conspiracy against innocent victims Hans Smedema and his still unaware wife! They don’t deny, but refuse to act! That is making them protect the Dutch Royals, who don’t need any protection, and abusing and violating the Human Rights of Hans & Wife. Also betraying the whole Dutch nation! High treason in fact! The Royals and Dutch State are now in danger because of the cover-up!

Innocent Americans involved!

  • Proof of high level conspiracy inside Dutch Ministry of InJustice! Demmink involved? In this horrifying case American former military intelligence employee Al Rust, now living in south Florida, was also involved and innocently fired because of the lying and denial of the Dutch (In)Justice department! He suffered for almost 10 years in Harlingen Texas, and after his appeal with a copy from the so called ‘Secret Frankfurt file of Hans Smedema’, which earlier during his trial didn’t exist according to the corrupt Dutch InJustice Ministry, he was paid almost one million US$ within a week by the same Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice! Former Dutch Queens were involved so the case had become state security which is a cover up of horrifying criminal acts against Hans Smedema, his wife, American Al Rust and the whole Dutch and American nation! America knows these facts! Why not act by granting Hans asylum in 2009 or 2013?

Dutch Queengate!

Is Demmink protected because the Dutch Queen Juliana was involved by a signature and special ruling in my case around 1975, and opening up this conspiracy could result in very negative publicity for later her daughter Queen Beatrix(now King Willem Alexander) and even The Netherlands becoming a Republic? The Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice therefore maybe have to protect Demmink based on State security?

  • Hans knows for sure from his own investigation that the Dutch Queen Juliana around 1975 secretly took away his normal civil rights and with a Dutch secret ruling hidden for the whole Dutch nation, denied any investigation to be done in the case of the wife of Hans Smedema being raped, children from the rapist, gang rape, rape movies sold in America and much more! Hans and his wife even were denied medical help, and the many many rapist were never prosecuted since 1972. And they knew this fact from the criminal family of Hans and of course abused or raped the wife of Hans whenever they could! Both Hans and his wife because of the horrifying trauma’s in 1972 developed severe suppression & dissociation and so could never file charges themselves until in 2000 Hans slowly got his memory back but everybody including Ministry of InJustice denied everything.

Now Hans finds himself up against the whole Dutch nation refusing him any investigation since April 2000! He is not allowed to file charges against the rapist and other enemies, but those same rapist are allowed to file charges for insult and libel against him! While his only ‘crime’ is the fact he asks for an investigation since April 2000 and of course accuses the rapist of his wife! Which is his duty to protect his wife and inform or warn other innocent unaware future female victims.

Persecution by Police, Prosecutors, Politicians, Ministers and Lawyers!

Police, Prosecutors and Lawyers are also betraying him by secretly making sure he loses all trials. So secretly without informing him, they accept payment, but then make sure Hans loses all fake political trials! Secretly they arrange other trials where other people decide over and for Hans Smedema and his still unaware sick wife what will happen to them. Hans assumes this is also to protect the Dutch Royals! So the only people in the Netherlands who don’t need to be protected in this horrifying case, the diseased Queen Juliana, her daughter Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander, all immune from prosecution and with billions of capital, are protected from their own criminal hidden acts!

High secret costs for unaware betrayed Dutch taxpayers!

Hans estimates that since 1972 when this all started, the unaware betrayed Dutch nation must have paid at least around 20 million euro of stolen(!) tax money to hide all crucial information and evidence about this horrifying case since 1972! Politicians are involved of course and hide these facts from the Dutch Nation! Their stupid criminal oath to protect the former Dutch Queen Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander, the only people on the world who don’t need any more protection,  makes it impossible for them to help victim Hans Smedema and his wife! 

Both Kafkaesque & Orwellian!

Because no lawyer has been found who dares to help Hans Smedema and his wife in this horrifying case, so they are without legal help. After forcing legal help it turns out they are secretly not allowed to defend Hans Smedema because of their oath to protect the Royals too! Even the famous lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz who was paid 10.000 euro, could not get a dead simple DNA-test which would proof the whole case or one of the 12 perfect witnessess ‘a decharge'(among which a head prosecutor/DA & two police officers) to be heard! And nobody Kafkaesque informs Hans what is really happening, making this case worse then the famous fiction book of Kafka ‘The Trial’! This Hans Smedema Affair is no fiction, but hard brutal reality! Smedemaesque?

And the case is also Orwellian! Big brother is watching you! My brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep, Netherlands and the Ministry of InJustice itself! And again no fiction as in the book 1984, but hard gruesome reality!

 Media refuse to publish!

Dutch largest newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ refuses to publish Hans was told by famous Dutch crimefighter ‘John van den Heuvel’. No reason given! Until now no foreign newspaper has been publishing about this horrifying ‘crime of the century’ either!


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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.