Secretary General Joris Demmink was 40 years Royal protected(!) Rapist-Mole manipulating the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

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Last Updated 04/10/2022 published 10/02/2022 by Hans Smedema

Secretary General Joris Demmink was 40 years Royal protected(!) Rapist-Mole manipulating the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

Video about Rapist Mole Joris Demmink as the top leader Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice hurting innocent victims.

The rapist who drugged and tortured in 1972 my  girlfriend into a sex-slave using a worn-out(no blood and no scars) cattle prod for pigs became the Mole inside the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!  He was shrewdly able to hide his criminal past by geniusly fraudulently manipulating the family and so involving Queen Juliana with a secret(!) ruling around 1972/3 forbidding all investigations to hide my girlfriend’s sex past from becoming public! He made the hidden(!) case of her/our sexual abuse and rape geniusly simply ‘State Security!’ Therefore no investigations into his own criminal past were allowed by himself(!) leading the special secret(!) department inside the Ministry of Justice forcing it to work upside-down in our special case. Protecting the rapist and making us the victims secretly defenseless. In 2002 he even became the Secretary General leading the whole Ministry of Justice, but in our case (In)Justice.

This is the Perfect Crime! He became an untouchable protected by the Dutch Royals and therefore the responsable Prime Ministers!

Nobody could touch him or his criminal friends like Jaap Duijs because he protected the rapist criminals, while we the victims became even more defenseless since 1972. I was never allowed to file charges, and Police itself was not allowed to make up an official crucial(!) Dutch Proces-Verbaal!

He created the 40 to 50 year Perfect Crime!

Decades of Dutch Injustice by the rapist traitor who became Top Level Secretary General Ministry of (In)Justice protected by Royal ruling based on fraud and betrayal!

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Joris Demmink blijkt verkrachter en MOL-X binnen Justitie in mijn Hans Smedema Affair!

J’Accuse Joris Demmink als de heimelijke crimineel en Mol binnen Justitie!

Topambtenaar Secretaris Generaal Joris Demmink was 40 jaar zwaar criminele MOL binnen Ministerie van Justitie met heimelijke Koninklijke bescherming!

Untouchable Rapist-Mole leading the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

He became an untouchable and could manipulate or delete all legal documents for 40 years to hide his own criminal acts, while secretly blocking our civil- and human rights legally. When problems came he only had to wave with his special Royal State Security documents and nobody could touch him anymore. The rapist predator criminal made himself immuun just as the apparently retard Royals.

He was able to lead our secret special Omerta case because he knew so much about it and volunteered of course.

His superiors apparently were to stupid (still are) and never checked his (criminal) unethical acts, even when in 2000 I found out and started to warn about this horrifying decennia long persecution case. But his 30 year advantage making sure all evidence was deleted or manipulated, and the whole case a State Secret because of the stupid involved Royals cowardly hiding my case while he was the top leader SG since 2002, made me defenseless.

He simply forbid me to file charges, and even the Police itself was simply ordered by the Ministry of Justice not(!) to make up the crucial Dutch ‘Proces-Verbaal’ which made all investigations impossible.

A Rotary friend Ruud Rosingh in 1991 Managing Prosecutor was by special order Ministry of Justice(rapist-mole Joris Demmink) forced to move to another town when he refused to stop his investigation into the rape of my wife by two men. A huge cover-up and conspiracy only possible because of the criminal stupid secret(!) special ruling of Queen Juliana around 1973. I was de facto forced to marry a mentally sick sex-slave on 23-2-1973 without knowing, and secretly made infertile by Joris Demmink and his rapist porn friend Jan van Beek! Resulting in 3 children from 3 rapists with 6 pregnancies, while I was secretly(!) made infertile since sept 1972 hours(!) after I warned Police Utrecht who left us drugged and naked in the hands of the Rapists who were making a rape-video.

Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services was warned but failed!

I warned in 2006 the Dutch ‘Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services’ during an official hearing(!) Judge  mevr. mr. I.P. Michels van Kessenich-Hoogendam and officer Hilda about the Mole-X inside the Dutch Ministry of Justice who was blocking me to file charges against my many enemies. And even blocked all investigations by the Dutch Police itself and ordered Police Leeuwarden in 2000 not(!) to investigate, and Police Drachten in 2004 not(!) to make up a legal Dutch ‘Proces-Verbaal’ without which an investigation could never(!) start.

The Perfect Crime, simply order the Police and Prosecutors legally(?) NOT to investigate and prosecute because of the signature of retard Queen Juliana around 1972/3.

In my official complaint and during a verbal hearing in 2007 I mentioned the very crucial(!) fact that a Predator-Rapist-Mole-X inside the Ministry of Justice was able to manipulate my/our 28 years sexual abuse case negatively and so made me defenseless. They told me that was impossible, but now in 2021 I know it was famous sexual predator Joris Demmink who destroyed our lives since 1972. But verbally they confirmed my suspicion of the huge cover-up and conspiracy and were even glad that my American friend ‘Al Rust’ got rehabilitated and was paid one million US$ in damages after he was innocent fired from Military Intelligence and suffered for ten years when the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice denied the fact that there was a huge file about me and my girlfriend/wife.

Not knowing yet that the rapist was since 2002 the Top-Leading Secretary General of the whole Ministry of Justice! And from that position he could manipulate everything to keep himself and his many ‘rapist-friends’ like sexual predator rapist teacher French(many young girls) bribed with 100.000 guilders in 1977 and a monthly allowance for a de facto free Villa next to ours. And with free drugs Ketamine to keep us submissive like dogs. Mind control with that drug in a mild dose causes your brain to be submissive as your long memory does not work properly anymore. You become defenseless which is used to abuse young beautiful girls for free sex, and even to force them to marry the rapist predator.  Or use them as call girls or hookers.

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Many more victims of this sexual predator!

Of course a criminal who tortures an innocent beautiful girl into a sex-slave with an extra emotional personality according to instructions he found in an Arabic book, will do more criminal acts.  He made drugging her cheaper by causing severe trauma, selling rape-videos also with dogs with his professional porn connections. And from his staff position inside Justice and Secret Service he manipulated everybody around him so he became the leader and could protect himself and his porn friends.

In this blog I only know about how shrewdly he was able to destroy my whole life, but there are of course many more victims where he protected the rapist and made the victims suffer. Which he liked very much as a predator sociopath.

There were 5 murder attempts on my life alone(!), neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog murdered when he got to close, and many more involved died under suspicious circumstances. The only one who could have ordered those murder attempts was of course Joris Demmink trying to make his drugged dangerous enemy would get an heart attack. Jan 29th 1975, 1980 2x, May 20th 2010 in Benidorm, early 2016 very professional with nerve agent causing heart problems.

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Fifth Murder Attempt Altea 2016

Huge case of ‘Gaslighting!’

In the vernacular, the phrase “to gaslight” refers to the act of undermining another person’s reality by denying facts, the environment around them, or their feelings. Targets of gaslighting are manipulated into turning against their cognition, their emotions, and who they fundamentally are as people.

In my case this lasted from 1972 until 2004, when I found out that I was NOT insane as everybody tried to make me believe, but the victim of an unbelievable cover-up and conspiracy with even the Dutch Royals lured into it. And the Ministry of Justice infiltrated by Rapist-Mole top leader Secretary General Joris Demmink.

Unbelievable criminal acts were secretly ordered without any effective control!

Unbelievable is how this genius Joris Demmink based on the retard special Royal ruling was able to commit unlawful or unethical acts destroying the very victims that should be protected! Millions of guilders and later euro were de facto stolen from the unaware Dutch(Netherlands) people and used to make sure the victims knew nothing about the severe crimes done to them, and manipulating or deleting all evidence legally because of the stupid Royal ruling by Queen Juliana around 1973.

Huge secret Cordon Sanitaire around us! 1972 – now!

Here only a few of the most crucial act by Joris Demmink:

  1. After the family end of 1972 found out about my drugged defenseless girlfriend being (ab)used as a hooker, manipulating them not(!) to prosecute the culprits! Which were secretly himself, his friend Jan van Beek and the porn gang financing and producing the videos.
  2. Organising a special Royal ruling by Queen Juliana making sure the Ministry of Justice was not allowed to prosecute, to protect the girlfriend from more trauma and her boyfriend(me, Hans Smedema) to find out about her time as a prostitute and sex-slave. Making me defenseless to fight back for 28 years.
  3. Organising the special secret(!) department inside the Ministry of Justice which he himself could lead direct or indirect because he knew so much about the subject(!),
  4. and have my corrupt brother mr.(master in Law) Johan Smedema from Gennep who hated me, lead the secret(!) Criminal Omerta Organisation as the Godfather of the family with the purpose to hide all evidence and have everybody lie to me for the rest of my life that there never had been any sexual abuse or prostitution. Even the fact that I was made infertile in sept 1972 was hidden from me resulting in 3 children from 3 rapists. Based on a civil contract with payment of 20.000 guilders end of 1972 which they had to pay back cumulative with interest(huge!) in case they would breach it.
  5. Legally forbid all prosecution or investigations during our lives to make secretly sure rapist Joris Demmink and the others involved were immuun like the Royals themselves.
  6. Putting me(us?) under secret(!) government control and giving that control to the family and others in the Omerta Organisation with two members from the Justice department. Her sisters, my own wife, later in 1977 rapist Jaap Duijs, the wife of my friend Paul Schuh, Ans Schuh van Kesteren, and more were members. I was the only(?) one not allowed to know?  I was secretly accused by the rapists Joris Demmink and Jan van Beek of organising the porn movies myself! 
  7. Making sure nobody was ever allowed to help me and I was not allowed to file charges, and Police was not allowed to make up the crucial Proces-Verbaal.
  8. Having specialist in mind control Onno van der Hart bribed(paid to become prof.dr.) to secretly(!) mutilate my brain every 5 to 6 years by torture(conditioning/electroshock) to suppress anything I saw about my girlfriend later wife having sex or other emotional events. Making me submissive and defenseless like a dog which the rapist Joris Demmink and others needed to prevent this huge criminal cover-up and conspiracy from ever coming out.
  9. In 1977 having rapist teacher French Jaap Duijs who was a paying customer of my drugged girlfriend since 1972, bribed with 100.000 guilders and a monthly allowance(mortgage) for a de facto free Villa next to mine in Drachten, Sydwende, to be able to control our lives using free(!) drugs from Police Drachten to keep us both submissive with a mild dose of Ketamine for decennia!
  10. I was made defenseless by the Omerta Org, Justice blocked, drugged, brainwashed(tortured) by Onno the Devil, having to live my whole life under half an anesthesia causing me to be submissive and my IQ to go from 135(high!) to less than 100(?)  and unable to fight back to this huge top level conspiracy!
  11. My career was on purpose made to fail as much as possible by Jaap Duijs with a microphone in our Villa and on the Desk where I was CEO of a large Engineering Company, destroying tenders, raping my Office Manager, having my wife have sex with employees causing me to be fired, and much more lifelong secret(!) persecution coming from Justice. I needed 5 Ebooks to tell everything that happened and still I find more trouble Joris Demmink and his rapist caused.
  12. When I found out about it at last in 2000, Joris Demmink was from 2002 until 2013 the TOP LEADER Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice blocking secretly(!) everything I tried to solve the mystery I encountered.
  13. In 2000 because of the huge horrifying nationwide Omerta denying everything I stated, I was declared Delusional by several Psychiatrists despite the fact that I could work on top-level from 2000 until 2004 earning 145.000 euro/year without anybody professionally knowing about my own secret investigation. So no threat to anyone but the rapists and Omerta org.
  14. That caused me to flee in 2007/8 in exile to Spain, but even in Spain the Dutch Justice or Secret Service asked Spain to have me conditioned/tortured into submission by prof.dr. Onno van der Hart together with rapist sexual predator Jaap Duijs. America investigated the May 20th 2010 torture in Benidorm with evidence! And give me secretly(!) an antipsychoticum hidden(!) as daily baby aspirin 100 mg. I call Onno van der hart the Dutch Mengele, which he doesn’t like while he denies any involvement, but his name is in the crucial Dutch Intelligence 30+ pages 97th General Army Hospital Frankfurt! Of which America has copies.
  15. Trying to solve this huge mystery and top level conspiracy I had to use our full 300.000 euro pension fund, be in detention for 15 months asking America 3 times for Asylum against this unbelievable persecution, be in innocent detention for 14 months in the Netherlands because I get no legal help which is forbidden(!). 40.000 euro less income when in prison, all while they(family/Justice/politicians) could simply have told me all this, etc.

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Timeline all most crucial events!

and about rapist teacher French Jaap Duijs…

J’Accuse Jaap Duijs het Monster van Drachten!

KLM Co-Pilot King WA committed fraud by lying that I did NOT want Asylum in the air above Montana, America!

King Willem Alexander lied and blocked the asylum I at last was offered on March 15th, 2017 by Judge Rex J. Ford after 3 times detention for a total of 15 months for asking asylum and help against the persecution by the corrupt Dutch. After that I was put in detention after an unfair trial with no lawyer present and no defense allowed for 5+5+3=13 months innocent as the decennia victim while the rapist go free because of the retard special ruling of Queen Juliana around 1973. See my post…

KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corrupt blocked my American Asylum against the Netherlands in American Airspace!


President Obama granted me a special Pardon!

President Obama granted me a special Pardon just before leaving Office Jan 2017 which made it possible to file an UNCAT or Special Procedure UN case State America against State Netherlands which would take max. two years, but I heard nothing anymore. Therefore warned prof. Nils Melzer to look into that case. He will visit in March the Netherlands, but I do not know if he will mention my case.

Joris Demmink knew the danger and of course has done everything he could to hide everything about this nationwide 40/50 year Omerta and so Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice will have done everything they can to block America’s UNCAT case against them. Hugely unethical behaviour by the coward Dutch Crown! King WA and Ministers.

Prof. Nils Melzer UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Joris Demmink was immuun because of the protection by the Royals!

During investigations into the crimes by Secretary General Joris Demmink, he of course used his immunity given to him by Queen Juliana around 1972/3. Which he shrewdly organised himself! And he was able to delete all evidence or manipulate it to make me, Hans Smedema look as the culprit.

For instance the crucial 97th General Army Hospital Frankfurt 30+ pages Dutch Intelligence file in 1983, was deleted within hours after my American friend ‘Al Rust’ saw it and knew it was a fraud!  In 1987 the Dutch criminal Ministry of (In)Justice(rapist Joris Demmink) denied the existence of any file! But in 1997 my friend won his appeal case with the copy of that not-existing file and was paid one million UD$ damages. So Joris Demmink did what he himself had Juliana order, namely delete all evidence, or manipulate it to incriminate innocent others. Like ‘Al Rust’ and me, ‘Hans Smedema.’

And while I warned Politicians, Ministers and more, nobody expected Joris to be the rapist sexual predator together with teacher French rapist neighbor Jaap Duijs.

And he will have (ab)used that special ruling and the fact my case was State Security to make sure he went free and retired end of 2012 to Thailand or so. He had to come back for the court cases, but had hidden all evidence of course.

He was above the law as are the Dutch Royals. The unity of the Dutch Crown can never be challenged!

Of course the Prime Ministers, former PM Jan Peter Balkenende and now PM Mark Rutte know Joris was guilty, but keep cowardly silent and ordered the whole case covered-up.

Proof of that is the fact that PM Jan Peter Balkenende offered me 5 million euro if I would keep everything hidden in 2003 and 2004. See my Dutch post with the names who can confirm that offer if they were allowed(!) to do.

Bod Kabinet 5 miljoen als afkoop!

Victim Hans Smedema is still without Legal help!

They must have given the control over my life to the Omerta Org and that still exist and blocked me from getting legal help during court cases, this blog and complaints like a Petition at the EU Parliament and many other organisations. Of course my chances of success are very slim.

See Petition EU Parliament Violation of EU Laws and Fundamental Rights by The Netherlands in Hans Smedema Affair!

Prof. Nils Melzer UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Hans Smedema B.Sc. in exile living in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain.

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.