Human Rights Watch Nederland – Case Hans Smedema

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Human Rights Watch Nederland – Case Hans Smedema

Never received any answer or help from them! Several request in writing and by phone.


Degradation Alfred Dreyfus
Degradation Alfred Dreyfus
Human Rights Watch
Prinsengracht 583

Drachten,  5-2-2014

Concerns: Case Hans Smedema – asylum USA A087-402-454

Help needed!

Please look into this case and publish about it by putting it on your website for International attention.

Also advise on how to solve this horrifying problem which completely destroyed our lives! No defense allowed! And High Office Human Rights refuses help also!

Who could help in this case against the state?


Horrifying case of many human rights violations by the Dutch government and others.

My fight started in March 2000 when I found out about the cover-up and the children not being my own. That is now over 13 years of trying to solve the mystery! Most horrifying items


  • 13 years of trying to solve the cover-up

  • my wife still with amnesia and severe suppression and without treatment because of the cover-up

  • many human rights violations by the Dutch government and others

  • living as a fugitive in Spain since june 1st 2008

  • two requests for asylum in America denied.

  • no legal help or publicity

  • no political help

  • no help from Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International

  • losing top position and are now broke waiting to have to leave our rental house

  • no help from High Office Human Rights Geneva


Severe human rights violations are among many more


  1. not allowed to file charges against rapist and father of three children, others helping them or for filing false charges since april 2000, april 2004 with much more detail.

  2. not allowed any defense in court February 9th 2009 and appeal court December 3th 2012 despite famous lawyer present.

  3. taken into custody on false grounds at Police station Drachten! Causing 1 month unlawful in prison P.I. Ter Apel. Still not allowed to file charges against the perpetrators!

  4. kafkaesque refusing to give information about why this is done to us and/or how to stop it! Kafka’s “The Trial” in horrifying non fiction!

  5. Mental torture and much more, but ‘Convention against Torture’ and ”Convention for Political and Civil Rights” not implemented! No ‘Effective legal means” given and no investigation!

  6. High Office for Human Rights refuses help despite official request on both conventions and two letters.

  7. No real legal help! Lawyers refuse to help and when in defense they still make sure I lose with no investigation and witnesses allowed.


Request for Asylum in Florida 2009 and Texas 2013 were both denied. Florida because not enough evidence of the Dutch Government being behind this, and in Texas it never got to a full hearing despite now good evidence of the Dutch Government being behind this because even Judges and Lawyers work with the cover-up and conspiracy!

 More detailed info is available on


In some more detail


According to asylum judge Rex J. Ford from Miami Immigration Court Florida in 2009 there were five good grounds(nexus) to give asylum if(!) the Dutch government was proven to be behind this. That was very rare or maybe unique!

Here the most likely:


  1. Political – because many politicians are involved.

  2. National – because the Dutch Queen secretly signed a special ruling ordering no investigation in our case. Hans Smedema and my wife.

  3. Social group – because we both are handicapped with severe suppression and amnesia caused by the horrifying traumas.

  4. Humanitarian – disability, psychological harm from lack of medical treatment support humanitarian asylum.

  5. Coercive family planning – three children from rapist without ever warning us or treating us. And never allowed to have children of our own! Not even now when I found out about it when my memory came back.

  6. Persecution of family – harm and persecution done to my wife equals persecution done to me the applicant for asylum!

Twice asked for asylum, 2009- 28 weeks before deportation and 2013- 10 weeks before deportation. Lived five years abroad as a fugitive in Spain. From June 1st 2008 until end of 2013.

 Human Right Violations

Most striking human rights violations:


  1. Not allowed to file charges against rapist(fathers 3 children) and several people who filed false charges against me!

  2. Not allowed any defense in court by several judges which means they work with the cover up and therefore no fair trials possible in the Netherlands.

  3. I will always lose any trial when no defense allowed! Not motivated also! Secret reasons!

  4. No legal help! Lawyers apparently also work to cover up and do not try to solve the horrifying case. Even the famous lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz from Amsterdam could not get one of the many witnesses heard, or have a  one simple DNA test proof 70% of this unbelievable story. And he apparently accepted no defense without publicly speaking about it on television. Which means he knows about the cover up and must have been forced to accept it. I paid him 10.000 euro and got nothing in return!

  5. Kafkaesque not informed about why this is done to us, causing not to know who or what to fight!

  6. Financially destroyed with having to use and lose our total 250.000 euro pension funds since 2000 for fighting our own government!

  7. Having to pay the rapist and others 6400 euro because of no fair trial! No defense allowed! Normally innocent only accusing the rapist and others openly on my Blog! Waiting for the bailiff to sell all our goods now. From  a successful businessman to a beggar soon!

  8. Asylum twice denied just because the Dutch Government withholding of evidence!

  9. Medical treatment denied because of the cover-up denying anything happened!

  10. Declared delusional by many, but the story is true and known by Ministry of Justice and high level politicians like Ministers. Causing mental torture or mistreatment, and denial of help.

  11. Persecution of family, here harm to my wife is equal to persecution of  me the applicant!

The total case is unbelievable, horrifying and grotesque. But the above should be enough to get your attention and some help. Of course much more can be said and info given.

 I would like to make an appointment to talk about how this conspiracy could be stopped, and who has the knowledge to give some good advice.

With kind regards,


Hans Smedema B. Sc.


Please find enclosed one of my requests for help to the High Office for Human Rights, Geneva. With no response.


Never have I received any anwer to several request for help! 


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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.