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Timeline all crucial events!


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Conspiracy against Hans Smedema explained!


1948 – Born 27-3-1948 Leeuwarden, Netherlands

My youth was a matter of neglect and fraud by parents, and mental abuse and fraud by 3 brothers and a sister. Specific when I was around 9 years my brother Johan, the one who now in 2019 completely destroyed my life, repeatedly came to my bed and threatened me until I tore up a pillow and once in fear for him even crept under the mattress! Brother Ruud made sure I got no tennis lessons by secretly(!) changing my already paid for a year lessons with my nephew with the same name Hans Jan Smedema. I was even chased away from that Tennis club after asking about my lessons and what was going on! My nephew became, therefore tennis champion and I never got any tennis lessons until I took them myself when I was 25 or so. Not everything was bad of course, but nobody in the family has ever helped me while still at school, so it went bad the first years until I was 15. I could have done much better and University easy! In 1992/3 I did the Nijenrode University Advanced Management Program easily. IQ 137 and EQ 145. My parents had a hard life and not much time for me. I came late with 3 older brothers and an 3 years older sister.  A nice warm girl from school came once at our house for me and was immediately chased away by my corrupt always lying retard mother! She would have been my sweetheart for sure and came to have me take her virginity and both have first sex! We met much later during a reunion in 1992 and she would have been perfect! If only I had an honest ethical family! I didn’t dare to invite anybody anymore into our home and lived isolated.

1963 – Child-abusive treatment and parental fraud against me!

During vacation summer 1963/4 a niece, from his brother in law Herman, only 14 years old is sexually abused by my corrupt father by ordering her angrily into his Caravan in Diever! Me, her younger sister was a witness and neighbors. When she starts shouting for help he forced his penis inside her mouth to silence her she told me afterwards. Much later in 2002, she heard about my family betraying me and wanted to talk to me. But corrupt brother Johan arranges for her to talk first to my corrupt wife, and for me to suddenly be occupied with by my corrupt brother Johan(leading the secret Omerta with Justice) arranged(!) telephone call from neighbor Justice-Rapist Jaap Duijs, and she leaves angrily! All part of the severe Cordon Sanitair. The corrupt omerta organized by Godfather mr. Johan Smedema and assisted by AIVD Secret Service protecting the Dutch Royals and other High-Level politicians.

1964 – My parents secretly file charges against father nice girl!

Another girl I liked from Emmen around 1964/5 wanted to come to me for a holiday week! Her parents (father a psychologist) brought her and wanted her to sleep with me in my tent, but my corrupt criminal father only wanted her to sleep inside his Caravan again! Her clever high-level parents suspect abuse and refuse.  After a similar case in Leeuwarden where my corrupt father blocks doors and refuses to talk, her parents rightfully see his isolating treatment of me as criminal child abusive behavior and the psychologist correctly and mandatory start an official complaint against my father! My corrupt mother intercepts(!) all love letters from the girl and has them fraudulently answered by my nephew Hans Jan Smedema acting as if he is me! He also goes to the police child abuse center acting like he is me, and that nothing is wrong, proving it with his knowledge from the love letters. Parents fraudulently hide everything from me so I had no idea what was going on. They have me sign a blank paper which they use to file a counterclaim against the honest ethical psychologist trying to help me! But police find out about the impersonating and my father is also sentenced and was detained for 2 weeks or so, but everything is hidden from me by also brothers and sister. The psychologist is even innocent sentenced because of the fraudulent counterclaim with false fabricated claims looking to be from me! Much later in 1990(25 years later!) when at an arranged(!) party in Emmen at home CEO IHN Consulting and Rotary member Emmen ir. Onno te Nuyl, her psychologist father also Rotary member talks to me and at last, I am able to put in writing on the back of the fabricated(!) claim by me(!) how corrupt and criminal my parents must have acted! I never(!) filed a claim against him because he tried to help me but was not allowed by my corrupt and lying parents! He could at last rehabilitate with my official statement and was very grateful! I meet again with his beautiful daughter too, which would have been a much better wife for me the the slut I married! But in 1990 I still had no idea how grotesque corrupt my family was and live mostly unaware on.

1971 – Parents forced(!) me to date the slut

My parents forced me with drugs, hypnosis and mind control to date the slut (later wife) after I broke-up(!) with her when she cheated me by hiding her sex-boyfriend(sex since she was 14), under her bed in her room or sometimes attic when I was around. She even tried to convince me she was still a virgin with help from her also corrupt parents and sisters Klazien and Betty! I got mentally severely weakened with drugs and hypnosis  by my mother’s secret lover Roben NOT to see her cheating and trust her! I totally suppressed I broke up with her and about her long time(6 years) sex boyfriend! I would normally never have been involved with a slut like that! I refused many beautiful girls much more honest than she was. She was a pathological liar! As a reward for brainwashing me into submission, she secretly slept with my father for over 30 years! She always said cryptically ‘they helped me so much!’ Refusing to tell what that help was! Many doormen and bartenders warned me for having slept with her and ‘she is not your type, look for somebody else’, but the mind control and brainwashing was too strong. When she came to my room in Dordrecht she denied me my first(!) sex 23 years old and next offered a random(!) guy from my room next door, her apparently badly needed(?) sex! When I see it I suppress it instantly! See post Broke up with my cheating girlfriend

1971 – She cheated in Utrecht!

She betrayed me again in Utrecht still denying me my first sex, while again sleeping every night with a young man from the room next to hers! His toothbrush stood next to hers. Severely weakened by the hypnosis/mind control I suppressed all indications she was a lying slut which I would normally never date! I knew, stay away from liars, they will ruin your life. Which exactly happened after hypnosis and a traumatic youth. 

1971 – Moves into room of Psychopath Jan van Beek!

Not knowing anymore she was a pathological lying slut, I helped her move to another room, but the owner rapist and psychopath Jan van Beek was an even worse liar and criminal than she was. She offered him monthly sex for a lower rent, he later told me! When she refused normal daily sex with him, he raped her using the drug Ketamine so she would not remember afterward but was soon fired for stealing that drug to much at his job, and desperately needed money to live on. So he drugged and mind-controls her to prostitute for him next to her full-time job at Rabobank Utrecht. Every day a pill with ketamine for white teeth, until I find out and forbid it, and then special daily vitamins! She had 3 to 5 clients every evening and went to work normally the following morning. He plants a broken UID inside her uterus to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant and wanting to have her child himself later. This UID is found in 1974 as she didn’t get pregnant! She didn’t know about it herself! Jan van Beek simply made both of us infertile!

1972 – Owner tortures her into a sex-slave!

Owner Jan van Beek needs money and forces her with the drug Ketamine into submission and sex-slave, working for him as a hooker in Utrecht. But drugs are very expensive so together with his friend(Mole-X) working for Dutch Secret Service BVD(later AIVD) they torture her with a Cattle Prod(taser) into a double personality or sex-slave! An extra emotional personality! Drugs are not necessary anymore. De Facto Mental Hostage or severe Mind Control. She became a totally defenseless sex zombie giving all the earned money to him and afterward simply switches back to a normal personality not knowing anything about the sex anymore! Time loss is a big indicator.  What she thought was half an hour, was in real time over 4 hours of sex! As I was a problem defending her he drugged and tortured me also into submission but much less than her. Now we both were defenseless against the porn criminals who made rape-movies, and also high paid repeated rape with the dog from a neighbor!


1972 – Holiday Costa Brava Spain

During holidays she again is asked to have sex by boys and does as she is mentally programmed to. She gives sex to anyone who asks her a bit forceful and even got some money! My friends Paul & Ans notice but hide(!) it from me. I see some too but suppress everything as programmed by the ‘family ordered brainwashing and now also the mind control from Jan van Beek!’ Ans tried to file about what she saw with police Netherlands, but is told that my girlfriend has to file charges herself! That happened several times later also! Dutch retard police refuse to file crucial information about victims! What is impossible as she doesn’t remember anything afterward and will not be able to do so herself. And so we live unaware of the grotesque getting larger and larger dangers, defenseless on.


1972 – Made infertile!

She was able to warn me asking for help, but I was drugged with ketamine and police left us at the mercy of the porn gang. They wanted to murder me, but Jan van Beek chose to make me infertile instead. So he secretly(!) could have children from her while I would pay and work for them all my life.


1972 – Her parents at last find out about her being a prostitute!

Everybody still betraying me and with the big ‘Omerta’ from parents and family from both sides, I am totally defenseless! As is she with the mind control. At last her parents find out about her being a hooker. But they suspect me being behind it, not apartment owner/rapist Jan van Beek who ordered(mind control) her to say I was the bad guy! When they at last tell me about it I faint. My parents decide to hypnotise me again and give me a sleep cure with brainwashing. I forgot again everything that happened and therefore became even more defenseless against her rapist/porn organisation criminals and both lying corrupt families. You can NOT fight against what you don’t know yet!


1972 – Brother lures me to sign blank paper what could help me!

Her family contacts my jealous brother Johan to help hiding everything from me. I refuse to let him talk about MY girlfriend and he lures me later to sign a blank paper(will help you a lot) which he apparently uses to give him permission to take control about everything about MY girlfriend! Which I told him earlier I didn’t want him to do. Stay out of my life! I was already severely hypnotised in 1971 and traumatized into submission in Utrecht and so he could destroy my whole life! He never told me what really happened and what the paper was for.

All friends were paid to keep silent about every crime done to us! About 20000 guilders! And they have to pay back when they tell me things. A civil contract and the Rabobank paid for it. She worked at Rabobank head quarters in Utrecht and her father was Manager Accountant North Netherlands and Chairman Central Bank Union. Psychiatrists and all were paid hefty sums(million each) to keep everything covered-up and condition us both into submission unaware of all dangers around us. Even in Spain friends(?) were paid to inform my corrupt brother about what I was doing. And to make sure I got secretly an antipsychotic hidden inside official boxes baby aspirin 100 mg since september 2003!


1972 – Sleep cure and my sperm taken for a son!

I was lured to get a sleep cure by my retard monter against my explicit will and totally unnecessary as I had again(!) decided not to go any further with my girlfriend! I started to understand she was pure evil and always lying. But she lured me to a hospital for something and knew of course nothing! But you signed! What did I sign? I of course asked, but they simply refused to tell me and put me to sleep with a drink! Never knew I had had a sleep cure until decennia later. During my sleep cure most likely November 1972 secretly ordered by my corrupt parents, hidden from me and not in the medical files, a nurse took my sperm with a needle. She had to take care of me sleeping and noticed I was made infertile from the scar and checking my reactions. They found out both testicles were blocked(by rapist Jan van Beek) but could easily get my sperm just before the block. She woke me up for a moment and I gave permission and signed for it too!

Her/my son must be born around September 1973, so must be 45 years old now. In 2004 when I investigate my ancestors in Morra, she tells me about it in her house in Morra/Lioessens North Netherlands where my ancestors (a blacksmith who filed the name Smedema) lived! During her talking, I suppress most of it as it is too emotional and because of the brain programming by corrupt prof. dr. Onno van der Hart. I see my son, but can’t grasp what is happening that fast, nor could they understand my strange avoiding reaction.  Nobody can! I leave not knowing what just happened! I live on unaware of the help they offered me! Dutch Secret Service AIVD to keep me small and low level had on purpose taken out a page in the Church files which proved I was a descendant of the Mayor of Dokkum who had the name Smedema before 1800 and a Crest or Coat of Arms with the name Smedema.

The corrupt Dutch Secret Service AIVD use extreme methods to keep me as low level as they can! But she knew somebody who investigated and had written down his findings, we were related.

I decided to make my own Coat of Arms, based on the Crest from Mayor Smedema. Totally suppressing all about my son as programmed by corrupt Onno van der Hart, I live unaware of him on.


1973 – Justice lures me to sign a document giving control to brother!

Someone needed a signature in case I was in coma for an abnormal high life insurance of 400000 guilders I was told. He wanted me to sign for my corrupt brother Johan to be legally in charge in case of coma or equal. But it most likely was to confirm my corrupt brother Johan as the person to take care of anything related to my suppression and my cheating girlfriend my family hid from me! He hid the letter head at first, but it was from the Dutch Ministry of Justice. It had nothing to do with my girlfriend I was told. Only in case of coma or similar. To my brain nothing had happened! And the suppression was caused by hypnosis and the traumatizing torture and mind control in Utrecht. But I knew nothing about that yet. It could have easily been repaired with normal therapy and most of all the simple truth. I refused having him legally in charge of my life during me being still alive. I knew  and told the guy he would totally destroy my life, which he did! I never got an explanation it had nothing to do with that abnormal high insurance, but that I gave him the right to control the rest of my whole live! I was severely handicapped with the omerta, suppression and mind control, and being kept out of all crucial information like being made infertile and a cheating pathological lying girlfriend!


1973 – Forced to marry the slut!

On Feb 23th 1973 I was (de facto forced to) marry the now severely traumatised slut after all horrifying crimes that happened in 1972, and after criminal brainwashing ordered by my corrupt parents suppressing all my knowledge about her cheating, betrayal, extra emotional personality and being raped. Her family kept lying and betraying me/us also! I married a pathological liar(and into her criminal family) who was also tortured into an extra emotional sex-slave personality by her rapist who got a staff job at Dutch Secret Service BVD/AIVD! Unaware and even suppressing the horrifying crimes that happened we were both totally defenseless against the rapist Jan van Beek and porn gang who exactly knew her/our weakness! De Facto Mental Hostages without anybody understanding that crucial fact. Everybody knew, except us who needed that crucial information most of all to defend ourselves. During official mariage 2 officials from Ministry of (In)Justice have to sign secretly afterwards also! But When I after 2000 try to get this abnormal document they deny the existence! Apparently we were part of a secret conspiracy and protection program that of course was used by the Mole-x inside the AIVD to (protect?) control our lives. We live on unaware of all the dangers surrounding us.


1973 – Rapist/Pimp puts her into prostitution again!

Only day’s after being married Jan van Beek lures her to Utrecht and lets her prostitute herself in his apartment. He needed the money! She was ordered to tell me she worked temporarily at her former job with the Rabobank. She never got any money of course! Her parents find out after 2 weeks and she is rescued by police, but I was still NOT allowed to know this! Unaware of all the dangers  surrounding us and severely being brainwashed, I live on. As if nothing happened.


1974  – Raid for injecting sperm and rape movie!

Rapist Jan van Beek planned for him to have a child from her, so raided out house Zudendorpweg 3a in ‘t Harde by drugging us, and injected his sperm inside her womb. To take advantage of us being defenseless the porn gang hired a Video crew from Dutch Television NOS and they made a Rape Video of me unconscious and my wife being raped anally! Neighbor Cees van  Hoog and his wife warn the police because they here her scream. Police fired a gun at somebody and chase the NOS team, but the video is not found. They let us behind naked without ever telling us what happened! Neighbor ask questions and are stunned we don’t know anything about it. Only my wife was angry at me for having sex with her anal, what was not the case! I never did. Because of the stupid omerta we live on as if nothing happened! No protection, no video cameras, nothing to protect us while being totally defenseless against the rapist.


1975 – Daughter is not mine!

Daughter is born in January and I am warned it’s not mine at a lab, but suppress everything because of the brain programming. I didn’t know I was made infertile in 1972, nor did my wife know that crucial fact. Family knew, but hide it from us and only laugh about it! We could have had children of our own if they would only have told us the truth! My testicles were only blocked which was repaired around 1999! She is the daughter of rapist Jan van Beek exactly as he planned it in 1972!


1975 – 1st murder attempt!

Because the rapist Jan van Beek and his friend Mole-X inside the Dutch Secret Service assume everything will come out now, they try to murder me by luring me to a Motel and drugging me again to lose my memory and order and program me to  crash my car at high speed! A woman warns police and I barely survive going to an emergency center at a Hospital-. Not remembering what happened! It is noted on my old medical card.


1975 – Tortured to sign document by corrupt devilish prof. dr. Onno van der Hart!

Family doctor HogenEsch ‘t Harde who knew about the omerta from my family of course, lured me secretly to see corrupt paid(!) psychologist Onno van der Hart to force me to secretly allow brainwashing and programming to suppress everything around the rapes and porn gang. I refuse for two hours while he blocked the door so I could not escape him, but he forces me secretly with 3 times a drug, causing memory loss. A nice woman saw everything and warned me NOT to sign! Mentally broken by his misleading and traumatic treatment I sign but he then refuses to give me a copy! And also next day he refuses to give me a copy after I am warned by other honest colleges GGZ Zwolle! All his colleges in Zwolle where he was for only(!) two weeks to torture me, together filed complaints against him and even warned police! They knew he would destroy our lives doing that, but the Justice department and my corrupt brother Godfather Johan Smedema made had bribed him with a million from the Rabobank so he could become prof. dr. ! Just like his college the current prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch did In Groningen with my forced girlfriend later forced wife. See crucial Dutch post Duivels contract afgeperst door prof.dr. Onno van der Hart!


1975/76 – Queen Juliana signs special ruling ‘Ministry of Justice’ to hide(!) crimes!

Around 1976 Dutch Queen Juliana is lured into signing a special unknown decree or ruling, ordering the Ministry of (In)Justice to work against their normal mission to protect people, and make sure there will never be any legal investigation, by hiding crimes(!) done to us, from us and others. Therefore making all rapist immune(!) for prosecution! And with it declaring us outlaws! We were suddenly outside the normal justice system and ‘De Facto’ without crucial Human Rights!

Any rapist could do whatever he wanted to my wife! And we were never allowed to find out the horrifying truth. Dutch Secret Service was ordered to take care of that and create a Cordon Sanitaire around us. Together with conditioning, but in reality torture by prof.dr. Onno van der Hart! Who got Officer Orange Nassau for that! This is a heinous criminal act! We are made defenseless without knowing it! Had I known I would have emigrated to another country. Later Queen Beatrix and King Willem Alexander continue this criminal and unethical behaviour and corrupt refuse to stop it!


1977  – AIVD rapist Jaap Duijs is paid to keep an eye on us!

My brother and rapist friend Mole-X inside AIVD get a million budget to keep an eye on us! They recruit her client from 1972 in Utrecht cheating rapist Jaap Duijs(arranged by Mole-X/AIVD), who was given 100000 guilders in 1977 and a monthly allowance to buy a plot next to ours in Drachten. He gets a microfoon in our villa and uses drugs to keep us from ever finding the truth! He almost weekly had sex(legally rape) with my defenseless wife for 40 years or so! He also gets a microfoon tap in my office in Leeuwarden later on where I was CEO and tried to negatively influence me. He was caught having sm-sex with a 15-year-old girl among many others, but never prosecuted! His rapist friend inside Justice/AIVD took care of that. See Dutch post Het monster van Drachten!


1977 – Son is not mine too!

Of course our next child dec 1977 is also from a rapist, Jan de Vries Leeuwarden who confesses it to me. But I suppress everything again as programmed or conditioned by corrupt professional dissociation psychologist Onno van der Hart! Lots of criminal people know my wife is defenseless and a sex slave, so take advantage of that! We still don’t know anything!

During building our Villa end 1977 and first half 1978 my defenseless wife gets raped when the construction workers find out she is a sex slave who remembers nothing after the rapes! They lure her to the building place for some advice and gang rape her several times for hours! She only remembers half an hour, but is gone for 5 hours total. Her mother looking after the daughter had a important Bridge competition at 16.00 and she left at 12.00, so should have been back at 13.30 latest, but came after 18.00 hours! Not remembering the gang rapes. And this happened several times until my brother Marinus warned by her mother. The omerta in combination with the brainwashing made us defenseless of course.  We live on unaware of the dangers surrounding us.


1979 – Raid for bestiality rape movie!

In 1972 rapist Jan van Beek together with the porn gangsters made a bestiality movie and clients in America were asking for another one, so he plans one at our new Villa Sydwende Drachten, just opposite villa AIVD Rapist Jaap Duijs who helped organise everything! They simply use their mind control over my wife to open the door late at night, jump on me and force me to drink Ketamine so I would forget everything. The same with my wife. They use ma dog again and make the movie with the same NOS crew. Bathroom door had to be taken out and police is kept at bay by AIVD rapist neighbor Jaap Duijs with a drink containing ketamine also. They remember afterwards nothing at all! We wake up naked not knowing what happened and find traces of poop on the floor, and a sliding bearing on the floor close to the door! Nobody warns us, no police, only slightly a neighbor! We live on as if nothing happened! We were programmed not to notice anything and let it go!


1980 – Second son is also not mine!

Second son is from plumber Rieks Perdok Roden who forced her to sex  for a whole year while we were trying to get a third baby, not knowing the other 2 were from rapist or the crucial fact everybody knew that I was made infertile! Totally unaware of all the horrible crimes done to us! Hysterical daughter phones me several times about an ‘angry man and mama no clothes!’ But my wife denies this as she was in het extra emotional personality!


1980 – AIVD rapist Jaap Duijs gets my wife pregnant!

Paid AIVD rapist Jaap Duijs forced my wife with his mind control over her to become friends with us. Everytime he has the chance he abuses her to sex as she is his sex-slave and follows his orders. She simply turns into her second emotional personality and afterwards back and lives on unaware what happened! We invite him on a trip with the Yacht of my brother Marinus. He lures me with his wife away and orders our 6 years old daughter to stay on deck while she can’t swim! He rapes my wife in the master cabin and she gets pregnant because we didn’t have sex and she used no anti conception pill yet, to become normal again after having our second son.  She is angry with me, and doesn’t remember anything about the sex with Jaap on the Yacht, but it is from Jaap as I was still secretly infertile until 1999 or so! She has it aborted in Amsterdam. We live on, still unaware of all the dangers surrounding us. The omerta from brother Godfather mr. Johans Smedema is still alive with millions of stolen tax money.


1980 – 2nd & 3th murder attempt! Neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog murdered!

Around this time my neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog was investigating our case as he knew about an attack with rape movies at our house in ‘t Harde. Working at a newspaper in Zwolle he asked questions and according to rapist Jan van Beek came to close to the truth! The criminal porn gang behind it. So they lured him to Dronten and drugged him to crash his car into mine also lured to Elburg. They arranged for us to pass each other on the road where he would crash into my car. First time went wrong but the second a week later I was very lucky just at a bridge and he coming from the other side saw me a second to late! So he crashed behind me! Officially it was a heart attack! But Jan van Beek confessed it was a murder attempt for him and me!


1983 – Frankfurt 30 page Dutch file about me/us at 97th General Army Hospital!

Doing business in Germany in my 50% owned Company the American 97th General Army Hospital checks my Dutch Justice files and finds a huge over 30 page dossier which I knew and told them nothing about! I get interrogated by phone and verbal in Frankfurt by CIA and manager logistics. After testing I suppressed everything they told me they gave me the order anyway. File was about my girlfriend being a hooker in Utrecht with Jan van Beek, sex-photo’s and (rape)movies, treatment and conditioning by prof. dr. Onno van der Hart UU and prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch UMCG, special ruling Queen Juliana and State Security, Ministry of Justice ordered to cover-up all evidence and make sure NEVER an investigation or prosecuting. So ‘De Facto’ protecting(!) the rapist, and outlawing us the victims! Which is still the case now January 2019. I suppressed everything I heard as the conditioning and brainwashing tortured me to. So I lived on totally unaware of the dangers surrounding me. Only in 2000 I suddenly slowly remember what happened!


1985 – Rapist Jan van Beek uses mind control to steal and transfer 40000!

Rapist since Dec 1971 had in 1972 drugged(ketamine) and used hypnosis to get mind control over my brother Marinus who noticed strange things happening in Utrecht to me and my girlfriend. Around 1985 he used his mind control to visit my brother at his Company Euro-Routing in Leeuwarden. He drugs Marinus but is exposed by Office Manager Stella van Arkel married to a (later F16) pilot, who sees Marinus sleeping at the table almost unconscious by the ketamine. He had to leave, but lured Marinus to a restaurant and forced him with mind control to phone me to immediately telephone-transfer 40000 guilders to his own account for worthless Communication advice. He had Marinus sign all necessary documents while under his mind control. Stella was a witness at first and tried to defend Marinus, but it happened several times later on. Stella tries to expose Jan van Beek and therefore he orders Marinus to fire her, and later orders Marinus to sent me out of the country leading a 50% owned German Euro-Routing. Euro-Routing Netherlands is now without strong management and some protection by Stella and losing huge sums of money for worthless advice and is later in 1988 rescued by the NOM by buying it and with a new CEO Harm Wondaal in 1989. Who told me around 1989 about all the stealing of large amounts of money by this Communication Company of rapist Jan van Beek in Utrecht.  But I still don’t know anything because of the horrifying omerta my brother Johan ordered. When after 2000 I make an appointment with Harm Wondaal, the corrupt Dutch Secret Service AIVD calls both(!) of us canceling the appointment! So we never speak about the conspiracy! Being open and honest about Euro-Routing and making a settlement NOM paid me over 180000 guilders including 25000 immaterial damages as a settlement and I get asked to join Rotary Leeuwarden South by temporary Chairman of the Board Euro-Routing drs. Ruud ter Schiphorst end of 1990! My career is at its highest at that moment and more to come, but Dutch AIVD ordered by Royals wants me to lose power as I get to dangerous at those high levels. Chamberlain Rienk Wegener Sleeswijk with direct contact to Queen Beatrix was a bit later member of my Rotary-club.


1991 – Rape by 2 men Oranje Hotel Leeuwarden!

My defenseless wife on January 12th 1991 was raped in the parking of the ‘Orange Hotel’ in Leeuwarden by 2 friends of Hans van der Heide who was a friend of my brother Ruud. He knew about my wife being defenseless and raped her himself and pointed others to her! I saw her being raped in the garage but suppressed it and when asked later a had seen nothing! Only in 2000 I find out about it! MY Rotary friend mr. Ruud Rosingh was managing prosecutor and started an investigation, but Ministry of Justice The Hague ordered him to stop based on a letter from a Smedema! Not mine? Brother? When he refused he was moved to another town Zwolle in a week! An article in the local newspaper was deleted from archives to make sure nobody would find out later! The journalist Chris Kruisinga who tried to help me/us died suddenly!


1988 – 1993 – CEO Engineering Company, AIVD blocked police Investigation!

As CEO of an Engineering Company(IHN Leeuwarden) since 1988, AIVD and rapist Jaap Duijs plant a microphone on my desk for the grotesque Cordon Sanitaire to keep me isolated. And when found blocked the police detectives to investigate on special orders from Ministry of (In)Justice! Offer prices were being related to Company in the Hague who offers just below ours! Much more about me being a bad guy, but my abnormal honesty and openness saved me for the moment. A special email with information had to be deleted by Justice/AIVD and the Criminal Organisation didn’t want me to get a too high-level person. That would be dangerous to their criminal cover-up. Specific because in 1991 I was asked for Rotary membership with very high-level contacts like the President of Court and Chamberlain Rienk Wegener Sleeswijk, who had direct contact with the Queen Beatrix of course. Every 5 to 6 years I am secretly(after drugging me)again conditioned to make sure I would stay unaware of everything! My wife the same of course. We don’t know about that and live unaware of all the dangers around us on. That our 3 children were not mine and me being made infertile is still not known by us. Omerta!


1991 – Nephew Jack Federal Police Officer innocent fired after he files charges!

When nephew Jack hears about some crimes done to us and the fact that her two sisters and parents hide all crimes and facts from me/us. I request him to file charges as he is obliged to do when he sees criminal acts done. But he is fired for unlawful interference! Which is a lie! I asked him to do so and he is obliged to do so by law! All the media attention is hidden from me by the mind control of AIVD-Rapist Jaap Duijs on my wife who hides all newspaper pages, and makes sure I see nothing on TV. When at last his wife asks me for help getting another job, I used my college CEO of IHN Hengelo as a contact and with some other help he got a new job in security the same day he visits him. He is not allowed to talk to me, being a nephew! Most likely of course because of the corrupt Dutch Royals involved! State Security! When he visits me as CEO of IHN Leeuwarden AIVD-Rapist Jaap Duijs phones me and orders me with is mind control over me to not talk to him! Unbelievable and horrifying this case.


1996 – Interrogation by Paul Bremer Amsterdam!

I get interrogated by Paul Bremer on June 14th 1996  in Amsterdam. He was former Ambassador in the (corrupt) Netherlands and later Governor Iraq. With my statement he was able to help my American friend Al Rust, who was innocent dishonorably dismissed from Secret Service after Netherlands Ministry of (In)Justice lied about no file about me/us! He than wins his appeal case and was paid 1 million US$ within a week for a not existing file according to the lying Dutch!


1999 – Nice girl warned me for my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema Gennep!

As a Headhunter or Executive Searcher, I placed a girl/woman with VDM as a Salesperson in the South of the Netherlands. She had worked a few weeks with my tyrant brother mr. Johan Smedema and wanted to leave immediately! Later she confessed to me she worked at his Realty Agency in Gennep as part-time Official Justice employee for the official Cover-up and Cordon Sanitaire around me! She knew about the corrupt very unethical kafkaesque cover-up and Orwellian conspiracy against me and my wife to protect the Dutch Royals and other High-Level Ministers and politicians. She stated our children were not mine and the fact my brother was hiding that from me, also that he was black mouthing me in the files. She was too ethical to be able to mentally keep up with the criminal lying and betraying and therefore left asap! This is a crucial witness to the greatest Orwellian conspiracy ever in the history of the Netherlands!


2000 – Sudden Flashbacks! First filing charges denied!

I suddenly start remembering all the emotional crimes against us! I write them down and reorder them on my computer. What causes even more memories by association. I am stunned and can’t believe such a crime happening to me or anyone, so I at first assume I got delusional! But everything fitted like a glove with normal memories and all the pictures we had! At first, I don’t talk about it, but later started asking questions to my wife, not knowing everything I asked or said was told to rapist Jaap Duijs and he listened to the microphone in our villa. So when I tried to ask others they were already warned to tell me nothing! Omerta! Worse than the Mafia! That cost me years of insecurity and extra traumas which was exactly what they wanted to happen!

In April I give my file to my Rotary-friend Peter Slot Manager whole province Police Friesland who is not allowed to investigate! But he had a police detective involved in an earlier event look for that file before, but that file was also deleted like so many evidence strangely disappears always!


2000 – 2004 – Secret AIVD Cordon Sanitaire around me to protect the Royals!

The Dutch secret Service AIVD and neighbor AIVD rapist Jaap Duijs with taps in my Villa and on phones, emails and more, keep a costly Cordon Sanitaire around me! When I try to get a Lawyer, they warn them that I am delusional! So I searched tens of high level Lawyers, but all refused to help me with this case. Very strange and abnormal as legal help for victims is a human right! Only mr. A. Bram Moszkowicz dared to do the Appeal case and was severely punished for that. He is no longer a lawyer after they accused him of many wrong doings. Some manipulated for sure. And even during trials no defense was allowed. This whole case must have cost unaware Dutch tax payers at least a hidden 20 million euro since 1972!


2003 – Children delete photo evidence of AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs having sex with MY wife!

When flying over my Villa Sydwende in Drachten I make a photo of our house and after a few minutes on the way back my friend Reint Jelsma is ordered by somebody from Justice to remove the photo taken! My wife called before to ask if I had taken pictures! So AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs with his mind control over my defenseless wife(and me) ordered her to have sex with him on his lawn naked in 69 position, while I Just phoned her I was coming and would take pictures! Which proves she was during the sex not in her normal personality, but in het second emotionally personality! Severe dissociation! I refuse to delete it and Reint Jelsma and Ed van de Beek both pilots flying also our children around, ask the children to delete the evidence! Both saw the evidence of rapist Jaap having 69 sex on his lawn! Which the children do later by deleting it from my camera with zoom lens and the email copy I sent to myself by blocking me from trying to save it. A few months later they falsify also the DNA-fathership tests after lying and agreeing(!) to do it! Taking away all(!) my hard evidence and sentencing me to in total 29 months detention and living in exile until now 2019! Also denying my defenseless wife therapy as now I was made looking insane!

See post Children delete photo of AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs having 69 sex with MY wife!


2003 – Antipsychoticum by corrupt psychiatrist Frank van Es!

I knew I was the victim of the largest cover-up and conspiracy ever in Dutch history! And decided not to talk to psychiatrist anymore. They never listen and assume I am delusional without looking at the evidence. But I had a last conversation with drs. Frank van Es GGZ Drachten and was trying to force me to take an antipsychoticum! Which was wrong for me being not insane, but the a victim! He lured me to sign a document so he could talk(!) to my wife also, which was no problem. But in reality it was giving my pathological lying wife with an extra emotional personality control over my life! He refused to give me a copy too! As they always do with me. He secretly gave me an antipsychoticum hidden in official(!) boxes baby aspirin 100 mg. Which caused me to no longer being able to work in my top position! I lost 145000 euro income a year! But unaware of that, I assumed I was getting sick because of all the traumas and omerta! You can’t defend yourself against things you don’t know yet!

See post Antipsychotic secretly since Sept 2003 by corrupt psychiatrist!


2003 – Children falsify their own DNA-Fathership tests!

At last and much to late in 2014 my(not biological) daughter confessed the 3 children themselves had falsified the DNA Fathership test I asked for by switching the stabs with those of another family! It was the family of my son in law of which the father worked as doctor for Ministry of Justice and Secret Service!

It was done together with the Criminal Organisation led by my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema Gennep and neighbor AIVD-rapist drs. Jaap Duijs. Causing me to live as an idiot for now 18 years, 29 months in jail and losing my income of 145000 euro working half days! Horrifying! Also all the photos of my youth and during holidays and much more, were stolen and secretly hidden on the attic of daughter in Groningen! I have nothing anymore. See Dutch post Kinderen vervalsten zelf hun eigen DNA-test!


2003 – Diagnosis psychiatric dept UMCG ‘nothing wrong!’

Tests at University Psychiatric Department UMCG diagnosed I was mentally oke! The story could be true, only if not true it would be delusional and a very special abnormal case. The several pages report I got and was sent to psychiatrist Oostveen in Drachten also, and others like Amersfoortse disappears(!) and is changed into only Delusional! During that investigation in 2003 my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema had a secret meeting there! Psychiatrist Luttikhuizen doing the investigation/tests warned me he was negatively involved in this case! Cover-up and State Security!


2004 – Second filing charges denied Police Drachten!

After investigating more and more I make up a second document with all accusations and information, names, addresses and even phone numbers of all I know are involved in this horrifying kafkaesque cover-up and orwellian conspiracy, I have at that time. Sex-crime detective Haye Bruinsma on April 23th, 2004 tells me he never had a report like this and tells me he can sent it directly to the Prosecutor’s Office(Dutch OM)! So he doesn’t make an official ‘Proces Verbaal’ which he regrets later because in September he is ordered NOT to make such a crucial document! Just before on August 12th, 2004 Minister Veerman arranged by my business friend ir. Klaas Keestra NOM Groningen, tried to talk to me and repeat the offer of September 2003 in Beaune France for a lump sum of 5 million if I would keep silent about everything. Police gets no budget and investigation is forbidden(!) for the largest cover-up and orwellian conspiracy ever in the history of the Netherlands!


2003 – Dutch Cabinet offers 5 million euro to keep silent!

Dutch Minister Veerman and ir. Klaas Keestra form the Northern Development Organisation NOM offer me 5 million euro to keep silent about this horrifying case! The first offer was done in Beaune France in september 2003 NOT on soil of the Netherlands for legal reasons! But I am after the truth, not money. I should have talked with him! But I my brainwashing and the secretly given antipsychotic made me avoid solutions! To emotional for me with the large omerta and Cordon Sanitaire around me. Mole inside Justice must have known this and ordered AIVD-Rapist Jaap Duijs to mind control me to avoid it too?

Immediately after this in September Police Drachten and Prosecutors Office (OM) are ordered NOT to investigate and NOT draw up an Official Document of my Charges! For sure it is to protect the immune(!) Dutch Royals from being negatively involved in this out of proportion horrifying sequence of crimes since December 1971. We the victims in a unique case both in the Netherlands and in America, are inhumane left to suffer until now in 2019! I spent in total innocent as the victim (15 USA + 14 Ned) 29 months in detention while only asking for Departments of Justice(!) to investigate and inform me! And even warning Queen Beatrix in 2008 to look into it! See Dutch post Offer 5 million to keep silent!


2004 – Corrupt Psychiatric Diagnosis W.H.J. Mutsaers Haren

Insurance Company Amersfoortse needed a psychiatric diagnosis to be able to close their investigation. Psychiatrist W.H.J. Mutsaers filed a report that declared me Delusional! He simply did NOT believe my unbelievable horrifying story! And the crucial fact the children together with Criminal AIVD Organization falsified their own DNA tests took away my only hard evidence to proof I was right therefore NOT delusional, but my wife ill(dissociation) with even an extra emotional personality! After this report my life was hell on earth and I became totally isolated. Later in june 2008 I even had to flee to Spain to escape the persecution in the Netherlands. Amersfoortse did great and paid me around 5000 euro(4% up/year) a month! The special ruling by Queen Juliana around 1976 made me an outlaw!  Later in 2009 Asylum Judge Rex J. Ford stated ‘you never had a chance! Nobody could have done better under those extreme circumstances!’ My advice is ‘Never, never go to a psychiatrist!’ I made a special post about all the corrupt moron psychiatrists and psychologists with all the documents, see Dutch post Fraude door psychiaters!


2006 – Medisch Tuchtcollege Groningen!

Complaints filed against almost all medici, specific psychiatrist Frank van Es and Bauke Koopmans, who threatened me with antipsychotic or even forced mental institution! During the hearing the corrupt manager Psychiatric Department University Medical Center Groningen prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch was doing the investigation! While he was mentioned in 1983 in the 30 page Dutch Intelligence Frankfurt file together with the also corrupt bribed prof. dr. Onno van der Hart. Both received around 1 million each and other help to become prof. dr! Robert tries to lure me into submission, but even with the antipsychotic making me half a zombie I was still unaware of, I managed to threaten him also. Secretary therefore told me he would legally force the corrupt Frank van Es to give me crucial information! Several times Frank and Hospital try to give me the documents, but AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs knows everything from the secret service and could intercept all documents before I could see them. See my Ebooks about that! Jaap used his mind control over my wife also of course to delete emails, and to steal my car with the documents once. I was alone up to these corrupt large Criminal Organisation! Forced by law lawyer Ad Speksnijder refused to help me! You can do that alone! He never did anything!


2008 – CTIVD Investigation into Secret Service AIVD abuse of power!

March 11th, 2008 I get the first positive reaction in my case. The Dutch Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD) Judge mr. I.P. Michels van Kessenich-Hoogendam were starting an investigation into my horrifying case and at a hearing she confirmed that it was a cover-up and conspiracy! They issued a secret report(why secret? Royals involved?) to the Minister of Internal Affairs, but the Cabinet Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende refused to stop the conspiracy to protect the Royals and other high level Officials. Despite offering me 5 million euro in 2003 and on August 12th, 2004 to keep silent about all criminal and unethical acts against Dutch citizens Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife.


2008 – Warning to Queen Beatrix!

On December 5th 2008 I sent a warning to Queen Beatrix that the Royals could be in danger when they don’t distanciate themselves from this case! But she doesn’t answer and later I heard in Germany she found my open warning ‘not friendly enough!’ Unbelievable, we 40 years of suffering with children from rapist and she arrogantly doesn’t care at all. I/we live in a hell on earth and this ‘creature’ is too unethical to act and parties on. Later the same with her son in 2017 who blocked my asylum request in the air above Montana! I was right on, I was fighting the Dutch Royals! See Dutch post

Open brief Koningin Beatrix


2009 – Corrupt unfair Trial and Court hearing!

I was not allowed to file charges against our enemies and specific AIVD-rapist drs. Jaap J. Duijs Drachten. Police was NOT allowed to officially file the charges and prosecutors were NOT allowed to investigate too! Special Royal ruling. But I therefore chose to publish about  everything that had happened. So Jaap Duijs and others knowing(!) no investigation was allowed, filed charges against me for insult! Unequal treatment and severe Human Rights Violations! During the session with a corrupt Judge mr. Jeroen van Bruggen no defense was allowed and he assumed biased I was delusional based on the statement of my lying and cheating wife, who was also mind controlled by my enemy AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs. No lawyer present as they didn’t dare based on State Security or assuming I was delusional! 3 months conditional and 3 months extra when not taking away the names from my blog. Fine of 5400(later up to 7000) euro to pay to the lying rapist Jaap Duijs and Rieks Perdok who all lied never to have had sex with my defenseless wife, and associates like her corrupt sister Klaziena Jansma who also denied everything! There was no lawyer present as they are afraid or not allowed to help insane people. Never found effective legal help, everything I do is my own work! Also the case had become State security because of the involved Royals. At the time I didn’t know the corrupt psychiatrist Frank van Es gave me secretly(!) an daily unknown antipsychoticum hidden as baby aspirin 100 mg. He is currently Chairman North Fraud Chamber and still judge Court North Netherlands. Very very strange is the fact that my Rotary-friend Tom Kok, CEO of the large insurance company FBTO in Leeuwarden was present(!) during the session and had evidence from an special investigation(paid by FBTO) about my wife having sex with man, did NOT stand up and tell the judge! He never gave me that crucial evidence! See IN and post unfair corrupt trial!

If I had the evidence her children falsified like the crucial DNA fathership tests proving the children mine, but indeed NOT mine, and the photo of Jaap Duijs having 69 sex on his lawn with MY wife while denying he ever had sex with her, I should have won this trial!


2009 – First Asylum request Miami Florida!

The most important asylum request after my sentencing by the corrupt judge mr. Jeroen van Bruggen Court Leeuwarden who denied me all defense, a lawyer, and more time( had 1,5 week!) to prepare my defense.  Unfair biased trial where he believed my lying and by AIVD rapist Jaap Duijs mind controlled wife! So I knew it was only outside the corrupt Netherlands that I could maybe get some help! I was detained as they always do with victims(!) and kept for 7 months! But with a very good great investigation into my unique case. He confirmed that the 3 children were NOT mine! That the youngest son was indeed from rapist Rieks Perdok who lied in his charges he never had sex with my wife! The great immigration Judge Rex. J. Ford stated that Department of Justice had found 5 good grounds for asylum if(!) could be proven the Dutch Government was involved. As far as they knew this had NEVER happened before in the USA! It made my asylum case unique! And I knew that my case in the Netherlands was also totally unique! Comparable only with the famous French Dreyfus affaire around 1900. Treatment was ok, with some normal problems. They did everything to make my life as positive as possible. Three young girls who wanted me to take their virginity(didn’t happen) much earlier, in 2009 gave very positive recommendations about my character and could confirm my statements in detail! This thorough investigation must have set the base for the help President Obama much later in January 2017 just before he left office gave me. See my Ebooks about that. See post Unbelievable 5 grounds for asylum according to Judge Rex. J. Ford Miami court Florida!


2009 – Failing memory-test Broward detention center!

While in Broward detention center in 2009 Asylum Judge Rex Ford tests me for my failing memory as I stated in my asylum request. In my Diary was a page which contained something too emotional, noticed by roommate Desmond and during a session with Officers as witnesses they could confirm as evidence that I saw 9 lines empty. While the page was written full of course! When telling me that fact, I turned the page before a light and saw too that the other side was indeed written full! This happened also in 1972 with my friend Roland Wester in Dordrecht! I had written that I was being drugged! But saw nothing on that page, while Roland saw the text ‘I am being drugged!’ Anything too emotional for me was suppressed! But in the Netherlands the corrupt Judge Jeroen van Bruggen sentenced me without a lawyer present and while 2 witnesses told him they had  evidence against AIVD rapist Jaap Duijs! No defense allowed at all! See post Saw 9 blanc lines on a full(!) page during official memory-test!


2010 – 4th murder attempt during conditioning in Benidorm!

On May 20th I was lured to Restaurant La Rambla in La Nucia to be secretly drugged and again brainwashed into submission! But Belgian wife of owner warned me about prof. dr. Onno van der Hart, AIVD rapist Jaap Duijs and 2 motor guys. So I escaped just in time. But a few hours later in Benidorm was lured to Nightclub Pretty Woman by the two motor guys, brainwashed and damaged into submission for 4 hours. Warned by the girls, who saw the medical instruments waiting for me, Policia Local was NOT allowed by Ministro Justicia to protect me, but took all ID’s and had a police officer watch me during the conditioning! They tried to murder me also by letting me fall head down from 4 meter high stairs, but a girl was a hiding witness and rescued me with help of a doorman! She warned me and told me about it. A few months later a Belgian Investigating judge talks to me about it and gets my phone file about Dutch Ton who lured me to La Rambla! See Dutch post Hersenspoelen en martelingen 20 mei 2010 Benidorm chronologisch!


2010 – 300000 euro stolen in Benidorm!

I made a gentleman’s deal about the book and movie rights for 300000 euro so they would have first right to make a contract, or get repaid with a bonus of 100%. In June they sent a Dutch moron courier with the money cash in banknotes 50 euro. But the man gave the money to a waitress inside HeartBreak bar in Benidorm without informing me! So she got 150000 and the her boss manager Pinocchio next door the other half! Why so secretly and not wiring the money to a bank? Most likely the company behind it tried to stay anonymous for the time being. To dangerous to get involved at that stage in the largest conspiracy ever in Dutch history. See post Opgelicht voor 300.000 euro in Benidorm!


2010 – 2019 – Ebooks Fighting the Unknown!

Publish everything I know about this largest coverup and conspiracy in 3 Ebooks both in Dutch and English. Translation costs me 28000 euro! In total I lost 300000 money which was meant to be for extra retirement. I also lost my high income of 145000 euro since 2003. I use the Title ‘Fighting the Unknown!’ But almost nobody buys them as the story is at first my legal written statement about everything that happened to me. So to long winded for normal commercial books. Later I will make a condensed commercial book which will also serve as the movie book. Horrifying High level conspiracy cases like mine are almost always filmed and this one could easily be a sequel. Thats why I publish the whole detailed story. In december 2018 I publish part 4 – Asylum denied, and plan to publish the last part after in May 2019 UNCAT will give me details and hoping I will know how this will end. See post 1.0 Ebooks Hans Smedema Affair!


2010 – Tortured/conditioned in Villa Andre Gruters and Joke Laven!

As the police was watching them during my secret and illegal conditioning they cannot torture me and so they had to try again! They pay Andre Gruters and Joke Laven who acted as my friends to lure to their Villa for dinner and drugged me! Prof.dr. Onno van der Hart and Jaap Duijs tortured me into submission again to make sure I could NOT fight back at their cover-up and conspiracy! They also manage to give me the antipsychotic hidden as official baby aspirin 100mg. So I was still half a zombie who could not think straight!

2011 – Corrupt Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart gets Officer of Orange-Nassau!

On April 26th, 2011 my/our enemy the corrupt prof. dr. Onno van der Hart gets the ‘Officer of Orange-Nassau’ order from King Willem Alexander for his services to the country! He is bribed with a million to become prof. dr., tortured me to sign his document in 1975 at GGZ Zwolle, refused to give me a copy, tortures me into a submissive mind-controlled zombie in 1975, several times in between, tortures me together with rapist Drs. Jaap J. Duijs Drachten in 2008 but is chased away at gunpoint by retired police officer Ad in Catral, and tortures me again on May 20th, 2010 in Nightclub Pretty Woman in Benidorm where Policia Local is NOT allowed to protect me from Ministerio Justitia Madrid! Tries to murder me there also, etc. Horrifying how this corrupt criminal has Served his Country! King Willem Alexander is an idiot who is hiding the fact three generations of Royals are involved in the largest kafkaesque cover-up and Orwellian conspiracy ever in Dutch history!



2011 – Again 300000 euro stolen by Andre Gruters in Casa Aleluya Jalon

In 2011 they tried again to give me the documents and money for the Gentleman’s agreement about the movie rights, but this time he gave the 300000 euro cash in two packages(75 and 225) to an alcoholic uneducated thief André Gruters and his wife Joke in and outside Casa Aleluya in Jalon where I lived at the time. The same moron courier now told André and his wife Joke to give it to me next morning, which he didn’t of course. Even after me asking why not give it to me directly! I was totally unaware about what was in the package! André and Joke simply stole the 300000 cash money together with more people involved later! See post Opgelicht voor 300.000 euro in de Spaanse Jalon vallei!


2012 – Sentence corrupt Appeal Case Insult AIVD Rapist Jaap Duijs!

On December 3rd, 2012 I was again sentenced in the appeal case with an unfair trial and without any defense allowed(!) to 3 + 3 = 6 months detention and a fine of 5400 (later 7000) to pay to the AIVD rapist Drs. Jaap Duijs! While America has all the evidence but keeps it hidden since 1983! Again no defense allowed which is against all Human Rights laws! See post Arrest Hof Arnhem Smedema/OM


2013/14 – Second and third Asylum request Texas!

Second Asylum request was in Hidalgo Texas. But I was not believed and after 2,5 months I was deported back to Amsterdam.

But in Buffalo New York state my heroic Judge Rex J. Ford from the asylum case in 2009 in Miami visited me and asked if I still wanted asylum! Yes I do and he reopened my case based on to many mistakes in 2009. So that was the third asylum request!


2014  – Rapist Rieks Perdok gets ‘Royal Order of Orange-Nassau’!

Rapist Rieks Perdok Roden granted Member Order of Orange-Nassau by apparently corrupt Dutch King Willem Alexander!

See YouTube video of the rapist and secret father of a son, Hendrikus (Rieks) Perdok from Roden getting the Order of Orange-Nassau’:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyoSM-IQRQc

Who can believe this horrifying Dutch Injustice? He raped my defenseless wife for a year or more in 1979 and gets his son, forces my wife to give him my(!) bonus of 7000 in cash, denies that in official police charges against me(never had sex with her), declares me(!) insane knowing I am right, traumatized our hysterical daughter while brutally forcing my wife to give him the sex he needed so much?

A rapist and even secret father of my/her son, all known(!) to the Dutch Ministry of (IN)Justice, gets honored by King Willem Alexander with the Order of Orange-Nassau on April 25th, 2014 for his ‘services’! See post Rapist Perdok Order Orange-Nassau


2016 – Molested and betrayed by psychologist drs. Janne Geraets!

The Dutch Secret Service bribes a psychologist drs. Janne Geraets from Alfaz del Pi, next to Albir where I live and forces me into meeting him by accident in Brew Rock a week or so before with help from others! Being drugged secretly with an antipsychotic and the brain programming from the corrupt prof. dr. Onno van der Hart I suspect no scam or worse. He next lures me to meet him about possibly him helping me with my case.

We meet Friday Jan 29th, 2016 in Bar Restaurant Brew Rock at 11.00 and he needs a signed document before he can talk to me and maybe help me! I refuse because I want first to know what he could do and if he understands what is going on. But I get a copy and we will just talk! But he takes back the copy of the document in Spanisch and later in July 2018 in Albir denied(!) the need for a document! ‘Why would I need a document, we were just talking!’ So the document must have been very important for him or others! We meet again after the murder attempt on my life in Altea! See post Fifth Murder Attempt Altea

He wanted to meet again on July 12th, 2016 and he drugs me with a truth serum and makes secretly(!) a picture from my right ear, pretending to make it from the harbour! Which is ugly from there. So he knew about the murder attempt on my life and was involved! They needed a signature to be able to give me more antipsychoticum! He wrote down the name and address of my doctor Carmen Montoya and she mentioned his name and had me sign a Spanisch document too! And NO copy either.


2016 – 5th murder attempt Altea Costa Blanca Spain

After being interrogated by psychologist(?) drs. Janne Geraets in Bar/Restaurant Brew Rock Albir/Altea on January 29th 2016, the Criminal Porn Organisation and/or AIVD tried for the 5th time to murder me by shooting a poison into my neck, but when I ducked hid only my ear which saved my life! Hearth problems but not as much as would have been in my neck!

2016 – Sentenced to 10 months detention for insult AIVD Rapist Jaap Duijs!

Again I am sentenced on August 18th 2016 now to 5 + 5 = 10 months detention for insulting the AIVD Rapist of my wife, who secretly worked for Justice! No lawyer present as nobody believes my story and no defense is allowed because of the corrupt involvement of the Dutch Royals! State Security! All Officials including Judges and Lawyers have to protect the corrupt Royals first! Not me/us the victims! From March 16th 2017 until April 5th 2018 I am detained in the Netherlands without any defense allowed. Against all Human Rights! See post Corrupt vonnis meervoudige strafkamer Rechtbank Leeuwarden OM/Hans Smedema!

2016 – Fourth Asylum request San Diego California!

My fourth Asylum request was in San Diego on Sept 30th 2016 and lasted 5,5  months! Again I asked for Asylum and specific for help from President Obama. Apparently he did just before he left office in January 2017. But I was told nothing, so cancelled my request and was deported on March 15th, 2017 to Amsterdam!

2017 – President Obama files complaint at UNCAT?

Almost(!) certain President Obama has filed a complaint against the Netherlands just before he left office Jan 2017 about my horrifying case. I asked him and Senator McCain several times to help me. I was interrogated on March 15 2017 while being deported by KLM to Amsterdam Schiphol and in detention even more in May. While the Dutch Justice refused since 2000 to investigate my case, to protect the involved Royals and other high level Ministers. Normal max 1 year, but when Dutch try to stall the investigation, max. 2 years or latest May 2019! First not public, report is public.

2017 – King Willem Alexander Co-Pilot KLM flight blocked my fifth offered(!) asylum!

In the plane from LA to Amsterdam on March 15th, 2017 King Willem Alexander, my secret enemy, was the Co-Pilot to make his hours for his license. He got a call from Department of Justice to check if I Hans Smedema was on board! Yes I was and next question was if I still wanted asylum above Montana! So legally in Montana state! I said Yes three times, but Sjon an Intel man together with the King lied and told DOJ I did NOT want asylum in America, but in Germany. Which was not true! I knew that this question came from the heroic Rex J. Ford because I was now in his jurisdiction! We landed on March 16th, 2017 around 11.00 in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. KLM refuses to communicate with me! See post KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander lied and blocked my American Asylum Request against the Netherlands in American Airspace!

2017 – Innocent detained 13 months insulting Justice Rapist Jaap Duijs!

After deportation from San Diego/Los Angeles  to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on March 15th 2017, I was detained for 6 weeks at Schiphol detention center, and next Zuyderbos detention center Heerhugowaard. In total, I was detained for 10 months for insulting my/our enemy AIVD-rapist Jaap Duijs of my defenseless wife! Also 85 days extra for refusing to pay the fine of 8000 euro to the rapist. So I left on April 5th, 2018! After being detained in San Diego on September 30th, 2016! Or after 1,5-year innocent detention! But it looks like my repeated request for help from President Obama himself was put into action just before he left office in January 2017. So then it was worth the time spend.

2018 – Waiting for the outcome of the UNCAT procedure!

The UNCAT procedure which was started by President Obama just before he left office in January 2017 could last up to 2 years, or May 2019 when the corrupt Dutch try to stall everything as they always corrupt and very unethical do in these cases. They spent millions of stolen tax money to hide their criminal or unethical acts. Their victims have to fight for justice for mostly over 20 years! Why did the Netherlands get the International Criminal Court in The Hague? This case proves it should be moved to another more honest country. And Netherlands should be made a Republic instantly. I received no information at all! So what happened? Redrawn? America left Human Rights Counsel? 

2019 – Damages up to 50 million!

America in 2009 estimated that if everything could be proven the damages Netherlands would have to pay could be up to 50 million! And Government in 2003/4 twice offered me 5 million when I didn’t even ask for money and did not yet understand what was going on.

2020 – Request Access to classified records from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

But they state they have nothing! See Request Access to classified records from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

2020 – Prof. Nils Melzer UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

I asked prof. Nils Melzer and UN to investigate the case in the Netherlands but got no answer at all! As is always the reaction and without a lawyer I can not do anything about it! See post Prof. Nils Melzer UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment


This timeline contains the 60 most crucial events that made this horrifying case into the largest ever in the history of the Netherlands.

And IN America this was also unique because I had 5 good grounds for asylum if the involvement of the Dutch State could be proven! Which had never happened again in the history of the US. The fact that Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander blocked my legal asylum request in 2017 was the hard evidence they needed! So why not simply openly give me or publish all the evidence?




Published by

Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.