Not 3 but 5 Asylum requests!

Not 3 but 5 Asylum requests!

Crucial information about this case could be that I asked not 3 times for Asylum in America, but 5 times! The last time during a KLM flight with King Willem Alexander as the Co-Pilot on March 15th, 2017!

Even if I was in the air in a plane, I was legally in the State below us!

From LA to Amsterdam the plane went over Utah, Wyoming and Montana! So the request if I was on the plane from Department of Justice must have been over Wyoming or Montana! I was legally in that State. And so the question if I still wanted asylum! Yes!

Asylum requests!

  1. First time was just after being sentenced in an unfair corrupt trial on April 2009 in Miami Airport in Florida for 7 months detention with Judge Rex J. Ford. I was deported to Amsterdam as there was not enough hard evidence of the Dutch Government involved!
  2. Second time was in Texas in 2013/14 also after just being sentenced again(!) in an unfair corrupt trial and again deported after 2,5 months, but was transferred to Buffalo New York State end of 2016 just before leaving for Amsterdam in January 2017.
  3. In Buffalo New York State in Jan. 2014 I was again interrogated by Judge Rex J. Ford and asked him again for Asylum and to reopen(!) my case, and/or a new case! Based on new information he even reopened the 2009 Florida Asylum case!
  4. On September 30th, 2016 after again(!) being sentenced in an unfair trial without a lawyer and without me present, I asked again Asylum in San Diego California State and again(!) requested President Obama to grant me asylum. But cancelled it as nothing happened which must have been a mistake! When Obama brought the case before UNCAT or equal, the DOJ must have had enough evidence! So why did nobody warn me about that crucial fact? Why not asylum?
  5. On the KLM plane being deported back to Amsterdam on March 15th, 2017 I was flying above Utah/Wyoming/Montana States! So legally I was in that state (most likely arranged by Judge Rex Ford) and the plane was in the air contacted(!) by DOJ if I was on that plane! I showed my passport to the Dutch KLM Stewardess and next confirmed that I asked for Asylum! So legally that was my 5th request for asylum! But Sjon ran after her and King Willem Alexander was the Co-pilot who had to handle the request! Could Sjon(dutch intel) have told her I was insane and do not mention the stupid request of an idiot? Or the King himself gave the wrong answer? He knew about my case from the Prime Ministers and the offer of 5 million euro in 2003/4! But I never heard again from Judge Rex Ford.

King Willem Alexander was the Co-Pilot!

Another crucial fact is that by accident the co-pilot of that KLM flight was King Willem Alexander who had to confirm to Department of Justice(DOJ) that I was on that plane after again 5,5 months of horrifying detention and asked for Asylum for the 5th time with 15 months innocent detention! I found it very strange that the security before boarding was extreme and recognized him before take off and in the plane!

And he came walking and looking specifically at me being deported to Amsterdam and put in detention for 13 months totally innocent being the victim of a special secret ruling by Queen Juliana in 1975/6 or so, his mother Beatrix and at that moment himself! So he knew first hand about my horrifying case and can never legally claim ‘ich/wir haben es nicht gewusst!’

Next to me sat Sjon from the Dutch Intelligence who interrogated me during the flight after giving me secretly(!) a drug! And my backpack was also secretly(!) taken to the back of the plane to investigate all my documents! I told him that I sent a warning to Queen Beatrix in 2008 from Catral where I lived, and he knew that the Royals did nothing with that warning! How did he know that fact?

He must have had contact with King Alexander/Ministry of (in)justice and told me he had not been sleeping as he suddenly was asked to come to LA! I suspect that my name was of course mentioned for the flight and the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice was afraid about me being on the same plane with King Willem Alexander and quickly sent Sjon to interrogate me after drugging me above American soil! Why didn’t King Willem Alexander tell the truth about the conspiracy and make sure I was set free? This means he didn’t want me to be free!

The plane left late in the afternoon from LA and arrived in the morning of March 16th, 2017 at Schiphol Airport where I was detained for 6 weeks before being transferred to P.I. Heerhugowaard and released on April 5th, 2018! A total of 13 months in detention being innocent victim! During the court case at Rechtbank Leeuwarden no lawyer was present and I was not there too! No money for a flight from Spain to Leeuwarden and nobody believes this cover-up and conspiracy! Also no defense was ever(!) allowed during the earlier court cases! And crucial facts were hidden from me against human rights laws! So why would I bother?

This could be crucial information regarding my Asylum case in America as I didn’t only ask for asylum in Florida, Texas and California where I was in detention and a trial by a judge, but also in Buffalo New York State in 2014 and in the air in UTAH/WYOMING/MONTANA in 2017.

Hans Smedema, in exile in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain