Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn and Hans Smedema Affair compared!

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Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn and Hans Smedema Affair compared!

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His book “The House of Orange, Fascism, Corruption and Assassinations” will be out soon! His ordeal can be compared with mine! He is also fighting the Dutch Royals and their abuse of power! In fact fighting the Dutch state also. All Dutch officials have to protect the Royals by oath! State security!

The Freedom of Information Act(Dutch:WOB) has been cancelled when the Royals are involved on October 31st, 1991 just after my case was in danger of blowing open! Cover-up everything! Dutch Queengate! So he can not use this to get information about what the government is doing in  his case, just like mine!

More info about his famous case on the Dutch NU.nl Case Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn!

I will give the most important facts below.

For the whole structure of this Royal Criminal Organization see my English Post https://hanssmedema.info/royal-criminal-organization-against-victim-hans-smedema/

See also my Dutch Post J’Accuse Koningin Beatrix van hoogverraad! and J’Accuse Koningin Beatrix vervolg!

Cases compared!

His case is about his marriage into the family, and being mistreated by the Dutch Royals. Specific Prince Bernhard and former Queen Beatrix.

My case is also about having to fight the Dutch Royals, who secretly took away my normal civil rights, and even worse, ordered the Ministry of Justice to execute these unlawful crimes and hide all evidence! He will have to face the same.

He has to fight the Dutch Royals just like I have to fight them, and it is almost impossible to fight them! All Dutch officials are bound by their oath to protect the Royal House and therefore nation! Even if this means severe human rights violations! Evidence can legally secretly be deleted, manipulated or even falsified! I found out the hard way now during now gruesome 14 years!


  1. He has the advantage knowing who to fight against almost from the beginning, the Royals and their hidden enormous powers. But I didn’t know the first years! I found out slowly during the years since 2000!
  2. He has the advantage not being declared delusional! Not yet anyway. I have to fight that image without anybody backing my story up yet. And there are many who know I am right, but all to cowardice or involved to simply state the truth!
  3. He has no wife who fights him by denying everything. He has his family still helping him and others like a lawyer.  I have to fight my own sick wife who is betrayed by her own sisters, my own family, physicians, police, prosecutors, Ministry of InJustice, and more. I have nobody to talk to! No lawyer dares to take on my case! Nobody believes my case can be true.
  4. It looks like in his case the judges are still independent! But in my case by special order of former Queen Juliana my normal civil rights to a fair trial and investigation have secretly been taken away. But still also in his case all Dutch officials will have to protect the Royals and nation! So state security should also be involved! How this will play out for him? We will have to wait and see.
  5. His case has enough written proof that it is not delusional, so the Dutch media write about it a lot! That is very powerful! I don’t have that great advantage! In my case still nobody believes me, only secretly the insiders but they keep silent! Official Omerta! A story about a woman who states never to have had sex with another man, and me stating she has three children from rapist, is unbelievable! Making my story to hard to believe at first superficial sight!Almost nobody knows about dissociation, suppression and an extra emotional personality! Making my case much more complex to explain!
  6. In my case I know there were murder attempts on my life, one time in 1975 and twice in 1980. During the last one my innocent neighbor was murdered after secretly being drugged, while making it look like a hearth attack. Not known yet who ordered it, but rapist Jan van Beek from Utrecht, father of our daughter, confessed everything to me and told me it was an inside job executed by the justice department! Could it have been Prince Bernhard who was involved after they found out our daughter was not mine? So they tried to silence me? To my knowledge Edwin has no murders in his case?
  7. He has the help of lawyers! I never had any help from any lawyer yet! Not even mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz in the appeal libel case was allowed to help! Judges denied him the right to any defense against human and civil rights! No witnesses heard, no dead simple DNA-test which would have proven my case at once! A plaintiff who denies it, is the father of a son. Meaning I will never be able to win my case from inside the Netherlands!
  8. Both our cases are ‘Orwellian’ or ‘Big Brother is watching you!’ But my case is much more Kafkaesque then his case. In my case nobody told us anything since 1972!
  9. He can get normal medical help, but I can’t get any medical treatment for myself with severe PTSS or for my wife with severe suppression and DIS! They refuse to give us any therapy making sure I can’t proof any crimes or her being sick! Even worse, they with my own betrayed(!) wife, even tried to put me in an Mental Hospital. Causing me to flee to Spain. We are both defenseless!

So his case is also about fighting the hidden Orwellian powers of the Royals, like I have to. I will keep an eye on his case, because I can learn from his case! But what does he mean with his assassinations?

I will also have to accuse and sue former Queen Beatrix, now Princes, and put her on trial too.

More later…


ing. Hans Smedema, temporary in Drachten, Netherlands



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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.