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A more or less secret group of Dutch journalists on a site pointed me to a special organization in The Hague, the Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services. In Dutch the CTIVD with the same also English website

They can investigate independently(!) and keep an eye on all Intelligence matters and specially if what they do is still normal ethical behavior. And when you saw this website/blog, you know what they did to us, is not normal, contrary, it is bizarre criminal behavior. Orwell became the truth in the Netherlands! I now live in Spain because of that.

So I first had to sent a letter to the Minister of Internal Dutch Affairs and of course got a letter back they already investigated themselves(idiots) and found nothing about me! As all criminals would say when investigation their own crimes. So I sent a letter to this CTIVD itself and this honest and ethical woman judge(kind of) sent me a letter and a letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs, a woman named Guusje ter Horst, asking why they refused to put the matter before the CTIVD, as normal law requests! (cover up?)

Suddenly(abnormal quickly) I got a new different letter from this Ministry of Internal Dutch affairs stating they now will investigate! Which is strange, because first they said they investigated and found nothing about me! Something maybe had to be covered up? These are scrupulous and criminal Dutch employees.

Next I got a telephone from a nice warm speaking girl/woman from CTIVD stating they offered me the chance to be heard for this commission, which I thankfully accepted of course. This is the first time I ever, after in March 2000 my memory came back, got a ‘normal’ person from a governmental institution, offering me help and willing to listen. And in fact from 1972 onwards! Only lies and betrayal in fact.
During that very good conversation(in my eyes) on 29the of April 2008 in their offices in The Hague, I was asked some questions and learned some crucial things:

  • After I told her, this judge stated that she was happy that my old friend Al Rust was paid for almost the full 10 years he had to suffer just because the scrupulous and disgusting Dutch government refused to tell the American government and judges the truth about my cover up and their scrupulous behavior in this bizarre case. This points to the fact she implicitly tells me, you are right and he should have been compensated. And in fact telling me between the lines, you should be compensated also. Nothing about me being paranoid as others always scrupulous try.
  • She said ‘ well at least one person did get of this case in a good way’. Implicitly stating I am right and this was a big cover up from scrupulous Dutch politicians and other governmental people. But she said no more, probably legally not able to now.
  • She also stated to me ‘I will make a report with advise and sent it to the Minister of Internal Affairs and they have to follow the advise or(!) have to inform you! That would mean this scrupulous Ministry of Internal Affairs has to stop this insane and bizarre cover up which ruined our lives completely for 35 years now, or inform me about what happened. Not sure what information has to be in this letter with information. Just a one line stating they were involved in something, or all full details? I want all full details of course to be able to let it rest and get peace of mind at last. And very important save the relation with my dear wive, who still thinks I am insane and needs therapy asap. And I want the Dutch and world community to know the full truth and nothing but the truth.
  • She also said that she could not influence the politicians and police matters! Which means I am right again, as always(!), and politicians are involved in this cover up, and instead of being honest and tell the truth, those cowards chose to lie even more and make our lives completely ruined now. Disgusting. How can you hide something like this for the full country? And why don’t the media ask questions about those facts?
  • I got the strong impression the CTIVD would hear under oath several witnesses like former Head prosecutor mr. Ruud Rosingh(a hero) who was ordered by group Mengele to stop an investigation about the rape of my poor defenseless wife by two men in 1991(20 years after this all started in 1972!), Elise B.(a hero) former employee of my scrupulous brother, and my former brother Johan himself of course, who was the brain of most of the cover up  against me and my poor wife. Making being raped a normal acceptable thing for my(!) wife with amnesia and instantly suppression of all that happened! Among other bad things! Read my book! For now only in Dutch but soon in English when I find an American publisher.
  • She also wanted to know if I ever would have normal relations with my family again. No, never will I see them ever again, was my answer of course. The scrupulous family is only interested in themselves and how to get out of this clean! Never from 1972 did they try to really help us, everything was pointed to betraying us and in fact helping the abusers.
  • Driving home again on that day April 29 it suddenly came to me this could be the turning point in this cruel case and the crime of the century, maybe even worldwide. A historical moment as this story will be big news someday and be Dutch and American cultural inheritage. American also because Americans had a crucial role in solving this unbelievable crime.

Well we now have two high level investigations going on, and not one journalist is interested(!), the idiots, and further a normal police investigation which can bring nothing because they have not enough ‘power’ to do so. Ministers and politicians make the decisions over this criminal case.This could and should work out very good for us and bad for the scrupulous people involved. But they knew that before. When you chose to be dishonest and unethical, you know that one day you will be caught. How can people/criminals like that work for the government.

My strategy of being honest as always and extremely open(who dares to put his diary openly on the internet?Being called insane?), worked out fine. As always nothing can stand openness and honesty. This criminal governmental ‘Group Mengele’ as I have called them rightfully, thought I would have to keep silent about these crimes, being named paranoid, my wife raped, children from abusers and more. But I didn’t. I chose to be honest and publish everything, and fight until I die. Driving these criminals from under the stones they hided. The rats, those cowards are. They treated us like animals, less than animals. To have me as an innocent victim be named paranoid, and let my poor wife believe that, and let her believe the children are mine and no abuse or rape ever happened, is cruel and disgusting. Let her be raped again and again, just to keep the cover up going, is even more disgusting. Bizarre.

This judge said it would take them 5 weeks at least on 28 may 2008, so one of these days June 11th her recommendation and advice will arrive at the Ministry of Internal affairs. And they have 6 weeks to act, she said, but take longer mostly. So end of July would be first date to expect something from the cowards(!) inside the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Anyone looking at this case would not even need a day or a week, to decide to stop this scrupulous cover up and instantly talk to me, Hans Smedema, apologize and pay for all damages of course. Next open up all the files, so the Dutch people and of course world community can see how these criminal Dutch behaved without any media asking questions(!), without anyone helping us the innocent victims, suffering deeply. A lot of them fear to be fired instantly or their carreer ruined, and will do anything to keep that from happening, as all did denying everything to me for 8 years now after my memory started coming back in March 2000.

In the mean time I decided to move to Spain, asking for Political Asylum more or less(waiting for the CTIVD report first), and trying to prove my case by going to a urologist and talking to the media. I moved to Spain and live there from June 1st 2008. My wife is still in Holland and suffering, like I do. She is desperate, not knowing the truth. We phone each other and have tears in our eyes sometimes.

I am working hard now to finish part 2 and 3, using the time without the trouble having to keep my wife away from my writing. When she was there, she thought I was writing a paranoid story! And tried to stop me always. Very difficult to write when you are not allowed to, by your love one.

I already have been asked more questions then ever in Holland! They want to know what happened, which in the Netherlands nobody wanted to know! So I feel welcome here for the moment. Nice weather and people until now.

More about this later…

Hans Smedema Copyright 2008 Hans Smedema, Dolores, Spain.

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.