Rapist gets ‘Royal Order of Orange-Nasseau’!

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Rapist gets ‘Royal Order of Orange-Nasseau’!

Rieks P. lid orde Oranje Nassau 25 april 2014
Rieks P. lid orde Oranje Nassau 25 april 2014

Rapist Rieks Perdok Roden granted Member Order of Orange-Nasseau by Dutch King Willem Alexander!
See YouTube video of the rapist and secret father of a son, Hendrikus (Rieks) Perdok from Roden getting the ‘Order of Orange-Nasseau’:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyoSM-IQRQc

Who can believe this horrifying Dutch Injustice?

A rapist and even secret father of my son, all known(!) to the Dutch Ministry of (IN)Justice, gets honored by King Willem Alexander with the Order of Orange-Nasseau on April 25th 2014 for his ‘services’!

For more see my post about KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corrupt blocked my American Asylum Request against the Netherlands in American Airspace!

On my Dutch Blog hanssmedema.info many detailed accusations against this rapist, but he is protected by a secret special law signed around 1975 by former Queen Juliana never to investigate ever any rapes of my wife! So Dutch prosecutors refuse to prosecute him, while Ministry of Justice secretly hides, falsifies or manipulates all evidence! But he is the father of a son, which is known by Ministry of Justice, so it is proven or if evidence is deleted to protect the King, it can be proven.

He filed several false complaints against me, Hans Smedema only protecting my wife and asking for an investigation and/or justice, the last one during an official hearing before a judge on March 19th 2012! He stated never to have had sex with my defenseless wife, but he is the father of our youngest son! But no investigation and simple DNA-test allowed during several court sessions.

This English Blog hanssmedema.info has also information about this ‘crime of the century’.

On my former Post  Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers & Rapist Rule A Nation is more about Dutch Injustice! A court case against a high official of the Dutch Ministry of InJustice who rules the nation! He must be involved!

For full info Royal Criminal Organization follow this link: Dutch Royal Criminal Organization against victim Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife!

Rapist gets the Royal Order of Orange-Nasseau?

On April 25th the rapist of my defenseless wife with severe dissociation(DIS) and still unaware of the terrible things done to her, and he even secretly is the father of a son, got from King Willem Alexander the honor to be given for his great ‘service’, the ‘Order of Orange-Nasseau’.

While Hans Smedema and his wife suffer since 1972 and are since April 2000 not allowed to file charges against this rapist for the many rapes, for making her pregnant against her will, for his false accusations of Hans Smedema, for his denial ever to have had sex with the defenseless wife of Hans Smedema, and much more! And the Dutch Ministry of Justice knows he is the father of our son! So they also know he is lying!

So how is it possible that he gets a Dutch ‘Order of Orange-Nasseau’ for his great service to the Dutch Nation? Are the Dutch insane? Is the Dutch Ministry of Justice insane? Or does one part of the Ministry of InJustice not know what the other secret department is hiding to protect the Dutch Royals? The ONLY people on the world who do NOT need any more help or protection?

The fact that this rapist is secretly protected by a special ruling from former Queen Juliana in 1975, must have caused the mistake to grant him this honor?Nobody inside the Ministry of Justice knows about this secret protection by a secret department inside the Ministry itself? I have a witness whistle-blower Elise Boers from Uden, Netherlands who stated that fact and was involved around 1999! But police, prosecutors/DA, and Judges all refuse to have her heard as a witness! In fact NO witnesses or simple DNA-test is allowed at all! Which proves this horrifying cover-up and conspiracy with at least one murder of my neighbor who only tried to help me, and at least three murder attempts on my life!

Also former head prosecutor mr. Ruud Rosingh stated this fact to me in person and therefore is a great high level perfect witness, but was not allowed to talk about it! The Dutch Royals always have to be protected by all Dutch officials! Even when we, the victims have to suffer for over 40 years now!

We almost broke, and the rapist and even father of a son gets protected and honored by King Willem Alexander?

And the whole Dutch nation is hiding this fact also, no media has ever published about our horrifying ordeal. An iron cordon sanitair has been made around us.

I asked twice for asylum in America, once in Miami Florida with judge Rex J. Ford and was in detention for 28 weeks, and last year 2013 in Texas with 10 weeks detention. For a grand total of 9 months while my only ‘crime’ has been to investigate and please help me! Rex Ford in 2009 found an unbelievable 5 grounds for asylum, if I could proof the Dutch government being involved!

Also one month innocent in a Dutch prison P.I. Ter Apel done by the Dutch Ministry of InJustice to prevent me from getting to America to ask for asylum last year! So total 10 months and many more coming, as I am not allowed to defend myself in court! In two court cases(feb-2-2009 and appeal dec-3-2012) I was allowed NO DEFENSE at all! Severe human rights violations. Even the famous lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz, always on TV, could not get a dead simple DNA-test done to proof this rapist Rieks H. Perdok from Roden, now honored, was the father of a son, while he stated he had never raped or had sex with my wife!

Dutch InJustice indeed! It’s an understatement!

Hans Smedema, in exile in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.