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Legal tactfulness ©Steve Geshwister. Hans Smedema sinds 1972(!) zwaar mishandeld en bedrogen en civiele en mensenrechten heimelijk(!) afgenomen.
Legal tactfulness ©Steve Geshwister. Dutch Stasi methods used by the persecution of Hans Smedema since 1972!

Most horrifying cover-up and devilish sophisticated(!) conspiracy against Hans Smedema with Mole-traitor Inside Ministry of Justice and Royals involved in the known history of the Netherlands and America!

This Blog is my written legal chronological statement about all the unbelievable(!) horrifying crimes against me and my defenseless brainwashed girlfriend/wife/ex-wife since 1971!

International Human Rights laws higher than Dutch National laws give me the right to publish this ‘legal written statement’, because of the extreme (Royal) Dutch decades-long state-persecution since 1972, and is therefore protected by America as promised during my 3 asylum requests in 2009, 2013/14 when 2009 was reopened, and 2016/17 when they granted me that asylum which was corruptly blocked by KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander!

My normal civil and human rights were secretly(!) blocked at the end of 1972 based on hidden(!) false accusations by my always lying cheating girlfriend, which made me unknowingly(nobody asked me!) defenseless. And after total-gaslighting hiding reality for me and even personality-changing electroshock-torture by the bribed corrupt Psychiatrist Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart, marry her against my will like a dog.

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Top leader Secretary-General Joris Demmink was 40 years Royal protected(!) Rapist-Mole inside the Dutch Ministry of Justice!

Unbelievable but true is the fact that my investigation into who was the friend rapist in 1972 who tortured my drugged(ketamine) girlfriend into a sex slave with an extra emotional personality, pointed to famous Joris Demmink as the predator. Who was able to destroy my/our lives since 1972, and when I found out some things in March 2000 as the Top leader Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice was able to simply block anything I tried to force a legal investigation. He simply ordered the Police to not(!) make up official Proces-Verbaal statements and Lawyers and others were not(!) allowed to help me. He was able to mislead everybody around him and control was impossible because Royals were secretly involved which caused our case to become State Security!  He, therefore, was a Royal protected rapist-mole for 40 years causing many more innocent mostly young underage girls defenseless, and other victims for decades since 1972 to be sentenced for crimes they never did. The Dutch Crown and State refuse to investigate and prosecute him. See posts…

Secretary-General Joris Demmink was 40 years Royal protected(!) Rapist-Mole manipulating the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

Decades of Dutch Injustice by the rapist traitor who became Top Level Secretary General Ministry of (In)Justice protected by Royal ruling based on fraud and betrayal!

The Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD)

During an official hearing April 2008 in the Hague after my complaint at the ‘Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD)’ about my horrifying case I picked out of 5 pictures, directly the photo of the rapist of my wife and myself in 1972! They didn’t give me his name, but much later I found out that at that time he was the top-level Secretary-General (SG) for the Ministry of (In)Justice from 2002 until 2013. My wife told me his name already in 2000 when I started slowly to find out about this huge cover-up and conspiracy.

But CTIVD stated “But, he is the one helping you and your wife!”

So he was able to manipulate(hiding evidence) everybody into thinking he tried to help us by placing rapist teacher French Jaap Duijs in 1977 with a de facto free Villa(gift 100.000 guilders + monthly allowance and with special legal permission from Justice as our neighbor on the Sydwende 97, Drachten to secretly(!) watch over us!

How stupid can you be? Jaap was already many times charged with abuse and rape of minors he drugged and fathering a child by the drugged(!) wife of a friend, who divorced!

CTIVD never investigated my case because of the involvement of 3 generations of immune Royals. Which caused me a total of 29 months of innocent detention as the victim! All the criminals involved went free!

Asylum Offered on March 15th, 2017!

I asked for asylum in America in 2009 with 7 months detention/transition, in 2013/14 with 2,5 when Judge Rex J. Ford reopened(!) the 2009 case(!), and in 2016/17 with 5,5 months(total of 15) when at last I was offered asylum on March 15th, 2017 by Judge Rex J. Ford in the Air above Montana, so legally(!) in America. Made possible by my repeated request during my 3th asylum request in San Diego, by President Obama who pardoned me Jan 2017 for something crucial! So legally in America, but KLM King WA as Co-Pilot knowing my case, lied and corruptly(!) blocked my asylum causing me to be put in detention for 13 months when arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol without(!) a fair trial! In 2009 FBI and CIA proved that everything I had stated on my Blog and during a Court case on Feb 9th, 2009, was true! See posts:

KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corruptly blocked my American Asylum against the Netherlands in American Airspace!

And for the huge investigation by FBI/CIA ordered by Miami Court Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford proving my unbelievable case:

Resultaten Amerikaans Onderzoek Hans Smedema Affair

Special Procedure State America v. State of The Netherlands UNHRC!

America put my Hans Smedema Affair case State America v. State of the Netherlands before the UNHRC as a special procedure(or UNCAT) around the end of April or starting May 2017. Most likely that case was blocked when Pres. Trump took America from the UNHRC? I never heard anything about it!

I sent a letter to Prof Nils Melzer UN Human Rights Geneva asking for help about that case, but got only the cryptic answer ‘This is well received with thanks!’

Prof. Nils Melzer UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

EU Parliament Petition denied!

My own petition EU Parliament was declared inadmissible by the Committee on Petitions on 15 July 2021: Incoherent reasoning with an unclear link to the Union’s fields of activity (List 3). 

The reason of course is the horrifying fact that I can get no legal assistance from Layers in the Netherlands since 2000 and now even Spain.  Asked hundreds recently in America too but they all refuse this huge case. Also I was not allowed to file charges against the rapists and others involved, and even the Dutch Police itself(2003/4!) was forbidden to make up the official charges by a special order from the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice, of course the rapist/mole/traitor Secretary General Joris Demmink himself making sure no investigation into his own crimes was possible! Using the special ruling(State Security) of Queen Juliana around the end of 1972 or start 1973 before our ‘de facto forced(my torture by electroshock!) marriage’ on Feb 23th, 1973.

Everything on this Blog and in my Ebooks(sold 50 since 2007) has been done without any(!) legal assistance! Still searching for legal help!

Still, I could see on my Blog statistics a higher visitor count as the petition had to be investigated! Which is very positive. This denial info was given on Nov 8th, 2021 which is almost 4 months after their first decision. Still, it is positive because without any legal help since 2000, I managed to get my case known at the EU Parlement and it is visible to anyone! And got President Obama himself and high-level Americans putting my case before the UN Special Procedure or UNCAT.

Petition No 0643/2021 by Hans Smedema (Dutch) on the alleged violation of his rights by the Netherlands (personal case)

Also, see my other article with the request: Petition EU Parliament Violation of EU Laws and Fundamental Rights by The Netherlands in Hans Smedema Affair!

Unbelievable 5 Grounds for Asylum!

American Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford and DOJ in 2009 during my first(5 total) asylum request A087-402-454 against persecution from the Netherlands found 5 good real grounds for asylum if more hard(!) evidence could be found of the involvement of the Netherlands government or Royals! The corrupt Dutch tried legally to block America from giving me asylum by (ab)using a bilateral judicial treaty, and by severe mistreatment, torture, and human rights violations! Both Canada and Mexico were corrupt(!) and asked to send me back by Dutch Min. of (In)Justice!

Never happened before in the known history of America! Unique! One is ‘handicapped and traumatized by torture’, another is ‘Secret Persecution by the Dutch Government and Royals’!

Unbelievable 5 grounds for asylum according to Judge Rex. J. Ford Miami court Florida!

Secretly placed under Government Control in 1972/3!

By special ruling from Queen Juliana around 1972/3 I was secretly(!) placed under government control(dutch: TBS?) and all normal human and civil rights are taken away from me! Without informing me and without any defense allowed and based on fraudulent info from my mentally sick girlfriend/wife/ex-wife and the rapist. Huge cordon sanitaire around me with a rapist Jaap Duijs as a planned neighbor in 1977 who received 100.000 guilders and a monthly allowance for a de facto free Villa with a microphone in our Villa and access to all mail and more like my wife who was his sex-slave since 1972. Had I known all this I would of course have left the Netherlands before I was forced to marry my mentally sick sex-slave girlfriend!

Also, my rights were secretly(!) taken away…

  1. not allowed to file charges against my enemies,
  2. and even worse Police were not allowed to officially file my charges,
  3. A Prosecution investigation(Dutch: OM) was not allowed! Royal special order!
  4. Every 5 to 6 years being secretly(!) brainwashed/tortured into submission and suppressed anything I saw, by corrupt bribed prof. dr. Onno van der Hart UU. De facto mutilating my brain by torture/electroshock.
  5. Secretly weak/mild daily ketamine or anesthesia since 1973 by the rapists and specific teacher French planned/Justice neighbor Jaap Duijs which made me half a zombie and weakened me severely. And since 2003 extra(!) a wrong antipsychotic Risperdal hidden(!) as baby aspirin by the stupid corrupt bribed psychiatrist drs. Frank van Es against my specific will until the end of 2016, so partly double(!) drugs after 2003. So defenseless and handicapped by the rapists!
  6. No legal or other help allowed from Lawyers or Victim help organizations (clientenbond) by special Royal order, I have to do this defense/blog/Ebooks all by myself! There is zero help, except America.
  7. During all defamation court cases from the rapist against me, which I myself forced by publishing names, no defense was allowed!
  8. Wrongly declared delusional which ruined my life and blocked all legal help by lawyers.
  9. All evidence was secretly manipulated or deleted by the Ministry of Justice itself(!) by the special secret order of Queen Juliana and all justice investigations were secretly forbidden.
  10. State security was secretly used against me and the Ministry of Justice with MOLE-X worked upside-down protecting the rapist and made me/us defenseless.
  11. And much more. Unbelievable and horrifying.

Free from the American Declaration of Independence

‘In every stage of these Oppressions, We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Royal Dutch government and King, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of free people like Hans & Wies Smedema.’

See my Dutch article Heimelijk vogelvrij verklaard!

Fraud KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander

On March 15th, 2017 that hard(!) evidence was provided by KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander himself who fraudulently lied (!) and corruptly blocked(!) me from getting offered(!) asylum in American(!) Airspace! On the plane I was secretly drugged with a truth serum, my boarding pass receipt confiscated, interrogated, and afterward totally innocent put in detention after an unfair political trial for 13 months! Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice!

KLM COO Rene de Groot cowardly and corrupt neglects my complaint and request for confirmation of the lying King from the KLM flight log! KLM Customer Service refuses to answer because during the flight my boarding-pass-receipt was shrewdly confiscated(!) by King’s Secret Service man Sjon to prevent(!) me to defend myself afterwards.

De Facto Stateless like Anne Frank!

The Netherlands’ corrupt refuses any information or investigation about this horrifying case since 1972, 5 murder attempts, and no defense during court cases allowed! The Dutch used Mind Control and programming by corrupt devilish prof. dr. Onno van der Hart to damage my brain as in the famous Jason Bourne Movies.

As happened with famous Anne Frank, I am De Facto Stateless and also betrayed by the Dutch! This case resembles the famous Albert Dreyfus Affair around 1900 and Kafka’s ‘The Trial.’

See post J’Accuse prof. dr. Onno van der Hart!

Kafkaesque and even Orwellian/dystopian as no information is given why! Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice and a Royal Countrywide Omerta betraying me and the Dutch nation! (High)Treason!

The blog is my chronological factual(!) written statement since 2007!  See Disclaimer & Summary

See also a detailed Timeline of only the most crucial events!

Or see Conspiracy against Hans Smedema explained!

And in Dutch De decennia lange gruwelijke medische doofpot!

The American Heroes

Crucial positive American heroic(!) insiders daring(!) to help despite the unethical criminal Dutch Royals and Ministry of (In)Justice formal(!) requests to betray me, were:

  1. President Obama (Vice President Biden) during my first asylum request in 2009 who ordered this horrifying case before the United Nations Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) Special Procedure in Jan 2017 during my third asylum request!
  2. Former Ambassador to the Netherlands and Governor Iraq Paul Bremer who saved American Al Rust who was innocent(!) dishonorably fired when the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice lied(!) there did not exist a dossier about me!
  3. Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford Miami Court DOJ who in 2009 ordered a thorough very professional investigation by FBI/CIA during my first asylum request, reopened the Florida case in 2014 after my second asylum request in Texas and offered me asylum against the Netherlands in the air above Montana on March 15th, 2017, which was corruptly blocked by the lying(!) corrupt KLM Co-Pilot Dutch King WA! See Dutch post: Resultaten Amerikaans Onderzoek Hans Smedema Affair and KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corrupt blocked my American Asylum against the Netherlands in American Airspace!
  4. American friend Al Rust innocently suffered 10 years because the Dutch Ministry of (in)Justice lied(!) there was no(!) case dossier about Hans Smedema, but paid 1 million damages when he won his case with a 30+ page copy from the not existing(?!) ’97th General Army Hospital Frankfurt Dutch(!) Intelligence file in Germany!’
  5. Many others from American DOJ, FBI, and CIA courageously tried to help a Dutch(!) citizen, and on my specific request, the betrayed Dutch people and nation!
  6. There were some Dutch people too of course but nobody dared to put anything in writing to me, but did to America in 2009 and afterward! America has a pallet full of evidence the Dutch cowardly and criminally refuse to accept! See Dutch page 1.7 De helden!

Why is America silent about this horrifying kafkaesque case?

The big question which is everywhere on this blog and Ebooks is why America does not simply tell the truth about this horrifying and most of all kafkaesque decennia-lasting case. They have all the evidence needed and even more than necessary. What is keeping them from simply opening up about what they think about how the Dutch are destroying the life of Hans Smedema and also his defenseless wife? This is worse than ‘The Trial’ by Franz Kafka!

Are they being intimidated by the Netherlands Crown? Government and Royals? I know from the Asylum request and professional investigation in 2009 that America would offer to defend(!) my case when I would be put on trial again by a lying rapist and others. But the Netherlands apparently denied America the right to do so! Also, America was not allowed to give me asylum as the Dutch did everything to block me from ever getting to America! Also, the Netherlands (ab)used the bilateral Justice treaty to force America to help with the cover-up and conspiracy against me a Dutch citizen.

A crucial reason was mentioned by judge Rex J. Ford during the 7 months of investigation in 2009! It was the insane fact that according to Rex and DOJ, I signed a contract or document with the corrupt prof. dr. Onno van der Hart in 1975! Which was NOT the case! He tortured me after 3 times with memory loss causing drugs, locked the door when I wanted to leave and he psychologically tortured me for 2 hours while I kept refusing(!) to sign an unknown document I was not allowed to study at home! He also did NOT allow me to read the document before so I could understand what he wanted to do with me and my brain! Only AFTER 3 times drugs he allowed me to read it but I was a zombie and could not even read anymore! He also made a tape which he spoke into while being in the next room! A document like that is null and void as mentioned in human rights laws! He was fully prepared with that 5 to 10 pages legal document prepared with Justice or my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep while I was kafkaesque(!) NOT aware of any crimes yet(!) against me and my defenseless mentally sick wife with an extra emotional personality(sex slave)! See my detailed Dutch post…

Duivels contract afgeperst door prof.dr. Onno van der Hart!

Article 15 UNCAT

Each State Party shall ensure that any statement which is established to have been made as a result of torture shall not be invoked as evidence in any proceedings, except against a person accused of torture as evidence that the statement was made.

Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers & Rapist(Joris Demmink) Rule A Nation

I gave this picture to Joris Demmink with Jan van Beek and my girlfriend present in 1972 in the Apartment St. Jacobstraat 32, Utrecht which he/they secretly used to attract clients for paid sex.

After the very professional investigation into my horrifying case during my first asylum request in 2009, Judge Rex J. Ford or DOJ also ordered an investigation into the rapist Mole (who was a friend of the main rapist Jan van Beek) I mentioned inside the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice! I heard, as a result, this video(published Aug. 9th, 2012) was made about the Dutch High-level Official ‘Joris Demmink’ who could also be the Mole-X, but his career at first glance did look too different to me. But later I found more info and for me, it is now 99% certain that indeed Joris Demmink is this friend to who I gave the picture that was used in Bars to get clients for paid sex with her. Crucial is that my wife remembered his first name ‘Joris’ and from his last name ‘Em or so!’ See my special Dutch post… Joris Demmink blijkt verkrachter en MOL-X binnen Justitie in mijn Hans Smedema Affair!

The rapist of my girlfriend’s later wife in 1972 and later, was involved in my horrifying case and sold the rape videos (also with dogs) through Prague to the USA according to his friend rapist Jan van Beek from Utrecht. Many other Dutch know who he is such as my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema, Jan van Beek, and his rapist friend’s teacher French drs. Jaap J. Duijs, and Ans Schuh Van Kesteren, all members of the criminal Omerta Org. To keep silent and help betray me that nothing happened in 1972 and later they all got 20.000 at once and 500 guilders, later 1000 and 500 euros, for each always secret(!) Omerta meeting they attended led secretly by my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema.

But those can never be prosecuted because of the secret(!) protection and block by the corrupt Dutch Royals on all investigations or prosecutions around me and my defenseless wife! My first trial 2009 and appeal case 2011/12 and the sentence was secretly(!) made invalid in Okt 2013 on purpose to protect(!) the lying rapists and others involved. They use State Security as a (false) reason to hide the truth. But this video made about Demmink(Dutch Top Secretary General Justice) was about the MOLE-X also as he brilliantly cleaned his own criminal past and blocked all threats and investigations while using Royal State Security. The Perfect Crime! He walks free like all the others! Only I, the victim have been 29 months in detention trying to solve this/his perfect crime.

University research

As in the famous case of Dutch whistleblower Fred Spijkers, our lives were also totally destroyed.

Here is the statement of university research on his case, but it fits one on one on my case.

Here is my own conclusion after 20+ years of investigations including the large in-depth American FBI/CIA investigation ordered by Immigration Judge Miami Court in 2009:

“Some authorities, especially Ministers of Justice, and various investigators police Drachten and prosecutors, according to the researchers, have their political responsibilities and natural duties towards Hans Smedema on a series of events grossly violated ‘.

The researchers emphasize that they also mean all responsible members of the Royal Family since 1975 Juliana, Beatrix & Willem Alexander, ministers and state secretaries of Justice and Home Affairs, from 1972 until now. They should have informed Smedema immediately about what went wrong in 1972 or 1975, according to the researchers in their findings.

The authorities in question, notable politicians, ministers, police detectives, and prosecutors, lack ‘moral courage and dignity’. “They have used theoretical means kafkaesque for 42 years to commit injustice and are, therefore ‘bad’ or even ‘malicious’ because of the apparent indifference about that injustice.”

“The police officers Drachten and prosecutors were not allowed to be guardians of justice and of the rule of law, on the contrary, the Ministry of (In)Justice used the powers that served them to override the rights of citizen Hans Smedema from Drachten and as a couple. “

” Minister Presidents, specifically Jan Peter Balkenende and Mark Rutte, Ministers (Mr. Donner & Opstelten) ), state secretaries, senior civil servants, judges (Jeroen van Bruggen), police investigators, public prosecutors, doctors, and even the National Ombudsman ignore constitutional principles and procedures as they see fit. They do so in order to save their own skin or protect the supposed interests of the Royal Family, their ministry, or their political party. “

Smedema’s legitimate expectations were shamed; the judiciary therefore also violated the principle of legal certainty.

Psychiatrist Prof. dr. RJ Robert van den Bosch UMCG violated his duty to recuse at the Medical Disciplinary Board of Groningen and with it the requirement of impartiality.

At the hearing on Feb 9th, 2009, the police judge Jeroen van Bruggen stated that Smedema was paranoid and could not separate fiction from reality!

It was eminently the task of the National Ombudsman to test the dubious behavior of authorities in all suitability requirements!

It would be worthwhile to review the actions of all concerned politicians in detail to all standards of good behavior!

The Minister-Presidents cannot and should not act as innocent bystanders!


Do not use Google.nl for searches about me!

Do not use Google.nl for searches about me, as the Netherlands Ministry of (In)Justice has forced them to delete(!) most of my posts from the search results! Use Google outside Europe or DuckDuckGo with my name Hans Smedema!

Contact & Email, Complaints

[email protected]

Complaints or crucial information? See Complaint contents, Klacht inhoud?

Until now, no direct complaints on this Blog have been made!

Although Prof. Dr. Onno van der Hart, who tortured and brainwashed me every 5 to 6 years by Electroshock, tried to block my server provider in America, but that was denied.  He cowardly refused to file charges as I asked them.

If so, the complaint will be mentioned here to be completely transparent and according to my top-level ethics. Anonymous is possible if needed. 

ing. Hans Smedema, in exile for the horrifying persecution by the Dutch Crown (Royals and Government), living in El Albir, Alicante, Spain.

And via Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, telephone via first an email.