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Legal tactfulness ©Steve Geshwister. Hans Smedema sinds 1972(!) zwaar mishandeld en bedrogen en civiele en mensenrechten heimelijk(!) afgenomen.
Legal tactfulness ©Steve Geshwister. Stasi methods used by persecution of Hans Smedema since 1972!.

Most horrifying cover-up and devilish sophisticated(!) conspiracy with Royals involved in the known history of the Netherlands!

This Blog is my written legal chronological statement about all the unbelievable(!) horrifying crimes since 1971!

Nederlands: zie post Disclaimer en Samenvatting 

of 1.1 Press- Het bizarre perfecte misdrijf!

Latest News/Posts! Laatste nieuws!

Latest News/Posts!

Most recent article – meest recente artikel:

Unbelievable 5 Grounds for Asylum!

American Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford and DOJ in 2009 during my first(5 total) asylum request A087-402-454 against persecution from the Netherlands found 5 good real grounds for asylum if more hard(!) evidence could be found of the involvement of the Netherlands government or Royals! The corrupt Dutch tried legally to block America giving me asylum by (ab)using bilateral judicial treaty, and by severe mistreatment, torture and human rights violations!

Never happened before in the known history of America! Unique! One is ‘handicapped and traumatized by torture’, another is ‘Secret Persecution by the Dutch Government and Royals’!

Unbelievable 5 grounds for asylum according to Judge Rex. J. Ford Miami court Florida!

Fraud KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander

On March 15th, 2017 that hard(!) evidence was provided by KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander himself who fraudulently lying(!) and corrupt blocked(!) me getting offered(!) asylum in American(!) Airspace! In the plane I was drugged, interrogated and afterwards totally innocent put in detention after an unfair political trial for 13 months! Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice!

KLM COO Rene de Groot cowardly and corrupt neglects my complaint and request for confirmation of the lying King from the KLM flight log! KLM Customer Service refuses to answer because during the flight my boarding-pass-receipt was shrewdly confiscated(!) by King’s Secret Service man Sjon to prevent(!) me to defend myself afterwards.

De Facto Stateless like Anne Frank!

The Netherlands corrupt refuses any information or investigation about this horrifying case since 1972, 5 murder attempts, and no defense during court cases allowed! The Dutch used Mind Control and programming by corrupt devilish prof.dr. Onno van der Hart to damage my brain as in the famous Jason Bourne Movies.

As happened with famous Anne Frank, I am De Facto Stateless and also betrayed by the Dutch! This case resembles the famous Albert Dreyfus Affair around 1900 and Kafka’s ‘The Trial.’

See post J’Accuse prof. dr. Onno van der Hart!

Kafkaesque and even orwellian/dystopian as no information is given why! Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice and a Royal Countrywide Omerta betraying me and the Dutch nation! (High)Traison!

Blog is my chronological factual(!) written statement since 2007!  See Disclaimer & Summary

See also detailed Timeline of only the most crucial events! 

Or see Conspiracy against Hans Smedema explained!

And in Dutch De decennia lange gruwelijke medische doofpot!

The American Heroes

Crucial positive American heroic(!) insiders daring(!) to help despite the unethical criminal Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice formal(!) requests to betray me, were:

  1. President Obama during my first asylum request in 2009 who ordered this horrifying case before United Nations Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) Special Procedure in Jan 2017 during my third asylum request!
  2. Former Ambassador to Netherlands and Governor Iraq Paul Bremer who saved American Al Rust who was innocent(!) dishonorably fired when the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice lied(!) there did not exist a dossier about me!
  3. Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford Miami Court DOJ who in 2009 ordered a thorough very professional investigation during my first asylum request, reopened the Florida case in 2014 after my second asylum request in Texas and asked in the air above Montana if I wanted asylum on March 15th, 2017, which was corrupt blocked by the lying(!) corrupt KLM Co-Pilot Dutch King WA!
  4. American CIA friend Al Rust who innocently suffered 10 years because Dutch Ministry of (in)Justice lied(!) there was no(!) case dossier about Hans Smedema, but paid 1 million damages when he won his case with a copy from the ’97th General Army Hospital Frankfurt file in Germany!’
  5. Many others from American DOJ, FBI, CIA who courageously tried to help a Dutch(!) citizen and on my specific request, the betrayed Dutch people and nation!
  6. There were some Dutch people too of course but nobody dared to put anything in writing to me, but did to America in 2009 and afterwards! America has a pallet full of evidence the Dutch refuse to accept! See Dutch page 1.7 De helden!

Best viewed on Desktop and Landscape! Read only Blog! See left Sidebar for menu, more info and Archives with around 400 unbelievable posts chronological since 2007 explaining my moving(!) insights since 2000!

Why is America silent about this horrifying kafkaesque case?

The big question which is everywhere on this blog and Ebooks, is why America not simply tells the truth about this horrifying and most of all kafkaesque decennia lasting case? They have all the evidence needed and even more than necessary. What is keeping them from simply open up about what they think about how the Dutch are destroying the life of Hans Smedema and also his defenseless wife. This is worse than ‘The Trial’ from Franz Kafka!

Are they being intimidated by the Netherlands Crown? Government and Royals? I know from the Asylum request and professional investigation in 2009 that America would offer to defend(!) my case when I would be put on trial again by lying rapist and others. But Netherlands apparently denied America the right to do so! Also America was not allowed to give me asylum as the Dutch did everything to block me from ever getting to America! Also Netherlands (ab)used the bilateral Justice treaty to force America to help with the cover-up and conspiracy against me a Dutch citizen. 

An crucial reason was mentioned by judge Rex J. Ford during the 7 months  investigation in 2009! It was the insane fact that according to Rex and DOJ I signed a contract or document with the corrupt prof.dr. Onno van der Hart in 1975! Which was NOT the case! He tortured me after 3 times with memory loss causing drugs, locked the door when I wanted to leave and he psychologically tortured me during 2 hours while I kept refusing(!) to sign an unknown document I was not allowed to study at home! He also did NOT allow me to read the document before so I could understand what he wanted to do with me and my brain! Only AFTER 3 times drugs he allowed me to read it but I was a zombie and could not even read anymore! He also made a tape which he spoke into while being in the next room! A document like that is nul and void as mentioned in human rights laws! He was fully prepared with that 5 to 10 pages legal document prepared with Justice or my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep while I was kafkaesque(!) NOT aware of any crimes yet(!) against me and my defenseless mentally sick wife with an extra emotional personality(sex slave)! See my detailed Dutch post…

Duivels contract afgeperst door prof.dr. Onno van der Hart!

Article 15 UNCAT

Each State Party shall ensure that any statement which is established to have been made as a result of torture shall not be invoked as evidence in any proceedings, except against a person accused of torture as evidence that the statement was made.

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Do NOT use Google for searches as the Netherlands Ministry of (In)Justice has forced them to delete(!) most of my Posts! Use Bing or DuckDuckGo with my name Hans Smedema!

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