Murder attempt Altea


Fifth Murder attempt Altea, Costa Blanca Spain

The first very sophisticated murder attempt on my life which I saw coming and barely survived because they missed my neck by millimeters, but hit my ear!

In total now 5 times I was lucky!

Dutch Justice system refuses to investigate, to protect the reputation of the Royals.

And because on the edge of the back of my ear they hit the soft bone and there are not much direct blood vessels, I got only some heart rhythm problems, but was still able to get home. Heart rhythm problems for many hours, even that night when sleeping on that ear caused more poison to be released in my blood. 

Just the same feeling as when I survived the first murder attempt in 1975 where I visited an emergency department in a Hospital because of the same heart problems. There I was drugged in glasses of a drink several times. Warned police in 1975 said it was a drug causing heart problems and even dead with those high levels they found in the glas Motel Bunnik near town Zeist in the Netherlands. That attack was confirmed by rapist Jan van Beek later in 1977 and done by people from the Justice Department he told me. Secret Service BVD/AIVD was or is part of that department and the friend of Jan had gotten a staf position at the Dutch Secret Service then called BVD. That guy and rapist was denied an operational job! He quickly got promoted by using the same drug Ketamine to mind control his bosses into higher positions. He controls this whole conspiracy by using the State Security because of the signature of the Queen Juliana around 1975. He was able to lure the Queen into this cover-up by paying psychiatrists and using my ruthless brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep.

This time no drug in a drink. It was also no gunshot, but a spring or silent air gun which shot a very tiny ball or spear of poison into my ear. When I felt…, there was no blood or the sting from a wasp, who were not there in early 2016.

It felt exactly like a sting from a wasp!

It happened here just next to the parking lot and a few meters south of the Italian ristorante. I had a beer at a lounge bar 250 meters further north where this man was watching me from 35 meters and therefore warned me something bad was coming. A week before he was at Brew Rock asking who I was! But refused to talk to me, so strange also.

At that time I was drugged with the antipsychotic secretly hidden in the aspirine 100 mg., so do not know what drs. Janne Geraets gave me against my will and never really talking to me about my case. But remember feeling like a zombie and not even realising that it was a murder attempt on my life, so not even filing charges. I completely suppressed everything until I was in San Diego and did not get the antipsychotic anymore, but the real aspirin 81 mg.

I could use my normal own brain again! And started to understand what the corrupt psychologist Janne Geraets, psychiatrist Frank van Es, but also others had done to handicap me into half a zombie since 2003! Also during trials against me!

Asylum request San Diego & the murder attempt

When I was in San Diego asking for the third time(2009,2013/14 and 2016/17) for Asylum against the persecution by the Dutch porn criminals, family, medici, government and Royals protecting the criminals by making it State Secret, I gave on March 1st 2017 the deportation officer this handwritten page below and mentioned that on my smartphone were several pictures of the man and the woman who shot at me. So I had the exact time and date of the attack!

But I was already deported on March 14th and Sjon from AIVD Secret Service who had to protect the Dutch Queen from negative publicity, NOT ME THE VICTIM, had the same info and my verbal statement about the photo’s! So they must have been deleted soon after that! But CIA had a two week advantage to save the photos of the murderers. I am almost sure they still have them if needed. And of course I mentioned it to the doctor who sent me to be operated much earlier because of my bleeding ear. See further below…

In America Kings or Queens have NO ADVANTAGE over victims and Judges are really independent! Not like the secret fake Judges in Netherlands who have to protect the Dutch Royals first! NOT THE VICTIMS.

The woman protected him with a heavy beige long coat. Abnormal in hot or warm Spain. He used her shoulder to aim something at me and shot just when I bend out of the line of fire. So he hit my ear and not my neck which would have ment me being dead from a very sophisticated poison causing a heart attack, for sure. Nobody would have cared! No investigation at all. Maybe from America.

The information about the murder attempt given to the deportation officer to give to CIA or FBI.
My best handwritten page about the murder attempt in Altea Spain.









Fifth assassination attempt!

This was the 5th assassination attempt on my life! The first was in 1975, the second and third in 1980 when my neighbor Cees van’t Hoog from Zudendorpweg 3, ‘t Harde was murdered, then May 20th 2010 in Nightclub Pretty Woman Benidorm, and this one in Altea being the 5th. in 2016. There could have been more, but I don’t know about them. I do know that brainwashing or torture attack with retired police officer Ad in Catral in 2008, when he said it was no conditioning, but torture and therefore chased them away at gunpoint.

Here the Post about the Brain programming and fourth murder attempt by trying to let me fall from the high stairs(5 meters), but the girl who secretly stayed behind and heard me scream for 4 hours had warned the strong doorman who saved my life by making sure I didn’t fall head down the stairs! I was unconscious of course until they gave an anti drug to wake me up in a chair on ground level. The drug caused memory loss so I didn’t expect anything to be wrong at the time. Only much later I found out it was a murder attempt and brain programming act by torture for 4 hours.

Just before, the girls and a photographer together warned the Policia Local, who came just in time, but were NOT ALLOWED from Spanish Ministry of Justice Madrid(!) to protect me from being tortured and brainwashed by prof. dr. Onno van der Hart who must have misled them it was just normal procedure?

That also means that the Dutch Secret Service AIVD had an official request and permission to brainwash/condition me in Spain! One of the guys must have been from the AIVD. Policia Local took all the names and official ID’s!

Just as with the secretly given antipsychotic drug hidden as an normal official baby aspirin 100 mg secretly against my will arranged by corrupt drs. Janne Geraets working with the Dutch Criminal Organisation.

Hersenspoelen en martelingen 20 mei 2010 Benidorm chronologisch!

Brain programming by electroshock

They used brainwashing or brain programming on me several times, just like on my wife. That was torture and no conditioning according to a retired Dutch Police Officer Ad who chased prof. dr. Onno van der Hart and his criminal help away in his villa in Catral in 2008 at gunpoint!

That also proves the psychiatrists or psychologists involved are apparently allowed to condition me when they feel like it, without any control from me or others! How is that possible? My brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep and the Mole inside Justice or Secret Service arranged that? I am not allowed to use my normal brain? That needs to be ‘damaged’ (tortured) into another one? Why is that necessary if it is all for my good and wellbeing?

On May 20th 2010 after deportation on Nov. 4th 2009 to Amsterdam by Judge Rex Ford from Miami Court that criminal help was drs. Jaap J. Duijs from my town Drachten. Several people saw him in Benidorm and in La Nucia at Hotel Restaurant La Rambla! I saw him a day or so earlier on the Boulevard along the Beach Levante in Benidorm myself, but he got away when I tried to meet with him. Strange, then…, but logical now! I should not have seen him! According to the Woman who together with her husband owned Restaurant La Rambla in La Nucia he always stayed in his room! Almost never got out! Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart, my enemy since the first brainwash in 1975 at GGZ Zwolle was there to and when I saw the criminal he hid behind a Menu and quickly left the dining hall.

Theat neighbor drs. Jaap J. Duijs who was planned to live next door to us, in 1977 he was paid 100.000 Dutch guilders to buy the lot and a monthly allowance at the time until recently,  to keep an eye(control) on us, so we could never file charges without them knowing it and making sure that everything I tried to proof this horrifying case, went wrong. In fact everything I did professionally was also blackmouthed to make me look bad! They destroyed my career on purpose!

Probably the largest ‘Cordon Sanitaire’ to protect the Royals(!) ever in Dutch history, maybe Worldwide. Tens of millions of stolen tax money not to protect the victims!

See more posts about Top Criminal drs. Jaap Duijs:

10. Drs. Jaap J. Duijs Drachten

Jaap de Vaginajager als Informant Justitie in grootste Nederlandse doofpot en samenzwering ooit!

They hit my ear!

Criminal kept an eye on me when I was having a drink here at the Loungebar. He was standing just before the blue bicycle road. The original picture with him on it has been deleted by the Dutch Secret Service.

But this time I saw first another man looking at me in a strange way when I was having a drink in the Loungebar, who asked my name a week earlier in Brew Rock, so I kept an eye on him and made secretly a picture from a distance at the lounge bar. And when he later suddenly walked straight up to me, he talked into his phone and looked at the couple standing 15 meters further away. She with this

Here where the criminal who knew who I was marked me to the murderer couple. He came from left straight to me talking on his mobile and looking to the murderer couple who were standing on the right side near the traffic light.I came walking towards them. The couple then went quickly in front of me to the place where they attacked me.

abnormal strange heavy(!) protecting long beige coat which she later used to shield the murderer from me! They are apparently prepared for defense by a gun or so! Really hired professional murderers most likely by the Dutch AIVD secret service to protect the coward Dutch Royals, who still refuse to stop these severe human rights violations.

I walked further back south where my Scooter was parked, but they went

Here where the picture was taken, was the exact place the couple tried to murder me! To the right and 3 meters lower is the parking near the sea. Far left the window the murderers were looking at just after they shot in my ear, waiting for me to collapse! I had a picture but it is deleted by the Dutch Secret Service AIVD.

quickly in front of me, and then suddenly turned around and came straight towards me.

Which made me afraid they were going to shoot me with a gun, but they don’t want a murder, but a naturel looking dead from a heart attack of course. So when next and behind me they turned again to my back! She was in front of him and he took that shot into my neck/ear over her shoulder. I saw that just after the shot into my ear!

In America they took away the poison and small parts from my ear and you can see it from my now somewhat mutilated ear.

You can see how they took out pieces of my ear to get the poison out in a Clinic in San Diego California.

I took pictures before and after of them trying to make it look as if I took pictures of the sea and boulevard. They were waiting for me to collapse I think, trying to make it look as if they both were looking at the window on the far left on the picture above. But at first I felt nothing so I took pictures of the boulevard with them on the edge. In total before and after there must have been over 10 photos, which are now gone!

Not sure what San Diego guards or ICE did with those pictures who were also uploaded in Google Drive/Cloud, but when deported back to Amsterdam I told Sjon from Dutch AIVD about it too! Sjon and his stewardess KLM wife secretly gave me a truth serum. And I should not have done that, because when in Paris after release April 5th 2018 I found no pictures anymore of the murderers! That can only mean that the Dutch themselves deleted them while I was in prison and that they were involved and ordered the assassination attempt and quickly deleted all evidence I had. Dutch Justice system working against(!) me the victim of murderers and torturers! No defense allowed at all! How royal is that?

Killing me will not help them because in my last will before Judge Rex J. Ford all my rights to damage payment, or book- and film rights will go into the Panama Private Interest Foundation named ‘Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation’ or its legal successor. With the request to keep charging all Dutch criminals involved, and reward those who did try to help.

That Foundation will reward those people who have tried to help me. As the Dutch Government offered 5 million in 2003 and 2004 if I would keep everything confidential and covered-up, the Foundation could end up with tens of millions depending on publicity and/or a deal settled.

Psychologist drs. Janne(Johannes) Geraets

Psycholoog Janne Geraets who corrupt drugged me secretly to handicap me as much as possible just before the assassination attempt a month or so later. How much money was involved to buy this corrupt criminal? Here he is the Badminton Club Calpe!

Psychologist drs. Janne(Johannes) Geraets from Alfaz del Pi and Nijmegen Netherlands later on tuesday July 12th 2016 took secretly a picture of my ear pretending to take a picture of the harbour and sea from Restaurant Bar Difference in Altea. Before that he paid the waitress to secretly give me a drug to talk more.

I met Janne in January 2016 when he wanted to talk with me and did on Friday 29th 2016 at first Restaurant Ritz and then Restaurant Bar Brew Rock but both refused to give me secretly his drug and even told me about it. Witnesses! I explicitly told him to stay out of my life and not to try to treat me! But apparently he did it anyway! Secretly! So you cannot defend yourself! Antipsychotic hidden in an official box of Aspirin! Unbelievable what they do to handicap me only to protect the criminal behaviour of Royals, Politicians and Officials.

That means he is involved in the murder attempt on my life, just as he was involved in secretly getting me antipsychotic to make sure I was severely handicapped and NOT capable to fight back at them. I barely survived the assassination! How much did he get for my murder and handicapping me with drugs?

Soon a special J’Accuse Post about him!

More later…

Hans Smedema Albir Costa Blanca Spain

J’Accuse Psychiater drs. Frank D. van Es UMCG


J’Accuse Psychiater drs. Frank D. van Es UMCG

Ik beschuldig psychiater drs. Frank van Es, destijds in 2003 bij GGZ Drachten, inmiddels als beloning(?) hoofd polikliniek bij UMCG, van het totaal vernietigen van mijn leven door al mijn uitspraken en de vele bewijzen of controleerbare feiten totaal te negeren en mijn heimelijk antipsichoticum toe te dien verborgen in het officiële(!) doosje en doordrukstrip(!) voor baby aspirine 100 mg, wat goed zou zijn voor ouderen.

Opmerkelijk is dat alle betrokken corrupt meewerkende corrupte schoften later worden beloond door promotie! Hier Frank van Es, en bij politie Drachten Sylvia te Wierik die Jaap Duijs corrupt van drugs voorzag en waarschuwde toen haar eigen politie Drachten bij hem naar drugs ging zoeken, zodat ze niets meer vonden! Maar ook prof. dr. Onno van der Hart en Prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch die veel geld kregen voor mijn/onze torture en brainwashing of brain programming. En verkrachter Jaap Duijs zelf natuurlijk die 100.000 gulden kreeg al in 1977 en een maandelijkse toelage tot recentelijk.

Dit heimelijke middel in september 2003 al gegeven, was de oorzaak dat ik niet meer helder kon denken en dus mijn top positie als Executive Searcher of Headhunter moest opgeven en op 14 Januari 2004 arbeidsongeschikt werd verklaard. Dus NIET zoals ik foutief aannam dat het mij allemaal teveel werd, maar door de foutieve drug die mij tot een halve zombie maakte en ik dus niet meer professioneel kon werken. Ik begreep dingen niet meer goed en reageerde niet meer alert bij opdrachtgevers of kandidaten van topniveau! Omzet liep al terug natuurlijk. Mijn huisarts Lefering en de Apotheek De Drait in Drachten moeten hebben meegewerkt aan deze samenzwering tegen mij. Zoals er zoveel zijn die mij bedrogen hebben en weigerden om simpel mij de werkelijkheid te vertellen zodat ik mij kon verdedigen. Hij geloofde dus wel mijn juist ernstig zieke vrouw met dissociatie, als seks slavin weerloos tegen verkrachters, via mind control de slaaf van Jaap Duijs, en een pathologische leugenaar net als haar zusters en ouders. En niet de inkomen(145.000 euro) genererende topniveau zakenman die toen al veel bewijzen en controleerbare feiten had geproduceerd.

Of hij was wel op de hoogte en wou mij buiten gevecht stellen via halve zombie door antipsychoticum heimelijk te geven, wat ik juist eerder had geweigerd omdat mijn verhaal waargebeurd is en niet verzonnen.

Ik had altijd ruzie met de schoft en wou hem niet meer zien. Ik zou aangifte bij politie Drachten doen wat op 23 april 2004 ook is gebeurd. Hij is dus bang geworden voor het uitkomen en heeft mij dus opzettelijk kapot gemaakt! Hij blokeerde ook het gesprek met de wel deskundige Ellert Nijenhuis GGZ Assen!

Hij heeft ook corrupt nagelaten om dan een goed voorstel voor behandeling te doen zoals ik hem verzocht. Met duidelijk wat zijn diagnose was en waarom welke behandeling kon helpen. Volgens mij PTSS en volgens hem Delusional/schizofrenic. Een enorm verschil natuurlijk.

Hier links naar zijn huidige positie:

Psycholoog drs. Janne Geraets Alfaz del Pi ook betrokken

Psycholoog Janne Geraets die mij corrupt heimelijk drogeerde met zwaar antipsychoticum om mij te verzwakken voor veel geld! Immers als een halve zombie kun je niet veel tegen een criminele overmacht.

Hij moet samen met anderen zoals Janne Geraets uit Alfaz del PI Costa Blanca Spanje mij steeds dit foutieve middel toegediend hebben sinds september 2003 tot 30 september 2016 toen ik asiel vroeg in San Diego Californië tegen de alsmaar doorgaande vervolging door Nederland zonder recht op normale verdediging. Zware mensenrechten schending dus. Gruwelijk sinds 1972!

Ook hier in Albir werd ik dus door de medici bedrogen zoals doctor Dra Carmen Montoya, Farmacia en de leverancier van het vervalste doosje Aspirine 100 mg inclusief de doordrukstrip! Ik controleerde wel maar vond niets verdachts in het begin. Wel merkte ik dat ze het aspirine doosje uit een speciale lade haalden waar het op een briefje lag. Maar ik kon niets speciaals vinden dus bleef het foutieve spul slikken. Dat de eigenaar en leverancier van die aspirine bereid zou zijn om zijn naam op het spel te zetten en hhun product te vervangen door een foutief antipsychoticum ging toen mijn bevattingsvermogen nog ver te boven. Nu niet meer, want ook Hans Bauerlein in Jalon waarschuwde mij dat ik die aspirine NIET moest slikken en zelf andere kopen!

Foutieve medicatie was de oorzaak van verkeerde beslissingen om alles maar te laten. Bijvoorbeeld liet ik na om mij nog te verdedigen tijdens weer een rechtszaak door verkrachter drs. Jaap J. Duijs tegen mij voor zogenaamd belediging! Geen laster! Dus werd ik zonder enige verdediging weer veroordeeld voor belediging van de verkrachter Jaap Duijs van mijn vrouw! Totaal 13 maanden blijkt later. Op 12 juli vond Janne Geraets dat ik hem had moeten waarschuwen over de rechtszaak! Waarom, ik had geen enkel contact met deze corrupte zogenaamde psycholoog. Is hij wel psycholoog eigenlijk? Iemand die gek is mag niet veroordeeld worden?

Natuurlijk bedrogen door psycholoog Janne Geraets, een vaag figuur die met astrologie en dromen bezig was, die waarschijnlijk werd omgekocht. Je geeft niet zomaar iemand een anti-psichoticum zonder noodzaak.

Ook probeerde hij tweemaal om in een restaurant, Ritz Albir en Brew Rock Albir/Altea, mij een middel heimelijk te laten toedienen zodat hij mij beter kon uithoren over mijn plannen! Ik leefde hier in alle rust en genoot van het Spaanse land en de gastvrijheid.

Mijn oor na operatie San Diego!

Daarover later meer, want Janne was op de hoogte van de moordaanslag op mij in Altea! Dus betrokken! Op 12 juli 2016 om 10.30 liet hij mij bij Restaurant Difference in Altea drogeren via een middel in een glas bier om mij uit te horen, en maakte een foto van specifiek mijn oor, hoewel hij zei dat hij een foto van de zee en zo maakte. Maar ik moest maar weg kijken zodat ik er niet met mijn volle gezicht op kwam! Dus juist mijn oor wel! Hier een foto van mijn oor na operatie in Amerika. Dat gesprek was vermoedelijk om een verslag te maken voor Nederland. Wie?



Corrupte psychiater drs. Frank D. van Es

Maar dit alles werd dus mogelijk door de corrupte psychiater drs. Frank D. van Es! Zelfs in totaal 5 moordaanslagen(2 na 2003) terwijl ik als een halve zombie argeloos rond liep en mij dus niet kon verdedigen tegen iets wat je nog niet weet.

Mijn zieke vrouw met drie kinderen van verkrachters zonder dat ze dat begrijpt door haar dissociatie, was dus ook heimelijk betrokken en heeft zelf mijn arbeidsongeschiktheid veroorzaakt! We gingen van 145.000 naar 60.000 euro inkomen en moesten later onze Villa verkopen.

Het is ook de reden dat ik dus wel voelde dat ik in Nederland aan alle kanten werd bedrogen, inclusief eigen vrouw en de niet biologische kinderen die zelf hebben meegewerkt aan het vervalsen van de DNA vaderschapstest!

Dus dat ik gedwongen in exile ging en naar Spanje verhuisde, foutief denkende dat ik daar relatief veilig zou zijn! Niet dus zie Post:


Medisch Tuchtcollege Groningen en Frank van Es

Tijdens de zitting die ik weer zonder enige hulp en niet wetende dat mij een anti-psychoticum stiekem werd toegediend, dus zonder advocaat, werd door de secretaris mij toegezegd dat hij Frank van Es zou dwingen om mij schriftelijk op de hoogte te stellen van zijn acties. Mij werd niet meegedeeld waaruit die bestonden!

Dat zou toch altijd moeten gebeuren? Hoezo is dwang nodig?

Al deze documenten werden weer onderschept door drs, Jaap J. Duijs die zelfs de postbode onderschepte en documenten tegenhield in samenwerking met Justitie/AIVD waar hij mee samenwerkte als verkrachter van mijn vrouw.

Ook per email opnieuw gezonden stukken werden onderschept in zijn opdracht en AIVD neem ik aan.

Nog erger dat Jaap Duijs mijn vrouw als haar seks meester via mind control de net door mij bij Ziekenhuis Nij Smellinghe opgehaalde documenten van Frank van Esen/of Ziekenhuis Nij Smellinghe liet onderscheppen en vernietigen. Ik heb ze dus nooit gezien!

Maar volgens de ook al corrupte politierechter mr. Jeroen van Bruggen was Jaap Duijs een hoogstaand persoon en ik een gek. Ik heb zojuist 18,5 maand in detentie doorgebracht enkel omdat ik mij wil verdedigen tegen deze zware mensenrechtenschendingen en om justitieel onderzoek vraag!

Meer over de fraude door psychiaters en psychologen:

Wellicht dat nu deze zaak eindelijk door Amerika bij de UNCAT Genève als klacht is ingediend? Na mijn eenzame nu 18 jaar vechten tegen de zich verbergende laffe corrupte medici en Justitie?

Meer hierover in de komende dagen…


Thirth Asylum Request San Diego California! Deportation to Amsterdam with Dutch Secret Service!



San Diego Asylum Request

After I got the sentence from the corrupt Judges in Leeuwarden for my so called insult of the rapist of my wife, and the one who drugged, raped and drowned my neighbors daughter(she came back to life after minutes), I of course planned to ask for Asylum for the third time. Sentence for 5 months in detention, 5 months extra if I didn’t remove the name of my corrupt neighbor drs. Jaap J. Duijs from this Blog, and to pay 6500 euro as a fine for the trouble I(!) caused!

See post: Corrupt vonnis meervoudige strafkamer Rechtbank Leeuwarden OM/Hans Smedema!

Nothing about my suffering or all the others, or my neighbor Cees van’t Hoog who was murdered because he investigated my case at the Newspaper in Zwolle.

During the court case no lawyer present, nobody! They refuse to help me or are not allowed because of the secret state security they use against me, and don’t have a clue what’s going on and how big this case is. The largest conspiracy ever in Dutch history. And I am still defenseless only because all Dutch lawyers refuse this case! Since I found out about it in 2000!

Now Asylum request in San Diego California. The first was in Miami Florida in 2009, the second Texas in 2013/14. There in San Diego at least I could make sure I did what I could to have America help me. If not I would have the right to try elsewhere like Germany, France or Geneva UN Human Rights, or UNCAT again. United Nations Convention Against Torture, from the Netherlands.

I told nobody, specific the corrupt psychologist Janne Geraerts who of cause wanted to speak to me on August 12th 2016 after the sentence to be able to inform the Criminal Gangsters who are behind all this torture since 1972, how I would react. I told him I would stay and wait what they would do to have me extradited to Netherlands prison.

By not paying the rent over July, and not paying more, I was just able to book a flight two days before from Alicante to Madrid and Mexico City to Tijuana on September 29th 2016. And back because that is cheaper three days later.

I asked Asylum at San Diego San Ysidro border around 14.00 September 30th.

I was put in handcuffs and brought to the blue building in the picture and with a footcuff fixed on a stainless steel bench. Much later to a horrifying overcrowded temporary jail with 4 Asylum seekers on a floor of 2 by 3 meters including an open toilet. Later to a room with 3 toilets and about 50 inmates on a floor of 4 by 8 meters and an edge of 3 by 4 or so. No room to sleep, and I spent there in total two weeks or so. Horrifying, but it became not much better for 10 days with only burito’s 3 times a day. Then to Otay Mesa detention center which was much better and in fact heaven compared to the other two places.

The prison was okay in fact with nice guards and other helpful officers. This is how it looked inside with large rooms with in each edge a double bunk above each other.

I was there in San Diego for 5,5 months in total. But my mental health became worse and worse of course. No help, and a lawyer didn’t understand how big this case was. But I managed to tell them a lot and asked for President Obama to give me Asylum if he could before he left office. They can do special things I saw there on TV. But nothing happened and I decided to cancel and withdraw my request to go to Germany. A new case could have taken up to two years more in detention!

Here the official Withdraw document.



Deportation to Amsterdam and 13 months detention!

But I was deported to Amsterdam without they telling why, but in Amsterdam three Police were waiting at the door of the plane and I was put in detention on Schiphol Airport for 6 weeks, then moved to Zuyderbos Heerhugowaard and had to be there for 5 months! Not being able and refusing to take the name of rapist drs. Jaap J. Duijs from my blog which was still working in March and May, I got another 5 months just before leaving. And later because I also refused to pay the 6500, by then almost 8000 euro, another 85 days. So I left on April 5th 2018, while I asked for Asylum on September 30th 2016. Or 5,5 + 13 = 18,5 months detention while I am the victim asking for an investigation in both the Netherlands and in America!t

In America I was in detention in 2009 7 months, 2013 2,5 months and in 2016/17 5,5 months, or innocent victim asking for help(!), 15 months total.

In the Netherlands without human rights and any defense from lawyers, prosecutors or Judges, One month innocent in Ter Apel and 13 months in Schiphol and ZuyderBos Heerhugowaard. Both in Schiphol and Zuyderbos I was treated well. In Zuyderbos I got one of the best rooms for me alone, with separate shower, toilet and sink, TV, Microwave, Fridge, table, and even money each day to buy some groceries. Guards were very helpful and when I needed anything, they tried to help me. I asked if I could come back later for my pension, but that would cost almost 300 euro a day! Only if I did something wrong it would be free.


My cels where I spent 13 months for asking to investigate the rapist drs. Jaap J. Duijs!

Never any investigation, no defense allowed during the trial for these 13 months! Rapist goes free, victim to jail and paying the rapist for insult. Coward Royals and Dutch Cabinet and politicians who all even refused to talk to me.

But on the KLM plane from Los Angelos to Amsterdam I was interrogated by a guy from Secret Service who said he was a retired pilot, who called himself Sjon, and a stewardess was his wife he told me. He knew everything about my case and was in fact the first to really talk more or less openly to me about my horrifying case. When he heard about my 5,5 months ordeal in San Diego he ordered  food from first class for me. knowing of course I would have to spent another 10 months or more in detention as soon as we landed in Amsterdam. There is much more, but that will be in my Ebooks and movie.

Remembering much more without antipsychotics!

During my time in San Diego, And Netherlands detention, I was suddenly able to remember much more about what happened to me! I did not get the medicine from Spain where the baby aspirin 100 mg. was secretly changed into antipsychotic by the corrupt psychologist drs. Janne Geraerts from Alfaz del Pi, but a normal baby aspirin 81 mg from America. So I could suddenly use my normal brain again!

Corrupt psychiatrist Frank van Es GGZ Drachten and now UMCG who totally destroyed my life and professional career!

I was not sick when I stopped working Januari 2004 at all! No the corrupt psychiatrist Frank van Es, an arrogant moron which I hated from the beginning and told several times to stay out of my life, secretly already in september 2003 with the help of my sick(dissociation) wife and the mind control of Jaap Duijs(her mind controlling sex-master) gave me an antipsychotic which caused my intelligence to go down 50% or so. Which of course caused me not being able to function on the high level needed for my Executive Search Company Human Power Services. The drug was hidden by this corrupt psychiatrist as a daily baby aspirine with help from also corrupt Farmacia, doctor and more insiders like my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema Gennep of course. During the court cases I was also drugged in fact, without being able to tell the judges or lawyer! But I had to defend myself without a lawyer. Being officially declared insane and with brain damaging antipsychotic into half a zombie. Soon a special post to accuse him and make sure everybody is warned for this criminal.

They must have been doing this since 2003 until 2016 when I asked Asylum San Diego. Also in 2009 and 2013/14 in detention in America I could remember much more. because I got real aspirin! No antipsychotic.

Drs. Jaap J. Duijs Drachten did much more horrifying things

And I know now much more about the corrupt rapist drs. Jaap J. Duijs, whose name I am not allowed to publish here on this blog! Soon more about this top criminal also. Here my latest posts about him.

Jaap de Vaginajager als Informant Justitie in grootste Nederlandse doofpot en samenzwering ooit!

Jaap de Vaginajager route bijna verdronken minderjarig meisje!

Back to freedom in Spain?

After those long, long 13 months, and before that the 5,5 months in San Diego, I was released on April 5th and took the fast train to Paris, then the fast train to Barcelona where I stayed two days to recover a bit, and went on to Alicante and Albir looking for a new Apartment to rent.

Case before UNCAT?

Also there were more investigations in Zuyderbos and much more which I think signal that President Obama must have done something like filing a complaint with UNCAT Geneva against the Netherlands. United Nations Convention Against Torture which is where my case belongs I knew from earlier discussions in 2009 Florida with Judge Rex J. Ford and my Lawyer Chandler Finley Miami. It could be that if the Dutch Government kept denying everything I would have to address the UN itself for 3 minutes.

5th murder attempt in Altea Costa Blanca Spain 2016

I told America about the 5th murder attempt on my life and that I had them on pictures! Also I told Sjon from secret service about it and my photo’s of them. When I was free those photo’of them were deleted of course. psychologist drs. Janne Geraerts knew about it because he made a picture of my bleeding ear where I was hit by a lot of luck. I would have died if the murderers had hit my neck. Got heart problems but survived.

Nephew Jack was fired from Police when he tried to help me!

In Dutch Onrechtmatige Inmenging! Or Unlawful interference. I was kept out of it by mind control from drs. Jaap Duijs who ordered my wife to make sure everything about it was blocked.

More about that soon also, and much more…

ing. Hans Smedema

El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain