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1 – ‘Smedema’ Family tree

For the world wide ‘Smedema Family tree’ site follow this link:

Closed for the coming months due to lack of funds. 

2 – Hans Smedema Affair

In the name of the people! Steve Gehswister
In the name of the people ©Steve Geshwister

Horrifying story about me being a victim of Dutch injustice and persecution.  An unbelievable conspiracy in the Netherlands or Dutch Queengate.

2.1 –  For main Blog ‘Hans Smedema – Vechten tegen het onbekende’  in Dutch/Nederlands follow this link:    nl.hanssmedema.info

2.2 – For Blog ‘Hans Smedema – Fighting the Unknown’ in English follow this link: en.hanssmedema.info

2.3 – For full info Dutch Royal Criminal Organization follow this link:

Dutch Royal Criminal Organization against victim Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife!

3 – Dutch Injustice

For site about Dutch Injustice around Hans Smedema follow this link: dutch.hanssmedema.info

4 – Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation

For Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation follow this link: foundation.hanssmedema.hans

 5 – NuJij Dossier Hans Smedema

For Dossier Hans Smedema on NuJij.nl follow this link NuJij Hans Smedema dossier  Door censuur gewist!