Filing charges for 3 criminal cases with Minister of Justice, Spain

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Filing charges for 3 criminal cases with Minister of Justice, Spain

I filed charges against the scam and theft of 75.000 euro, 300.000 euro, crucial documents and brainwashing by the Dutch in the following letter to the Spanish Minister of Justice in Madrid.

I just found out the theft was for 300.000 euro in two packages! Thief André Gruters did not tell the ohters about the second parcel with 225.000 euro! So he split the 75.000 with the others involved and simply kept the 225.000 for himself!

The Dutch again refuse to investigate, because they would find out the Dutch Ministry of Justice itself is behind this brainwashing, and the need for secrecy for any help for me, Dutch Hans Smedema and my still unaware defenseless wife.

For the three charges in detail, also the enclosures, see Posts:

Scammed by a Dutch ‘friend’ in the Jalon valley in Spain

Ripped off by an Ukrainian crook in Benidorm for 300.000 euro!

Brainwashed by the Dutch secret service!

 The letter and charges!

            Ministro de Justitia
            Don Rafael Catalá Polo
            Calle San Bernardo 45
            28071 Madrid

 Concerns: ‘Dutch Queengate’ or ‘Hans Smedema Affair’. Spanish NIE: X-09881610-M,  Dutch Social number 0784.30.410. American asylum case A 087-402-454


  1. Persecution by the Dutch Government, and a secret case of being brainwashed in Benidorm by the Dutch secret service in cooperation (!) with the Spanish authorities. Local Police in Benidorm was warned by witnesses about me being drugged and people ready with medical items for me(brainwashed), but local police was not allowed to intervene as the perpetrators were protected by a higher Spanish level!
  2. False and fraud! The persecution by the Dutch government is based on betrayal, extortion, drugging and false manipulated information, but the involvement(signature) of the Dutch Royals makes it state security anyway. The Dutch Ministers until now refuse to stop and reverse this horrifying gruesome case, leading to the life of me and my wife being ruined and completely destroyed. Damages are between 5 and 10 million euro. The case is both Kafkaesque and Orwellian, and no fiction, but horrifying reality. There will be a movie about it later for sure.
  3. Filing charges in three related(!) cases: 1 – Scam and stealing of 75.000 euro with documents in Xalo/Jalon, Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain, Case 2- Scam and stealing of 300.000 euro with documents in Benidorm, Case 3- Brainwashing in Benidorm by the Dutch to cover-up crimes, severe mistreatment and human rights violations against me and my defenseless wife.


Drachten, October 6th 2014

Senore Don Rafael Catalá Polo,

I am sorry to disturb you with this unbelievable case. For inside information and evidence about this case you can contact Asylum Judge mr. Rex J. Ford of the Miami immigration court in Florida, USA. Case number A 087-402-454.

I lived in your country feeling relatively safe from June 1st 2008 until June 13th 2013. I became resident in the Netherlands again on January 20th 2014. In between I asked for asylum on Miami Airport on April 23th 2009 and spent 28 weeks in detention, and again asking for asylum November 5th 2013 in Texas, USA for 10 weeks in detention. This because of the gruesome persecution by the Dutch government, against me and my wife.

We never did anything wrong and are only innocent victims from rapist in 1972! But the fact the Dutch Queen Juliana and her daughter Beatrix based on fraud got involved by their signature, made the case one big cover-up and conspiracy. This can only be solved on a Ministerial level according to an American insider. That’s why I sent you this letter in person too.

I would like to come back to your country as soon as this case is solved.

I will give only the most appalling items of the human rights violations done to me and my wife:


  1. Kafkaesque and Orwellian no information is given about the crimes done to us, why the cover-up or how to solve this.
  2. Severe crimes like rapes, children from rapist and Dutch Royals involved during 28 years are covered up!
  3. No medical therapy was given for dissociation, probably to make sure we stay helpless.
  4. All evidence is secretly deleted or manipulated. DNA-tests and medical files falsified.
  5. Three murder attempts on my life. A neighbor who investigated murdered.
  6. No investigation, filing charges, or fair trial is allowed!
  7. No lawyer is allowed to give effective defense!
  8. No witnesses or investigation allowed during several trials!
  9. The Dutch ask on a legal base other countries like America to help with the cover-up to protect the Dutch Royals from negative publicity, who are already immune and don’t need any more help! They must have done this with Spain also!
  10. Because of the cover-up and Omerta, I lost my high level position and my income of 140.000 euro.
  11. Not knowing what was going on because of the Omerta, I spent our pension fund of 250.000 euro to try to investigate and solve this Dutch Royal conspiracy or ‘Dutch Queengate.’
  12. My wife has severe dissociation and suppression for everything related to her abuse, which the Dutch use and abuse to betray her and make her believe she has never been raped, and the three children are not from rapist, but from me. DNA-tests and medical files were falsified to do so since 1975.
  13. Much more info on my English Blog or Dutch


The above constitute  all severe human rights violations! But strange enough no human rights organization is defending our rights! Not even the High Office for Human Rights Geneva!

This is not a case for the local police anymore as Dutch Ministers, Prime Minister and even betrayed(!) Royals are involved. Making my case Dutch state security.  And Spain must be involved too, to allow the brainwashing in Benidorm where local police were not allowed to intervene!

The total case is complex and horrifying, but that is not important now. There will be a movie about it later for sure.

I need to file charges with the Spanish officials for three cases which are related. Local police will not be able to solve it, as the Dutch government will have asked the Spanish Justitia for legal help based on the involvement of the Dutch Royals. My brainwashing in Benidorm must have been a combined operation of the Dutch and Spanish Justice and/or secret service, as the local police in Benidorm was warned and were not allowed to intervene because of authorization by a higher level. This can only mean that this case can’t be solved by local police now too.

There are two other cases, one of scamming and theft of 300.000 euro with crucial documents in Benidorm and the second of 75.000 euro  in Xalo/Jalon also with crucial documents I needed for court cases and solving this Dutch cover-up. In all three cases there are enough witnesses!

I tried to file charges on September 8th in the Netherlands for case 1, the stealing of 75.000 euro and crucial documents by Dutch André Gruters from Houten Netherlands, but that was not allowed because this conspiracy and cover-up is based on secret Royal involvement and is executed from the Dutch Ministry of Justice itself!

That is the persecution I am talking about. I am secretly and Kafkaesque placed outside of the normal Dutch laws. So only Spain can prosecute the criminals behind the two other scams. I don’t think you can do anything about the brainwashing, but mention it for the record anyway. It is all based on fraud, betrayal and manipulation of evidence by the Dutch! So do not work with the Dutch government in this case! Ask them to proof their case, by including me!

 ‘Those Dutch that fear transparency have something to hide!’

As this case will get a lot of attention later, I think it would be wise to investigate and at least have an explanation when journalists start asking questions. Also the movie later will let people want to know what Spain did to help in this horrifying case. And of course why Spain allowed the brainwashing in Benidorm.

Because of the theft of in total 375.000 euro, and high costs to fight my own government, I was not able to pay my taxes over 2012 and 2013. The Spanish Minister of Finance was warned about that and my asylum case too. I will pay of course, as soon as this case of persecution by the Dutch Royals and Ministers is solved.  I estimate our damages around 5 to 10 million euro.

I hope you can do something and would like to know how to proceed, and would like to get written information from the correct department about the prosecution of the two cases of theft in Benidorm and Jalon.

I would appreciate it very much if you would sent a letter to the Dutch Minister of Justice mr. Ivo Opstelten to confirm or deny my accusations. And telling him that the persecution of innocent victims and brainwashing to hide crimes, and letting those victims suffer since 1972, is abnormal cruel and that you urge them to solve it immediately! Severe human rights violations. Simply refuse to work for them anymore until they stop acting criminal and involve Spain in human rights violations.

A letter to the Dutch King asking him to confirm or deny my accusations would be of great help too. King Willem Alexander would be forced to choose between two possibilities; one, to keep hiding and trying to cover-up all crimes, or two, to at last tell the truth!

I would appreciate a copy of any letters of course for my files, books and the movie!

Involving Spain in such a thing is asking Spain for injustice! Spain should refuse to do so and ask the Dutch to stop with this horrifying crime and inform the Dutch nation about it.

I would like to come to Spain again after having solved this case. When needed I will come to Spain to file charges and/or give more information, but we are almost broke now after being betrayed since 1972 and fighting my own government since 2000.

With kind regards,

Hans Smedema

Enclosures: Cases 1 to 3 for investigation by the Spanish police/justice

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.