Dutch Royal Criminal Organization against victim Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife!

Dutch Royal Criminal Organization against victim Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife!


For the whole structure of all people involved in this Royal Criminal Organization see my English Post:

Request Dutch Minister of Health Care! Stop Cover-Up!

Request Dutch Minister of Health Care! Stop Cover-Up!

Request to stop with the Dutch horrifying cover-up which totally destroyed our lives since 1972!

Why do we as defenseless victims have to pay for health care, we never got since 1972? Why do we have to pay taxes when the Dutch Government itself is betraying us? Why are the very high costs of 250.000 euro not deductible? Why did I loose my high level position and 100.000 euro a year, trying to investigate and find out what the Ministry of InJustice already knew since 1972? Total cost over 1,5 million since 2000!

See Post Ultimatum Dutch Minister of InJustice!

Why now we are almost broke, do we still  have to pay the Dutch Health Care Organization thousands a year without getting aid, because I fled to Spain and paid taxes there as long as I could? We are (de facto) stateless!

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The refusal to stop with the horrifying cover-up came with letter from July 10th 2014, stating I have to pay. While ignoring part 1 about the persecution with all crucial other questions about the cover-up, the fact no medical treatment has ever been given to us against our severe suppression of rapes and dissociation, we are almost broke now because of the high costs of 250.000 euro since 2000 to fight our own government, costs of 7000 euro only trying to get to America to ask for asylum but not allowed by the Ministry of InJustice, and much more! Nothing about my letter to Minister Of Injustice Ivo Opstelten also.

The Dutch Minister of Health Care Edith Schippers acts evil because she is indifferent about the suffering we have to endure! She ignores totally all crucial questions! She only answers part 2 about the payment, while ignoring the crucial question part 1. Here the letter she wrote back! This is brutal cowardice! She ignores her dity to the Dutch people, but protects the former Queen Juliana, Beatrix and now even King Willem Alexander, who all don’t need any more protecting because they are all immune! Disgusting behavior. She should have called me and asked how to solve this problem! Minister Ivo Opstelten of Injustice also refuses to answer! Both know by now when they answer they could be prosecuted later by an international court.



Minister van VWS
Mevr. Edith Schippers
Postbus 20350
2500 EJ Den Haag


Drachten, June 13th 2014



  1. Persecution of Hans Smedema BSN 0784.30.410 – USA asylum case: 087-402-454
  2. Payment of Zorginstituut Nederland 1345,59 over 2012, 2013 will follow soon.


 Dear Ms. Edith Schippers,

 Please find enclosed my letter to your colleage mr. Ivo Opstelten explaining about the cover-up of the Dutch Government in the case of me, Hans Smedema and my defenseless wife with severe dissociation. His Ministry of InJustice is executing the horrifying cover-up since 1973.

By special order of the Queen Juliana around 1975, Queen Beatrix 1991 on WOB(right to Information act) and probably much more, all normal civil rights and human rights have secretly be taken away from us, without any warning or informing us. Full info about this horrifying case is on my English Blog or in Dutch and much more detailed

There will be a movie about this appalling case and our unbelievable ordeal. My autobiography EBooks are already published both in Dutch and English worldwide.

Because of also your(!) cover-up by the Dutch Crown(Kroon: Koninklijk huis & Ministerraad) my wife cannot get the therapy she needs. I hold you together with all other involved, specifically the Dutch State responsible and accountable for all damages done to us.

Please find enclosed a copy of the bill from the Dutch Zorg Instituut from June 10th 2014 ordering to pay the last 1345,59 euro over the year 2012 when I lived as a fugitive for the Dutch in Spain!

As we have never received any Health Care from the Dutch for both our severe suppression, repression, amnesia and for my wife even DIS, I refuse to pay until I receive an advance of at least 1,5 million euro, on all damages currently estimated between 5 to 10 million euro.

My thesis in this case is, that paying taxes to a country that took away all our rights to a normal life for over 40 years, is abnormal.


  • A country which protected rapist,
  • even three children from rapist,
  • hides all those crucial facts,
  • took secretly away the right to fair trials,
  • secretly made judges not independent(!) therefore corrupt,
  • made it impossible to get therapy(!) or medical help,
  • made us spend 250.000 euro to try to proof what you and others already know,
  • and now leaves us without enough money to pay our debts of around 325.000 euro.


After emotionally breaking us for over 40 years with all the new trauma’s of repeated rapes and mistreatment, you are no financially breaking us too. We will be broke soon.

So I demand you to immediately have the Dutch State or Ministry of InJustice pay the 1,5 million advance, after which I can pay, or make sure the ‘Zorginstituut Nederland’ does not force collecting the payment. Several Dutch organizations are now trying to collect money from us, which is both impossible and unfair! We are the victims, not the perpetrators!

As no lawyer is permitted to legally assist us, and there will never be a fair trial possible, no laws have been made taking into account fraud by the Dutch Royals and Ministers, we are defenseless!

America deported me twice now, just because the Dutch deny this cover-up to protect the Royals! The only ones NOT needing any more protection in the whole world!

This horrifying case will afterwards be Dutch legacy and be compared to the famous Dutch ‘Anne Frank’ story! Also Multatuli and Dreyfus come close.

So don’t tell me afterwards that I didn’t warn enough!

I strongly advise you to put this horrifying case on the Agenda on the Ministerraad/Cabinet and order them to stop with this conspiracy against me, my wife and the whole Dutch nation! And America involved!

This letter and your answer, if I get one, will be published on my Blogs.


With kind regards,


Hans Smedema B. Sc.




  1. copy letter to mr. Ivo Opstelten Ministry of InJustice
  2. copy of invoice 1,5 million
  3. copy letter from Minister of Finance ir. Jeroen Dijselbloem
  4. Refusal former PM JanPeter Balkenende
  5. Refusal PM Mark Rutte

C.c.: Zorginstituut Nederland


Dutch Minister of Injustice! Pay 1,5 million!

Dutch Minister of Injustice! Pay 1,5 million!

Ultimatum to pay 1,5 million euro at once!

See also Dutch Post about Wrong oath by Dutch Politicians & Ministers!

Posts on by Hans Smedema NuJij Hans Smedema

For full info Royal Criminal Organization follow this link: Dutch Royal Criminal Organization against victim Hans Smedema and his defenseless wife!

No answer was given until now! I sense that they know they are committing criminal acts and severe human rights violations! mr. Ivo Opstelten doesn’t dare to give a streath answer anymore! During the last hearing at police Drachten, they also told me detective Bolier was NOT filing a complaint against me, just as judge Jeroen van Bruggen court Leeuwarden! Meaning my Blog, court cases  and letters is forcing them to act and expose themselves! Their horrifying cover-up is breaking apart!


Minister van Veiligheid & Justitie

Mr. I.W. Opstelten

Postbus 20301

2500 EH Den Haag


Drachten, June 5th 2014


Concerns: Persecution of Hans Smedema BSN 0784.30.410 – USA asylum case: 087-402-454


  1. Hans Smedema Affair: Cover-up by Dutch State, secretly and underhand performed by Ministry of Justice commissioned by Crown(Kroon) since 1972/75 according to witness Elise Boers, from Uden, Netherlands and among many other witnesses, mr. W.R. (Ruud) Rosingh former head prosecutor Leeuwarden.
  2. Financial effects are large and can only be solved by your direct involvement. Chairman Eurogroup and Minister of Finance mr. ir. Jeroen Dijselbloem on August 13th 2013 sent you a copy of my letter to the Minister of Finance of Spain, Don Cristóbal Montoro Romero about my default on the Spanish taxes over 2012 and now 2013, forced by your underhands and criminal Dutch cover-up.
  3. Fine by court of now almost 6800 euro, as a result of fake unlawful trials, no defense allowed, severe human rights violations, hiding, manipulating or deleting of evidence by your Ministry.  The matter is now collection agency/bailiff GGN and is therefore urgent.
  4. Not capable to pay the debt to our removed pension company of 300.000 euro.
  5. Advance of 1,5 million euro on the damages compensation estimated to be somewhere between 5 to 10 million.



Dear Sir mr. Ivo Opstelten,


I did not receive an answer to the letter sent to you by your colleague Dijselbloem on my letter about the default on my Spanish taxes over 2012, and now soon 2013.

So I have to assume you refuse to stop with the current cover-up which caused me and my defenseless wife to suffer since 1972 in a horrifying case that will one day be Dutch legacy.


I found out the hard way and with high costs of 250.000 euro(our pension fund!) since 2000, while suffering with my wife, that we are treated less then dogs! In fact being a dog would have given me more legal rights than I/we have now.

As a direct result of the conspiracy against me and my wife, and the Kafkaesque denial of any information about why and what this is all about, I didn’t know the following crucial almost certain facts:


  1. A special law must have been signed by Dutch Queen Juliana around 1975, demanding that no Dutch official is allowed to help me Hans Smedema in the case concerning my very sick wife with severe dissociation suppressing all the rapes done the her.
  2. No Dutch lawyer is allowed to give legal aid to us, or has to make sure he loses the case! They work with the cover-up against me their paying (!) client! Unlawful and human rights violations!
  3. No Dutch Judge is allowed to use any of the information provided by me in a court case! That is the reason I will always loose all Dutch trials! This has prolonged our suffering with now 14 years, and in fact since 1973!
  4. The Dutch Criminal Organization behind this conspiracy is hiding their actions for the Dutch people!  So they know they are wrong! Transparency is the last these cowards want!


To prevent any more damages as a result of your Royal cover-up/conspiracy, I asked Prime Minister Mark Rutte on July 27th 2012 to pay 1,5 million euro as an advance on the full compensation later. He refused also to do anything, but keep hiding the unlawful cover-up!

I repeat this demand again to you in the attached invoice of also June 5th 2014.

Pay at once 1,5 million euro tax free to prevent further damages in the case ‘Hans Smedema Affair’.

In the case of CJIB/GGN trying to collect the unlawful fine of almost 6800 euro based on fake unlawful trials where no defense was allowed, I demand that you reverse the verdict and inform CJIB about your decision without delay.

Paying the fine of 6800 euro would mean accepting(!) the verdict and fine to the rapist of my wife, which I will never do out of free will. This means GGN will have to collect by taking our pension directly.

Without any legal help, no fair trial possible in the Netherlands, all Dutch Officials ordered to lie or hide evidence; we will always lose any battle in this corrupt country.

I will sent a copy of this letter to GGN with my request to wait for your answer before collecting by force.

I asked America, who is deeply involved, twice for asylum against the Netherlands. But with the Dutch government and specific your Ministry of InJustice lying and hiding evidence, I was deported twice also. I will now involve Germany in this case and ask for asylum there soon.

High Office Human Rights Geneva several times in many years has also refused to act against the persecution by the Dutch nation, and help us.

As always I will publish everything openly on my Blog and, I have nothing to hide(!), you have. So this letter and your reply if I get one!

Both police and prosecutors again refuse to investigate my claim of false charges during the trials, and no dead simple DNA-test which would proof my case at once! I therefore can never ask the High Court to reverse the false fraudulent verdict myself! You will have to do that yourself if you can find enough courage to do so!

I would advise you to read again the book of George Orwell 1984 and Kafka’s Trial, because this case is worse or similar and no fiction but horrifying Dutch reality! There will be a movie about it!


With kind regards,


Hans Smedema B.Sc.


c.c.: CJIB/GGN


Attachments: Invoice 1,5 million, Letter of Minister ir. Jeroen Dijselbloem, Refusal former PM mr. JanPeter Balkenende, and refusal PM Mark Rutte.