Antipsychotic secretly since Sept 2003 by corrupt psychiatrist!

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Antipsychotic secretly since Sept 2003 by corrupt psychiatrist!

Corrupt psychiatrist Frank van Es UMCG totally destroyed my life!

In 2016 in detention for asking Asylum in San Diego California, I suddenly was much more clear in my thinking then just before. Because I didn’t get the secret antipsychotic hidden in official boxes of baby aspirin 100 mg., but the normal aspirin 81 mg America uses.

In 2012 this led almost to my dead when I took 3 for a light headache and became a zombie driving and sitting in a restaurant like a zombie without being able to order anything and having already eaten at home! Policia Local Calpe Spain had to help me find my car which was parked directly out front! Had no alcohol which they checked of course! I unknowingly took 3 times the dose antipsychotic!

The same with my wife who during a holiday took also 3 and was unconscious for several hours! She is much smaller and could have died or got brain damage? 

Victim of horrifying Crimes!

It has been known by medici that I am NOT psychotic, but the victim of most likely the largest conspiracy ever in Dutch history! That started in 1972 and the dossier was at the GGZ Drachten where this corrupt moron Frank van Es worked in 2003! Only my wife got hysterical when asked questions about our past.

The reason to give it to me secretly must have been to handicap my intelligence into half a zombie! As a direct result I became unable to hold my high level position as an Executive Searcher for Management Teams of Companies in januari 2004 with a loss of income of 145.000 euro a year!

Also in 2010/11/12/13 I was secretly getting this unknown antipsychotic because I was warned by Hans Bauerlein NOT to take the aspirin, but throw them away and buy others somewhere else! But he did not say they were an antipsychotic although all friends knew I was getting them!

The same happened with a nice girl selling them at the Farmacia who said you are NOT psychotic at all! So why should you take those? Refuse them, throw them away and she even gave me a second set of aspirin, the normal ones!

Strange, but I forgot about it instantly like they brain programmed and tortured me to do. Taking the antipsychotic also makes you into half a zombie not able to think straight! And I had to defend myself in court without a Lawyer! Judge told me I could defend myself, but sentenced me to 6 months in jail en later 10! No defense allowed at all!

Brainwashing and Conditioning!

So I also found out I was secretly brainwashed and conditioned to forget all I saw and knew about the torture and sex slave crimes done to my wife by the also corrupt Psychologist prof.dr. Onno van der Hart UU and corrupt psychiatrist prof.dr. Robert van den Bosch UMCG who received a lot of money to do so! Both were named in the Frankfurt file from the Dutch Secret Service where my American friend stumbled upon around 1983 or so. Also stating Dutch Ministry of (in)Justice had to execute the special Royal ruling about this horrifying case about me and my wife.

A police officer involved in Catral Spain told me it was NOT conditioning, but torture what they did to you to change your mind and brain! And this ONLY to prevent this Royal(!) conspiracy from ever coming out into news! He therefore chased them away at gunpoint trying to protect me! More police officers were secretly trying to help me, but were NOT allowed to do so! A Nephew Jack from the town Duiven working for State Police when he found out about the crimes done to me/us, filed charges about it at my request and was fired because the Government said it was ‘unlawful interference!’ Which was a lie, because I asked him to do so and I normally should have that right!

Some of that secret file was at the GGZ where the corrupt psychiatrist Frank van Es worked! So he knew I was NOT psychotic, but the victim of an unbelievable large conspiracy in which the Dutch Government and Royals were deeply involved and the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice was ordered to execute and take care that nothing would ever be known about it and probably nobody would ever be prosecuted? Dutch Secret Service is part of the Justice department and one of the rapist got a high level position by using his mind control substance, probably ketamine or similar. So it is infiltrated by criminals en rapist!

The involvement of the Royals makes this case State Security! All Officials including Lawyers and Judges have to protect the Royals apparently even when they were acting against their oath to protect the Dutch citizens! Which they did NOT do in our horrifying torture case.

Secretly and NOT necessary!

So I found out the corrupt Dutch psychiatrist drs. Frank van Es secretly against my will, and totally wrong, gave an unknown antipsychotic hidden in the official boxes of baby aspirin 100 mg. Which was the direct cause of me becoming incapacitated and having to stop working! The same already happened in 2000 when another moron psychiatrist Oostveen Drachten also tried that. I couldn’t work anymore, but without it I worked without problems until Sept. 2003 this other moron psychiatrist gave it me secretly!

So I couldn’t fight it. I thought I was getting sick because it all became to much for me. PTSS or something similar. Had I known, and simply stopped it, I could have been working for many years! There was not much wrong with me at all! The unbelievable story is true, I knew that already. I have never been a psychotic.

I only investigated my case and the conspiracy against me, and wrote it all down at the time. No threat for anyone at all! Only my wife got hysterical when asked questions. because she has severe dissociation! She can be mind controlled by other people like the neighbor Jaap Duijs who was made like that by brain programming by prof.dr. Onno van der Hart , just like they did with me.

I stayed calm, I was mentally to strong and analytical. Proven by the fact I still had a top position from the start in 2000 until 2004 and nobody even knew what I was investigating secretly except my wife.

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Children falsified their own DNA Fathership tests

Children falsified their own DNA Fathership tests by secretly switching the stabs for those of another Family, probably simply the Family of my Son in law! Of which the father, daughter and a son are physicians but if they did apparently despite their medical oath had no problems falsifying DNA fathership tests by giving their DNA samples! This story gets more and more unbelievable and horrifying!

See Dutch post Kinderen vervalsten zelf hun eigen DNA-test!

They did this in 2003 making my life to a hell without being able to proof I was right! I was therefore declared insane and delusional, lost my top position making 145.000 euro a year, lost several court cases only able to use half my brain because of the antipsychotic psychiatrist Frank van Es Es was able to use based on the falsified DNA-tests, and could never get a Lawyer who would effectively defend my case. Nobody believed me anymore. Most people still don’t believe this unbelievable story. I am in exile in Spain since 2008 and trying to find a Lawyer since 2000. So fighting the Dutch conspiracy for 18 years now. And still everybody keeps on to the Omerta and hides all truth for me.

Horrifying behavior of the children (just like their rapist fathers) which made my life since 2003 a hell being seen as the lunatic! Not being able to defend myself against the Criminal Organisation led by my corrupt evil brother mr. Johan Smedema and a Mole inside the Dutch Secret Service who was a rapist in 1972, and got a Staff position inside the BVD later named AIVD.

More about it later…

ing. Hans Smedema, El Albir, Alicante, Spain

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.