Broke up with my cheating girlfriend but forced to date and marry her!

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Broke up with my cheating girlfriend but forced to date and marry her!

The following is crucial for understanding how this conspiracy must have started! Much earlier than I at first thought! It started already in September 1971 and not in 1972. And by my own parents! Mind control and hypnosis by my own corrupt parents to force(!) me to keep dating my former pathological lying and cheating girlfriend THEY liked so much! Like in Muslim countries the family decides over a girl her life not respecting her wishes as an equal human being, here they decided over my life together with three brothers and a sister. Human Rights violations!

Starting to date her

The cheating girlfriend summer 1972 Costa Brave Spain who at that moment was tortured into being a sex slave! She and I didn’t know because of Mind Control and suppression.

When I met my girlfriend in September 1971 she lied to me she had no boyfriend and even that she was still a virgin! Which I didn’t believe of course. Also one of my best friends who was with me to College in Dordrecht, Roland Wester, lied to me she had no boyfriend but only told me she had had some boyfriends so was no virgin at all. She was lying he confirmed.

But in a few weeks, I found out she was hiding her boyfriend from school with which she slept for years since she was 14(!). And weeks later I met people who told me she slept with almost anyone who wanted to use her vagina. Several bartenders told they had slept with her and she was no good for someone of my standing at all. It was normal for her to give sex to everyone and apparently, she didn’t think it was necessary to tell me at all. One big lie! Lying was her first nature! Normal behavior. A pathological liar.

At first, I did not know she was sleeping every night with her old boyfriend while I dated her thinking she was free and more or less honest. She lied to me she was free! Sleeping with a few friends was no problem for me, but a relationship for so many years, and with too many others, was the reason to break up at once and refusing all contact with her. She cried but I knew somebody like that would ruin my life, what exactly happened.

Horrifying was that while I was at her parent’s house her boyfriend was hiding upstairs in her room and when I brought her back in the evening without having sex, only some kisses, she would sleep al night with him in a single bed! Every night! Even her whole corrupt family, father, mother and two sisters were all betraying me and lying she was free! When I heard a noise upstairs they looked and lied to me something fell. Not the horrifying truth! Unbelievable as her father was the Managing Accountant of the Rabobank in the North of the Netherlands! So I falsely assumed he would be very ethical and honest! Not!

Refusing me sex in Dordrecht!

When she visited me in my room in Dordrecht I was NOT allowed to have first-time sex with her all night after knowing each other for 4 weeks or so! And that time was very passioned for both of us! I was really in love with her and she with me. But she cheated on me during lunchtime with just a boy she saw for the first time from a room next door! She slept all nights with her boyfriend and apparently needed sex every night. So she simply took the first boy she saw and had sex while refusing me all night. What I noticed and suspected. My friend from college in the room next door Roland Wester asked the boy when I told him about it, who confirmed that she simply asked him if he wanted sex and gave it to him. But Roland refused to tell me that he did! Betraying me again, while his girlfriend was the best friend of my girlfriend and of course, knew everything about her. At that time I still never had sex with any girl. I was still a virgin at 23 years old which was a result of my corrupt family and dumb mother who made my life miserable by sometimes chasing away nice girls she didn’t like.

My girlfriend had a room in Utrecht and slept with the boy in the room next door also for months! While dating me and lying to me she was free and still a virgin! Which I knew she was not, but she kept lying. I brought her back after an evening out never having sex with her, because I was not allowed to stay in her room by the owners, and she would sleep with that boy the whole night. She was, of course, a slut which strangely I didn’t understand yet. Why? Must have been the hypnosis and mind control from Röben was earlier. Don’t know the exact date of course.

Breaking up!

So when I saw her youth lover(from 14/15) at her parent’s house hiding under her bed I very angry broke up with her knowing she would cheat always on me. By doing so I broke the arm of her lying corrupt mother with my feet while trying to him from under her bed! She totally had the wrong character as her whole family. The character of women I hated and refused to date! Her whole life she would cheat and lie, what indeed did happen! Not to be trusted girls like that.  I hated those girls my whole youth and never even looked at them! And I could have had many other much higher level girls who even asked me! Many did and several asked me to date them. But when they were to easy and had slept with other boys neglecting me, I refused them also. I was looking for a very special high-level nice girl/partner. For the details see my Ebooks.

Forced by Mind Control

But telling my parents I broke up with the lying bitch, with her boyfriend hiding under her bed, they decided(!) she was a nice girl and tried to force us together again even against my wishes! She kept lying she never had sex and was still a virgin in front of me and my parents! It was all a mistake and he slept in her room for years and they had no sex she tried to convince me, together with my lying and betraying father and mother who helped her try convincing me. The lying idiots! So I got very angry and broke with all three of them. And instantly very angry left the three in our house driving to my room in Dordrecht taking my own(!)paid car, some clothes and my own bank account with an unbelievable 20.000 guilders I earned by doing business during college, with me to never come back! What was the right decision and would indeed have saved my life from the disaster that followed.

Next, my corrupt mother called me in Dordrecht where the owner of the rental rooms offered me her own daughter(I talked with her but she was too young) after hearing this absurd story.  She had seen and knew my girlfriend cheating with the boy next door and said “she is a slut, leave her, you deserve much better! My mother wanted me to come to talk about it. Which I stupid and naive did but she then secretly drugged me the same evening with ketamine and had me hypnotized by her friend Röben(Instituut Röben Leeuwarden) with whom she cheated on my father for years. I am now very ashamed for being born in this horrifying corrupt family!

Afterward, I didn’t remember anything about the hypnosis(others followed when my mother decided that I should behave differently) and so next morning I dated my girlfriend as if nothing happened! I totally forgot she was a slut with her boyfriend and I hated her for that! Which the woman owning the pension in Dordrecht found very strange, but I didn’t remember anything. So her warnings were neglected! Ketamine causes memory loss and therefore makes you very vulnerable to hypnosis! Party drug they call it.

To get Röben to secretly, after drugging me, hypnotize me she must have told him that I wanted that myself!  I remember her saying such a thing, but didn’t understand. Which of course was a big lie causing this whole conspiracy until now in 2018!

The largest conspiracy ever in Dutch history with Royals involved and now former President Obama, started simply with a dumb retard lying corrupt mother in 1971! And was upgraded end 1972 by my evil jealous brother Johan, who hated me for having an easier life than he had during the war, into the largest conspiracy ever in Dutch history. Even involving Queen Juliana and the Dutch Cabinet in this horrifying rape case with lies, fraud, brainwashing, hiding medical dossiers/evidence and much more! See my Ebooks for the horrifying details. So unbelievable that almost nobody believes me!

No need for hypnotizing when you want it yourself!

I was too intelligent to want to be hypnotized! Nobody in his right mind would have wanted NOT to know the past and date a cheating and lying girl and corrupt family by forced hypnosis! If I was ok with her cheating,  bad character and corrupt family, I could simply have kept dating her! So it was a criminal act to force me.

No need to have others destroy your mind! Insane of my stupid corrupt mother and corrupt Röben to even think such a grotesque thought. All my younger years I refused girls who had easy sex with many boys and was searching for an honest girl who kept her vagina for one or only a few boys! I would have loved to find a special virgin. Many offered me their virginity, but I was not in love with them, or they were too young or so. See my Ebooks for the unbelievable details.

People, mostly girls or woman who read my books asked me ‘did all that really happen to you? Unbelievable, it is so much! It is exceptional. You had a very interesting but horrifying life.

My brother started a high-level conspiracy!

Unbelievable and horrifying, because later in 1972 when they at last found out about the horrifying crimes in Utrecht with pictures and video’s of it, my corrupt brother Johan who hated me for being born, was in contact with her family. They talked to him, not to me! And he must have used that lie that I wanted to forget about her bad past and bad character myself, to mislead me and have me sign a blank(!) document while not understanding what was going on because of the hypnotizing by Röben and a year-long horrifying trauma’s that happened in her room in Utrecht. Including again severe mind control with ketamine by rapist Jan van Beek who owned the apartment. Where she was severely tortured with a cattle prod to become the sex slave of the owner of the apartment, rapist Jan van Beek.

He must have used the blank paper to fill in the text about me not wanting to know the truth myself? Having been hypnotized out of free will? Nobody would do a thing like that, but apparently many idiots(even justice) do believe it. That could be the reason they tell me ‘we are not allowed to tell you!’

He simply took control over my life by lying about that because I told him much earlier I wanted to know exactly what happened to be able to protect my girlfriend. I also told him before that he should NOT interfere in my life or my girlfriend! I would take care of my girlfriend myself! Her family should contact me about what happened and not him! Several times I refused to talk with him and told him to stay out of my life! Who would allow his brother(who hated me) to take control over what happened to his own girlfriend? Nobody! But he did and apparently was able to get even Justice department to believe that also later. And the Dutch Queen Juliana and the Dutch Cabinet! Unbelievable what morons. Read my Ebooks about how shrewd he managed to do just that by misleading and lying.

I was born into a corrupt family and next forced to marry into another almost equal corrupt.

So crucial for understanding the cause of this grotesque conspiracy in which everybody  tells me… they are not allowed to tell me! Omerta! I found out about this during my 13 months innocent detention in P.I. Heerhugowaard where I did NOT get secretly the antipsychotic hidden as a baby aspirin I got in the Netherlands and Spain for 14 years or so!

My mother, later brothers, sister, and my girlfriend, her father, mother and two sisters all knew I was hypnotized in October 1971 to force me to keep dating this lying and cheating girlfriend(later wife, now ex-wife since June 29th, 2015) who I already had left after only a few weeks dating!

I also heard much later that end of 1972 they(parents/brother) had me secretly do a sleep cure in a hospital and probably more severe brainwashing. Nothing on my medical dossier! They did everything to force me to do what they(!) wanted, not what I wanted or what was best for me. Being in charge of your own life of course. Together with a big Omerta! Don’t tell Hans about it! Keep it a secret! And so they destroyed my whole life by forcing me to marry a lying and betraying slut. In Utrecht, she even offered apartment owner Jan van Beek sex if he would lower her 400 guilders rent. Which makes her a hooker also.

I now live totally isolated as a fugitive in El Albir, Spain. And almost without money, no children of my own, declared delusional, 29 months in detention as a victim(!), and much more terrible things as explained in my Ebooks.

So I unknowingly was forced to mary this cheating corrupt girl on February 23th 1973 who as a reward for my parents help also slept with my father(allowed and hidden by my corrupt mother). Many times she told me about my parents “they have helped me so much!” But never telling me the truth why of course. So she willingly accepted me to be betrayed, hypnotized to love her, forced to marry her, and all that while cheating on me with my father and many others. She slept many times with her old boyfriend from school when we were married. Read my Ebooks about this horrifying story.

I was not important! Just somebody who earned money so she didn’t have to work for her whole life! Nobody was interested in my life and my wishes. Which now in 2018 is still the case. They all still refuse to tell me anything. Omerta! I try to find out what happened since 2000! Thousands of hours lost, losing millions in income and totally unnecessary if they would only have told me everything when I asked about it in 2000.

And so this whole case became larger and larger because of my corrupt brother Johan the Godfather of the family, and more and more people joined the game of betraying Hans Smedema and destroying my life. Medici all did the same! Almost all of them denied me the right to know the truth causing more and more hardship for me, children from the rapist and even losing my 145.000 euro income 2004. Even the Dutch Royals were lured into this conspiracy by my corrupt brother Johan Smedema the leader and Godfather for the family.

Not to help me or even my totured wife, but to protect himself and all corrupt involved from ever being prosecuted! I have no civil or human rights anymore. Dogs have more and better rights.

Asylum judge Rex J. Ford knew this in 2009!

I now understand why Judge Rex J. Ford told me in 2009 during my first asylum request(7 months in detention) after hearing about this in writing from my lying and betraying sister Rinneke…

The American people or any readers will most likely not have any sympathy for your lying and betraying wife. They will say “she got what she deserved!”

He also asked me why I was acting so stupid when she was mistreated and raped for a year in 1972 in Utrecht! They didn’t understand that and me neither. But now I do understand! This post is to make sure everybody knows what really happened.

It was because before she was in that horror room in Utrecht, I was already weakened by the secret hypnosis and mind control from Röben! I had to accept her having sex with others and look the other way? Trust her?

But still, my girlfriend and wife was in Utrecht also tortured into being a sex slave and developed a so-called extra emotional personality! A double personality and still believes her children are mine because her mind(after brainwashing/mind control) tells her she never had sex with any man except me after marriage! The poor woman got raped, switched into her double, and afterward simply back to normal. Many many times also when we were long married. The corrupt rapist Jaap Duijs knew about it and was paid 100.000 guilders with a monthly allowance by the secret service to live next door to us and keep her a sex-slave.

And because of the horrifying omerta, when I found out at last in 2000 I was unable to get therapy for her and instead myself was declared delusional(nobody believed me) which caused me to get incapacitated. Children even falsified their own DNA fathership test to also betray me and made my life a living hell.

See Dutch post Kinderen vervalsten zelf hun eigen DNA-test!

Much more unbelievable and educational details about rapist, mind control and double personality in my Ebooks!

Part 4 – Asylum denied, is just published in Dutch(!) on December 6th, 2018! The English version will need a few weeks because of some more translation.

Part 5 – J’Accuse will be the last part of the investigation version(my written legal statement about what happened to me) and will have to wait for the outcome of the UNCAT investigation or special inquiry end of April or May 2019.

After that, I will write a commercial Ebook(without all the legal details) what will be more condensed and only one Ebook. The movie book will smaller with only the most emotional scenes, but still at least three-hour movie!

Hans Smedema, in self-imposed-exile in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.