Request Access to classified records from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

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Request Access to classified records from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Request Denied!

Request has already been denied! See text in email

Archives – Access Request
Thu, Feb 13, 1:43 PM (2 days ago)
to me

Dear Hans Smedema,

We do not hold records of States activities unless related to the work of the Office of the High Commissioner. Please contact the relevant States’ mechanisms for assistance.

Best regards

Access Request Team

Huh? UNCAT or Special Procedure is not related to the work of the High Commissioner? Again not a clear answer as always. And without a lawyer I am defenseless! Both States America and Netherlands simply do not respond to my questions!

I sent the following request to the OHCHR


Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) 

Attn: Archives Classified Records

Palais des Nations 

1211 Geneva 10 



  • Request Archives classified records Special Procedure/UNCAT America contra Netherlands, which was started by President Obama just before he left office on Jan 20th, 2017
  • Justice for Hans Smedema in American Asylum case 087-402-454 which started in Florida on April 23th, 2009, was reopened in Buffalo, New York in Jan 2014, and still open in 2017 where KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander on March 15th, 2017 corrupt blocked my legal answer ‘Yes, I want asylum’ to the specific(!) American request from Judge Rex J. Ford if I still needed/wanted Asylum in American airspace! Abuse of power and obstruction of justice by the Dutch King in direct violation of his oath to protect(!) the people of the Netherlands!
  • In total now 15 months innocent detention in America for the ‘crime’ of having to ask asylum against the in this case corrupt Netherlands, and 14 months in the Netherlands because I cannot get any legal help, and during trials no defense is allowed because of false (ab)use of State Security.
  • Also I am the only Dutch not allowed to file charges without any reason given!
  • Conspiracy still ongoing and can only be stopped with the evidence from the UNCAT or Special Procedure case!


El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain, Jan 6th, 2020

Urgent Request!

Herewith I request all(full) available or allowed(limited) information and specific documents about the Special Procedure or UNCAT complaint ordered by President Obama just before he left Office on Jan 20th, 2017 and most likely filed by American Department of Justice (DOJ) or Department of State(DOS) after preparing the case, around April/May 2017.

Also documents explaining the reasons why there is no official report about this case and why I am not informed! I request to be informed!

My request is based on the following principles of transparency.

  • Openness and transparency The overall approach to classifying information entrusted to or originating from the United Nations is based on the understanding that its work should, to the extent possible, be open and transparent, subject to confidentiality obligations set out in Secretary-General’s bulletin ST/SGB/2007/6. 
  • The right of access to information The right to information under international law has its roots in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (see A/72/350). The Human Rights Committee stressed that article 19 (2) of the Covenant “embraces a right of access to information held by public bodies” and that “[s]uch information includes records held by a public body, regardless of the form in which the information is stored, its source and the date of production” (CCPR/C/GC/34, para. 18)

Purpose of the request

The right to know the truth 

  • The United Nations Updated Set of Principles for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights through Action to Combat Impunity (2005) reaffirms the right of individuals to know the truth about violations of human rights and humanitarian law in order to foster accountability and ensure non-recurrence. The Updated Set of Principles emphasizes the vital role that archives play through preservation of memory in giving effect to the right to know the truth and holding persons accountable for human rights violations. It further provides that access to archives shall be facilitated, both to victims and, as necessary, to persons implicated who request it for their defence. The Updated Set of Principles stresses that the application of this principle must be implemented in full respect of applicable privacy concerns, particularly as regards confidentiality concerns of victims and other witnesses. Similarly, while stating that access to archives should also be facilitated in the interests of historical research, this should be subject to reasonable restrictions aimed at safeguarding the privacy and security of victims and other individuals. 
  • Both me and the Dutch people should be allowed to know the truth about this case and the fact that I am NOT insane at all as the Dutch successfully made everyone believe, but the victim of the largest known cover-up and conspiracy ever in the history of the Netherlands! With a Cordon Sanitaire since 1972 with everyone involved bribed to lie and deny all criminal acts and specific rapes of my wife and to a lesser degree to me by making me infertile. Also America should be compensated for the millions they had to spend investigating this horrifying case in which also American Al Rust Military Intelligence was betrayed by the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice lying that there was NO case about me! He was innocent dishonorably discharged and suffered for 10 years before he could prove his case with a copy(!) of my not existing(!?) 30+ page Dutch dossier he saw in 97th General Army Hospital Frankfurt!
  • Only with the evidence I will be able to stop the still ongoing torture from the Dutch State and Royals. Because nobody believes this unbelievable case and with Ministry of Justice itself criminal involved, it is easy to bribe and/or mislead people to inform the Dutch medici and others about the (in their eyes delusional) stories I sometimes unaware tell those who are interested in my case. Which is used to secretly keep me drugged with an antipsychotic since 2003 until the end of 2016 when I asked asylum in California. Could very well be now again, as I feel like a zombie and avoid fighting back enough after 19 years. People acting like friends in Spain are bribed and paid thousands to relay all information to unknown people in the Netherlands. This happened in Catral, Parcent and Jalon, and in Albir. I get no copy of signed spanish medical documents which I don’t understand at all, not speaking Spanish. No lawyer to help me and no money anymore to pay them.

Reasons why the truth should come out

  • Denial of Crucial Information with a ‘StateWide Omerta’ since 1972 causing 45+ years of horrifying mistreatment of both me and my defenseless mentally conditioned/tortured wife. The Dutch State and Royals refuse to talk to me about this case and/or provide me with clear information about why I am being persecuted by the Dutch State since 1973 and more specific why Ministry of (In)Justice is secretly(!) working against(!) their normal mission to protect me as a citizen of the Netherlands. And in this horrifying case ‘De Facto protecting(!)’ rapists and other criminals involved. While even deleting, falsifying or manipulating all evidence about decades of severe crimes and human rights violations against me and my defenseless mentally controlled and disturbed (now ex)wife with selective dissociation! I could never and was not allowed to protect my wife not knowing what severe rapes were done to her.
  • Secretly(!) against my will, Brainwashing or brain programming by bribed psychologist prof. Dr. Onno van der Hart UU and psychiatrist prof. Dr. Robert van den Bosch UMCG to force me to suppress all criminal acts against me or my wife. Which made me and my wife totally defenseless for 45 years and was started in 1975 or earlier and was repeated secretly every 5 to 6 years, even after they knew she got children from 3 different rapists and I was secretly made infertile by the rapists in 1972. They kept that crucial information hidden from me and my wife. I could never and was not allowed to protect my wife not knowing(suppressing after conditioning or brain programming like in the famous Jason Bourne fiction movies), what severe rapes were done to her.
  • Deleting photo’s and video’s of the rapes by the Ministry of (In)Justice, DNA fathership tests also falsified as proven in America, and any evidence or me trying to get that, was blocked through the Cordon Sanitaire and Ministry of (In)Justice since 1975 or so.
  • Denial of fair Justice and Trials. I was not allowed to file any charges against rapists and others criminal involved after I found out in 2000. Also during several trials against me for insult or defamation of the rapists, no defense at all was allowed and no lawyer was ever found who would take this full case and provide me with effective legal representation! No one ever found since 2000! One would only assist in the defense against the insult! Leaving out the crucial context forcing me to publish about this extreme case of human rights violations and perversion of justice. 
  • Unique case in America and the Netherlands. In America they found 5 good grounds/Nexus for Asylum if enough hard evidence could be found that the Dutch Government or Royals were involved. Which was totally unique and has never happened before in the known history of America! I know myself no other case in the Netherlands which was and still is so horrifying and betraying so many people as this one. Not counting the famous Anne Frank war story of course. Only the famous Albert Dreyfus affair around 1900 in France looks a lot like this case and to some degree Kafka’s fiction  ‘The Trial.’
  • The Dutch people have a right to know what happened. Until now the Dutch Prime Ministers and deeply involved Royals refuse to inform me or the Dutch people! While this case is unique with severe Mind Control and an unbelievable Cordon Sanitair which was initiated around 1972 by a corrupt brother and made Royal and therefore State Security by Queen Juliana around 1975. All secretly without informing me/us. In 1977 the main rapist Jaap Duijs was paid 100.000 guilders and a monthly allowance of 500 guilders to build a villa next door for a decades long ‘Cordon Sanitair with microphones in both our Villa and on my professional desk as CEO’ to harass me and keep me and my defenseless wife under his/their mind control using daily drugs hidden as vitamin pills and make sure we would never be able to fight back.
  • My brother was allowed as a godfather to lead a secret (Criminal) Organisation since 1973 in which two officials from the Ministry of (In)Justice were members, next to later in 1977 rapist Jaap Duijs himself and our other friends who were bribed with 20.000 guilders at once to hide and deny all crimes, and 500 guilders when showing up for a monthly or  quarterly meeting to keep the horrifying omerta going and decide what action should be taken to make sure this omerta would never come out. One rapist of my wife in 1972 infiltrated Dutch Secret Service and was apparently leading(!) the omerta from the Ministry of (In)Justice to make sure he himself would never be caught! With a Royal official omerta he could block any dangers from the start!
  • Right to an investigation, information and financial and other compensation, like rehabilitation. Not being able to defend myself against all the criminals and statewide omerta I was declared insane and lost an income of 145.000 euro a year. Until now almost nobody believes my unbelievable case and I live totally isolated in self imposed but forced exile in beautiful sympathetic Spain. Which is not allowed to protect me by the request of the Netherlands. Policia local in Benidorm was not allowed to protect me from torture and brain programming on May 20th, 2010 of which America has all evidence and a Belgian investigative judge I talked to. I demand full compensation and rehabilitation but without the evidence I am not able to get legal help! And I have no money any more, only a small pension of 1500 euro each month before taxes and more. 
  • 5 murder attempts on my life! First in 1975 when they found out that our daughter was not mine, 2 in 1980 during which my neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog was murdered when investigating my case, on May 20th, 2010 in Benidorm and early 2016 in Altea, Costa Blanca, Spain. Photos of the killers were deleted after I told the Kings Intelligence man Sjon on March 15th, 2017 during the KLM flight from LA to Amsterdam! When I got out of prison April 5th, 2018 all those secretly taken pictures were gone, but I warned FBI and/or CIA about those pictures before that and most likely they have them from before deleting by the corrupt Dutch King and/or State. They should be in the UNCAT case! I request those also.
  • Secretly harassing me by giving me an antipsychotic hidden as official boxes of daily baby aspirin 100mg in Sept 2003 by a corrupt bribed psychiater drs. Frank van Es! My normal relatively high IQ of 135 and EQ of 145 was lowered making me half a zombie not capable of fighting back against this horrifying huge statewide bribed omerta. It causes you to let it all be and NOT fight back anymore. I kept unaware investing our money NOT knowing I was no longer capable to do so and lost a lot of money. Also I lost my top position and an income of 145.000 euro a year and was declared delusional, while simply stopping with the baby aspirin(hidden antipsychotic) would have cleared my mind again and I could have worked on like I already did from 2000 until end 2003. That psychiatrists are allowed to do so without informing their victim is unheard of and normally only done to very dangerous people. I was still working a top position, Rotary member and earning a high income and suddenly(!) couldn’t anymore assuming I got sick I thought! But was made(!) sick!
  • The persecution is still going on! The persecution is still ongoing of course. I cannot get any legal help as they assume I am insane and now have no money to pay anymore. I lost our pension fund of 300.000 euro cash fighting my own corrupt family, Ministry of (In)Justice, country and corrupt Royals who were/are cowardly hiding their involvement for me and the Dutch nation! It is possible that many officials were not even allowed to know about this horrifying case. KLM is not reacting to my request for information about the log of the KLM flight from LA to Amsterdam on March 15th, 2017 in which their Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corruptly blocked my positive answer that Yes, I wanted asylum while still in American airspace. Again abuse of power and obstruction of justice by the Dutch King! I have no lawyer and no money anymore. Dutch lawyers apparently are not allowed to help me based on State security? Or do they not believe my story?  They give no explanation at all. Still people are hired and bribed to relay secretly what I sometimes tell about my horrifying story to unknown Dutch involved! For more secret antipsychotics?
  • More and more countries involved! Next to the Netherlands itself, of course America because of my repeated requests for asylum in 2009, 2013/14 and 2016/17, and Spain who could not protect me against the corrupt Netherlands in 2008 and 2010, Canada who blocked my asylum request in America in 2013 on special request by the Netherlands, France who tried to help me in Paris Airport after almost arresting me, Mexico who helped me after being asked by the corrupt Dutch to sent me back while trying to reach Texas, Germany who tried to help and let me fly to Mexico after being asked by the Dutch to block me. Those countries should be compensated in full too! Dutch officials were fired or manipulated after investigating my case! A Police Officer nephew Jack was innocent fired for unlawful interference when he tried to file charges as a whistleblower on my specific request!

I asked America on Sept 9th, 2019 to use their Global Magnitsky Act against those involved in the Netherlands, and will do the same in the EU also. But without any legal or public help and without all the available American evidence, that will almost certain not succeed of course.

So please give me as much information as you can in this horrifying several decades long criminal case. The world needs to be informed about this case with the Dutch Royals and Prime Ministers criminal involved! And the world should learn how sophisticated and shrewd this omerta was set up and could continue for decades without anybody trying to stop it, but myself and some heroic Americans!

Justice should be served for this still ongoing conspiracy against me an innocent victim, while also since 1973 blocking the normal learning effect causing thousands if not tens of thousands of young unaware girls to suffer more from mind control and rapes! And their unaware parents will never know how criminals got mind control over their unaware victims.


Hans Smedema B. Sc.

(The letter has also all my information like address and legal stuff)

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.