Decades of Dutch Injustice by the rapist traitor who became Top Level Secretary General Ministry of (In)Justice protected by Royal ruling based on his fraud and betrayal!

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Decades of Dutch Injustice by the rapist traitor who became Top Level Secretary General Ministry of (In)Justice protected by Royal ruling based on his fraud and betrayal!

Link to other crimes by Secretary General Joris Demmink who was protected by the Dutch Royals in my horrifying case which made him immune, and so was never sentenced! Rapist-traitors go free, while I was sentenced based on fraud and betrayal with no defense allowed!

Unbelievable Top-Level Harm done to Dutch Ministry of Justice and Dutch Intelligence!

Rapist-traitor Joris Demmink as the MOLE inside the Ministry of Justice and inside Intelligence had top-level classified clearance to read even American top-level classified documents! Since 1972 he was leading departments and was able to manipulate and even delete evidence. He of course changed my reality in the documents into one that kept himself and his criminal ‘friends’ out of any investigation and was able to blackmouth me being involved in the rape-movies they took of my girlfriend in 1972 and much later. Those were sold via Prague to America rapist Jan van Beek told me.

So it is certain he manipulated documents in other cases too. Who are those victims who just like me were innocently sentenced? There must be many, and to which countries or persons did he sell his classified documents?

The harm he did must be huge. With all the murder attempts(5 on my life) and murders(Neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog 1981 who came to close to the truth), intimidation/bribing, and forcing everybody who tried helping me to move to another town, suddenly forced to sell their homes at a loss, drugging/mind control(I got daily ketamine since 1972), even mutilate my brain(normal IQ 135) into submission every 5/6 years by horrifying electroshock, and more he left huge injustice behind which is NOT investigated at all! Three generations Dutch Royals were manipulated by him and he made sure he himself was immune!

He was immune by the special ruling from Queen Juliana around 1972/3 ordering that there would never be any investigation in this Hans Smedema Affair! As far as I know only the current Dutch King Willem Alexander can reverse that stupid ruling that only protected the rapists and not me or my defenseless sex-slave wife. I therefore was innocent(!) in detention for a total of 29 months, not even understanding yet who were my secret enemies because of the Royal Omerta organisation since 1972!

Official Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services CTIVD hearing The Hague April 29th, 2008!

During an official hearing on April 29th, 2008 in The Hague by the top level Dutch Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD) the leading Judge Mrs mr. I.P. Michels van Kessenich-Hoogendam confessed that this decades-long conspiracy case (from 1972) could only have happened with the help of someone inside the Ministry of Justice!

She was also happy that my American Friend ‘Al Rust’ who suffered for almost 10 years after Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice lied there was no(!) file about Hans Smedema or his wife Wietske Jansma, and was paid almost 1 million US$ in 1997 after he won his case with a copy of that not-existing(?!) 30+ pages Dutch Intelligence file! She promised to send a positive official report to the Dutch Government to stop(!) this horrifying cover-up and conspiracy, but told me it was a political decision!

But Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende refused to do that to protect the involved Dutch Royals and based on false information from Rapist-Traitor Secretary General Joris Demmink Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice(reporting directly to the Minister!) manipulating all evidence. So officially they denied my case in 2008 because there was not enough evidence. But earlier in 2003 and 2004 I was offered 5 million euro if I kept certain facts a secret! See post Bod Kabinet 5 miljoen als afkoop!

Not enough evidence is a lie because I gave the name of Jan van Beek, my brother Johan Smedema, my tortured wife who even in 2000 remembered the name Joris and from his Family name the sound ‘èm’ or so. And later I also knew the name Joris who answered the phone in my(!) house. Directly pointing to Top-Level Secretary General Ministry of Justice Joris Demmink being the rapist-traitor who destroyed our lives. They showed me some pictures and I pointed immediately to Joris without at that moment knowing his name or that he was the Secretary-General of the Ministry of (In)Justice.

But they stated that he was impossible because he was the one who was always helping(!) us.

So they were manipulated by him to think he was trying to help us, while he appointed serial rapist Jaap Duijs as our guard with a de facto free Villa next to us and with a microphone in our house and access to all phone calls and email even on my desk as CEO of an Engineering Company.

But this hearing was the ONLY one where I could talk about my case. Never has anyone from Justice or Police talked about my case or investigated. All blocked by rapist-traitor SG Joris Demmink himself with no effective control at all.

Which means the CTIVD was NOT independent enough to expose a very dangerous Dutch rapist traitor(selling rape-movies) who must have infiltrated the Ministry of (In)Justice since 1973 with lots of dangerous ‘friends’!

Mentioned MOLE-X inside the Ministry of Justice!

So I made sure that I mentioned the crucial fact that the friend of serial rapist Jan van Beek who rented a room to my girlfriend, had told me his rapist friend, who tortured my girlfriend into a defenseless sex-slave, was denied an operational position with Dutch Intelligence and Security Services, but was offered a much better staff position where he would start in 1973! From there he could manipulate their case much better. And that his rapist friend had direct contact with my corrupt brother mr. (Master in Law)Johan Smedema from the town Gennep who was made leader of the Omerta Criminal Organisation of which two people from Justice were members. Purpose of that Omerta Organisation was to make sure that there would never be any investigation into our Hans Smedema Affair under the false cause that my girlfriend was mentally not able to be involved in court cases against the rapist! Which were Jan van Beek and Joris Demmink himself! Brilliantly making himself immune to any investigation and sentence.

But the professional Judge and her beautiful professional assistant Hilda both said that was impossible! They had looked into it already, but apparently the MOLE-X, which I later in 2021 found out was Joris Demmink, who was at that moment(2002 to 2013) the top-level Secretary General SG of the whole Dutch Ministry of Justice, had hidden or manipulated all evidence brilliantly from the start in 1972. So CTIVD in 2008 looked at manipulated documents!

But why did she first tell me that this horrifying case was only possible with the help of a MOLE inside the Ministry of Justice? Nobody followed up on the fact that I knew details, and my wife too of course. And many others like my brother Johan and Elise Boers from Uden who worked for the Real Estate company of my brother, and was paid by Justice to be part of the Omerta Criminal Organisation!

Why no Investigation about who was the Mole and traitor inside Justice?

If there had been a independent investigation after the official CTIVD hearing April 29th, 2008, and in fact 1973 to 1975 when there were several warnings about our severe mistreatment and rapes, videos and photos, they could have easily found the rapist mole and traitor Joris Demmink and his friend Jan van Beek who was known. Justice knew about all the photos and rape movies that were made about my girlfriend in 1972 and afterwards as my defenseless wife.

See also my earlier posts:

Secretary General Joris Demmink was 40 years Royal protected(!) Rapist-Mole manipulating the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

Many people knew about him leading the Omerta Department inside the Ministry of Justice together with the Intelligence Secret Service.

But everybody who tried to help me, was intimidated and moved out of the way, or even murdered like my neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog who came to close to the truth according to rapist Jan van Beek.

So a rapist traitor and torturer, even murderer Joris Demmink was allowed by a special ruling from Queen Juliana around 1973 based on fraud and betrayal, to be protected for the rest of his life until the special ruling would be cancelled!IN another case he was not sentenced and the case closed without a good reason. Most likely the protection from the special ruling(made by Joris Demmink himself) of Queen Juliana around 1973 which made him immune.

What more did this evil creature do inside the Dutch Ministry of Justice?

Decades of Gaslighting or Reality-manipulation!

Of course when you are not allowed, by hiding all evidence, to know you and your girlfriend were the victim of top-level rapists(Jan van Beek and Joris Demmink) in 1972 and de facto forced(!) to marry her on Feb 23th, 1973 based on false and hidden information, you both will become defenseless! With horrifying results of decades-long defenseless rape, mistreatment, 5 murder attempts on my life, several murders and mind control. And intimidating unaware people not to help me, sometimes with legal attacks while keeping me unaware and into submission by a daily drug ketamine. I became a kind of dog, reacting doggish.

And when at last I found out about it in March 2000 they continued to lie and betray me stating in writing I was suddenly delusional which caused me to become mentally unable to function normally and losing 145.000 income a year. And because my wife was made to believe I was delusional she made my whole family and later professional network assuming I was suddenly insane and needed medication!  Including Police and Lawyers, causing me to be sentenced while innocent victim of the largest Cover-up and Conspiracy in known Dutch history.

This includes the deleting or manipulating of clear evidence I needed during court cases I was able to lure against me, as I was not allowed to file charges secretly being placed outside normal civil laws and rights.

An example is the air photo I took of our house on which was clearly visible my wife having 69-sex with her mental boss serial rapist working for Justice and secretly rapist friend Joris Demmink, Jaap Duijs who got de facto a free Villa to watch over us while being a member of the Omerta Criminal Organisation. This photo was deleted by her children even from my email against my specific will. Making me even more defenseless during the court case on Feb 9th, 2009 where I was sentenced being totally innocent and not knowing what was going on and without legal representation! Being severely traumatised and not even able to read the letter my wife sent to the Judge! Two raped women did not dare to be present and had to sent a girlfriend to mention their rapes by Jaap Duijs! No defence was allowed!

Mutilating my brain by Electro-shock!

I remember only one occasion about my conditioning to forget and suppress everything and when I refused my brain being electrified! Horrifying torture by prof.dr. Onno van der Hart every 5 to 6 years because my brain would slowly repair itself! Since 1972!

Joris Demmink bribed the later prof. dr. Onno van der Hart a specialist in mind control to mutilate my brain to suppress everything about the sex my secret sex-slave wife had. I remember now only one occasion and the pain when I gave the wrong answer and he electrified my poor brain. Also my wife was treated to suppress everything and live on unaware of all the dangers. Together with the daily light ketamine after 1977 provided by the corrupt and betrayed Sylvia te Wierik  Police Drachten we were submissive like dogs our almost whole life which nobody noticed? Why not? I never got any help from this Omerta Criminal Organisation with serial rapist Jaap Duijs paid by Justice for watching over us since 1977 with a microphone in our house. The last one was in 2011 in the Villa from a corrupt bribed couple in Murla while many Dutch friends knew about it, but never warned me! Apparently they found it ok that my brain was mutilated and that I got a daily drug to keep me submissive as a dog. See English and Dutch post:

Brainwashed and tortured at Police Officer Villa in Catral!

Gemarteld in de Villa van André Gruters en Joke Laven!

What were the consequences of this decades-long top-level traitor?

He murdered, intimidated or manipulated anybody who became too close to the truth! That must have been at least a hundred innocent people just doing the right ethical thing!

I alone know of the following:

1975 – My Neighbor Singel 8,  Harde who was forced to move when he found out about the daily Ketamine (blocking my brain) my wife gave me secretly ordered by Jan and Joris! Most likely they used ‘unlawful interference’ as a false reason because I asked him to investigate!

1981 – murdered Neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog,

1983/7 – My American friend ‘Al Rust’ who was innocent fired from American  Military Intelligence and forced to sell his home to pay damages because the Dutch Ministry of Justice in 1987 denied the existence of the 97th General Army Hospital Frankfurt Dutch Intelligence 30+ pages file which was found in 1983 and deleted by Justice(Joris Demmink) within 3 days. But he won his military appeal case in 1997 with that crucial file which explained everything and who were involved like Queen Juliana, and many more. He was paid damages of almost 1 million US$.

1991 – my Rotary friend Managing Prosecutor(waarnemend hoofdofficier Justitie) Leeuwarden who was forced to move to another town!

1992 – My Nephew Jack from Duiven as Dutch Rijkspolitie reported my case and was innocent fired because of also ‘unlawful interference’ which was false because I asked him to report my case for investigation.

2000 – Elise Boers working for Justice and Omerta Org of my brother Johan

2017 – King WA who blocked the asylum I was offered above Montana legally in America causing me in detention for 13 months, being the innocent victim still not knowing fully what was going on! All information was blocked by the severe Cordon Sanitaire since 1977 by serial rapist teacher French planned-neighbor Jaap Duijs who mentally controlled my wife and myself with a daily dose of ketamine into submission! Huge case of Mind control.

2009, 2013. 2016 – I had to ask for Asylum in America and spend 7, 2,5 and 5, 5 months in transition/detention during the court cases. Which is 15 months, and another 14 months innocent being the victim in Dutch detention because Ministry of Justice and others lied or were hiding all evidence and getting legal help was forbidden(!) according to a forced(deken) Lawyer Ad Speksnijder. My normal legal rights were secretly(Joris Demmink) taken from me! So a grand total of 29 months in detention as the victim of the largest cover-up and conspiracy in the known history of the Netherlands!

And many many more mentioned in my Ebooks and in my post:

Timeline all most crucial events!

Rapist traitor Joris Demmink was never prosecuted for my Hans Smedema Affair!

So he and all others involved went free because of the false special ruling of Queen Juliana around 1973, and of course the fact that none of the other Queen Beatrix and King Willem Alexander cancelled the horrifying wrong ruling which protected only the rapists and others involved.

The only one prosecuted for Libel was myself Hans Smedema when I was not allowed to file charges against my enemies by special order from the Ministry of Justice, which was of course rapist traitor Joris Demmink protecting himself and others.

Since 2000 I am still in vain looking for a Lawyer in this case, but nobody dares to take this huge case against the coward Dutch State and Crown(State and Royals).

I was offered Asylum on March 15th, 2017!

See my post: KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corrupt blocked my American Asylum against the Netherlands in American Airspace!

Official complaint State America against State of The Netherlands

Also President Obama made it possible that the State America filed an official complaint at UNCAT or a special procedure Human Rights Counsel? See my post:

Prof. Nils Melzer UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

But I never heard anything about that case anymore, is it possible it was stalled or canceled when President Trump left the Human Rights Counsel?

No Justice for Hans Smedema or partly his wife

The result is that I still never had any effective legal help or representation now in 2022, while this case started decades ago in 1972. A special secret ruling by Queen Juliana around 1973 took away my civil rights and gave it to my brother Johan who used that power to destroy my live and that of my sex-slave wife.


More will be added later…

Hans Smedema B. Sc. , living in exile in beautiful El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain.


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