Political Asylum request President Obama

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Political Asylum request President Obama


On July 9th 2012 I sent the following  request to President Obama in person.

I have now been denied asylum twice! One time on April 23th 2009 Miami Airport Florida with asylum Judge Rex J. Ford Miami immigration court with 28 weeks of detention, and now in November 5th 2013 with 10 weeks of detention! I waited with publishing this request to give everybody the time to reconsider helping the Dutch Royals, Prime Minister en high level officials with their unlawful betrayal of me, my wife and the whole Dutch nation!

Request from victim Hans Smedema


President Obama Personally!

White House



Drachten, July 9th 2012

 ‘Never in history…
have so few…
been betrayed so badly…
by so many…’ Hans Smedema



Request to reopen my asylum case and/or grant me political asylum, to protect me from the persecution(torture, mistreatment and severe discrimination) since 1973 by the Dutch Queen Juliana & now Beatrix, her Cabinet and all Dutch governmental officials who by her special law are forced to hide the truth about my horrifying case. The Dutch ‘Freedom of Information Act’ has been set aside on October 31st 1991 by the Queen, when she herself is involved!

Asylum case 2009 ‘Smedema, Hans A 087-402-454’ with the professional and kind Asylum Judge Rex J. Ford having to deport me after 28 weeks, without enough evidence of the Dutch government being involved. Although evidence of the involvement of the Dutch government and Queen was available at the CIA because of the court (1987) and appeal (1996) case (largely about my case!) of my American friend Al Rust, a former military CIA employee who suffered for 10 years being innocently (!) fired in 1987, just because of the betrayal(hiding evidence) by the Dutch state and Queen Beatrix! State crimes!

The Dutch state therefore must have kept crucial evidence and information about my case hidden from Judge Rex Ford, which is an unacceptable (international) crime! The Dutch also refuse to open up or even talk to me.

Dear President Obama, you once said…

‘History has proven to be always on the side of those who seek justice!’

And I seek desperately for only some(!) justice since March 2000, but until now never found any, just because the immune Dutch Queen must have been secretly (!) involved by our family. Family denies everything and declared me insane.

My case therefore became without any warning to us, state security! Any investigation, prosecution of the many rapists since 1972, or even simply telling us the truth so we can at last know what happened and grow old together, apparently is forbidden! Her already immune name must be more important than both of us suffering since 1972!

My horrifying case therefore resembles the great American story of the famous ‘Declaration of independence’ and I too have to ask ‘The Good People of the Earth’ for help!

The American ‘Declaration of independence’ makes clear that any Government has to make sure that their people can achieve Life, Liberty, Safety and Happiness, even when a King(or Queen) is involved. But the Dutch Queen and Cabinet did the opposite by completely destroying our lives since 1973, and even worse hiding all rapes, criminal acts, children from rapist, and everything about it for us the victims and the whole Dutch nation! You can’t fight what is still unknown! There were murder attempts on my life, and a neighbor was murdered when investigating my case.

So if a Government becomes Destructive to that End’, it is the ‘Right of the People’ to even institute new Government and America did just that! They got rid of a King, as I have to get rid of a Queen. Queen Beatrix didn’t respond to a request for help! The Dutch will have to be forced to stop this horrifying gruesome mistreatment, pay damages to avoid more suffering, and openly admit to their (criminal) acts before the Dutch nation!

This horrifying case proofs what many still believe to be impossible!


  1. Recovered memories about abuse are possible even after 28 years.
  2. The existence of an easily recallable extra emotional personality, in this case sex slave.
  3. A Dutch Queen and Cabinet who forbid Police and Prosecutors to do their normal job fighting rapist and criminals, and therefore were aiding those immune rapist and betraying the innocent unaware victims(us) for over 35 years.
  4. A disgusting family who chose to betray their own brother and sister, by hiding all criminal acts, children from rapist, Hans being made infertile in 1972, and the simple truth, causing the innocent unaware Hans to be declared insane and lose a top level high income position!
  5. The Dutch government by involving the Queen, creating a situation of state security around the victims, causing discrimination, torture and violation of Human Rights!
  6. Governmental officials based on a (secret/unknown) law have to help betray the victims by hiding and manipulating all evidence about this horrifying case!
  7. Lawyers refuse and/or are not allowed to give legal aid based on state security!
  8. Against this discriminating abuse of power I have no defense and need help to solve it.


Some gruesome facts about this conspiracy and governmental crimes:


  • Dutch discriminating(!) conspiracy against me and my wife as innocent defenseless victims of abuse and rape for over 28 years, which is also torture or mistreatment according to Geneva conventions.
  • Allowing many cases of rape from 1972 until at least 2003 without ever warning me and my wife, we were defenseless because of our severe suppression of all abuse.
  • Hiding the fact our 3 children were from rapist and not from me Hans Smedema as we both falsely were made to believe!
  • Hiding me being made illegally infertile by the rapist in 1972.
  • Hiding both our severe illness of dissociation(suppression/selective amnesia) as victims, so we never could fight it.
  • Denying my wife the urgent therapy needed to break down her severe dissociation even after my memory came back in 2000. She could easily get treatment in America!
  • Never prosecuting any of the many rapist from 1972 until now, of course causing more and more rape of my defenseless wife until at least 2003!
  • After Hans Smedema found out about it in March 2000, they denied everything causing me to be declared insane and lose a top level high income position and becoming fully incapacitated!
  • Forbidding lawyers to give me legal help in this legal(!) case of conspiracy, just because of the signature of a Queen made our case state security!
  • Forbidding all normal organizations helping victims to assist me in this horrifying case.
  • Forbidding Police and Prosecutors to investigate this case, after hiding and deleting over 50 police files about my case from 1972!
  • Deleting and manipulating all evidence about this case!
  • Even halting an investigation of the rape by 2 men of my defenseless wife with witnesses, by my Rotary friend Mr. Ruud Rosingh who was managing head prosecutor at the time!
  • Discriminatingly allowing my enemies to file charges against me for libel and investigate, while investigating was NOT allowed in my case, causing me to be sentenced for only accusing the rapist (appeal runs now) by a police judge without a lawyer present, and no defense (dna test about the children) allowed!
  • Many Human Rights in this case have been violated, but the High Office for Human Rights refuses to investigate this horrifying case!
  • State officials and politicians all refuse to talk to me or help.
  • My wife is made to believe that I her husband suddenly became delusional by hiding the truth, causing us to fight each other with arguments, while normally we still love each other and would like to grow old together!


And I only seek some justice, most of all the truth, but until now and since 1972, I Hans Smedema, born in the Netherlands on March 27th 1948 with Dutch passport  NUDRL9FP5 , together with my poor still unknowing Dutch wife Wietske (W.) J. born September 13th 1951, have never received any justice from inside the Netherlands, or from America when I asked for political asylum at Miami Airport  on April 20th 2009.

References or people who know about this case very well:


  1. Asylum Judge Rex J. Ford Miami Court and Broward Transitional Centre.
  2. Former US ambassador to the Netherlands Paul Bremer who in Amsterdam on June 14th 1996 asked me about the court case of Al Rust.
  3. Al Rust, former Military Intelligence employee, who won his appeal with my(!) secret file and got almost 10 years of salary paid, now living in Florida and known to both persons above.



I request and beg you that you ask Asylum Judge Rex Ford Miami Court to reopen my asylum case if possible and open up some of the CIA files about this case.

Reasons for reopening:


  1. The Dutch government did not present all available information and evidence, like 51 police or prosecutor files, about my case to asylum judge Rex J. Ford Miami court, in Broward Transitional Centre.
  2. In my secret files used by American Al Rust in his appeal for a military court was a lot about the involvement of the Dutch Queen and government, proving my case also.
  3. Diagnose of an American psychiatrist of me being delusional, used during the court case, was only based on false en wrong information presented to him by the Dutch who hide evidence!
  4. CIA did give information, but it was all censored! Blacked out! A full page with crucial information!
  5. Stated was that I entered America illegally, but I warned I was coming and directly on the Miami Airport asked for asylum and presented my official I-589 request for asylum before(!) entering the USA!


The main reason for reopening this case is the fact that not all available information was presented to judge Rex J. Ford by the Dutch government and/or Military/CIA, and mistakes must have been made during the court case.

I hope together we can solve this unbelievable bizarre conspiracy for a better world!

My autobiography about this case is named ‘Fighting the Unknown’ and already is available as an EBook. This case is so horrifying and unique; for sure there will be a movie about it.

Very detailed information with all files and documents is available at my Dutch Blog: hanssmedema.eu or less detailed the English hanshanssmedema.info


Yours sincerely,


Hans Smedema B.Sc.


Published by

Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.