AIVD Doppelganger look-alike took my identity!

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AIVD Doppelganger look-alike took my identity!

Born March 27th, 1948

It now has been proven that a doppelganger or look-alike has been harassing young woman I knew, acting to be me!

She suddenly was afraid of me! And even had filed a complaint about stalking by me, which was not(!) the case. I saw her only once in June 2015 with her father, her mother died when she was 10, and I offered her up to 5 million if she would help me in my case against the Dutch State and Criminals, and maybe a child. We spoke for less than an hour and I got an email later that year. But we didn’t talk anymore because she did not dare(!) to tell much in the email. I warned her all my emails and phone were being tapped!

That email and her asking for my telephone number in bar Sunshine with owner Ruud must have triggered the Dutch criminals and AIVD behind this huge Royal cover-up and conspiracy to investigate and sent a look-alike to interrogate her why she wanted contact with me! They do everything they can to make sure I lose this fight and get no children who could keep on fighting for my case even after I died. And they are the only ones able to find her name and sent an interrogator acting like he was me.

The brain programming by torture in 2008 and again May 20th, 2010 Benidorm were also arranged by the Dutch Justice and AIVD working together with the Spanish secret service and Justice. Because the Policia Local Benidorm warned by 5 girls and a photographer was NOT allowed to protect me from the Ministry of Justice Spain! So the corrupt prof. dr. Onno van der Hart together with teacher French and AIVD-Rapist drs. Jaap Duijs could torture me again, just as he tried in Catral also but was chased away at gunpoint(!) by retired police officer Ad who knew the difference between conditioning and torture!

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He told her he was me, and something bad must have happened, most likely she had sex with him after he drugged her with ketamine which they always use on all girls, or she maybe didn’t like him at all and he kept coming after her. So she correctly filed charges against him stalking her, but thinking it was me! What of course was NOT the case. But I am not sure about how this happened.

According to the policewoman I spoke about that, he showed her a passport with my name Hans Smedema! And he knew a lot about me too and was of my age she told. But I am now 70 so my look-alike sperm-donor son is 45! That is a big difference and why doesn’t she dare to simply look at me? Mind control with ketamine as they always do in this horrifying case?

Could it be my sperm-donor son now 45 years?

I know I have a son who is 24 years younger than me, from seed during a sleep cure when I was 23.

A nurse used me as sperm-donor after waking me up and with my permission! I signed something too. So he is officially my son and I want to meet him now! In 2004 was too emotional for me.

But afterward I didn’t remember a thing about it because of the conditioning they must have done to me, and the hypnosis or mind control my corrupt moron mother arranged for me to force me to marry my pathological lying cheating girlfriend I already broke up with! I had no rights or respect from my own family! I was not allowed to chose my own path in life. My family acted like the Saudi Muslim abusive families who take control over their daughter’s lives!

I would normally never have given permission to be used as a sperm donor but was suddenly waking up in a hospital and must have been on drugs too.

And many people in the Netherlands, when I was with Rotary Leeuwarden-Zuid, warned me I had a double which turned out to be someone else! Which caused him to look for his real biological father and his mother told him the truth, and me in 2004 when I was investigating my ancestors in Morra. But I suppressed everything to emotional for me at that time and left unaware of what was told! Many years later I understood more but was busy in detention asking for Asylum, but only in 2016/17 I really understood how everything must have gone when I didn’t get the secret antipsychotic anymore and could use my normal intelligence again. Although they severely damaged my brain by the torturous brain programming they called conditioning by prof. dr. Onno van der Hart!

But policewoman said it was somebody my age 70! Or 68 when it happened in 2016. But with the Dutch secret service(AIVD) and Royals involved in this horrifying large kafkaesque case, they can easily disguise that of course! The woman was so afraid of me, she didn’t dare to show her face to me even with the policewoman present! So what he did to her must have been very bad and criminal! Mostly they use ketamine or equal and so she gets defenseless and they use it also to hypnotize a person, mostly woman of course. Drs. Jaap J. Duijs my serial-rapist enemy neighbor working for the AIVD and even getting free drugs from the Dutch police used that on me and my wife(and many minors or woman) and had mind control over us both! We followed his orders. So they will have done the same to her? She is now his sex-slave? Or trying not to be? Why not daring to look at me? She is ashamed what he did with her? Wild sex? Or what?

Jaap Duijs and the mole inside the AIVD/Justice, both former rapist in 1972 had contacts with a large porn organization who drug defenseless girls into sex-slave submission by torture.

Not daring to even look at me proves she has been hypnotized with mind control NOT to look at me! She would see and confirm I am an older person! Only by making sure she will NOT look at me the porn-gang can keep her in their power! But a low dose of daily ketamine is necessary too unless she is tortured into a sex-slave just as my girlfriend/wife was.

Dutch Secret Service AIVD recruited my sperm-donor son?

So most likely my son with also the first name Hans has changed his name to Hans Smedema as he legally was a child of me. And got a passport with exactly my name! And who will look at the date of birth? Or Dutch AIVD got him a false passport with my birthdate too? With the Dutch-Royals involved anything is possible!

Secret Service tried to recruit him in 2004 I was told by Rudolf J. Broersma Drawing Master Fryske Rie who designed my Crest, and who knew a lot about his mother! Could be he was his not-biological father? My son refused, but I told Rudolf to go along if he liked the job.

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So he was ordered to investigate my girl/woman while corrupt acting being me!

But they don’t help me, but use all information to make sure I can’t find out what was done to me since 1972! So they are unethical and corrupt! He must know that and harassing this beautiful innocent young woman into believing I am a bad guy stalking her is also a criminal act!

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To isolate me since 1972 they must make me look bad! And make sure she will never talk to me again and even warn others too.

But in the Netherlands, something similar happened around 2003! There a young girl also suddenly phoned me angry and called me a bastard! So who did that? Most likely AIVD-Rapist Jaap Duijs drugging her into sex with him? She phoned me only once(!) before to talk about it and only AIVD/Justice can tap that phone call back to her!

Also, another investigative woman told me they had contact with a look-alike who was impersonating to be me but found out he wasn’t! That for sure was my corrupt son.

If the harassing of the woman, acting to be me, is true, my son I never really talked to, has become a criminal betraying his father and all the Dutch people! He has no right to black mouth me, his father! To protect immune(!) three generations of apparently corrupt Royals who secretly(!) took away my human rights and totally destroyed my life? Never!

But I would like to talk to him to tell his side of this! But when I don’t hear from him soon I will have to assume he has become corrupt. 

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Complaint CTIVD about corrupt AIVD

Earlier in 2008 I filed a complaint with the Dutch ‘Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD)’ which they investigated and made a positive report to stop with the conspiracy and cover-up! But Cabinet JanPeter Balkenende refused to stop and the report was kept State Secret because of the corrupt involvement of the Dutch Royals!

So now I filed a complaint again about this young woman who was abnormal afraid of me assuming I harassed or maybe even raped her! I still don’t know what was done to her and when or where! See the post just above about that and the Spanish police involved. The CTIVD sent my complaint to the Ministry of Internal Affairs(BIZA) and I got the following negative(!) answer.

Smedema, H., brief 13-02-2019

So again in the largest cover-up, conspiracy, criminal organisation with continues rapes of many women, medical abuse and torture, international officials involved, three asylum request in America, innocent detention of me the victim asking for an investigation(!) the Dutch again refuse to investigate the many many crimes done hidden behind a corrupt Royal Decree! 

Hans Smedema, in exile, El Albir, Spain

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.