6th attack on my life in Altea Spain 26-1-2019!

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6th attack on my life in Altea Spain 26-1-2019!

After the 5th murder attack on my life in Altea early 2016, just after the secret attack by psychologist Drs. Janne Geraets from Alfaz del Pi who secretly and backward hidden as an baby aspirin 100 mg gave me an unknown antipsychotic again, I had the 6th attack on Jan 26th, 2019 apparently to cripple me!

If it was a murder attempt, which has become normal in my life, they would have used poison. But this time no heart problems like the fifth murder attempt early 2016, now ‘only’ a hard blow to my left hip while sitting at a bar at Brew Rock on the Jan 26th, 2019. Just before they closed for renovations on the 27th. And just a day after I was giving blood and urine for a 2-year check-up on the 25th. So not completely sure there was no poison in it by a small needle. Of course, Brew Rock has nothing to do with it, I only was there for the live music that evening and streamed some videos to Facebook and or Google Maps. So anybody could know I was there and even where I was sitting at the bar!

Now 6 murder attempts or attacks on my life!

1 – Jan 29th, 1975 with such severe hearth problems, I visited an emergency Hospital to have it checked! My old medical file has that info on it! I survived because a woman saw two men several times putting a drug in my drinks in Motel Bunnik Netherlands! Police was warned but came one minute too late,  and found a glass with the deadly drug which caused memory loss! I didn’t remember a thing from the murder attempt on my life. I was ordered/forced(!) into an insane abnormal high life-insurance of 400.000 in 1972/3 by my brother in law Tjitte de Jong Norg/Oudega when I was only 24 years old! Weeks later I was lured to see the bribed Onno van der Hart and tortured to sign an unknown document after being severe drugged and fighting back at him! Afterward, I didn’t remember a thing and could not fight back at him or file charges against him.

2 – 1980 on me when my neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog was murdered when he came to close to the truth about our mind control and brain-programming into submission, and police not able to protect us after an attack in our home with police warned! They lured him twice to Dronten and drugged him in a restaurant just like me on Jan 29th, 1975! He had to crash his car into mine but failed the first as I was behind a Truck.

3 – 1980 a week or so later the second murder attempt to kill both of us! The last one he just missed me as I drove to fast and he just came over a bridge, so he crashed off the road just behind me! And officially it was a heart-attack! But witness insider rapist Jan van Beek who controlled my wife told me later it was a murder attempt twice on me and murder on Cees!

3a – In 2008 I got brain-programmed again by the corrupt prof. dr. Onno van der Hart and AIVD-rapist Drs Jaap Duijs not by conditioning but by torture according to retired police officer Ad in Catral! Not a murder attack, but severe enough for Ad to chase Onno and Jaap away at gunpoint! Why do I have to be secretly lured to be conditioned with the help of a police officer??? Ministry of (In)Justice was involved in this conspiracy to damage my brain! See post Brainwashed and tortured at Police Officer Villa in Catral!

4 – May 20th, 2010 during brain-programming by the bribed corrupt involved professional prof. dr. Onno van der Hart and bribed corrupt (secret service) AIVD-rapist (teacher French) neighbor Drs. Jaap J. Duijs in Nightclub Pretty Women, police was warned by all the girls. And so they tried to let me drop drugged and unconscious from 4/5 meters head-down! But a girl had warned police, heard me scream for 4 hours and had already warned the doorman who saved my life just in time! This was well documented by a Belgian Investigative Judge because of the earlier attempt at Restaurant La Rambla in La Nucia failed because the wife of the Belgian owner warned me about all kinds of dangerous medical instruments in a room upstairs and the fact they got 3000 euro to help me being drugged and keep silent! And by American CIA/FBI because I had asked for Asylum in 2009 and was deported on November 4th, 2009 to Amsterdam without enough hard evidence and the corrupt Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice lying there was no dossier about me! I warned Judge Rex J. Ford in 2009 the corrupt Dutch would try to kill me or damage my brain again! Which both exactly happened! See post Hersenspoelen en martelingen 20 mei 2010 Benidorm chronologisch!

5 – Early 2016 the 5th murder attempt in Altea, after the corrupt psychologist Drs. Janne Geraets from Alfaz del Pi on Jan 29th, 2016 around 11.00 in Brew Rock lures me to sign a Spanish document giving me a copy, but taking it away afterward while being in constant contact with Dutch Secret Service AIVD and after ordered by mobile telephone to take it from me! Dutch AIVD has the full conversation on tape unless they corruptly deleted it of course. Just before the corrupt moron tried to drug me by asking a waitress to put a drug in my drink. They didn’t and even showed me the small bottle! Since Sep 2003 I was drugged with an antipsychotic by the corrupt psychiatrist Drs. Frank van Es! See post Fifth Murder Attempt Altea

6 – And now Jan 26th, 2019 this attack on my hip to cripple me for the rest of my life and maybe even poison me. Causing me unable to walk and sleep without a strong pain killer for almost the whole month of February. Had to lie down for three weeks. So very abnormal what proves a secret attack! But not the normal murder attack as far as I can see now.

A strange guy with his fist ready for a blow!

I saw the strange guy earlier when he held his right hand in a fist along his body looking at me and my hip. The fist was strange! Could have been a fake hard fist to make for a harder blow! I felt fear and even turned the back-rest of my bar high-chair in front of me so he could not directly hit me low. But he left and I thought I was being paranoid. But he appeared later suddenly next to me pretending to fall while hitting my hip with that strange fist I saw earlier. He said sorry and left. At the moment you don’t feel much, but afterward, I got more and more pain and had to lie down for three weeks with painkillers like Ibuprofen and Acabel to be able to sleep a little. Could not sleep on my left side for a month also. Only later I remembered this accident and that I saw him before, which was not an accident, but an attack on my life and specific hip to cripple me for the rest of my life? He failed and an X-ray done in Altea showed no real damage done, but there still is some pain around my left hip. Poison, or normal?

No murder attempt this time?

Not being really a murder attempt, I think it was by a friend of Mireille the girl who thought I was the guy who harassed her(or raped?) end of 2015. Which was NOT me, but a lookalike or doppelganger pretending to be me with also a passport with my name on it a Policewoman told me! Almost certain my sperm-donor-son who has been lured into the corrupt Dutch Secret Service AIVD and has been used to impersonate me and get as much information about my fight against the Dutch persecution against me and my defenseless wife. NOT to protect me or her. Or worse he has joined the large porn-gang who drug girls into prostitution by mind control like my girlfriend and wife. And others too of course!

Another is the Corrupt Andre Gruters who I openly accuse here on my blog and of course wants to hide his many criminal acts against me! Like having me conditioned for a large sum of euro’s, stealing 300.000 euro cash and much more! See post Als mens vermomde ratten!

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Complaint CTIVD about corrupt AIVD

Earlier in 2008 I filed a complaint with the Dutch ‘Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD)’ which they investigated and made a positive report to stop with the conspiracy and cover-up! But Cabinet JanPeter Balkenende refused to stop and the report was kept State Secret because of the corrupt involvement of the Dutch Royals!

So now I filed a complaint again about this young woman who was abnormal afraid of me assuming I harassed or maybe even raped her! I still don’t know what was done to her and when or where! See the post just above about that and the Spanish police involved. The CTIVD sent my complaint to the Ministry of Internal Affairs(BIZA) and I got the following negative(!) answer.

Smedema, H., brief 13-02-2019

So again in the largest cover-up, conspiracy, criminal organisation with continued rapes of many women, medical abuse and torture, international officials involved, three asylum request in America, innocent detention of me the victim asking for an investigation(!) the Dutch again refuse to investigate the many many crimes done hidden behind a corrupt Royal Decree! 

Still in danger!

But it all proves I am still in danger from the Dutch Government who still try to ruin my life while not protecting me but attacking me as much as they can!

Een prachtig voorbeeld is het liegen en blokkeren van nota bene aangeboden asiel in de lucht boven Montana Amerika door KLM Co-Piloot Koning Willem Alexander tijdens mijn deportatie naar Amsterdam! Zie mijn posts

KLM Co-Pilot King Willem Alexander corrupt blocked my American Asylum against the Netherlands in American Airspace!

KLM negeert laf en corrupt mijn aansprakelijkheidsstelling wegens fraude Koning Willem Alexander!

See crucial post explaining how this conspiracy became the largest international cover-up in the history of the Netherlands. Only comparable to the famous French Dreyfus affaire around 1900!

Conspiracy against Hans Smedema explained!

Hans Smedema, in exile in Albir, Spain




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High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.