Political asylum?

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I am thinking of asking for ‘political asylum’ in the USA or another country like that, this summer.

For a Dutch person living in the Netherlands this is very strange I think, but in a different way Ayaan Hirsi Ali did the same. She was unable to succeed from the Netherlands and lives in the USA now.

But evaluating what happened to me the last 7 years and in fact 35 years, I should leave as soon as possible.

The facts:

  • Police and justice department never helped us, they even left us drugged and sleeping in 1972 with the hostage takers and rapist after being warned and my car blocking the whole (!) road in front of her apartment! In over 30 years nobody from the Police ever has warned us, or told us anything! They completely neglect me, even now after my memory came back.
  • Family never helped us, never warned us, and even now are betraying and lying to us, causing my wife to believe I am insane. We love each other and would like/love to become old together, but this situation is not sustainable any longer. Every day is a torture for both of us. So I don’t have (never had) ‘real’ family over here. Why stay?
  • When a head district prosecutor of the justice department Leeuwarden mr. Ruud Rosingh in 1991 was almost a witness to the rape by two men of my wife, and started an investigation, he was immediately moved to another place and the investigation stopped! The Dutch ‘College van Procureurs Generaal’ and Justice department are helping the rapist in the Netherlands! In this special case that is! I (we) have no rights here, never had but the bastards (sorry) never told us of course.
  • We have three children from three different rapist, but only I know this, my wife thinks I am insane. She is betrayed by the Justice department and our family. Even an DNA test has been falsified.
  • She could be raped and abused for thirty years! Only because the Dutch government allowed this, helped by a corrupt criminal psychiatrist prof.dr Onno van der Hart! Why are we treated differently? Who took away our rights?
  • Never did I see any surveillance or security around my house, while the Justice department knew for sure (!) my wife got children from rapist! 6 times! They knew I was made infertile in 1972. We had no rights! Disgusting.
  • Hundreds of lawyers are not willing or are not allowed (?) to assist me legally! Searching for 4 years now, and nobody can or will help me! Against all known Human Rights. But every murderer gets several lawyers instantly! Are they insane over here? Or just the ‘normal’ Dutch cowards?
  • Even my accountants are manipulated and are not allowed to tell me crucial facts. With higher costs to us as victims of course. They try to force a certain pension much lower then we should have and is in the contracts. Very strange that these accountants don’t warn me at all. They simply keep silent about it. Probably by order from the Dutch secret service and government.
  • All politicians refuse to help. Not ONE appointment, nothing at all. They just ‘file’ my letters for help.
  • Almost sure, they manipulated even our children in lying to me. So this family is torn apart en will never be the old honest and helpful people again. We will all break up, because some elements in the ‘Government’ and/or Justice department . together with this psychiatrist Onno van der Hart (the medical brain behind it) secretly decided in 1973 and 1975 to do so without telling us. He will probably tell all, that this is the only way? But he is lying, because my memory already started coming back in 1975! But he made it disappear to keep everything silent. And three times they tried to murder me, and a neighbor was murdered! Who ordered that? Nobody is helping us here. Good reason to leave.
  • Filing charges against all criminals involved is denied! I have no rights. Only your wife is allowed to file charges, but she is kept unaware and even more disgusting lied to! Bizarre. They don’t tell her she is indeed a victim and your husband is not insane, but very right!
  • Latest news is that around 1976 I was lured to a political commission thinking it was for work, but they secretly must have taken away all my legal rights. Other people unknown to me, now deside for and over me/us. Never saw a document or so. One woman tried to stop it, but was unable alone she told me then. No information is given to me. Who would stay in such a country?

So in the Netherlands I am completely isolated (cordon sanitaire) and without any legal help. Lots of crimes against us, but no help from the justice department at all. I don’t exist for them, but still have to pay taxes! For the right to be betrayed by the Dutch.

So I have to make a decision and in fact already made it. I will leave this country what mistreated us badly and will publish my book from a foreign country also. I will visit the USA looking for help, political asylum or simply a place to live a more ‘normal’ live. Good chance I will become an American this year and at the age of 59, if they allow me. The taxes and economical value on the autobiography will belong to the USA then. The Netherlands have lost the right by betraying me/us so badly. Why Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende allows this to happen en still lets his secret service (Gestapo) betray us en manipulate witnesses, real mental torture for us, is beyond me. But it is disgusting and betraying his own people also.

More later…

Hans Smedema, Sydwende 97, 9204KD Drachten, Netherlands.

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.