Brainwashed and tortured at Police Officer Villa in Catral!

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Brainwashed and tortured at Police Officer Villa in Catral!

Lured into his Villa summer 2008!

Around summer 2008 when I was in forced self-imposed exile in Catral near Elche Costa Blanca, Spain, out of fear for the Dutch horrifying persecution by officials, medici and family Omerta cover-up, I was secretly lured(dinner he said) into the Villa of a retired Dutch Police Officer(Ad).

Where after he secretly(against my will of course) drugged me with a glass of water(with the drug), they tried to condition and brainwash me again by torturing as he told me afterwards. But he chased them away at gunpoint as it was NOT conditioning as they told him upfront, but real torture! He had seen conditioning during his career and this was for sure NOT normal(?) conditioning! So he is(if still alive) a very good witness to how they were trying to damage or program my brain.

And what exactly was it that they wanted to change in my poor defenseless brain? For what were they so afraid to take the risc to commit criminal acts? To protect the involved betrayed Royals? The Mole himself inside the Dutch Secret Service? Or the corrupt torture prof. dr. Onno van der Hart himself?

Severe mind control and mind programming like in many other cases mentioned on this blog and in my Ebooks. On May 20th 2010 I was also tortured by prof. dr. Onno van der Hart in Night Club Pretty Woman which one of the girls who secretly stayed behind told me afterwards! For almost 4 hours she heard me scream and shout! Just as in this Catral case in 2008 they tried. Almost certain rapist and AIVD drs. Jaap J. Duijs my Dutch enemy was in Catral too just like in 2010!

In fact I am the Dutch ‘Manchurian Candidate’ as in the famous Jason Bourne movies. Operation Treadstone with also his selective amnesia! But here in my case no fiction but horrifying reality!

Catral with the Villa of the Dutch Police Officer with pink pin and my Villa with white pin left side up.

Brainwashing ordered or allowed by the Dutch Queen Juliana!

They have done this many times during my horrifying life by paying a large bribe to Dutch corrupt specialist brainwashing Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart, who worked with the also bribed corrupt psychiatrist Prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch(UMCG). Because of the bribes and other high level secret help they were both able to become prof. dr.!

Everybody who helps this Royal (protected) Criminal Organisation gets promoted and gets money! Others are intimidated or killed like my neighbor Cees van  Hoog when we lived in  Harde near Zwolle. 

First time I know off was in 1975 when Onno van der Hart tortured me after three times drugging me to sign a crucial document he needed, which I refused to sign for 2 hours! All his colleagues GGZ Zwolle filed a complaint against him and warned me it would ruin my total life, which exactly happened. I wanted to know what happened to be able to protect my wife and myself so refused of cause! The drug caused memory loss, I remembered nothing when at home,  so I could not fight it afterwards!

Apparently they used conditioning(suppressing memories) to make sure I would not be able to know what happened to my wife and me, or fight back to their Criminal Organisation inside the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice. This was done by the Dutch Secret Service AIVD, of course part of that Ministry.

This Ministry of (In)Justice was commanded by a special ruling of the betrayed(by the false document from Onno and statements from my corrupt brothers) Queen Juliana after 1975 or so, to make sure I Hans Smedema, and my defenseless sick wife with dissociation would never be part of an investigation or prosecution of the rapist and other criminals involved in our case. The stupid Queen made us defenseless against the rapist and in fact protected the rapist from ever being charged and prosecuted. Living in an upside down world, without knowing it! Had I known, I would have fled the country then in 1975 or so.

How retarded and stupid to hide the truth and many rapes, and a first child not being mine for us.

Also hiding the fact I was made infertile in 1972! The stupid corrupt Queen Juliana made us defenseless, and even worse, the case became State Security to protect the Queen from negative publicity when this would be published! Which is still the case now! 29 months in detention is still not a reason for the corrupt Dutch Royals and Government to stop this horrifying conspiracy since 1972. Even a positive report from the CTIVD in 2008 to stop the horrifying cover-up and omerta, and pay damages, was neglected by PM JanPeter Balkenende!

This was all brilliantly done by a Mole inside the AIVD who was himself a rapist of my wife in 1972 and a close friend of rapist Jan van Beek from Utrecht! He used my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema who wanted to destroy my life also. So now he was immune from prosecution. And he made sure he was in charge of this whole operation protected by a stupid Queen.

How it happened in Catral

I am almost sure that I met Ad the retired police officer not by coincidence, but arranged by the Dutch Secret Service AIVD. They did that everywhere I lived by paying the contacts to tell everything I told them and help hiding the truth from me, my defenseless wife, politicians and the Dutch People. Ad and his partner Marijke were singing as a couple around the whole Costa Blanca. I went with them several times. Beautiful singers.

We could get along very well and he wanted to know everything I knew about the horrifying cover-up and conspiracy. He could ask very intelligent questions, so I started to trust him of course. Together we went to the German October Feste in San Fulgencio, and one week his wife went to Netherlands. Probably to talk to my wife secretly and to have his Villa allone for the secret brainwashing session. Then he asked me for dinner so we were alone in his Villa with two dogs. At some point he hid his gun under a pillow on the sofa asking if i was afraid? ‘No, not at all I now feel more safe!’, I told him. expecting nothing of course.

At some time the two dogs went crazy and he went outside to see what was going on. In hindsight Onno van der Hart and someone else(Jaap Duijs?) of course. Ad had made arrangement to have me conditioned! Why would he have done such a horrifying criminal thing?

Then he gave me some water and we went sitting on the sofa where I got very sleepy and woke up suddenly. It was much later and we talked a bit and he told me later that he had chased away some people who he did not trust at gunpoint after he saw what they did to me. He said that was no conditioning which he saw once, but real torture! So he decided to protect me and chased them away! I drove home early in the morning around 2 to 3 o’clock and forgot all about it. Probably because of the antipsychotic they secretly gave me hidden in the official boxes of baby aspirin 100 mg. The corrupt psychiatrist drs. Frank van Es GGZ Drachten forced that on me using my sick defenseless wife and help from AIVD contact drs. Jaap J. Duijs Drachten at which Villa I also was brainwashed earlier.

They were involved in the secret  antipsychotic also!

I remember them asking where I bought my medicine also!  They were of course asked to help with giving me secretly against my will the antipsychotic hidden in the official boxes of baby aspirin 100 mg. So they needed to know in which Farmacia I bought those and which doctor I used! At the time I didn’t suspect anything of course. They were simply nice people inviting me for drinks and dinner, or other happenings.

Only in San Diego after asking for Asylum for the third time on September 30th 2016, I found out about this brainwashing inside his Villa as I suddenly could use my normal intelligent brain again receiving normal aspirin 81 mg they use there.

But I never trusted him and her anymore at the end of 2008 and we lost contact when I stopped reacting to emails and detailed questions about my plans.

Other brainwashing and secret antipsychotic!

Andre and Joke paid by the Dutch Criminal Organisation and here just after they stole my 300.000 euro cash with help from the Dutch Secret Service! Was our pension money! They were so strange very happy that I made this picture!

Brainwashing happened in 1975, around 1999, 2008, and in 2010! But probably much more as it has to be repeated every 5 to 6 years a heard.

Andre and Joke Laven were the couple who had to contact me for money in 2010 and gave all the information I talked about to my brother mr. Johan Smedema in Gennep who gave it to the Mole inside the Dutch Secret Service AIVD. Until I left in june 2013 because not enough money to pay both my wife in Netherlands and my house in Jalon, Spain.

See Dutch post about brainwashing on May 20th, 2010 in Benidorm

Hersenspoelen en martelingen 20 mei 2010 Benidorm chronologisch!

They also stole 300.000 euro from me in cash which was to restore my pension which was much to low using those funds to defend myself against the persecution by the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice, Secret Service AIVD and all the lying and betraying medici like psychiatrist drs. Frank van Es who was behind the secret antipsychotic!

See post J’Accuse Psychiater drs. Frank D. van Es UMCG

See post Opgelicht voor 300.000 euro in de Spaanse Jalon vallei!

And all this NOT to help me or my defenseless wife, but to hide the truth and delete or falsify all evidence of their criminal acts! Intimidate or kill those who refuse. Make me as defenseless as possible!

Looks like the intimidation, torture and horrifying murder of Jamal Khashoggi and many others, by the lying and betraying Saudi regime! Or the famous Sergey Magnitsky case murdered by the Russian regime! But now also in the Netherlands! And covered up and silenced to death. Nobody is allowed to talk about it! Dutch coward largest Newspaper Telegraaf not even dares to publish about it!

What a disgusting world I have to live in! And even America waited 8 years after my first Asylum request in 2009, before Obama himself must have started the UNCAT procedure. United Nations Convention Against Torture.

Hans Smedema, El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.