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European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)

On Nov 5th, 2019 I sent by email an urgent request to the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) in Berlin for legal help in my case against persecution and obstruction of justice by the Netherlands Ministry of (In)Justice!

Published here because of the nice 7 page summary of the whole horrifying case and the coward lawyers who keep refusing me any legal help since 2003.

ECCHR refuses legal help!

And on Nov 8th, 2019 already the always(!) negative answer that they don’t do any individual cases and advise looking for a Lawyer which I tried in vain since 2003!

I lost 3 court cases in 2009, 2011/12 and 2016 for so called insulting the rapists of my defenseless wife just because I cannot get a lawyer who takes and understands(!) the main(!) case and crucial context(!) of the whole horrifying cover-up and Royal conspiracy since 1972! They simply all(!) refuse without any good reason given. I still do not know why after now 20 years fighting alone against an unknown hiding enemy!

Therefore I spent total 29 months in detention only because lawyers refuse(!) to take my case! Horrifying to have to live like this, while legal help is a human and civil right. But this case is State Security because of the corrupt cowardly hiding Dutch Royals secretly(!) involved.

I am the only Dutch citizen who is NOT allowed to file charges against rapist and other top criminals, just because of the signature of a betrayed apparently retard Queen and Royals.

Here the contents of my letter:

Perversion of Justice by the Netherlands!


European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights e.V.

Attn Council Chairwoman Lotte Leicht

Zossener Straße 55–58

Aufgang D

D-10961 Berlin


Concerns: Perversion of Justice!

Unbelievable 45 years of severe human rights violations by the Netherlands State and Royals in combination with a therefore protected(!) Criminal Organisation of sexual predators. I was not allowed to protect my girlfriend later (ex)wife and many more girls or women became victims. Horrifying criminal decisions are covered up in what has become an International case with the Netherlands, America, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France and UN/UNCAT involved.


Attn Council Chairwoman Lotte Leicht,


1 – I have the following specific legal requests:


  1. Request for urgent legal advice and help in what has become the largest cover-up and conspiracy with severe civil and human rights violations against me and my (ex)wife in the History of the Netherlands! Not counting the famous Anne Frank war story although she and her family just like me were also denied asylum in America and were also betrayed by the Dutch Police, media and nazis. The case resembles but is much worse, than the famous French Albert Dreyfus Affaire around 1900. And it is Kafkaesque and identical to ‘The Trial’ from Franz Kafka. But now no fiction, but a horrifying reality!
  2. I demand justice done by prosecution of all involved in the Netherlands, compensation and rehabilitation conform UNCAT rules.
  3. According to the very professional American Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford in 2009(asylum case 087-402-454) only a lawyer can ask for all the evidence DOJ has about my horrifying human rights violations case. But Dutch lawyers refuse this case, because of the involvement of the Royals based on fraud and conspiracy. State Security is (ab)used to cover everything up. All Dutch organisations have therefore to protect the immune(!) Royals, not the real victims! So I need ECCHR to simply(?) sent a request to DOJ America for all the overwhelming evidence files and those used in the UNCAT case. A pallet full I heard.
  4. President Obama in Jan 2017 during my third(!) asylum request in San Diego California apparently used his last special powers and brought this extreme case before UNCAT or Special Procedure by the American State against the Netherlands, but I never heard about it anymore. What happened? Can ECCHR find out?
  5. On Sept 9th 2019 I asked American Committee on Foreign Affairs to use the Global Magnitsky Act against those involved in the human rights violations against me in the Netherlands, but maybe that also has to be done by Lawyers. Check the legal status! See post
  6. In 2003 and in 2004 I was secretly(!) offered 5 million euro if I would keep all crimes against us hidden from the Dutch people. Now I need urgently an advance(!) of 1,5 or better 5 million to be able to upgrade my pension to a normal level and to be able to pay for defense against the Dutch State. I will need legal assistance to force them to pay an advance of much higher final damages up to 50 million according to Judge Rex J. Ford/DOJ in 2009. He investigated and thought Belgian lawyers/justice would give the highest chance of success if America fails, because they can subpoena Royals. See my Dutch post


2 – Human Rights violations and Asylum grounds/nexus!

  1. Political – because of the involvement of ‘Any opinion on any matter in which the machinery of the state, government, and policy may be engaged!’ Dutch Royals around 1975 secretly(!) taking away my/our human and civil rights and ordering the Ministry of Justice to deny any investigation or prosecution of the rapist.
  2. Persecution – because of harm to spouse = persecution of applicant.
  3. Nationality – because signature and special ruling of Queen Juliana.
  4. Social group – because of me being brain programmed,  handicapped (and secretly drugged with antipsychotic) like in the famous Jason Bourne movies.
  5. Humanitarian – because of ‘Disability, psychological harm or physical harm from lack of medical care, support humanitarian asylum!’
  6. Coercive family planning – because of the fact that children from rapist were forced upon us by hiding the fact we were defenseless because of the brain programming and hiding all rapes and the crucial fact I was made infertile in 1972! So 3 children from 3 different rapist and my wife a life long abuse as a sex slave with an extra emotional personality! Caused on purpose(!) by torture with a cattle prod in combination with severe sexual trauma’s. The more severe the trauma the more obedient she will be until her brain develops a double personality to protect her! She still believes her children are mine and denies all rapes or abuse. Which made it easy for them to create a big Omerta.
  7. NOT allowed to file charges and the local police was ordered by Justice NOT to make up an official document. Prosecutors were even ordered to STOP rape investigations! And all the medical and other information I requested were intercepted(!) by Justice itself and hidden or destroyed like the Frankfurt 30 page intelligence file.
  8. Lawyers apparently are not allowed to offer legal help which is a severe human rights violation and it looks that even Judges have to neglect all evidence or anything that could bring negative publicity to the Dutch Royals. Abuse of State Security as we have nothing to do with that, they involved themselves(!) into this case!
  9. And of course many more in this huge case.


3 – Unbelievable!


Because this case is unbelievable I will start with those who know the truth about this case and can state everything is true and not delusional. Although the Dutch of course tried and succeeded(!) to make it look like that, while manipulating and deleting all evidence and even bribing professionals. For sure they are asking America/DOJ to delete all or part of the evidence. Apparently they use the bilateral judicial treaty between America and the Netherlands as Paul Bremer warned me during an interrogation  in the Industrial Club in Amsterdam at 18.00 on June 14th 1996. 

So claiming the evidence should be the first thing to do!


4 – Insiders


    1. Former President Barack Obama who most likely ordered a Special Procedure at UNCAT and he or DOJ also warned King Willem Alexander in 2014 as I warned Queen Beatrix in 2008.
    2. Former Ambassador to the Netherlands and Governor Iraq Paul Bremer who saved my American friend Al Rust. Who was innocent dishonorably discharged from Military Intelligence and after immense suffering for 10 years with his poor family got one million US$ in 1997 for damages with a copy of the 30+ page Frankfurt Dutch intelligence file which did not(!) exist according to the corrupt(!) lying Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice in 1987.
    3. Miami Immigration Court(Krome) former Judge Rex J. Ford in Asylum case A087-402-454 who did a great investigation together with DOJ/FBI/CIA. He has the most information.
    4. DOJ officials because of the UNCAT special procedure State America against Netherlands.
    5. Dutch Royals King Willem Alexander and his mother Queen Beatrix because of the special ruling of Queen Juliana around 1975 secretly taking away my civil and human rights.
    6. Prime Minister Mark Rutte and former PM Jan Peter Balkenende.
    7. Dutch Ministers of Justice since 1975 or so who were ordered by special Royal ruling to make sure no investigation against the rapist of my wife and also abuse against me would ever take place, causing the rapist and others to be protected(!) by Justice itself! While we were defenseless(!) against the rapist since 1972 because of conditioning or brain programming by bribed psychologist prof.dr. Onno van der Hart UU and psychiatrist prof.dr. Robert van den Bosch UMCG!
    8. High level officials from Police, prosecutors mr. Ruud Rosingh and many more who with severe dilemmas were ordered not(!) to protect us, but the name of the Dutch immune(!) Royals! There were 5 murder attemps on my life!
    9. A big Omerta was set up in 1972 by my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema together with Justice in which everybody was paid at once 20.000 guilders and a monthly fee to hide and deny knowing anything, declare me delusional and even manipulating or destroying evidence!


5 – To give only some(!) more specific crucial information about this huge horrifying case:


  1. In 1972 my girlfriend was drugged and tortured into a sex slave with a double personality and used for rape movies, also with dogs. Even after marriage they raided our home to do that again! Which we didn’t know because of the drug ketamine which causes amnesia and because of the traumas,  suppression and grotesque omerta.
  2. In 1975 and every 5 to 6 years a corrupt prof. Dr. Onno van der Hart secretly(!) against my will after drugging conditioned or brain programmed me into submission(severe mind control) to suppress everything emotional and/or connected with the abuse of my girlfriend, later wife. Making me defenseless(!) to her rapist! Also with torture to follow orders from rapist neighbor teacher French Jaap Duijs who also had mind control over my wife, who was his sex slave since 1972! See my Dutch post and
  3. Immigration Judge Miami Court Rex J. Ford and DOJ during my first Asylum request in 2009 with 7 months innocent detention found 5 good grounds for Asylum if enough hard evidence could be found about the involvement of the Dutch Government! Unique they thought, never happened before in American history as far known!  Together with this case being the largest in Dutch history gives an indication how horrifying this case is. See my post
  4. After being sentenced to 3+3 months and to pay 5400 later 7000 euro to the rapist of my wife in the appeal case and without any effective defense allowed, I asked for the second time in Texas in 2013/14 with 2,5 months innocent detention and after being sentenced without a lawyer or anyone present to 5+5 months and 6400 later 8000 euro fine for the rapists, in San Diego in 2016/17 with 5,5 months innocent detention. During the last one just before leaving office Obama must have brought the case before UNCAT or an equal special procedure. Not public.
  5. The Dutch refuse to pay me an advance of 1,5 or better 5 million euro, although they secretly(!) and corrupt offered 5 million in 2003 by my business and Rotary friend ir. Klaas Keestra Vice President Northern Development Fund NOM and in 2004 again by him and Minister Veerman to keep everything a secret, when I didn’t ask or know what was going on yet! Lots of info is on my Blog in Dutch and a lot also in English. The Dutch tried to remove my blog but apparently it is protected by America as Judge Rex Ford promised me. I can of course provide more specific info if needed.
  6. Kafkaesque since 1972 I am not allowed to know why and how this cover-up and conspiracy was set up with millions of stolen tax money and abuse of Healthcare funds! A severe human rights violation.
  7. Queen Juliana around 1975/6 must have issued a special secret ruling ordering no(!) prosecution of the criminals involved and Ministry of (In)Justice was commanded to secretly(!) watch over that crime, totally against their normal known(!) mission to protect us!
  8. Since 1975 there were 5 murder attempts on my life! 1975, 1980(2x) and neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog murdered, May 20th 2010 and in 2016! Several others must have been murdered as all witnesses die suddenly after getting involved! So watch out!
  9. I and police itself are not allowed to file charges by special order from the Dutch Ministry of Justice, making me defenseless! There must have been secret court cases without me/us involved! Apparently my brother Johan secretly took over control of my life and destroyed it.
  10. A corrupt psychiatrist drs. Frank van Es in sept 2003 secretly against my will forced me to take an antipsychotic hidden as official boxes of baby aspirin 100mg. Causing me to get incapacitated and losing an income of 145.000 euro a years as top level Executive Searcher. With approval of my mentally sick wife who still doesn’t know or can accept her three children are not mine! They were able to do this until I asked asylum in 2016 in San Diego and got the normal baby aspirin 81 mg they use there and I could use my normal intelligence again. IQ 135 and EQ 145.
  11. During court cases no lawyers dare to help and/or don’t understand or believe the unbelievable case. Could be they are misled also or a result of State Security protecting the Royals. So no legal aid which is again a severe human rights violation. I have to do everything as a victim myself. All Dutch victim organisations refuse help!
  12. No defense is allowed during court cases despite perfect high level witnesses! Simple DNA fathership test proves my case but was never allowed. Judge Ford confirmed the 3 children are not mine, but DNA test in the Netherlands was ordered(!) falsified and stated I was! Photos of the rapes of my girlfriend/(ex)wife were deleted although I saw some myself and saw some rapes too.
  13. So a fair trial in the Netherlands is impossible but I was sentenced to 3+3 months and a fine of 7000 euro, and later 5+5 and 8000 euro for insulting(?) the lying and denying rapist of my wife and professional abuse of me. I do not even try to defend myself anymore with no defense allowed!
  14. So I spent 14 months in detention in the Netherlands after being deported from San Diego/LA to Amsterdam on March 15th, 2017. And 15 in America or a total of 29 months! Innocent as a victim kafkaesque not knowing what is going on! I never received any official information from the Netherlands or America.
  15. Rapist teacher French drs. Jaap J. Duijs from Drachten working for Justice and a Criminal Organisation with Jaap and other people from Justice led by my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep was paid 100.000 guilders in 1977 with a monthly allowance to build a Villa next to us. To keep a severe Cordon Sanitaire around us for over 30 years! Microfoon in our Villa and all telephone and email tapped. Even as CEO of a large Engineering Company they harassed me secretly with a microphone on my desk. So he overheard and lured and raped my office manager to his home, who confessed she was deeply in love with me and wanted me to take her virginity. He also abused or legally raped my defenseless wife(his sex slave) since 1972 until recently and had mind control over her and myself after conditioning/torture into submission with suppression/amnesia by prof.dr. Onno van der Hart like in the famous Jason Bourne movies! 
  16. The Dutch Secret Service also use a Doppelganger with a passport with my name to get information, or manipulate evidence. Also used to rape a girl in Benidorm and in Groningen. He tried to get Americans to think he was me, but failed when he didn’t know certain details.
  17. When I tried to get information from somebody(Harm Wondaal) they called him to cancel the appointment acting as my secretary and next called me also to cancel the appointment stating he didn’t want to talk to me anymore! And much more costing millions of stolen tax payers money.
  18. A nephew Jack of the Dutch National Police(Rijkspolitie) who on my request informed Police about my ordeal was innocently fired for unlawful interference! Which is a lie. On my request he scanned all documents onto a USB stick and gave it to Americans after I mentioned it in 2009 to Judge Rex Ford. 
  19. Of course there is much much more, but this should be enough especially with all the names and evidence available at DOJ. Around 2000, Jaap Duijs was paid a full Italian education at University Groningen for drugging me again and letting me be conditioned secretly at his Villa next to us by the same corrupt Onno van der Hart.
  20. Dutch taxes will now seize part of my low state pension and not being able to pay 108 euro for certified translation of two documents proving I was in 2014 in the Netherlands are the reason I will have to pay 5600 euro taxes also in Spain, even after paying that amount in the Netherlands! And much more of that still coming! My debt will go up a lot in the coming months! I cannot defend myself anymore due to lack of money! In spite of being entitled to millions of damages. Income only 1500 euro leaving 100 a week to live on. 
  21. I live in beautiful sympathetic Spain, but Spain didn’t protect me when on May 20th, 2010 I was again conditioned/tortured by prof.dr. Onno van der Hart and rapist teacher Jaap Duijs! Warned Policia Local Benidorm was not allowed(!) to protect me from Justicia Madrid which proves the involvement of the Dutch Justice and the persecution is still going on! America has hard evidence about that specific case and a Belgian investigation Judge I talked to also! 
  22. When I was deported from LA to Amsterdam on March 15th 2017 after cancelling the third asylum case myself not knowing Pres. Obama put it to UNCAT or equal, King Willem Alexander was the Co-pilot on the KLM plane and took personally the request from American DOJ if I was on the plane and if I wanted Asylum! Yes, I did in the air above Montana. So legally in America, but the King did nothing to protect me and I was put in detention for 13 months when leaving the plane in Amsterdam! I asked asylum in San Diego on Sept 30th 2016 and got free again on April 5th 2018 with only the clothes I wore.
  23. I have a lot of information on my blog, Ebooks and in files. So this case and my written statements are well documented, also in America. A short(?) summary is on my blog in the post and strategic explanation in the post


6 – Fighting alone against hiding criminal state level enemies!

I found out about this huge conspiracy starting in 2000 and getting slowly more and more insight. The first 3 years I still thought I was indeed suddenly delusional because of omerta. Gruesome to do that to a high level successful businessman causing him to lose everything and destroy his life. So I fight alone without any help against the Dutch State, Royals, Ministry of (In)Justice, Police, Prosecutors office, Politicians, Medici, brothers/family, my wife and her three children! As the damages will be many(tens?) millions I will be able to pay you only afterwards with large bonus for other cases. All the money I get will go to an American Foundation who will do things like funding cases in your ECCHR!


7 – Dangers!

The Dutch are also legally trying to go after American Al Rust for his help for me and the use of the secret (deleted) Frankfurt intelligence file. Prof.dr. Onno van der Hart UU lied and denied in America knowing me or my case, when asked by Al Rust in his official capacity as Military Intelligence around 1986 as he did to me around 2001. But in the so called Frankfurt Dutch intelligence file of over 30 pages about me and my wife they confirm he was involved together with psychiatrist prof. Dr. Robert van den Bosch UMCG. The Dutch file disappeared after 3 days, so was corruptly deleted but there still was and probably is a copy! The Dutch refuse to give permission to use that evidence!


Also I fear Judge Rex J. Ford and others involved could be legally attacked as by deporting me in 2009 he put me in harm’s way on May 20th 2010 as I warned him several times. But he couldn’t as the Dutch used the bilateral judicial treaty to force America to also(!) betray me, which they of course didn’t want to! 

Only months after deportation in 2009 I was conditioned/tortured again by Onno van der Hart and Jaap Duijs. Hiding this case will only help the cover-up. There were five murder attemps on my life and a neighbor murdered, and much more intimidation by Dutch Secret Service and/or Criminal Porn Organisation!


8 – Need urgent openly(!) legal help after 19 years! 

So I need urgent legal help from an organisation like yours but until now everybody refuses help. And publicly! America never went public in this horrifying case! Why?

There are many witnesses who would come into the open when this will be publicly announced.

Please let me know what you can do in my case or who could and will(!) do such a huge case, but remember America already has all the evidence and the legal case needed! Why are they silent? I publish all I do since 2007 on my blog

Who after 19 years will at last publicly(!) stand up for me and simply tell what happened?

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing!’ Edmund Burke.

‘We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented!’ Elie Wiesenthal 


With kind regards,

Hans Smedema B. Sc.


Published by

Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.