Terror by the Dutch State caused my financial disaster!

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Terror by the Dutch State caused my financial disaster!

Since I found out in 2000 about the horrifying cover-up and conspiracy against me and my  (ex)wife since 1973(!), I lost our total pension fund of 300.000 euro to try to find out what happened! Because everybody I asked , friends including my own family and children who knew, denied to know anything and declared me insane. Which was even more traumatic and of cause caused me to get very insecure and loose my top position earning 145.000 euro! Omerta as they agreed to do after receiving a bribe of 20.000 guilders around 1972 and a monthly fee or 500 when they attended a meeting of the cover-up conspiracy. Omerta! Officials of the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice were part of that meeting and later serial rapist Jaap Duijs working with Justice who in 1977 got paid 100.000  and also a special monthly 500 allowance to buy a Villa next to hours needed for the largest (royal protected) cordon sanitaire of me/us ever in the history of the Netherlands.

A horrifying ‘Omerta’ initiated by my brother family Godfather Johan together with a rapist Mole-X of my girlfriend(later wife) who infiltrated Dutch intelligence in end 1972 and so made sure he got in charge of the special Royal conspiracy to hide all evidence and block all investigations. So we were made defenseless and the rapist were protected(!) from prosecution, without us being warned ever!

My brother and the Mole together with large sums of money from Justice and/or Rabobank Health insurance Interpolis(where see worked in 1972 and where her father was high level chairman of the bank-union)  organised the omerta and even were able after fraud(!) and extortion of me by torture to get Queen Juliana to sign a special secret ruling around 1975 taking away my/our human rights for protection and any investigation by the Ministry of (In)Justice and to decide over ourselves. My brother shrewdly and secretly was able to be in charge! We were made ‘De Facto Stateless’ and defenseless against all crimes without knowing such a crucial fact!

Even worse, as Onno the Devil(prof.dr.Onno van der Hart) secretly and illegally conditioned(tortured) us every 5 to 6 years to suppress all rapes and criminal acts against us, to make sure we could NEVER FILE ANY CHARGES against them ever! We were made defenseless and the rapist could never be prosecuted! This was done with a special ruling by betraying Queen Juliana around 1975!

‘Deep State’ they call it now.

As a result of persecution by the Dutch State I was in several countries!

  • Before 2008 I was normal in Netherlands and paid normal taxes.
  • 2008 – 1 june until medio december in in Exile in Catral Spain! Taxes in Netherlands until June 1st 2008 and after that in Spain!
  • Medio december 2008 until April 23th 2009 in Netherlands for libel court without lawyer and no defense allowed! Sentenced 3+3 months + 5400 euro fine to pay to rapists! Horrifying! First no fair trial! Appeal in 2011/12. Paid my wife half my income while she lived in Netherlands, but I had to pay tax in Spain over full income! So paid to much taxes! Her half income should have been deductible in Spain, but was not! Only after divorce! But she was mentally sick so I refused to leave her alone.
  • April 23th 2009 until Nov. 4th 2009 Broward detention center Florida for my 1st Asylum request with 7 months innocent(!) detention as a 36 year(!) victim! Paid taxes in Spain over all 2009. 10.000 euro less income for being in detention which the Netherlands saw as being a criminal!
  • Nov 4th 2009 until Feb 1st 2010 Drachten Netherlands preparing to go into exile in Spain!
  • Feb 1st 2010 in Exile in Parcent Spain until Feb 1st 2011 Taxes in Spain.
  • Feb 1st 2011 Jalon Spain until June 13th 2013 in exile, paid taxes in Spain over 2011. Over 2012 I was no longer able to pay the much too high taxes and half my income to my mentally sick wife leaving me almost nothing to live on. This still has to be paid!
  • 15 June 2013 until Nov 5th 2013 Drachten Netherlands taking care of sick wife. Taxes over 2013 still in Spain as any moment I could be forced by my sick wife to go back to Spain. But had not enough money to pay! So still open! Also forced(!) to pay 7000 euro fine to rapists of my wife after an unfair trial where no defense was allowed at all! All complaints were lies and fabricated! Easily to prove but not allowed(!) to protect the corrupt Royals and others.
  • Nov 5th 2013 2nd asylum request Texas America until Jan 15th 2014! 2,5 months innocent detention as a victim(!) asking for help.
  • Jan 15th 2014 until forced(!) to leave by my wife June 1st 2015 Drachten Netherlands taking care of my mentally sick wife and moving her into an apartment! My 2009 asylum case Florida was reopened by Rex Ford beginning 2014! Officially in Netherlands Drachten for legal reasons and paid tax in Netherlands over all 2014 and also full 2015!
  • June 1st 2015 in exile in El Albir Spain until Sep 29th 2016, but had to pay tax in Netherlands over full 2015! But Spain did not know I was in detention for asylum or unfair trial, so want me to pay 6000 euro extra over all 2015 double as I paid 5500 in Netherlands. Spain thinks I was in Spain full time since June 2008! I was not able to tell them otherwise and gestors could not do so either with me being in Netherlands or detention for asylum requests. Translations of Netherlands documents costs hundreds of euro which I didn’t have anymore!
  • Sep 29th, 2016 until March 15th 2017 3th Asylum request(5,5 months) San Diego California
  • March 16th, 2017 innocent(!) detention Netherlands until April 5th 2018 for libel of the rapist of my wife. Paid tax over full 2017 in Netherlands! Forced to pay 8000 euro fine to rapist of my wife after unfair trial with no defense or investigation allowed!
  • April 6th 2018 back in El Albir(Alfaz del Pi) Spain! Paid tax over full 2018 in Spain!
  • 2019 I was in Spain so will now pay again tax in Spain. Made deal with Tax Netherlands for paying 72 euro(to Dutch social minimum) a month for 2 years to pay back 5000 euro to much my wife apparently got back in the years before. Making paying other things like defense with layers or certified translations of Dutch documents impossible.
  • Two Spanish Gestors were not able to get this complex situation explained to the Spanish tax. They simply refuse to act anymore. And I have not enough money to get professionals to take care of that!

How and where do you pay taxes? And why when nobody helps me and in fact Netherlands betrayed me and my defenseless wife? I lost in total 300.000 cash and(!) less pension or income of at least 24.000 euro!

And I speak no Spanish and normal Gestors cannot handle this case! And I was secretly given an antipsychotic as the Dutch assume I am insane! But secretly so I cannot get an deduction from taxes! Paid both my wife half my income(not deductible) and full(!) taxes in Spain until 2012.

Spanish taxes to complicated!

Here a screengrab of the current situation with the Spanish taxes. Much to complicated for me and nothing was deductible according to first gestor A Casa in San Fulgencio what caused much to high taxes which I only could pay using our pension fund. Later in Albir I used in 2018 gestor Duran but as I don’t have the money to pay 20.000 or more in old taxes and more specific could not pay 108 euro for certified translations of two Dutch documents proving I was in the Netherlands in 2015, caused double(!) taxes over 2014 and will do so over 2015 also.

Both A Casa and now Duran gave back the account as it is to difficult and I am unable to pay much anyway. I could pay over 2018, and over 2019 will be possible but not the larger amounts from 2012 and 2013 of course. Let alone double taxes both in Spain and in netherlands. Netherlands made that impossible with their persecution and 15.000 euro fines after taking away my civil and human rights. And by taking away my high income of 145.000 a year in 2004.

The Dutch made it on purpose impossible for me to pay taxes by secretly destroying evidence and weaken me with the antipsychotic since 2003, and so causing me to lose my income of 145.000 euro a year in 2004.

And of course having to fight my own government who hide that gruesome fact with 3 or 5 asylum request and about 300.000 euro of extra costs, ruined me.

So to get and pay is impossible and I simply do nothing and wait for things to happen. I did ask Netherlands for an advance, but they refuse the 1,5 million or even 5 million they offered in 2003 if I would keep all their criminal acts a secret!

High 300.000 euro costs not deductible!

I had of course high extra costs to try to find out what happened and nothing was deductible in both the Netherlands and in Spain. So after being forced out of the Netherlands into exile by the ongoing horrifying persecution by the Dutch State and Royals, and more specific Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice secretly destroying or manipulating all evidence,  and even murdering or intimidating anybody who tried to help, I  still had to take care of my mentally sick wife who stayed behind in the Netherlands with almost half my income.

But not being divorced, and nobody believing my unbelievable case(no hard proof myself, only America has that), nothing was deductible. And so I paid over my full income from incapacitated insurance of around 60.000 euro instead of over two incomes in two countries with much less taxes. And even worse the 300.000 euro extra costs from 2000 until 2013 were not even deductible so I had to pay much to high taxes.

For instance paying 10.000 euro in 2009 to famous lawyer mr. A.(Bram) Moszkowicz should have been deductible in Spain, but wasn’t as I could not prove the conspiracy and cover-up! Trying to ask for asylum in America in 2009 cost thousands and again september 2013 cost me almost 8000 euro as the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice warned Canada and Mexico upfront to block me, and police prosecutors put me in detention for a month another time so I paid 2 times plane tickets and Hotel for nothing and only the third time was successful from Frankfurt to Mexico using a weekend! While asking for Asylum is a normal Human Right and NOT a criminal act!

Two times 300.000 euro cash stolen in Spain!

Andre Gruters and Joke Laven who were bribed to secretly watch me and tell everything to my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema in Gennep and Min. of (In)Justice! So they were able to intercept 300.000 cash and documents meant for me! This picture was made in Casa Aleluya in Jalon just after they showed me their new 50.000 euro Jaguar with leather seats. They were so abnormal happy and satisfied after stealing my 300.000, that I asked Andre to hold the beer I got from him(!) for a moment so I could first take this beautiful shot explaining the whole shrewd robbery.

In America I made a gentleman’s deal with an agent who would pay me an advance of 300.000 euro for me giving him the first right to make an offer for my books and movie. But they tried twice to give it to me in Spain, but so amateuristic and stupid by a Dutch courier that both failed and went into the hands of criminal friends! In the second in Jalon it was because of friends(!) Andre Gruters and Joke Laven from Houten were paid by the Netherlands justice to keep a close watch on everything I did, part of the horrifying cordon sanitaire since 1973, and so intercepted my money and crucial documents needed proving my case against the/my Netherlands!

  1. Opgelicht voor 300.000 euro in Benidorm!
  2. Opgelicht voor 300.000 euro in de Spaanse Jalon vallei!

Secret antipsychotic to handicap me not able to provide income anymore!

To make sure I would not be able to fight back at the Netherlands Ministry of (In)Justice and the Criminal Organisation led by my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema from Gennep with planned neighbor sexual predator drs. Jaap Duijs from Drachten, they organized and paid psychiatrist drs. Frank van Es GGZ/UMCG to secretly give me an antipsychotic in September 2003 hidden in official boxes of daily baby aspirin 100 mg what would be good for older people. I refused the antipsychotic  because I am not schizophrenic at all and was still working at top level earning 145.000 euro a year easily, but the victim of the largest cover-up and conspiracy ever in the history of the Netherlands! So I wanted to fight back of course. It made me secretly half a zombie and I had to stop working in Jan 2004. So I was unable to get income high enough to pay for the high extra costs to fight back at my own country and family! This antipsychotic was also secretly(!) given to me in Spain! So I behaved as half a zombie and was not capable to fight back at all. Specific when a group of Dutch ‘friends’ betrayed me and declared me insane without knowing the horrifying truth of course. I am NOT insane at all, but the victim of a special ruling of Queen Juliana around 1975 who secretly(!) took away my civil and human rights. Everything is always done secretly(!) to make sure I can never fight back!

Forced to pay fines of 15.000 euro to the rapists of my wife for insult!

And because the Ministry of (In)Justice after special ruling of Queen Juliana around 1975/76 itself secretly(!) worked against me instead of protecting me/us, I lost three unfair corrupt court cases where mostly no lawyer was present and no defense was allowed. Totally against human and civil rights. And no investigation and official filing of charges was allowed! Even Police itself was NOT allowed to put my charges into an official statement!

All complaints against me for insult were falsified but NOT investigated because of the corrupt Royal special ruling which secretly took away my/our human rights!

The first fine was 5400 euro which became almost 7000 when I refused to pay out of free will, and the second was 6500 euro which became almost 8000 euro. Judge Rex J. Ford specific told me in 2009 not to pay out of free will!

So I was forced by the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice to pay the rapist a total of 15.000 euro in fines and also spent 15 months in detention in America for the ‘crime(!)’ of asking asylum against the corrupt Netherlands and Royals, and another 14 months detention in the Netherlands for losing the unfair(!) corrupt trials against me for insulting the rapist Jaap Duijs of my wife! The rapists and others involved were secretly(!) protected by the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice!

During the innocent detention of 14 months without a lawyer during the trials, the Dutch refused to pay my State pension with a loss of 14.000 euro! In 2009 I lost 10.000 euro income while asking asylum in Miami Florida! In 2013/14 I lost money also.

See post Global Magnitsky Act and Justice for Hans Smedema

Could not pay too high Spanish taxes anymore!

I was able to pay Spanish too high taxes over my whole income with nothing deductible by using our pension savings for many years. But after all taxes in Spain and for Healthcare in Netherlands I was left with something like 5000 euro on which nobody can live. So I paid the 16.000 euro taxes from my pension fund.

In 2012 with all other high costs asking asylum and other totally unnecessary(result omerta) costs that was no longer possible and I was forced to stop paying the Spanish taxes, but promised to pay them later with a large 50.000 bonus after receiving tens of millions in damages as Miami Immigration Judge Rex J. Ford told me in 2009. It could be up to 50 million if everything could be proven and I was right about everything. Specific the involvement of the Dutch Royals and/or government was crucial in getting asylum! They(DOJ) found an unbelievable 5 good grounds for asylum which had never happened in the known history of America, if the involvement of the Royals/State could be proven. Most people have none or only one!

See post Unbelievable 5 grounds for asylum according to Judge Rex. J. Ford Miami court Florida!

But I am still waiting…! After 5 request for asylum in America, now ten years since 2009! Still no lawyer defending me/us and no help at all. See post Not 3 but 5 Asylum requests!

Lost 3 million in income alone!

And all this is the result of the Omerta from the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice itself and from the omerta of our Family and many others! In fact my whole life I was harassed without knowing why! Causing financial disaster and severe loss of income.

The fact that the corrupt psychiatrist drs. Frank van Es in september 2003 secretly and against my will gave me an antipsychotic which turned me into half a zombie and caused me to have to stop working, cost me my high income of 145.000 euro a year and high costs to find out why there was this horrifying omerta by everybody around me causing three children from three rapist! But also other dramatic abuse happened causing high financial losses. I was for instance still making crucial decisions for investing money while getting secretly an antipsychotic which made me half a zombie! So I made wrong decisions with very high losses. A Cordon Sanitaire costing millions of secretly stolen taxpayers money. Why?

A loss of income of 2.320.000 euro since 2003 until now 2019 not counting inflation, interest and such. And not counting intangible three children of three rapist and 30 years of mistreatment and torture told on this blog and in my Ebooks.

The Dutch forced me to not being able to provide my high income!

And they forced me to use our pension fund to investigate what they simply could have told me! And by secretly hiding and manipulating by the Ministry of (In)Justice itself caused even more unnecessary high costs.

Why do I as a victim have to pay the rapist of my defenseless wife a total fine of 7000+8000=15.000 euro for insult(?) while they are NOT prosecuted for the many rapes, obstruction of Justice and false charges and statements never to have had sex with my defenseless wife?

And much more of coure!

Deal for paying 72 euro a month for only 2 years!

Now they threatened to seize all (or part) of my state pension to pay back 4800 euro of financial help my wife got with her almost half of my income because they refuse to see it as two(!) incomes and so charged me for the full total income without taking into account the 300.000 euro abnormal defense costs. After our divorce june 2015 something must have changed causing this and I being of very high royal ethical level took all debts on me to make sure she would not suffer any more financially.

But I got a good deal for 72 euro a month for only 2 years. After which the rest will be remitted! 

But still leaving me impossible to pay certified translations and the costs for a gestor or even fiscal lawyer, let alone the taxes over 2012/13.

But also Spanish taxes will come for money of course and my request for an 1 million advance of all the damages done to me/us is denied. According to Rex J. Ford I was entitled to tens of millions. And despite a secret coward offer of 5 million in 2003 and again 2004 when I would keep all criminal acts against us, a secret. Dutch transparency? See Dutch post Bod Kabinet 5 miljoen als afkoop!

Dutch Letter to Tax authority

Belastingdienst Toeslagen

T.a.v. mw. Mr. A.C. Cleyndert Dir.Bel.Toeslagen

Postbus 100




Betreft: Uw brief d.d. 6 aug. 2019 kenmerk 784.30.410

En een brief 21-6-19 kenmerk U-KW/1/784.30.410 om nog meer gegevens binnen 2 weken, die ik pas op 28-9-19 ontving! 


El Albir 30 september 2019

Genoemde brief om binnen twee weken nog(!) meer gegevens te verstrekken kwam dus maanden later pas aan door foutieve bestelling op nummer 3 in ander gebouw! Gelukkig kreeg ik van die Belgen alsnog de brief toen ze hier weer kwamen na de zomer. Was er professioneel van email gebruik gemaakt zoals SVB en eerder dan was alles nog dezelfde dag(!) digitaal al geregeld en ZONDER kans op gruwelijke fouten of in mijn geval zelfs meestal opzet!

Ik heb geen spaargelden en geen buitenlandse rekeningen! Spaanse belasting legt beslagen en spaanse rekening is daarom door Bankinter opgeheven! Van Grontmij mis ik de laatste pensioenberekening maar jaaropgaaf 2018 is bijgesloten. Veel gegevens blijken perfect uit Rabo rekening afschrift.

Ik heb de gevraagde gegevens alsnog hierbij ingesloten maar het is dus blijkbaar al afgewezen zonder dat ik de kans kreeg om de gegevens te verstrekken. Post duurt gemiddeld(!) 2 weken. Dat gebeurd zelfs bij zittingen rechtbank! Kansloos dus.

Ik vraag nu om kwijtschelding(!) op grond van de almaar oplopende schulden en rente. Voor de aardigheid bijgaand aanslag spaanse belasting over 2014 voor dik 6000 euro incl. rente, terwijl ik al in Nederland ook belasting betaalde! 

Bewijzen dat ik in Nederland was kost minimaal 108 euro voor 2 gecertificeerde vertalingen van GBA wat ik al niet tijdig(!) kon betalen. Over 2015, 2016 en 2017 moet hier ook nog geregeld/bewezen dus zal totaal honderden aan alleen al vertalingen kosten! En nog de kosten van gestor zelf. 

En 2016 moet ik hier ook nog belasting aangeven en betalen, wat alleen kan van vakantietoeslag. Dus als daarop beslag wordt gelegd kan er nooit meer belasting worden betaald.

Schulden bedroegen dus al een kleine 30.000 euro en dus nu al 36.000 euro!

Waarom kreeg ik heimelijk en achterbaks in 2003 en 2004 het aanbod van 5 miljoen euro als ik de blijkbaar corrupte zaken geheim zou houden, toen ik nog bijna nergens van wist en nog nergens om vroeg? 

En waarom weigert Nederland nu een veel lager voorschot terwijl nota bene president Obama zelf destijds(jan 2017) mijn zaak naar UNCAT of gelijkwaardige procedure bracht?

De oplossing is simpel, verstrek mij een voorschot van minimaal 1 miljoen, beter 1,5 op mijn schade van vele miljoenen en ik kan eenvoudig alles weer betalen en mijn pensioen ophogen. Nog belangrijker, ik kan mijzelf dan weer verdedigen met advocaten en vertalingen en zo. 

Een Nederlandse doofpot en samenzwering heeft mij het verwerven van inkomen ontnomen met hoge volkomen onnodige kosten wegens de omerta, dus compenseer dat conform UNCAT regeling wat ik u op 2 september al schreef. U hoort alle invorderingen te stoppen, onderzoek te starten en mij te compenseren. 

Bijgaand ook voor de aardigheid mijn brief aan Amerikaanse Committee on Foreign Affairs met verzoek om Global Magnitsky Act toe te passen tegen Nederland! Gevangenisstraf maakt deel uit van UNCAT regels! Is ook een leuk overzicht van de Nederlandse corruptheid tegen mij en mijn weerloze zieke (ex)vrouw.

Als jullie mij nog meer gaan korten kan het opnieuw aanvragen van asiel in de grootste doofpot en samenzwering uit de Nederlandse geschiedenis noodzakelijk zijn ter verdediging! Zie mijn blog hanssmedema.info met ca. 400 posts daarover en/of mijn Ebooks.

Dus kom later niet met

‘Wir haben es nicht gewusst!’

Met vriendelijke groet,

Ing. Hans Smedema


See post

Global Magnitsky Act and Justice for Hans Smedema

More later…

Hans Smedema, in exile in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain


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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.