Dutch Queengate, Royals & Cabinet involved in horrifying orwellian cover-up!

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Dutch Queengate, Royals & Cabinet involved in horrifying orwellian cover-up!

High treason by the Dutch Royals and Prime Ministers! Dutch people and American people betrayed by the Dutch government itself!

Several Dutch victims, among which Hans Smedema and his wife, are betrayed by an unknown secret ruling, that secretly(!) takes away their normal civil and human rights. Secretly outlawed! It can only be done by a special ruling by the Queen, or King. Others take over their lives, without informing them.

‘Life is not measured by the moments we breath, but by the moments that take our Breath away!’

Human Rights Violations by the Royals!

  • Outlawed secretly in 1975 after first child confirmed not to be from Hans Smedema! Therefore all children not from Hans!
  • Crucial fact Hans was made infertile in 1972(!) hidden for Hans and his unaware wife.
  • No prosecution of the rapist allowed!
  • Secretly others decided over and for their lives!
  • Police not allowed to investigate!
  • Therefore 40 years of rape and mistreatment, severe human rights violations!
  • When in 2000 Hans found out they declared him delusional so nobody would listen to his unbelievable story!
  • Filing charges against the rapist NOT allowed, which is against human rights!
  • Defense against the rapist and others during trials NOT allowed, which is against human rights! Many severe human rights violations caused by the Dutch Royals.
  • From successful businessman by hiding the real truth they made him mentally and financially broken!
  • By lying and betraying his wife, they forced after 15 years(!) trying to prevent it, their divorce based on lies and kafkaesque denying them real cinsere information.
  • Both now living from social security or worse!

Murder attempts & brainwashing!

There were three murder attempts on Hans Smedema, and he was several times brainwashed and conditioned by torture(1975 and last in 2010), so he would never be able to fight the cover-up and conspiracy. In 1980 my neighbour Cees van ‘t Hoog from ‘t Harde, Netherlands was killed because he investigated and got to close to the truth!

The Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services investigated the case in 2008 and at a hearing told me I was right and they would sent a positive report to end the cover-up and conspiracy at once! They also stated that this orwellian ordeal and human rights violations could only have been possible with help from a traitor inside the Ministry of Justice!

The signature of a Queen or now King is necessary to do so and a psychiatrist must make a diagnose confirming the need to do so! In my case he was given a lot of money to force me after drugging me twice with complaints from all his colleges, to sign a document stating that I would not like to know what was done to my girlfriend who was raped! For two hours I fought and told him I would need to know to be able to protect her, but he forced me to sign.  I never saw the document again, and he refused to give me copy afterwards. Also the Dutch Ministry of InJustice refused to confirm the horrifying cover-up and conspiracy. Being the largest in Dutch history! The Dutch Queengate, of Hans Smedema Affaire. Worse then George Orwell’s 1984! It is Hans Smedema 1972-now!

A special department inside the Dutch Ministry of InJustice was given the right to betray, falsify, manipulate the unaware victims, so they will not find out which horrifying crimes have been done to them. Judges are part of the criminal organisation system and the Dutch Ministry of InJustice is executing the special ruling to prevent problems when an investigation could threaten exposure of the severe human rights violations.

In the case of Hans Smedema and his still unaware wife, this meant that the rapist of his wife were protected(!) from 1972 until now, and the loving couple with severe dissociation, amnesia and suppression got betrayed as if nothing happened. No medical treatment like therapy was given to us! We were unaware about what was done to us, resulting in three children from three different rapist and many many rapes by others who were told of the defenseless woman and husband!

Geert Wilders filed a secret motion to stop these Orwellian crimes and behavior!

Only one senator, the famous Geert Wilders was courageous enough to ask questions and recently (September 2015) filed a secret(!) motion to stop with this Royal conspiracy because of the severe human rights violations. And of course because the case is getting bigger and bigger by the day! Me and my forced(!) ex-wife now live from less then 900€ a month! While I had an income of 140.000€ still in 2003!

When there was a secret hearing about this with all the party leaders end of August, the unethical Cabinet refused to stop with this cover-up! Therefore Geert Wilders tried to file the motion secretly also, or he would have faced trial for high treason with up to 30 years of prison. Only because the coward and corrupt Royals refuse to reverse the wrong unethical special ruling from 1975.

Special ruling and law on October 31st 1991, put the ‘Dutch Freedom of Information act’ out of order when the Dutch Royals are involved. State security they call it, but we as victims have nothing to do with that of course. And all officials, even lawyers and judges,  are by law(!) obliged to lie and hide everything about these cases!

The corrupt Dutch Royals together with the corrupt politicians totally destroyed our lives, mentally and financially! Almost broke! And the cowards refuse to confirm and stop it!

More and more countries are involved now:

  1. Netherlands itself as the perpetrators,
  2. Germany because an American suffered for 10 years when the Dutch Ministry of InJustice denied(lied) there was a file about me and my wife(he got a copy and proved them wrong later),
  3. Spain as they allowed me to be brainwashed ordering(!) the warned police not to intervene ,
  4. America when I asked for Asylum twice in 2009 and 2013, but deprted twice when not enough evidence the Dutch State is involved. 20 years not allowed into America!
  5. Canada when they denied me entrance to go to America when the Dutch asked them to do so,
  6. Mexico when I was allowed to pass to America even after the Dutch asked them to sent me home,
  7. France when the police took me of the plane in Paris but refused to intervene and set me free again.

The special secret ruling by Dutch Queen Juliana in 1975, later her daughter Queen Beatrix and now even her son King Willem Alexander resulted in the following horrifying facts from 1972 until now:

  • No investigation into the many rapes was allowed by police,  prosecutors or any other organisation! In fact protecting the rapist and asking them to do more rapes! And they did from 1972 until at least 2003!
  • All evidence was deleted, manipulated, falsified, medical files changed, murder attempt on Hans three times, his neighbor murdered when he found out to much, Hans brainswashed several times in 1975 and in 2015, but for sure in between also. His wife too of course so she would never find out how badly she was betrayed with three children not from her husband, but from three rapist.
  • No lawyers were allowed to help the victims, but had to hide that crucial fact also! Hans paid 10.000 euro to the famous lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz for nothing! No simple investigation was allowed and not one of the twelve witnesses a decharge we allowed.
  • Hans was made infertile in 1972 which was known in 1975, but they NEVER told Hans or his wife! Such an incredible crucial fact WAS NOT TOLD! His wife still thinks the children are from Hans! They all lie to her! Making her unreal assumption looking real! And of course causing their divorce in june 2015!
  • The fact that their first child was NOT FROM HANS, was also hidden!
  • She had 6 pregnancies and they got three children, all from different rapist as they were defenseless not knowing about the many rapes. They instantly forgot/suppressed everything that was done to them.
  • Hans was NOT ALLOWED to file charges against the rapist when he found out all their names!
  • He decided to force the rapist to file charges against him, but during the trials again NO INVESTIGATION OR WITNESSES WERE ALLOWED! Meaning the judges were working with the cover-up! Fake trials to protect the immune Royals for bad publicity! 
  • In total severe human rights violations ordered by a stupid and corrupt Queen! But the Dutch Cabinet is responsible and refused to stop with the cover-up and conspiracy. Even after a special organization in The Hague, the Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services investigated the case and at a hearing told me I was right and they would sent a postive report to end the cover-up and conspiracy at once! In Dutch the CTIVD with the same also English website www.ctivd.nl
  • After being forced to divorce by the coward Dutch politicians, and being forced to pay the Ministry of InJustice the fine of 7000€ which the rapist of my wife were given during the trials including appeal with NO DEFENSE ALLOWED, i now live as a fugitive in Spain again.
  • During two cases I asked for Political Asylum against the Netherlands in Miami Airport in 2009 with 28 weeks of detention, and in Texas in 2013 for 10 weeks, but in both cases they sent me back to Amsterdam because of not enough evidence of the Dutch government involved. Who denied everything! The case itself was proven, but only when a state is involved, you can get asylum. So I am NOT allowed into America.
  • Much more of course, but to much for this short article. See my Dutch and English Blogs.

It was so horrifying that this case is a real Orwellian case! Big Brother watching you! And no fiction, but harsh reality!

Hans and his wife are now mentally and financially broken. Hans had to use his pension savings to fight his own government and to try to find out what was happening to them, while his own family could have told them easily. Just as the Ministry of InJustice could have stopped the cover-up and simply tell Hans what happened.

Still not sure what the Dutch Cabinet will decide on this case! I asked for an advance of 1,5 million euro on damages of 10 million or more, but the Prime Minister Mark Rutte refuses to talk to me. Not one politician has allowed me to talk about this horrifying case!

The cost for this secret hiding of the truth is estimated to over 20 million euro since 1972. Which fact is of course also hidden for the unaware Dutch tax payers!

But as President Obama has said ‘history has always proven to be on the side of those who seek justice!’

Hans Smedema B. Sc, fugitive in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain



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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.