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I got a sudden Police order for a hearing for March 21 at 9.30.

No explanation about a reason, but I made some very heavy remarks in my last Dutch letters to the Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende. Together with other Ministers involved and responsible for this scrupulous cover-up, I told them to ‘burn in hell’. The same I did with some of the members of parliament. The reason is that they refuse to do a simple investigation and by doing that force my wife to a divorce. Which is completely unnecessary when the Dutch government would be honest about what they did to us from 1972 until now. Disgusting and I think, and am sure, in this special case I am allowed to say these heavy remarks. You don’t let victims go untreated and cover up crimes made against them to protect people who made mistakes. Even if it is the Queen herself. When you make a mistake you correct it the moment you find out.

Another reason could be my own wife filed charges with the police against me writing a book and stating all these things about her and me and what happened. Some others threatened me to file charges with the police, but not sure if they did. I will find out soon about that.

I made a written statement for them making sure this hearing will be connected to the full crimes that were made against us from 1972 until now. Stated all the times I tried to file charges with the police, and was turned down. I was never allowed to file my complaints and have an full investigation. Strange that now suddenly someone else can file charges against me?

Very strange also is still the fact I still have not found ONE lawyer willing or daring to assist met by defending my legal rights. And even more disgusting is the fact that not one newspaper is publishing about this fact. These facts are against all Human Rights which the Dutch also signed. So again I have to go alone and without any help. Not even knowing the reason for this hearing. Disgusting, but true.

I made elsewhere a remark about the saying ‘Dutch thinking’ which I invented myself to explain this reverse thinking the Dutch always do. In this case for certain, but also in other cases. When normal people would be honest and sincere, the Dutch will do just the opposite. Unbelievable but true. Have a look on some the post here.

I had contact with a Human Rights lawyer, but suddenly he had another appointment and I am almost sure that this secret criminal organization ‘Group Mengele’ as I call them, must have talked already with him. I had an appointment with him, but my wife secretly changed my passport for hers(part of her being sick having a double or emotional personality, she will do anything to prevent me from getting help!), and so when I got to the border control he refused to let me through of course and an emergency document was also impossible. I am waiting for this famous Human Rights lawyer to propose another date and time in Geneva. Lets hop he will grant me at least a talk with him. He already has some papers and does know about this blog and the Dutch one. Nice is he can read Dutch, which makes him very valuable with all documents being Dutch.

As soon as I know more I will publish it here.

Anyone knowing an Internationale Human Rights lawyer please try to get him to look into this scrupulous and bizarre case. I think the Queen herself could be involved somehow much earlier, and that could be the reason we have to suffer and are not allowed to know anything. If that is the case it is disgusting of course. She must be betrayed and should of course immediately make sure we are helped and compensated. Keeping a lid on things and trying to cover it up, is sickening.

Hans Smedema

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.