Spain helped corrupt Dutch with Antipsychotic hidden in Aspirin!

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Spain helped corrupt Dutch with Antipsychotic hidden as Aspirin!

Also in El Albir in 2015/16 I am given secretly, criminal, and totally wrong and bad for me, an unknown(!) antipsychotic by an also unknown psychiatrist hidden in official boxes of Aspirin 100 mg!

It makes you half a zombie and was after September 2003 the cause(!) of losing my income of 145.000 euro! Without it, I could still work in my high-level position as a headhunter, but suddenly couldn’t. Then it was also hidden as baby aspirin 100mg!

I was made half a zombie on purpose! To make sure I would not go to the police and fight back against a secret corrupt psychologist prof. dr. Onno van der Hart UU and corrupt psychiatrist prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch UMCG. I was NOT getting sick because of all the traumas in 2003 as I assumed falsely not knowing about the secretly given sudden antipsychotic! Lost millions in income!

I am not safe in Spain! Spain helps the Netherlands with their illegal persecution and fraud against me! Dutch Ministry of InJustice works to protect the rapist and denies Hans Smedema and his sick wife the right to justice and prosecution of the rapist and others! By special ruling of the corrupt Dutch Royals ‘not to prosecute anyone’ since 1975!


In 2015/16 hidden as Baby Aspirin 100 mg!

The corrupt Farmacia who worked with the criminals to secretly give me an antipsychotic hidden in official boxes of baby aspirin 100 mg. Very dangerous when I took 3 for a headache.

Earlier in Albir this happened in 2015/16, and when I asked Asylum in San Diego California I suddenly could use my normal intelligence again! Then they hid it in official boxes of baby aspirin 100mg, but in detention(5,5 months) in San Diego California for Asylum against the Netherlands, I got the normal American baby aspirin 81 mg! So my zombie state changed after a few weeks into my normal intelligence of IQ135 and EQ145.

Suddenly I could use my normal intelligence again! I remembered lots of crucial facts, and most important I understood suddenly how they did it too! 

2003 until 2008 Baby Aspirin 100 mg!

Corrupt Farmacia ‘De Dragt’ in Drachten Netherlands who sold me secretly illegally antipsychotic hidden in official boxes of baby aspirin 100 mg. since 2003!

At first, I thought I was acting paranoid, but looking at what happened and what they did earlier in the Netherlands(2003 to 2008 and 2013/14/15) and Jalon Valley(2010 to 2013) to make me half a zombie, it is logical!

But Also in Catral I must have gotten the antipsychoticum as I remember Ad and Marijke asking me where I went for my medicine! There I also thought it was nonsense to think that a Company would secretly(!) and dangerously(!) change the contents of an official box of baby aspirin!

  • When I came back to the Netherlands in 2013 I first went to another Farmacia(apotheek) closer and they told me I could get all prescribed, but NOT the baby Aspirin 100 mg, which you can buy freely everywhere! She was NOT allowed to tell me why! Omerta! So for free medicine, I had to get back to the ‘Apotheek De Dragt.’ At that time I should have understood what they did to me, but I didn’t. Because that unknown antipsychotic makes you half a zombie who doesn’t understand what is happening to you. And don’t forget the several times torturous brainwashing by the also corrupt prof. dr. Onno van der Hart!

In 2003 it was done by the corrupt psychiatrist Drs. Frank van Es then GGZ and later UMCG! I hated that corrupt guy from the beginning and explicitly told him to stay out of my life. I didn’t need it at all, I was still working! But with help from my herself mentally sick wife with severe dissociation, he misled me to sign a document to be able to talk to her, and refused to give me a copy! They always refuse to give a copy of the documents they need to be able to betray me legally! In my medical dossier is nothing about it! Everything about the cover-up is hidden or deleted.

Corrupt Farmacia in Parcent who secretly gave me an antipsychotic hidden in official boxes of baby aspirin 100 mg! Since 2010!

In 2010/11/12/13 this happened also in Parcent and Jalon, and I was warned by Hans Bauerlein and a nice honest saleswoman at the Farmacia in Parcent too. My corrupt Dutch doctor Ward Waardenburg in Jalon betrayed me illegally and against my will with a totally wrong antipsychotic! When I took 3 for a headache I was driving like a zombie and Policia Local In Calpe saved me!

In Albir in January 2016 I talked to corrupt psychologist Drs. Janne Geraets who also needed a signed document, but took back my copy, and now in July 2018 suddenly denied that he had me sign a Spanish document! So it must have been crucial for the criminal cover-up! You don’t have to lie if it is honest and ethical! Only when it was illegal corrupt people would lie! See Dutch post

J’Accuse corrupte psycholoog drs. Janne Geraets Alfaz del Pi!

See also my English post  Antipsychotic secretly since Sept 2003 by corrupt psychiatrists!

Spain doesn’t protect me against the corrupt Netherlands!

And Spain Policia Local Benidorm on May 20th, 2010 was NOT allowed to protect me against the torture/brainwashing for 4 hours by the corrupt psychologist prof. dr. Onno van der Hart in Nightclub Pretty Woman! Which proves that the Spanish Ministry of Justice is involved in betraying me and damage my brain to protect the Dutch Royals! Spain has Royals too and they will help and protect each other of course!

See Dutch post Hersenspoelen en martelingen 20 mei 2010 Benidorm chronologisch!

Also English post Filing charges for 3 criminal cases with Minister of Justice, Spain

The Dutch criminal organization protected by the corrupt Dutch Royals and Cabinet/Government, including of course all the Medici do NOT want me to succeed in blowing up their horrifying torture, corrupt conspiracy and cover-up!

In Albir 2015 again!

Here in Spain, I went to Dra Carmen Montoya again, the same nice(!) woman who secretly and against my will must have given me an unknown antipsychotic hidden as baby aspirin in 2015/16. And she refused me a copy of an unknown document I had to sign in 2015! But now in 2018 it seems oke!

So apparently Farmacias in Spain and the Netherlands have no problem at all to betray their clients! Nor do medici, who have no clue what is going on!

Because I mentioned that fraud and severe dangers about the baby aspirin on my blog, they must have stopped it!  And yes, now here in Albir in 2018 I bought myself a few times the normal baby aspirin somewhere else!

Of course, they hide everything and the Spanish Secret Service is involved, on request by the Dutch secret service and/or medici behind the illegal cover-up. And to protect the Dutch corrupt Royals who are involved in this Human Rights violations!

Fighting back against them is impossible, I would need money for a lawyer to try to get a copy of my dossier, and/or have the box tested at a laboratory for hard proof. And they will deny everything of course, but a State agency like American FBI and/or  CIA could trace the paper trail! There must be signed documents and who is behind all these criminal acts! I never gave permission for this and it is totally wrong for me. Dangerous too.

So I mention it here and hope the American FBI because of the UNCAT procedure or special procedure will try to get proof of this.

But who is the corrupt psychiatrist who has to sign for the antipsychotic?  Frank van Es UMCG? Or Psyon where the corrupt prof. dr. Robert van den Bosch is connected to? Long ago I had to sign something there and he refused to give me a copy just like Janne Geraets here in Albir did! They are so corrupt! Unbelievable!

ing. Hans Smedema, in exile, El Albir, Spain