My sperm was taken for a son in 1972!

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My sperm was taken for a son in 1972!

Secret(!) Sleep Cure

During my sleep cure most likely November 1972 secretly ordered by my corrupt parents, hidden from me and not in the medical files, a nurse took my seed with a needle. She needed a sperm donor and saw that I had the name Smedema and resembled people from her village Morra-Lioessens. So they woke me up and I gave permission and signed for it.

She had sex with me sleeping and noticed I was made infertile from the scar, and testing it. They found out both testicles were only blocked and they could easily get my sperm just before the block. Her/my son must be born around September 1973, so must be 45 years old now.

Ancestors investigation!

Around 2003/4 or so when I investigate my ancestors, she tells me about it in her house in Morra/Lioessens North Netherlands where my ancestors (a blacksmith who filed the name Smedema in 1811) lived! During her talking, I suppress most of it as it is too emotional and because of the brain programming by corrupt bribed prof. dr. Onno van der Hart several times. Could be I already(September 2003) was given the secret antipsychotic from the corrupt psychiatrist Drs. Frank van Es GGZ Drachten and therefore reacted like half a zombie! I see my son, who offered to help with my fight against the Dutch Criminal Organisation within the Secret Service AIVD. But I can’t grasp what is happening that fast, nor could they understand my strange avoiding zombie reaction. People fail completely to understand how I suddenly miss crucial details from a conversation if it is too emotional! This has happened several crucial times in my horrifying life. She had it written down, but takes it back from me! I leave not knowing or understanding what just happened! I live on unaware of the help they offered me!

Dutch Secret Service AIVD to keep me small and low level had on purpose taken out a crucial page from the Church files which proved I was a descendant of the Mayor of Dokkum who had the name Smedema before 1800 and a Crest or Coat of Arms.

The corrupt Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice on special (retard) ruling from Queen Juliana use extreme methods to have an iron Cordon Sanitaire around me and keep me as low level as they can! So the scum tore the crucial page from Church records! But she knew somebody who investigated much earlier(directly after 1972) as she knew my name Hans Smedema from the sleep cure in 1972 and he had written down his findings in a report. We were related and she explains how, but I forgot that part. Most likely my sperm-donor son was born in Leeuwarden around September 1973 and she lived in Morra- Lioessens around 2003. She came from Morra! Think she was married, but divorced. Not sure. I had to secretly go to the house next door and after questions to see it really was me, go out the back, walk over to the house next door and enter her house secretly from the back! They were afraid of the corrupt gang inside the Dutch Secret Service! Who came while I was talking in the house next door! The neighbors clever told the corrupt AIVD-ers I was for a walk to the village because my car was still outside in front of that villa.

I decided to make my own Coat of Arms, based on the Crest from Mayor Smedema suspecting I was framed somehow. In 2000 my memory about many emotional crimes done to me/us came back and I slowly started to understand what happened and how unbelievable criminal the whole case was.

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Rudolf J. Broersma drawing master knows the family of my son!

The crest was designed and drawn in accordance with standard heraldic demands by ‘Rudolf J. Broersma’, drawing master of the ‘Fryske Rie foar Heraldyk’. When talking to him he knew a lot, also about my ‘Sleep Cure!’ So I am sure he has contact with the mother and son. I think he came also from that region and it could be he divorced the mother! The above-made contact with the mother and son must have been made by him. Sent a mail to the secretary Bekkema of the ‘Rie’ itself who forwarded my mail to him! But no reaction and his phone number and address were on Google search on Jan 7th, but are now suddenly gone with the text ‘Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more

I am afraid the Dutch Secret Service is after that family, or my son is working with them? They have offered him a job I was told in 2004, and even a million or so! Several people have seen someone looking exactly like me! If he did that he is a criminal and I want nothing to do with criminals who abuse a young defenseless woman or are traitors molesting me the innocent defenseless victim and father! A real son doesn’t do that.

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Totally suppressing all about my son as programmed by the corrupt bribed(!) prof. dr. Onno van der Hart ordered and protected by the Dutch Royals, I live unaware of the son on for many years.

I know this more clearly since 2016 in San Diego for Asylum and in innocent detention in Heerhugowaard until April 5th, 2018, but didn’t make it public to prevent danger for him. All people trying to help me are murdered, intimidated or manipulated.

But I would now love to meet my son and give him a chance to explain what happenend! My email is on the contact page.  

Son has a Coat of Arms or Crest!

My Coat of Arms and maybe from the Mayor of Dokkum can be used by direct male descendents, so also by my son! Here the text:

The above Coat of Arms (COA) was initiated and applied for by ‘Hans Smedema’ (rightful descendent from ‘Johannes Wessels’) born at Leeuwarden on 27 march 1948, who allows in conformity with heraldic rules, all descendents of ‘Johannes Wessels’ to use it.

It is officially approved by the ‘Fryske Rie foar Heraldyk’ at Leeuwarden and is published in the ‘Genealogysk Jierboek’ of 2004.

It may be used solely by all agnate (direct male) descendents of ‘Johannes Wessels’ born in ‘Morra’, municipality ‘Oostdongeradeel‘ on 16 December 1764.

Cost of over 20 million euro stolen tax money!

I estimate the costs of this huge grotesque cover-up and conspiracy ordered by the betrayed(!) Queen Juliana with the execution and accountability at the Dutch Ministry of (In)Justice with help from the Secret Service AIVD, to be no less than 20 million euro since 1972 and we are still counting! Police and all Dutch Officials have to ‘protect’ the Royals, and therefore have to betray me/us the victims!

According to estimates in America, if Dutch government involvement is proven this grotesque case could be about tens of millions in damage payments also! See also post Unbelievable 5 grounds for asylum according to Judge Rex. J. Ford Miami court Florida!

Hans Smedema, in exile in El Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.