Important interrogation!

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Important interrogation!

eren1.gifJust to make sure this old friend of mine mr. Al Rust (or close) doesn’t get into trouble because the scrupulous Dutch government attacks him (without Dutch people knowing it of course) the following crucial information.

After intelligence from the 97th General Hospital Frankfurt Germany in 1983 or so, found out there was a big file about me, what I didn’t put on a written questionnaire and told them I didn’t know, there was of course an interrogation.

The verbal interrogation was outside (!) the gate behind the Hospital for unknown reasons to me. But must be legal reasons to keep it form being official. Being on American soil would have caused big problems they said. Now they could give me the order anyway, after making sure I was innocent and betrayed by my own Dutch government and family.

There were 4 to 5 men among which the boss (manager Logistics dept) of Al Rust so he told me then. And two guards for the gate a bit further away.

They (mostly the boss) asked several questions to find out personal things and how I stood against Americans. Also suddenly the boss, name unknown, told me he had information that didn’t match with information I gave on the papers. Here a short version:

  • I was treated by a psychiatrist Onno van der Hart, but I stated never to have been treated by any psychiatrist! Which I confirmed ‘no, never, why would I? There is nothing wrong with me and never has been.’
  • ‘Do you know I psychiatrist by that name Onno van der Hart?’ My answer: ‘No, why? Is he famous or so?’
  • ‘The file states your three children are not yours? Do you know that?’ Answer: ‘No, and it is impossible, my wife would never do that, we wanted this children very much.’
  • ‘The file states you and your wife had to do with the porn industry in Utrecht.’ Answer: ‘No, never, why would I, I don’t like those movies at all, and my wife would never do such things. She is not the type for that. Your files must be mixed up with other files.’ More was spoken about that.
  • ‘Did you ever sign a document giving others the right to decide for you about legal things and not having to know about crimes done against you?’ ‘No, never, nobody will ever do that, I would fight them until I die.’
  • More questions, but after a few other questions he suddenly asked me again about those questions he asked me earlier and they all were staggered when I didn’t know those questions anymore! They were put in my ‘memory black hole’, completely deleted and suppressed. I answered ‘what questions about my wife? We spoke about the Dutch warships in the second world war, and told him other things we spoke of before that. I didn’t remember the crucial facts and said ‘it must not be important, otherwise I would have remembered’ ! I had to stand aside for a moment and was cleared for the order.

So this proves American intelligence knew about this file and they knew the Dutch were lying to me and my wife. The Dutch were betraying us badly. The files intelligence and Al Rust saw, were suddenly removed and deleted within (!) (why? Cover-up!) three days after they saw them. So they gave us the order for signage anyway, as I was not to blame and really didn’t know about one of the greatest conspiracies and crimes against Dutch innocent victims of rapist and abusers. All normal legal human rights were denied to us then and they still are. And it proves it was not mr. Rust who told me, but that unknown boss and other witnesses at that gate. Must have been in 1983 or so. Rust was not allowed to tell me more (files are Dutch state crimes secret) but kept an eye out for me, and when I entered the USA in New York for that job, he was warned and learned the CIA or immigration warned Baker Bros Boston about me having been involved with the porn industry. Which is not true, as we were both drugged and she tortured with an electric stick’ into a double, emotional or multiple personality. So we knew nothing about those illegal movies of course. And we knew nothing about the ongoing abuse of my wife and even children from rapist. Permitted by the scrupulous State of the Netherlands, Justice department and politicians! And don’t forget our own scrupulous families! The drug caused memory loss, as did the severe trauma by both of us, and the scrupulous Dutch refused to treat us until this very day! They even let me be declared insane! Ethical behavior? Honesty? Never heard of those things? Dutch thinking! That is upside-down thinking!

After Baker Bros filed charges against him and intelligence in 1987, and he was put in jail, for only stating the truth (!) about me, he of course phoned me to come to the USA and help him with this case. Which was suppressed immediately by me. So he was unable to proof his case from jail as the names of this interrogation boss and the others from intelligence were not in the files. It must have been kept unofficial and not filed, being done outside American armybase and soil. Also the scrupulous Dutch government (justice dept and politicians) of course (!) didn’t answer to his plaid to help him and simply tell the truth about me to the judges! That would have made the crimes against us open en visible! Which caused this innocent and very ethical mr Al Cust, to have severe trouble and in fact mental torture (as we still do after 35 years) during many years.

I hate the scrupulous Dutch for what they did to this innocent and honest family! And there is much more of those things. The Dutch leaders (Ministers and politicians) are betraying their own innocent and unaware people! A Dutch Watergate.

The above is an official legal statement by me. The full version will be in my autobiography ‘Fighting the unknown’.

Hans Smedema Copyright 2007 Hans Smedema Drachten Netherlands.

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.