Zoicite & Al Rust

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Zoicite & Al Rust

New information is the following:

Already known is that a captain Rust (see heroes, name not sure) in 1983 or so had to screen me for doing business with the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt Germany. We became friends when I told him how I admired the Americans for what they did for us in Europe and for the rest of the world, among other things.

They (intelligence at the Hospital) after an interrogation/screening found out around 1983 that there was a large file about me in the Dutch intelligence files and I didn’t know anything about it. It stated I was treated by a prof.dr. Onno van der Hart, but told them had never spoken or seen this man and was never treated (!) by a psychiatrist ever! So something was very wrong and he kept an eye on me, but was not allowed to use the information to help me! Later when I entered the USA June 1st 1986 for the first time, the CIA warned Baker Bros (plating industry) where I was to become CEO of their 100% company Systems Engineering (mefiag) in Heerenveen in the Netherlands. Normally this would have been enough not to give me that job, but captain Rust (or name close to that) and by then major at the (military) intelligence and working at Langley I think, took a plane when he heard about it and told Baker senior at Baker Bros that I was a victim, not a perpetrator as the file could suggest. And just because of him (!) I got the job anyway. He was the ONLY person ever to help me at that time! Not my disgusting family or brothers who knew everything and could have helped, and not the Dutch government or Justice department betraying me and my wife! Although we were victims of the crime of the century because the government did change the rules secretly only (!) for us! Rapist were allowed to rape my wife whenever they wanted to. We were helpless against them with amnesia and severe suppression. Even a Head prosecutor was not allowed to stop that and suddenly moved to another city, out of danger for the criminals in the Dutch Justice department and certain politicians with no integrity at all. Now at high places of course.

But my wife got into her second personality (she hit a table with her knee!!!) while in Paris with the employees of that company (her severe handicap still unknown to me because of the scrupulous cover up from the family, Dutch government and physicians). And she had sex with one of them, which she still doesn´t know and denies. I was unaware of this. Later the Dutch Chamber of Commerce made a mistake not telling Baker Bros I was indeed the legal owner of a company, causing me to be fired for crimes (being involved with porn) and fraud! They lost that case as I did nothing wrong and they had to pay 80.000 guilders to me, but were now very angry and filed in 1987 charges against major Cust and Military intelligence who was not to blame of course. He only told the truth! He was suddenly put in jail and was (from inside) of course not able to proof his rightful case. The files about me and even police files were all deleted (!) by the Dutch governmental bastards! He was fired, had to sell his house, couldn’t get a job anymore being fired without honor and suffered several very difficult emotional and financial years. He had of course asked the Dutch government to state during the lawsuit to proof he was right, but the Dutch disgusting bastards refused as the cowards they were and still are. They tell me nothing even now! He phoned me also, and asked me to come over en help prove his case, but touched things in my brain about the ‘black hole’ causing me to forget instantly everything he said. Talking to somebody with amnesia and suppressing everything ( more and more traumas because the rapes of my wife did NEVER stop) is very difficult. You have to work around it. So I was unaware about everything then. I could not cope with all those disgusting crimes against us. Almost a complete country (!) acting together against us as only innocent severe traumatized victims! Family, brothers, justice, police, politicians and friends! Even my Rotary club new, but didn’t tel me.

After years he was able to get a job and later get a copy from Germany of the files about me, which were by the way immediately deleted by the Dutch after they noticed Americans saw it! The Dutch betraying cowards and criminals . But they had made a copy of them already in 1983 because I didn’t know a thing about it and was very open and sincere. So after many years, he could prove he was right, reopenend the lawsuit and was completely rehabilitated and they (who?) paid damages also. They were able to buy or build a new house in Harlingen Texas (Rangerville). The rehabilitation was big news in the Valley Morning Star. He then talked to me, but before still had not told me anything about the fraud from the Dutch government itself and not even that my children were not mine but from rapist (allowed (rape permitted) by the Dutch government), as we both still thought and my wife still (!) thinks. He was not allowed to use info interfering with the criminal (!) acts of the Dutch government! Has to do with the legal use of those files. But later, after also being betrayed by the Dutch and being rehabilitated, did warn me for only certain things he thought were allowed. One was he warned me for the (devilish) prof. dr. Onno van der Hart, who destroyed our lives and the lives of my/her children completely, being now from rapist (without my wife knowing it yet with her amnesia and suppression!). Althoug this name was already mentioned for a first time by his boss head of Logistics when he interrogated me at the gate of that Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany in 1983 or so.

His wife, who I was able to connect to him in 1983, already had a child. She was named Zoicite and later maybe adopted by him and took the name Rust I believe. Maybe not. She was of course told in those very bad years (why are those people doing this to us dad? Why doesn’t Hans Smedema come to help us?), that I, Hans Smedema, would surely come and rescue them by simply telling the truth. But of course my amnesia and instant suppression made that impossible then. I had trauma after trauma as my wife was abused many times for 30 years and we both suppressed everything. Zoi didn’t understand that of course and always kept asking her parents why I didn’t show up? She even phoned me 10 years old or so! Hart breaking! I remember having a young girl asking why don’t you help my dad? Which I thought to be a mistake of course, but she new my name. Very brave and courageous and making my disgusting Dutch family, government, politicians and psychiatrists even more disgusting. So when she got 14 years old a family member went for Rotary Youth Exchange Program in 1996/97 to my town Drachten, but didn’t dare to ask straight out. So she said I want to go to the Netherlands to and make sure Hans Smedema, his wife and others know about these cruel facts done to them by the Dutch government and their own cruel family itself. She must have rightfully hated the Dutch government for what they did to her father and mother for many years. She was also able to work herself into a Rotary International Youth Exchange Program and was able to get in Drachten Netherlands august1998/99 with several hosts. After a while she told her hosts about my case, but nobody would believe her, as even now nobody will believe me! One host did ask me for a minute (!) at the door (!). If I had contact with an American? No, only with some people over the internet about stocks. And I knew Rust from Germany long ago. And before I could think about it, he was already gone, not believing this insane story! And so suddenly and with a black hole in my brain for Rust also, I was unable to search long enough in my brain.

So Zoi got very angry of course and walked to my house for the first time. But did not wait for a good moment, and talked to me ‘again at the door (!)’. Which went well at first. She asked the questions better starting about me having worked in Germany? What caused my brain to search in the right direction. Yes, and I knew her father and yes knew I had connected her father with her mother and make them man and wife. But I had to go to the Rotary in Leeuwarden where I was chairman then. So I told her, come back later this evening and we can talk much more and better. But she said she was going to leave Holland and taking the first plane back to Harlingen Texas. She then also mentioned my children were not mine and asked if I already knew that? No and she told more, causing my brain to a ‘stand still’ and suppressing everything or most of the conversation. So I suddenly asked myself, why am I talking to this very nice and beautiful girl here at the door? I remember, because I did find that very strange myself of course. So the conversation suddenly went very wrong missing the first part, but I still offered to bring her to Amsterdam later that evening, or the following morning and said to her, wait simply until the next day. Stay a bit longer with your host. She was so angry at the Dutch not believing her, she specially came for that reason. So she was going to Amsterdam right away. She of course didn’t understand my sudden change in the conservation either, and got even more angry now with me too and went home that evening. At the Rotary they showed me the application telling me they had a girl with a bizarre story in Drachten, but I didn’t recognize it so fast of course and did not recognize her on the picture having suppressed all or most. Having big problems getting to Amsterdam and the airport Schiphol, she promised herself never to come the the Netherlands anymore and was angry at me too. She used her own (!) savings money (even after those very bad years they had because of me and the scrupulous Dutch government, to help me/us, and was brutally ignored by the Dutch and me too(not knowing that fact). Later she had to work more going to a University, because of the costs made to help me! She would of course have been much better off at a country where they talk English. Later Rust told me they tried to analyze the conversation for the reason it at first worked, but later went wrong. Again it is very difficult talking to someone with amnesia and severe suppression. It causes your brain to come to a still stand, deleting everything about the cause and related to the trauma.

Anyone knowing about this case with captain, later major Cust, or Rust, or Just and his rehabilitation later, or about this Zoicite, please contact me and help me finding and talking to them now after all those cruel years to both of our families by the scrupulous Dutch. The USA embassy can’t help me it seems as they ignore my plaids for help. It would be interfering with the Dutch (criminal) government. I know the lawsuit was in the news in the USA and saw some of it, but did not recognize the story then with my amnesia. So it must be very easy for a journalist or government department to find it. The lawsuit was from Baker Bros Boston against major Rust working at the military intelligence. Those lawsuits are difficult to find, as they are more or less secret? With all Dutch lawyers refusing to help us, it is difficult to find that out. Even all lawyers I am talking to in the USA refuse to help. Lawyer Mr. Jason Drangel New York, with whom I did successful a case against Manpower, refuses to help or finding the lawyer in Chicago, who helped major Rust. Stating he can’t help me! Is now even the American government helping the criminal (in this case!) Dutch, to prevent me getting legal assistance? It sure looks that way now. Could very well be the Dutch, asked the USA to help them against me. And the USA can’t put that legal question aside without my help. Rust once told me, you will have to become an American to get help. So I will travel to the USA and find out if I can get political Asylum and/or legal help against these disgusting Dutch betraying their OWN people (and family)!

As this book and story could be worth some money ( only in an honest (!) country that is), and the story from their side also, I will make this family beneficiaries to some of the Royalties. Not my/her own children, but only Zoi, the child from captain/major Rust, tried and offered help! But of course I will have to find them first and talk to them. They could prove my case also by simply stating the truth about what happened to them. The coward disgusting Dutch government, lying politicians and family will then be forced to tell the truth about their (criminal) acts. Until now the coward Dutch media refuse to publish this bizarre drama and help us. I am NOT even allowed to file charges and get legal help! While every murderer gets legal assistance instantly! Bizarre and insane.

The saying ‘The flying Dutchmen’ should be changed in ‘The lying Dutchmen’! And the ‘Dutch disease’ should get a much more severe meaning after this story gets known. Did you know the Dutch were the MOST efficient country in helping the Germans to put the jews helpless on the trains? Dis you know the Dutch were most efficient in helping the moslims getting helpless in the buses and causing 6000 death? I am very ashamed being Dutch. I accused the Dutch Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende already in the Dutch Blog. This story is the ‘Dutch Watergate’ and could very well be the cause he will have to step down later, among other governmental criminals. Why does he approve these crimes and cover up, why doesn’t he simply act?

Zoi, Al, I am very sorry about what happened and will try to make it up to you and your family as soon as possible, help me find you. I hope you have your side of the story already on paper. We could publish this in weeks.

I will travel to Harlingen, but can only hope someone knows where you are. I am not sure how this will work out legally! But we will find that out and many honest people will help us later, as soon as they find out about this unbelievable crime. I will give the info here.

Hans Smedema Copyright 2007 Hans Smedema, Drachten Netherlands.

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.