Dutch (upside-down) thinking!

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I am introducing a new saying ‘Dutch thinking’. Meaning ‘upside-down, reverse or unethical’ thinking from some Dutch.

We already have:

  • Dutch treat,
  • Flying Dutchmen,
  • Lying Dutchmen
  • and maybe even more.

What is Dutch thinking? It is upside-down thinking, meaning unethical thinking. Many Dutchmen use that way of thinking and looking at other people. When ‘normal’ people, as in ethical and honest people, think about what is real, pure and honest to do, some Dutchmen will do just the opposite. And in this case even a lot of them. To put it bluntly I almost can’t even find honest and ethical people at this moment in my life.

Let me give you a few general examples, before I will give you my own specific ones:

  • Normal people live above sea level – most Dutch live below sea level. A bit upside down for starters.
  • When ‘normal’ people at war will give their soldiers the best weapons they have, the Dutch politicians gave them the weakest possible when they had to defend the moslims in Bosnia, causing being overrun and later even 6000 dead. To have weapons would only challenge or provoke (!) the enemy. A great example of upside-down thinking.
  • Before world war two, the Dutch politicians refused to give their army enough weapons. Why provoke the enemy (Hitler) when you can also look the other way. We all know where that led to and who had to come to free them again.
  • Most (almost all) Dutch lawyers never assist victims! They deny victims the right to defend themselves. This is because the get free money to defend all perpetrators. The more brutal and complex a murder case, the more money they get paid. A beautiful example of upside down ‘Dutch thinking’. A lot of victims have to beg a lot of lawyers ‘please Sir, defend our legal rights’. Only to be sent away with the brutal words ‘no, we never aid victims. I found out the hard way myself! In 4 years I didn’t succeed in finding a lawyer! Disgusting!
  • The Dutch made sure Ayaan Hirsi Ali was more or less thrown out of the country and got only security for one year. Why pay for her security when we don’t see her anymore. But she got threatened in Holland of course.
  • There is a road almost finished, but waiting for one man who denies to sell his parcel of land. So they are waiting now for ten years I think. Not far off anyway. His rights have more value than the thousands of people every day standing in lines.
  • And their are many more examples.

But I would like to give you my own examples:

  • When my girlfriend an myself were severely traumatized by porn criminals and we got amnesia for all what happened, the police did nothing at all. They know nothing, so why would we investigate, they said. They must first file charges before we will investigate. But how could we file charges, when we knew nothing about what happened until then? Being drugged and with severe suppression. And those who could file charges, were not allowed to, or tried to cover it up. Great reverse thinking.
  • When we got married, they gave my brother the right to make decisions for me, but without telling me, or making sure I got medical treatment! He never told me, but has been doing that for more than thirty years. And refusing to tell me what he did. With my amnesia I was helpless and was not allowed to defend my girlfriend and later wife. Upside down thinking again.
  • When they found out we got children form rapist, they didn’t file charges to bring the rapist to justice, no they made sure we never were able to find out what happened! They made the most horrible cover-up ever found in Holland. So the rapist were helped and we got nothing at all. Upside down justice!
  • When the American Al Rust found out, he was the only man helping me get a job. The Dutch bastards did nothing at all of course. Again upside down thinking.
  • When I was fired because of mistakes by the Dutch government, the poor American Al Rust was put in jail, found guilty and had to pay damages, just because the Dutch bastards refused to tell the truth about the cover-up. He had to suffer for ten years before he was able with the help of former ambassador Paul Bremer to proof their was a Dutch file and cover-up about me. Again great Dutch upside down thinking! They always do the opposite of what is just and honest! You can make an educated guess what the Dutch will do and be right 80% of the time when choosing the opposite of what normal honest people would do.
  • When my memory about everything came back in march 2000, I asked the psychiatrist for help. But they refused to help me, and instead of helping me help my wife, with still a severe trauma and emotional or double personality, they tried to force me into a mental institution, telling me I was insane. So when I got better, they made me sick again, which even caused me to stop working. Great example of Dutch upside-down thinking. This is lasting seven years now!
  • When I was able to proof my case, by showing a scar from secretly being made infertile in 1972, it first was according to a surgeon (!) a scar which was badly stitched, but as soon they found out it could proof my case, it suddenly was only a normal skin-damage. A urologist diagnosed I had two broken funicles, but refused for ethical (!) reasons to proof it later. Causing me to stay insane, while it could have proven me innocent! Great upside down thinking again.
  • When at last I could legally (!) press one lawyer to listen to my story, he refused to act, telling me I FIRST had to proof this cover-up before he would act. While I of course first needed a lawyer to proof it by asking witnesses under oath! Great upside-down thinking again by the Dutch.
  • After 4 years I still have no lawyer willing to assist me legally. But any murderer (!) gets one within five minutes! And of course fully paid for by the Dutch government! We would have to sell the house to pay for legal help against the Dutch government itself! It is a cover-up form the Dutch government! So they know all, but still I have to proof it first! Insane behavior from the Dutch again. Great upside-down thinking!

And many more facts, but lets keep it here for the moment.

Hans Smedema Copyright 2007 Hans Smedema Drachten, Netherlands

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.