Terror by the Dutch State!

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I am still trying to understand how it can be possible that this all is happening.

How can it be that someone like me, with two Bachelor degrees and much more education. Having been a CEO of several Companies, well known headhunter in the North of the Netherlands, member and even chairman of Rotary Leeuwarden-Zuid, and much more. Never been accused of anything by the Justice department. Completely clean.

  1. Can’t get legal assistance from a lawyer for over 4 years!
  2. Can’t get information from anyone about what has happened to him and his poor wife?
  3. Can’t get help from Human Rights Watch, or from Amnesty International, or other organization?
  4. Can’t even file charges about the crimes made against him and his wife by the Police? I am not allowed to! With all rapist and fathers of the children known? With about a hundred wittinesses known? And much more?
  5. But now gets sued by the same rapist and the Police of course accepts there filing officially! So suddenly I am a suspect!
  6. Where all information about this bizarre case is withheld form me. I am not allowed to know what happened to us.

What I do know about the fact who must point to the reason for this behavior by the Dutch State is the following:

  1. I know from a witness Elise B., that my brother Johan was involved in a big cruel cover-up together with the Justice Department and a secret service. Also that my three children were not mine. So this probably means that my brother has somehow taken over my life and is secretly managing it. He of course refuses to tell me anything.
  2. I also know that a Head Prosecutor mr Ruud Rosingh was forbidden to investigate the rape by two men of my defenseless wife in Oranje Hotel Leeuwarden Netherlands. Even when he refused at first, he was moved to another town. So the Group Mengele as I cal them, has a big influence and must be in the so called College Procureurs Generaal in the Netherlands. And must be even higher than that. Ministers? Queen?
  3. After this mr Ruud Rosingh was moved from his position, a critical article in a newspaper was changed afterwards, just to make sure that when I would look it up, I would not be able to proof my case. Now everybody thinks I am insane. Which is exactly what this criminal ‘Group Mengele’ Wants everybody to believe. I know they did that pointing to the Security of the Dutch state! How is that possible? We have nothing to do with the security of the state at all. We are only victims form rapist, that s all. And they made rape movies from us. What on earth has that to do with security of the State?
  4. I also know that when we married two people from the Justice department had to sign also. That must mean we were part of a special program and others were in charge of us.
  5. I know from my old American friend Al Rust that when intelligence(CIA) had to screen m, they found a large file about me, which was immediately gone three days later! It stated my wife and I were involved in the porn industry, which we never were, that the three children were not mine, which we always thought, and that I was treated by a psychiatrist Onno van der Hart, while I never have been treated by a psychiatrist. Only when my memory came back these things were true somehow. They did it all secretly! The fact that this big file was gone after 3 days, means they had to hide the contents for others! Who gave the order?
  6. Also is known now that my old friend Al Rust had to suffer dearly just because he told the truth about me. He was put in jail and was found guilty just because the Dutch government refused to tell the truth about me! Only after 10 years when old ambassador Paul Bremer helped him a bit, he could get a copy of those files and reopen his case and won. This proves the Dutch ‘Group Mengele’ as I call them, is not honest! It is fraud.
  7. Also known now is that the DNA-tests of the children were falsified. That can only be done by the State and the secret service.
  8. The same happened with an MRI scan, which was also falsified.
  9. And an Urologist found out both my funicles looked and felt broken or had a gap. But later he refused nervous to investigate any further. That must have been on order of the secret service pointing to the security of the Dutch state again?
  10. The same with a badly stitched scar from secretly making me infertile by the rapist in 1972, which suddenly was named a normal skin damage!
  11. I am not allowed to proof my case by having this scar and funicles investigated. Only a lawyer can demand that with the national forensic institute and they refuse to do so. A private forensic institute(who freed this American men innocent in jail not to long ago) also refuse to help me.

So to what points this all together? I must have been put under external people who manage my life. This ‘group Mengele’ must have orders and laws form the highest levels. The can do whatever they want and like. It must have cost millions already. It looks as if lawyers are not allowed to help me. So I am completely defenseless against them. And the Dutch people are not allowed to know about this. Why is that?

Does anybody know a Human Rights lawyer who is willing to help us out.

More later…

Hans Smedema Copyright 2008 Hans Smedema Drachten, Netherlands

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.