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High Commissioner for Human Rights(OHCHR) & Hans-Smedema-affair

To the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

Xalo/Jalon,   June 5th 2011

To Ms. Navanethem Pillay,

Concerns: Dutch political conspiracy against innocent defenseless victims Hans Smedema and his wife in the Netherlands and Al Rust and his family in America!

Exceptional cruel human rights abuse in the Netherlands because of (criminal) involvement of the Dutch Queen Beatrix. No other means left to force the Dutch government to stop the abuse of human rights.

The story is so unbelievable and exceptional, that it is ‘The crime of the century’ and will become Dutch legacy. It can only be compared to the famous French ‘Dreyfus-affaire’, but is much worse.

Horrifying betrayal, only a very short summary:

I live as a fugitive in Spain since June 1st 2008 while my wife still lives defenseless in the Netherlands with her selective amnesia and severe suppression of sexual abuses since 1972. She is falsely made to believe that I as her husband am delusional and nothing happened to her. This is possible because of her severe suppression of all sexual abuses in combination with falsifying DNA tests. The conspiracy and cover-up is making sure she will never know what has been done to her by all involved.

A cruel act against all human rights! We the victims suffer like nobody has ever done before in cases like this.

  1. My wife and I were since 1973 not to know that we both had severe suppression of all abuse and rape of my wife. She even has an extra recallable emotional personality which causes her after some force to have sex with anyone asking with enough force! She is defenseless! This is still the case and I was since 1973 NOT allowed protecting my wife because of the cover up and conspiracy! My own severe suppression for all of her abuses made protecting her impossible. Very complex story and very hard to understand.
  2. The right to medical help with a simple therapy to counter my amnesia and severe suppression was denied by hiding it for me. So I could not protect myself or my wife by getting therapy or taking care of high level security. The rapist knew this and so we were defenseless against them!
  3. We were most likely secretly placed under control of the family acting with approval and help from the Ministry of Justice, with a special ruling from the Dutch Queen. But when I asked, this was denied by all involved and kept hidden for us until this very day! Causing me to have to stop working.
  4. I was also not allowed to know that I was secretly made infertile in 1972, even after they found out about this in January 1975 when a child was proven not to be mine. Which crucial fact was also hidden from us! So we lived on assuming the child was mine, and were still defenseless against every new rape or abuse. No protection at all!
  5. All 6 pregnancies were from rapist, and family together with Ministry of Justice and police knew this crucial fact, but no rapist were ever prosecuted to my knowledge! In fact the rapists were helped, while we as the defenseless victims were betrayed and made even more helpless and defenseless!
  6. About 20 police files about rapes were deleted or hidden. Several people tried to file charges for us, but were not allowed or believed because my wife and I could not confirm anything with our selective amnesia for the sexual abuses!
  7. In March 2000 my memory slowly came back about all the traumatic rapes and abuses, but all involved denied and covered up all crimes. Because of this cover-up and conspiracy to keep the rape and abuses hidden from  my wife, she is made to believe the I as her husband have suddenly become delusional. And without hard proof, psychiatrists simply declare me delusional. Others state I am normal and sane and this unbelievable story could be true! But it makes getting a lawyer very difficult, which is exactly what the conspiracy is trying to accomplice of course.

Much more and very detailed information is in my 1200 pages written statement in Dutch and a large part already translated into English. The request for Political Asylum is a good resume and so are both the CAT and CCPR Complaints to your organization last year. See below.

Already tried without any legal help, only the most important (!):

  1. Getting no lawyer to help with all legal matters! No lawyer since January 2004! Even forcing a lawyer legally didn’t help either. Meaning, since that time all legal matters had to be done by myself being the victim with PTSS and having no legal education. This is against Human Rights! Lawyers are probably not allowed (!) to help because of the use of ‘state security’ as a (false) reason!
  2. Dutch Police is NOT allowed to investigate, so I was not allowed to file charges, which is a normal civil right. Discrimination! My wife issued a written statement pleading for an immediate investigation and informing us, which was ignored!
  3. Prosecutors refuse to investigate, although a Head Prosecutor mr. Ruud Rosingh already started an investigation about the rape on 12 January 1991 in Leeuwarden by two men of my defenseless wife with her severe mental suppression and selective amnesia. He declared afterwards to me verbally that he was ordered to stop the investigation by the Dutch ‘College of Procureurs Generaal’ which is the highest in The Netherlands. Pointing to a high level conspiracy by ‘The Dutch Crown’ which is the Queen and all Ministers.
  4. Dutch Minister of Justice and Prime Minister refused earlier to help and even denied involvement, but a witness Elise B. from Uden confirmed to me the secret involvement of the Ministry of Justice and a secret service! Also the fact our children were NOT mine was in those files already!
  5. All Dutch political leaders refuse to talk about this case, almost certain because they pledged an oath to protect the Queen! So political help will never be possible! Only an outside force can help. UN? OHCHR?
  6. Dutch CTIVD or Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services confirmed in a hearing more or less(between the lines, not legally) my story and investigated. But the report and recommendation to stop the abuse of human rights against me and my wife was denied and refused by ‘The Crown’ or Dutch Ministers and Queen! Probably based on false and fraudulent information, without me and my wife knowing anything about it. To prevent us from defending ourselves and stating differently. ‘The Trial’ from Franz Kafka again, but much worse!
  7. Help was also denied from most of the Dutch organizations who normally should help victims, like Dutch ‘Clientenbond’(Witness American Diana that they were not allowed to!), ‘Victim help’, Physicians, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty Int., and many more. Most probably don’t believe the unbelievable story and all evidence has been deleted or hidden by the Dutch conspiracy and secret service based on ‘state security’. Probably only because the name of Queen Beatrix could be hurt!
  8. DNA test to proof I am NOT the father of our 3 children has been falsified, MRI scan to proof I had been made infertile was falsified.  Urologist Smorenburg who confirmed me being made infertile, wanted to proof  that with invasive surgery, but was NOT allowed to do that. Medical files are falsified and much details are missing! Without a lawyer and help outside the Netherlands, impossible to proof! My total written statement with all names and facts about all crimes that happened since 1971 is over 1200 pages long! Other crucial evidence is hidden also.
  9. The National Ombudsman refused twice to investigate and I know now that the reason could be that when a Queen is involved, he is not allowed to! But he did not tell me this crucial fact! I could ask for Political Asylum with that proof! The Dutch people as a whole are betrayed by hiding this crucial fact for them!
  10. European Court for Human Rights(asked May 11th 2005) refused to investigate because I should first use all legal procedures, which is impossible(!) without a lawyer. Lawyers have not enough proof because all evidence is hidden and deleted by the Dutch state and a secret service! About 50 witnesses, many perpetrators and rapist are known, including the three fathers of the children. But without a lawyer or official investigation I cannot do anything! Cordon sanitary in the Netherlands.
  11. The Dutch Freedom of Information Act (WOB) is not working because when the Queen is involved it is not allowed! This is probably also the basis for using ‘state security’ as a reason to falsify and manipulate all evidence I tried to get! This whole case can be proved by a very simple DNA test which is NOT falsified by the Dutch conspiracy as it was earlier! Several witnesses claim they are NOT mine and it can be seen also.
  12. Complaint and request sent to Queen Beatrix in 2008. Advising her to distance herself from this conspiracy which started by a special ruling of her mother Queen Juliana, who was betrayed with fraud. No answer at all.
  13. The right to publish a lot of names of perpetrators in this story which is important to all Dutch people was denied by a Police Judge Jeroen van Bruggen in Leeuwrden. He denied me the right to a good lawyer which still refused to help and didn’t understand the complex case. He denied me the right to hear under oath witnesses, and also no simple DNA test allowed which could proof one the claimants was the rapist and father of one of our children. So I was defenseless with no legal help! He sentenced me, but an appeal is still ongoing with no action at all for over two years! They will do nothing! To force them to do something, I am openly accusing the Dutch Queen Beatrix of treason against me and my wife, and high treason against the Dutch people and nation! This is very risky for me and could cost me years in jail, but I see no other means to defend myself anymore.
  14. The right to Political Asylum(asked on April 20th 2009) in America was denied also, because Judge Rex Ford from Miami Florida had not enough evidence the Dutch state was behind all this! I was deported back to ‘The Netherlands’ on November 5th 2009 having been detained for 28 weeks! But I had a lawyer, who could not do anything with not enough evidence about the Dutch conspiracy. Very strange is that America HAS proof of my case in their own files! A friend and employee of the Military CIA, Al Rust, suffered for 10 years because the Dutch government and Queen Beatrix refused to simply tell the truth about me and my wife. But after 10 years with a copy of the secret Dutch file of me and my wife, which was officially deleted by the Dutch and NOT existing(!), he could appeal and proof his case and won. He was paid ten years of salary and there are large files from both trials in America! So why wasn’t I given Political Asylum? They knew the Dutch government was lying and hiding crucial evidence about my case from an American judge! I assume it is because the conspiracy is or looks to be legal(but based on fraud) and America has to help legally as I was told by former American ambassador in the Netherlands Paul Bremer on June 14th 1996 in Amsterdam during an interrogation about ‘Al Rust’.
  15. A 30 pages long written statement from former CIA agent Al Rust sent to me around 1999 with all details about his two trials and evidence, also proving MY case, has been deleted by the Dutch conspiracy and hidden. This to make sure I will never get a lawyer or can proof my case, protecting the Queen!
  16. Complaint to the CAT Committee in Geneva on May 15th 2010 was denied in a day or so. No reason given, but I assume that it is because the involvement of the Dutch Queen makes this ‘Crime of the century’ look legal? But why not inform me so I can ask for political asylum?
  17. Complaint to the CCPR Committee in Geneva on June 23th 2010 was denied in a day or so.  No reason given.
  18. Without a lawyer no other means to fight back are open to me.

Help needed

We need help urgently.

  • Complicating is the fact that the Dutch Queen has probably to be forced to reverse the special secret ruling about me and my wife never to be investigated or to know what happened. Text of this secret ruling is still unknown to us, but police and Ministry of Justice can do nothing for us as long as it stands. This was confirmed by Al Rust in America and Paul Bremer.
  • Financial damages are huge for us. And why do we as the victims have to proof and find evidence at great costs, which is already known at the Ministry of Justice but hidden?
  • Please contact the Dutch Queen, America asking for the proof of this case, and ask the Dutch directly to deny or confess my unbelievable story.
  • A simple DNA father ship test should be ordered outside(!) the influence of the Dutch government and conspiracy! It will proof my whole case and the fact my own test has been falsified. But all evidence is already known by the Ministry of Justice, but only hidden for the moment.
  • I want all documents about my case to publish them to the Dutch and American people. I am fighting the unknown until now, much worse than the famous Franz Kafka ‘The Trial’.
  • I need a lawyer who has to try to get all (secret) documents first, but maybe can start helping with all legal matters! We have the right to be paid damages.

I am keeping this short for your convenience, but many detailed documents about this case exist and can be sent. Many witnesses exist. The three fathers/rapist of our 3 children are known by name.

Any help will be very much appreciated and please motivate any refusal because nobody ever does.

Of course I can give much more information and am willing to speak about this in Geneva.

Much more information is also given on my Dutch Blog: hanssmedema.eu

or English Blog: hanshanssmedema.info

The Dutch book is called ‘Vechten tegen het Onbekende’ and the English ‘Fighting the Unknown’.

Hans Smedema B. Sc., Xalo/Jalon, Spain

End of Letter

Of course no answer was ever received!

Published by

Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.