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More and more info points to the fact, the Dutch must have signed documents which give them the right to betray us both. The fact that a psychiatrist prof.dr. Onno van der Hart drugged and tortured me mentally and was able to get a signature that way, after me refusing for over two hours, speaks for itself.

So I declare the following (insane, but necessary in the Netherlands):

  • I never signed in free will a document giving a psychiatrist the right to betray me secretly, keep crimes against me and my wife a secret and not treat me. Let alone have my wife raped and have children form abusers.
  • I never have signed any document in free will, that gives away my normal legal rights, nor gives it others the right to decide for me. Like everybody else I should have had medical treatment with my suppression.
  • I never gave the politicians the right to decide over and for me in free will.
  • I never gave people the right to abuse and rape my wife, and have children with her, without her knowing it.
  • I never gave my brother Johan or others the right to decide over and for me about things unknown to me.

Still the psychiatrist prof.dr. Onno van der hart was in 1975 able to drug me and force me after mental torture, after two hours of refusal by me, to sign a document, without me ever see this document and because of the drug caused memory loss, never know anything about it. I was secretly lured to go to a hospital for unknown talks, without any warning or information! Several assistants and maybe even other psychiatrist filed a complaint, but it was denied.

Also new info out my memory now makes it likely I was lured to a commission in 1975 or 76 by my brothers, telling me I was to go there for my normal work! No warning, no information, no documents they must have had, nothing about the insane consequences for the rest of my life, nothing at all. I have never seen anything about it! This commission for Justice with over 20 politicians found in the end out because only ONE woman asked me if I knew where this was all about -which I didn’t – that I thought to be there for my normal job selling signage! Still these insane idiots must have taken away my rights, without telling me! And without anybody telling me my wife had her first child from an abuser without her knowing that herself! Crimes against us were kept secret!

This unknown decision and unknown documents must have caused the fact that an investigation about a rape by two men was immediately stopped in 1991. Only politicians or the highest Dutch legal commission ‘College Procureurs Generaal’ can stop an investigation. But why let my wife be raped? And have 5 pregnancies and three children form abusers? And why have me Hans Smedema declared insane by 6 psychiatrists after in 2000 my memory came back? Why not tell the truth?

I am almost sure, the Dutch have signed documents from my wife also, giving them the right (!) to keep crimes against her a secret! Even new crimes, as they happened many times. The secret service has the order to make sure I can’t prove my case and make sure she will never know what the scrupulous Dutch did to her/us.

That is why the American family Cust (first letter unknown) were also left alone, severely punished while being completely innocent, and never were getting the truth about me and my wife. That is why the files were always deleted!

This must be the Dutch Watergate! They keep a lid on all crimes and their scrupulous insane decisions. These are crimes permitted by insane and criminal politicians! That must be the reason lawyers are not able or allowed to help us? Our legal rights have secretly been taken away from us?

I am sure these criminal politicians also have asked the Americans to not help me. Do not interfere in the crimes/undertakings of the Netherlands. I don’t get any help now and Cust once told me, you have to be on American soil and become an American to get help!

The above is an official legal statement by me. Anyone telling or even proving differently is lying and or has falsified illegal documents.

Hans Smedema Copyright 2007 Hans Smedema Drachten Netherlands.

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.