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While we were working with this K2 Private Investigator to produce a report, I thought more and more about what is proof already of course. For myself I don’t need any more proof, but for others that is not yet the case. Specially when only reading superficial first.

Here is what is statistical proof, and beyond reasonable doubt:

  • 1 – When at last I found out from memory and what I already knew, that I must have been secretly made sterile in 1972 in the room of my girlfriend, I went of course to an urologist. So this men knew nothing about it before and this criminal group Mengele from the government itself, didn’t know it either. And always when I do something unexpected, I get normal reactions first and only later they try to cover it up again. This urologist mr Smorenburg confirmed in writing, by feeling and following my funicles that both(!) seemed to have a gap on an abnormal place at or even on the balls itself. Verbal he even stated that both were broken and was very sure about it. He stated that a further invasive investigation or surgery could proof that easily. I ask the readers, how big is the chance that anyone having memories about a crime making him infertile, and indeed both funicles seem broken and look to have a gap? 1 on 1.000.000, higher? This fact alone is proving a big point I think.
  • The second time I went to him he refused to investigate, what has become normal procedure, as the government now knew why I was there and of course made sure he would NOT prove it. The semen he tested contained sperm, but he didn’t check if they lived, or could swim. Almost certain Group Mengele made sure the semen was changed, or during an 4 hour surgery earlier, they made sure the funicles were partly repaired? Anyway this needs further investigation, but not in the Netherlands. How big is the chance that an Urologist refuses(!) to investigate seemingly broken funicles? And while I am unable to work and live a normal live and he could instantly proof I am not insane? I would say very low. He was ordered not to give me any proof, because of the cover up from the Dutch state itself.
  • Next we have the scar that was badly stitched according to one surgeon, and was after they knew I could prove my case about the cover-up with it, suddenly named a normal skin damage. But it was so badly stitched, it started bleeding when it was hot and I walked a lot. So a dermatologist had to burn it away over the full 7 cm(!) and in a straight line from scrotum till anus. How big is the chance this happens on its own? I would say very low. I asked around and this never has happened with other man by dermatologists known. So 1 in 100.000 at least, maybe even ten times higher.
  • Further to that this dermatologist had a police photographer secretly make a photo from it. Why would that be necessary when it was a normal skin damage? This ads to the fact this is not just coincidence. Only when a physician suspects a crime, he will have to alert the police of course.
  • And now lets take these facts altogether because this has happened all by or on me in the same story. So tell me, how big is the chance that these points happen together when I was delusional as our families and physicians keep telling? You have memories telling you were made infertile, a urologist makes a written statement that both your funicles seem to have a gap and broken, next refuses to investigate that fact while your marriage and live depends on it while you are declared insane by stupid and ignorant psychiatrists, a dermatologist has to burn away a 7cm long straight scar(or skin damage), and last but not least police makes a photo from that skin damage! 1 on 100.000.000 or so?

Very unlikely these points altogether, or better, this is proof beyond reasonable doubt.

But strange enough all involved in this cover-up keep stating they think I am insane. And most of them have a good reason wanting me to be insane. When everybody thinks I am insane I can’t get any lawyers to help me legally! And I am not able to file charges against them.

I think in the case of my wife in 1973 or so the Queen has given permission to take away her rights and make sure no investigation could ever happen. That with that stupid secret arrangement, they made her defenseless against all rapist and abusers, they will not have thought about. And later they thought well it is a fact now, she has her first child from an abuser, so let it be. And with the next children the same. These scrupulous Dutch never thought about being honest of course. Simple therapy? Never even crossed their mind?

So my fight is against the State itself who are protecting the Queen herself? And in the process we have to suffer enormously?

And the media keep silent helping the cover-up. They refuse to write about it.

Lawyers keep refusing to help me even after I told them that by simply asking for an investigation by the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) they could have proof about me being made secretly sterile and if the children are not mine with a simple DNA-test. A lawyer who is also member of Parlement First Chamber, refused to help me without any motivation! Britta Bohler! Who does helps all murderers!

Hans Smedema B. Sc. Copyright 2008 Hans Smedema Drachten Netherlands.

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.