Crime of the Century!

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The trip to Harlingen Texas was not successful, but I did learn a lot of new facts. See trip to Harlingen.

It looks as if the family Rust doesn’t dare to talk to me again. They must have been threatened by the Dutch and or American government. Or Rust died? The fact he has knowledge of the secret file about me, has probably been the reason for the scrupulous Dutch government, Justice department, or secret service, to ask the American government to help keep this crime against Dutch unaware people, a secret. They try to make it seem they were right all along by doing this. I know they have had legal permission from the Dutch politician commission for Justice. Who were misled of course by someone inside the Justice department or Secret service BVD/AIVD. All a big fraud. But to the USA this would be a legal ask for help, and they would have to assist the scrupulous (in this case) Dutch government. Only asking for political asylum will take care of that, but I want legal assistance first! I need to know IF i will get assistance and how much. No use going there when I get the same treatment of silencing everything to death.

But in the end the Dutch people will be the judges about what has happened and if they think, the politicians and Justice can simply deny legal rights to me and my poor wife. We are not allowed to know anything, not have legal assistance, not have medical help, not see our own medical files, but my wife could be raped without any investigation for 30 years and the rapist never brought to justice! And most were known!
I am the only one speaking openly about these crimes, but the government and Justice department have to keep everything a secret. I know who is right in this case and therefore who will win in the end. The Dutch people will be very angry as soon as they know what happened and was secretly but legally done in their name! When something has to be kept a secret, everybody knows it is not sincere and legal.

This really is the Dutch Watergate and the crime of a century.

My poor wife still doesn’t have a clue and thinks she will have to get to work again to be able to live alone and rent a house. She is betrayed so badly, she still thinks I am insane and everybody confirms her I am insane. Even with all the witnesses and fathers of her children known! See the posts about that. Without medical help it will be impossible to convince her, but psychiatrist refuse to help her.

Still no lawyer found to legally assist us with the crime of the century. The cowards. In 4 years none has looked at the whole files I have! After an hour they say its nothing for them, they are to busy, or another lawyer is more specialized, your wife denies it, etc.

My poor wife thinks about leaving me and live alone. But how can I protect her when she is alone? She will go visit her rapist and abusers, without knowing they did that to her. With a double or emotional personality that is possible. She still is the sex slave of those men. But nobody will believe this unbelievable crime. Don’t think I am insane, there are many books about that. ‘Sybil’ being one of them. In fact the scrupulous Dutch government want you to think I am insane. That way they can get away with the perfect crime!

And I am unable to do anything about it! Disgusting Dutch. A new meaning of the ‘Dutch treat’? Or a new saying ‘The lying Dutch’ or ‘The Dutch solution’. Meaning the Dutch will solve a problem by looking the other way! Instead of helping and solving a problem by taking away the cause, the Dutch way of solving it, is making the victims believe there never has been a crime. In fact creating an delusional world around the victims. And the government still doesn’t understand why everything went wrong! Can you believe those idiots?

Hans Smedema

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.