High Commissioner Human Rights refuses help!

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High Commissioner Human Rights refuses help!


Degradation Alfred Dreyfus
Degradation Alfred Dreyfus

Office of the United Nations

High Commissioner Human Rights
Ms. Navanethem Pillay
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

 Drachten, August 28th, 2013


To Ms. Navanethem Pillay,

Concerns:  Urgent matter in still ongoing human rights violation case!


Dutch Hans Smedema Affair!

New Human  Rights abuses against Dutch Hans Smedema, born March 27th 1948, Netherlands. Passport(see attachment)number: NUDRL9FP5

  1.  New Human Rights violations in the Hans Smedema Affair! 
  2. Received a notification from the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (CJIB; Dutch central fine collection agency) to pay 5300 euro to rapist! 
  3. Why no answers and explanations to all my pleads for help?
  4. Demanding an appointment to discuss possible help!


 1 – New Human Rights violations! Fake political trial! No fair trial because no defense allowed!

On December 3th 2012 I was again sentenced without the normal Human Right to any defense! This time in the appeal case! In the earlier police judge case I was not allowed a lawyer and also no defense was allowed at all!

This time I had a famous lawyer, but again no witnesses or simple DNA-test! In fact no investigation at all, was allowed. And no reason given also! Kafkaesque! In this horrifying case all evidence is deleted, manipulated or falsified by the Dutch government itself! Which I can never proof without an independent investigation from outside the Netherlands!

 Human Right abuse – Article 6 point (d) to examine or have examined witnesses against him and to obtain the attendance and examination of witnesses on his behalf under the same conditions as witnesses against him;

 Being only an innocent victim trying to defend myself and my wife, I am sentenced to over 6 months in prison and pay the rapist(two a father of a child) of my wife a total of 5300 euro, soon 6400 euro with the fine of not paying. Which I of course refuse to do. We will be broke in a few months, so why should I pay the rapist?

To prevent going to prison, I will have to ask again for Political Asylum somewhere in the next weeks!

My only ‘crime’ is the fact I accused the rapist(fathers of 3 children too) of my wife, and the Dutch government refusing to prosecute them since 1972! I only asked for an investigation!

It looks like my normal civil and human rights have secretly and illegal been taken away by Queen Juliana around 1975, and this was continued by Queen Beatrix to protect her name.

And Kafkaesque nobody finds it necessary to simply inform me! A request in 2008 sent to Queen Beatrix to look into the case, never got an answer at all! This is an evil deed! She is already immune! Prime Ministers refuse to look into it also!

This seems to include lawyers and judges having to ignore all my documents, evidence, witnesses and investigation as a simple DNA-test which would proof the falsification of an earlier DNA-test! Lawyers seem to ignore my defense also and only pretend to help!

Looks to be a fake political trial to mislead and betray me, and the real trial was done somewhere else with unknown people acting out of my name? But why did I pay 10.000 euro to my famous lawyer(only doing defense and refusing main case!) and didn’t he inform me about the conspiracy?

Current situation my wife and I are facing:

  • Family, justice, physicians, psychiatrists, police, prosecutors, two Queens and now a King, together with all Prime Ministers and Ministers since 1975 or so, betray my chronically ill wife with severe dissociation to believe, that her husband Hans Smedema is delusional by telling her the lie about our three children being mine, instead of the truth being from three different rapist! Human rights violation! Right to information about accusations and medical help!
  • This is causing us to fight over what is the truth almost daily, which caused me to have to flee to Spain, or be forced into a mental hospital and never get out again! The now famous German Gustl Mollath case proves what might have happened to me! Human rights violation! Right to a normal family life. The famous Dreyfuss affair is also comparable to mine.
  • Police is not allowed to officially file my charges, investigations are forbidden from the highest possible level! Which is severe discrimination as the rapist are allowed to file charges for libel! Human rights violation!
  • Disproportionately high extra costs of being forced into two separate households! One that I have to take care myself for my chronically ill wife who cannot be treated when the crimes/illnesses are denied by everyone except me! I had to use our pension fund of around 200.000 euro and we now face bankruptcy in the coming months! I cannot pay Spanish and Dutch taxes anymore! Also the extreme situation tries to provoke me into fraud, which I counter by publishing everything on my blog hanssmedema.eu!
  • Lost my high level top position in 2004 and around 100.000 euro less income a year! They let me try to proof this case using thousands of hours since 2000! While all the information is available with family, physicians, psychiatrists, police force, prosecutors, ministry of justice, Prime Ministers and even Queens!
  • It looks like our lives have been secretly taken over in 1972 by a brother and brother in law, but they and everybody denies and state I am delusional! Causing me to have to live completely isolated as a lunatic since 2000! Again Human right violations!
  • Both our lives have been a horrifying ordeal since 1972! Why are we as victims not allowed to know the truth and live a normal life?
  • We face a ‘Cordon Sanitair’ to isolate us and to prevent the truth from ever being released! I am fighting an unknown hiding enemy for 13 years now! With no help at all!
  • Lawyers do NOT act on my behalf, so all other Dutch legal matters are impossible!
  • There is some evidence, but no real hard evidence as the Dutch government has deleted, manipulated, or falsified that evidence. Even 50 police and prosecution files about our case have been deleted and/or hidden.

2 –  Received a notification from the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (CJIB; Dutch central fine collection agency) to pay 5300 euro to rapist.

Despite no fair trial with no simple DNA-test or witnesses for the defense allowed, I receive a demand to pay over 5300 euro before August 5th 2013, or pay 6400 euro after that. And that will go up with other costs!

No defense possible anymore!

3 – Why no answers to my many pleads for help at your High Office Human Rights?

Complaint in more detail:

  • I didn’t get any answer to my last complaint sent to you on June 9th 2011 from Spain where I live as a fugitive or in exile. See attachment.
  • Earlier a complaint sent to the CAT Committee in Geneva on May 15th 2010 was denied in a day or so. No reason given! It contained a lot of evidence!
  • Also earlier a Complaint to the CCPR Committee in Geneva on June 23th 2010 was denied in a day or so.  No reason given. It contained a lot of evidence!
  • Request for Political Asylum in Miami Airport on April 23th 2009 was denied because of not enough hard evidence of the Dutch government involved in the human rights abuses against us at that time!
  • And many more as stated in my letter to you from June 9th 2011! All request denied and NO HELP at all!
  • We still have no legal help and Kafkaesque still have no information about why this is done to us! ‘The Trial’ from Kafka has become horrifying reality for me!
  • Our case is also Orwellian, and not fiction, but horrifying reality also!
  • All evidence has been deleted, hidden, manipulated or falsified! Over 50 Police files are missing and kept from the Judges! Which is human rights violation. And many more. This is going on from 1972 and is an unbelievable horrifying case!
  • I had to spend thousands of hours to fight this criminal organization!
  • The story has been told on my Dutch blog hanssmedema.eu and English hanshanssmedema.info.

If your organization keeps refusing to give any help I will be declared broke in the next few months! Together with my wife we are no longer capable to pay normal taxes in Spain over 2012 and later, and in the Netherlands the same regarding my pension company and other taxes!

If I don’t succeed in getting asylum somewhere or help from you, the Dutch will put me, an innocent victim, in prison for over 6 months, and my low Dutch pension(AOW) will stop during that time, making things even more disgusting! And I already spend 28 weeks in a detention centre in Florida asking for asylum too!

Prime Minister Mark Rutte refused to confess the secret conspiracy from Dutch Cabinet and then Queen Beatrix. He also refused to pay an advance damage payment of 1,5 million to prevent the current ugly situation.  We are now provoked NOT to pay taxes anymore!

 4 – I request an appointment to discuss possible help!

I request an appointment with you or one of your organization, to discuss what action we will take to force the Dutch Royals and Prime Minister to stop with their heinous acts, and pay damages so we can live a few more years together before we die!

With kind regards,

 Hans Smedema B. Sc.

 Temporarily with my wife in Drachten, Netherlands to discuss our heinous situation and my new request for political asylum somewhere!


Attachments: Copy passport Hans Smedema and former letter to you June 9th 2011

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.