Senator John McCain, request for help in Dutch Queengate!

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Senator John McCain, request for help in Dutch Queengate!

On February 20th 2015, I victim of the Dutch state Hans Smedema, sent a letter to Senator John McCain requesting his urgent help with my fight against my own(!) country. My country the Netherlands which has betrayed me and my wife since 1972, and even more horrifying by  three generations of Royals since 1976. Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander. I already asked for asylum twice, once in 2009 in Miami Airport with 28 weeks in detention, and again in 2013/14 with 10 weeks in detention.
America has all evidence to proof my case, but refuses until now to open up their intelligence files about an hero American Air force Intelligence Major ‘Al Rust’, who in 1987 was innocent dishonorably fired and suffered for almost 10 years with his poor family after only trying to help me, just because the disgusting coward Dutch Government lied about my horrifying cover-up case not existing! Only after getting a copy of MY (not existing!)file from Germany, Frankfurt, 97th General Army Hospital in 1996, he was able to proof his appeal case and was paid within a week almost 1 million US$ by the lying Dutch government.

In July 2012, I asked President Obama for help also:

Political Asylum request President Obama

Letter of February 20th 2015

Senator John McCain

241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510



Netherlands, Drachten, Feb. 20th 2015


Severe human rights violations by the Dutch government against Hans Smedema(born March 27th 1948, Netherlands, Leeuwarden) and my wife. Asylum case A087- 402-454 Passport number:   NUDRL9FP5


Dear mr. McCain,

Sorry to have to bother you with this horrifying case, but it is of urgent importance.

I am kindly asking you to use your high position, after contacting judge Rex J. Ford Miami Immigration court, to give me temporary asylum or some short term protection.

I, together with other Americans involved in my case, could try to force the Dutch government to stop with this horrifying persecution and cover-up against me and my defenseless naive wife. Which case will be ‘Breaking News’ one day.

American Al Rust, Air force Intel, was also involved, suffered 10 years after the Dutch lied about my file not existing. With help of former ambassador to Netherlands Paul Bremer he was able to find a copy of MY FILE, which didn’t exist according to the corrupt Dutch Ministry of Justice. He was paid almost 1 million damages after appeal, by the Dutch within a week! This can easily be confirmed by you.


The Dutch Queengate

The Dutch Queen Juliana around 1975/6 must have been betrayed(no proof yet) and signed a special (secret/unknown) law. That made it state security on false grounds. The law is unknown to normal people and/or lawyers.

The case is so unbelievable there will be a movie about it later. I already wrote four books about it and am waiting for the end to really publish it. See my Blog

Total damages the Dutch will have to pay must be around 5 – 10 million, and the book and movie rights could be the same. So a lot of money involved and I could reward and pay for all costs easily afterwards. I still have my small state pension and some more, and could live on that. So no costs for the USA. An advance of a million or so for the rights could be done in weeks with the right connections and the proof America has.


No defense allowed, but secretly!

The hard way in the years from 2000, when I found out, until now, it turns out that no defense is allowed in court cases. I cannot file charges, no fair trials, lawyers fake defense, and much more. So I will always loose. Just today I was summoned for another court case on April 28th 2015 for defamation. Not libel, so in fact they confess I am right? Lawyers refuse to take on my case. I can only loose that case also. Urgent help is needed, as they will put me jail for a year or so. While Judge Rex Ford confirmed I have every right to publish about my case under these extreme circumstances.


Financially almost broke and emotionally also broken

I had to use my pension fund of 250.000 euro to fund the high costs to try to find out what in fact was already known to the Dutch Justice system. Be it secretly and much deleted. We have many perfect witnesses! But none are allowed in Dutch court. I also lost my very high position of ‘Executive searcher’ with 140.000 euro income and had to live from an insurance allowance since 2004.

Judge Rex Ford had to deport me because there was not enough proof the Dutch government was indeed behind everything in 2009. Now much more evidence of judges refusing defense and severe human rights violations, so it should be much easier. In 2009 I could have paid myself for al American costs and legal help easily as I still had a good income of 55.000 euro and almost 200.000 euro cash. Now I am almost broke, but the value of the books and movie rights are very high, millions.


Asylum Miami 2009 and Texas 2013/14

I asked for asylum twice now and spend 28 weeks in detention in Florida in 2009 and 10 weeks in Texas in 2013/14. First case was very positive as judge Rex Ford told me he found an unbelievable(!) 5 grounds for asylum if there was enough proof the Dutch government was involved in the persecution of me and my wife since 1972. I could be the only one ever!

My case involves severe human rights violations with fake no fair trials and no defense allowed, deleting or falsifying evidence, innocent sentenced, and much more like fake state security involved on fabricated(!) grounds. Dutch Queen Juliana in 1975/6 signed something which made it state security. Which crucial fact they hide.


Magnitsky act/Law and or UN

I will not bother you with all the horrifying details as they are mentioned in the case file and not important now. Will give some crucial items after this. Judge Rex Ford mentioned also that it could be my case would be part of the Magnitsky act/law and then in a more general way for all human rights abusers. But he can better tell you that himself. Also addressing the UN about my case could be necessary.

I never heard anything from this nice very professional Judge Rex Ford, but some things look to be happening over here. So if you could try to give me some advice and information about how to act, and if help from America is still possible, that would be great! Maybe, you could do things other people cannot do?


New court case coming up

I am just summoned for defamation of a corrupt police detective who refused to investigate my case, and withheld crucial evidence for a judge, and defamation of the rapist of my wife, to appear in court on April 28th 2015. As in two other cases I know no defense is allowed at all. Lawyers apparently have to work with the conspiracy. Maybe because of the state security? Now they will instantly put me in jail for at least half a year or much more. One to two years? And NOBODY is looking after my interest! So they can do whatever they want with me. Human rights Watch and all other organizations refuse to help. Even High Office for Human Rights and several conventions.


Some details of my horrifying case


  1. Started in 1972 with horrifying rape, mistreatment, and much more, causing my wife to get a second emotional personality with severe suppression and me also severe suppression for all abuses. We were not able to file charges against the rapist.
  2. Police/Justice didn’t prosecute them and cover-up all crimes. So we lived and married assuming nothing happened, and we could protect ourselves. Which was not the case for 28 years with three children from rapist, and me secretly being made infertile. But we were not told those crucial facts. They still deny these facts and falsified a DNA-test and much more to make sure we would not find out.
  3. All medical files were falsified or deleted for crucial parts. No help or therapy was offered ever since 1972 to make us able to fight the rapist. She has been raped at least in 2003, so for over 30 years rapist could do with her whatever they wanted.
  4. My wife is made to believe I am insane en telling delusions, causing to fight each other!
  5. An American friend Al Rust, former Air force intelligence(!), was innocently fired and suffered for almost 10 years with his poor family before he could proof his appeal case with a copy of my file he got from Frankfurt Germany 97th General Army Hospital with help from former USA Ambassador to Netherlands Paul Bremer, which file according to the Dutch justice didn’t exist! They covered-up my case! He was paid almost 1 million by the Dutch. The court case was special intelligence, so I could not get a copy. But America has all the evidence it needs! I always had a good contact with CIA and mentioned all my moves upfront to them.
  6. I found out about it in 2000 when my memory came slowly back, but everyone I asked denied everything!
  7. Because the Dutch are still Kafkaesque and Orwellian hiding everything, we lost our pension fund of 250.000 euro trying to find out what was already known by our own justice! Horrifying! Why keep hiding this?
  8. I lost my high level position in 2004 as an ‘Executive searcher’ with 140.000 euro income, and had to live from an insurance disability allowance.
  9. I am not allowed to file charges against our enemies, no defense is allowed in court, no lawyers are allowed to help, Judges have to ignore everything I state, no investigation allowed by the police or Prosecutors, and I spend one month innocent in jail before they released me because it was not allowed. Which everybody knew beforehand.
  10. I can go on for a week like this! Severe human rights violations and nobody in the Netherlands is offering any help! Which means they must be working with the cover-up, but refuse to tell me why!
  11. My wife wants to divorce me now, assuming I am insane. And I can’t proof a thing if America keeps hiding their evidence. And the Dutch keep covering up.
  12. Although everybody can see the Dutch are violating many human rights, which proof my case and the involvement of the Dutch government. So asylum should have been given!
  13. I am facing 6 months in jail or more because no defense was allowed and I because I am publishing my story on my blog. Which according to judge Rex Ford was allowed in my extreme case.


I will leave it at this very short resume, the books(4 parts) are 1200 pages of horrifying facts, and hope you will take this short letter seriously. And maybe are able to give me some good advise or even help me with getting a temporary permit and some protection, so I can try to proof my case, have the fraud jail time/sentence cancelled, and sell my book and film rights to some Hollywood agent or publisher.

I can only hope you will seriously look into this case! I beg you to do so!


With very kind regards,


Hans Smedema B. Sc.

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.