Comparison Sergei Magnitsky & Hans Smedema cases!

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Comparison Sergei Magnitsky & Hans Smedema cases!

After studying the appalling Russian Sergei Magnitsky case, the new American Magnitsky law signed by President Obama on December 14th 2012 could help my horrifying case also. Below the comparison between both cases evaluated. See for the overwhelming evidence  Sergei Magnitsky website!

Putin stated openly that Sergei Magnitsky died because of an heart attack, but there is proof that that is NOT the case! So he is openly lying about the facts and is involved in the conspiracy!The silence of Queen Beatrix in my case also means she is to much involved!


  • Sergei discovered high level Russian fraud of 230 million US$ by the illegal secret transfer of ownership of two companies belonging to Hermitage Fund managed by mr. Browder. As a whistle blower and lawyer he files charges against the corrupt Russian officials.
  • Hans Smedema discovers in March 2000 an unbelievable conspiracy with Dutch family, Medici  Ministry of Justice, Queen Juliana & Beatrix, Ministers and Prime Ministers involved! He files charges about the case in April 2000 and in much more detail in April 2004 against them, but after 5 months Police and Prosecutors are NOT allowed to investigate by special high level order! Read Queen Beatrix and then Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende! Because of the involvement of the Queen it has become state security and therefore all officials have to hide everything! But nobody informs Hans Smedema about these facts. Causing him to be declared insane and losing his high level position as a headhunter in the North of the Netherlands!
  • Sergei – The corrupt officials immediately start a legal case against him to be able to put him in jail so he can be of no harm anymore to them.
  • Hans – Complains to all levels including the Ministry of Justice, Judges and Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende, but all deny any knowledge! All evidence is hidden, manipulated, or deleted.
  • Sergei – Within a Year Sergei Magnitsky dies in jail because of his severe wounds from being beaten up!
  • Hans – In 1975 and twice in 1980 the Dutch Royal Criminal Organization tried to murder Hans who was unaware of that, but failed just because Hans was very lucky! But his neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog from ‘t Harde Netherlands who investigated and found out to much about the Queen being involved, was murdered during the second attempt in 1980. At that time Hans because of his severe suppression and amnesia as a result of the ongoing rapes and traumas, didn’t know anything about it. Only when in March 2000 his memory slowly comes back he finds out.
  • Sergei/Browder – Mr. Browder becomes an activist and starts investigating where the 230 million US$ went, to be able to accuse the perpetrators behind it. He starts a website/Blog.
  • Hans –  Starts an investigation himself and publishes all accusations including names on a Blog also.
  • Browder – Gets charged for libel by one of the corrupt officials which case still runs.
  • Hans – Also gets charged for libel by 5 perpetrators including his wife who being betrayed by her own family and officials is made to believe her husband has suddenly gotten delusional! Hans gets sentenced on February 9th 2009 without the right to an attorney and no defense allowed! No witnesses, no simple DNA-test which would proof one of the complainants has indeed raped his wife and became the father of their youngest son!
  • Browder – Gets American Senators involved which leads to the now famous Sergei Magnitsky Act or Law banning all Russian Officials and criminals to get visas and even have their assets frozen or seized!
  • Hans – Knowing he would never get a fair trial in the Netherlands with the Dutch Queen involved, files for appeal against the verdict and asks for political asylum on Miami Airport on April 23th 2009! He gets no help and is put in the Broward Transitional Centre in Pompano Beach Florida. He is being held without normal contact with the outside world for 28 weeks! Finally with not enough proof the Dutch government is behind this, he is deported back to the Netherlands!
  • Browder – Having the backing of his large Hermitage Fund and high level Officials in America and the UK, gets large attention from journalist and interviews on TV. He fights for the EU and other countries to also make Human Rights violations a reason to refuse visas to corrupt officials and other perpetrators.
  • Medvedev ordering a fake investigation!
    Medvedev ordering a fake investigation!

    Hans – Has nobody believing his unbelievable and bizarre story with nobody(!) backing it up! So no journalist or public attention yet! In the appeal case he gets just a weak help from a famous attorney  but no investigation, no DNA-test, and not one of the 12 witnesses are allowed. Making the trial and verdict on December 3th 2012 a political farce! Fraud and against every normal legal rules or human rights which explicitly allow witnesses for the defense of course also to be heard! Hans has also only very limited funds and has high costs to proof what is in fact already known by the Justice department but hidden for him by the signature of an evil Queen Juliana and now her daughter Beatrix!

  • Browder – Putin and Medvedev both deny the corruption case and refuse to start a fair official investigation! Instead they start accusing Sergei Magnitsky who being dead can’t defend himself anymore! Also mr Browder suddenly(!) gets charged with having betrayed the Russian tax system! See also art. New York Times In Putin’s Russia, Shooting the messenger!
  • Prime Minister Mark Rutte
    Prime Minister Mark Rutte
    JanPeter Balkenende
    JanPeter Balkenende

    Hans – Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende and now Prime Minister Mark Rutte deny to know anything and refuse to investigate and/or help the lonely fighting Hans Smedema. Queen Beatrix not even answered a letter for help! Causing Hans and his still defenseless and betrayed wife to suffer immensely having to live in separate countries and being put up against each other, while still loving each other and wanting to grow old together!

  • Sergei Magnitsky had to fight alone against the whole Russian State who tortured him!
  • Hans Smedema also has to fight the whole Dutch State who hide all evidence and falsely use the name of Queen Beatrix to make this case state security! Which orders all officials to help delete, hide or manipulate all evidence! Over 50 police files are deleted!
  • Browder was banned from Russia and now lives in UK!
  • Hans lives in excile in Spain and has asked for political asylum in Miami Florida USA on April 23th 2009, but was deported back to Netherlands on November 5th 2009 because not enough evidence that the Dutch government was involved! 28 weeks in Broward Transitonal Centre with almost no outside contact and 7 persons in a room!


  • Browder has all the public attention he can get!
  • Hans has no public attention at all! Nobody seems to believe him and News papers refuse to publish because of state security and a ban to put the Queen in any danger!
  • Browder has a lot of evidence!
  • Hans has almost no evidence because nobody knows anything about his lonesome fight!
  • Browder has lots of helpers! He can get any lawyer!
  • Hans has nobody(!) helping him! Hundreds of lawyers refuse to help him! Not believing his bizarre story, or not allowed in some cases because the case is secretly state security!
  • Browder has help inside his own country UK, nobody will hide evidence inside UK or USA!
  • Hans and his defenseless wife are being betrayed by their OWN country! All evidence is hidden, manipulated or deleted by secret service, justice, and even 50 police files! Just by the secret signature of an evil Queen!
  • Sergei Magnitsky died in prison after having been denied any medical attention and being beaten to death!
  • Hans Smedema is still alive, but his neighbor Cees van ‘t Hoog was murdered! But the Dutch call it heart attack just as Putin states about Sergei!
  • Sergei his family supported him as any normal family would do!
  • Hans family betrayed him from 1972 until now! They still betray him and his wife and try to get them to divorce! Already both live separate in Netherlands and Spain!
  • Sergei – Many people believe the story because of the overwhelming evidence!
  • Hans is declared delusional because he has almost no evidence and the Dutch news papers are not allowed to publish as it is falsely declared state security!
  • Browder has a lot of public coverage by news papers.
  • Hans has no coverage by newspapers at all! It must be forbidden because of Queen Beatrix involved and therefore state security! Hans is silenced to dead both in Netherlands and America until now!
  • Hans can’t go back to his own country Netherlands because he now faces 6 months in prison because of the fraudulent unfair political(Queen!)trial!

Cover up murder of Sergei Magnitsky!

Denial of Justice
Denial of Justice

See Cover up

Russian government officials personally responsible for the false arrest, torture and murder in custody of Sergei Magnitsky have not been brought to justice. Some of them have been promoted. No one has been charged.

To remain untouchable, they insist they did nothing wrong when they approved Sergei Magnitsky’s arrest by officers he had accused, they are concealing the truth about his last hours in their hands, and they are even denying that they deliberately withheld medical treatment and that Sergei ever requested it for the illness he developed in custody, despite of the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Here are just some of the activities by the Untouchables to cover up their crimes:

  • Denial of Magnitsky’s family request for an independent autopsy; refusal for the family to see his body for the wake;
  • Proof of torture sergei Magnitsky
    Proof of torture sergei Magnitsky

    Manipulation of evidence in Sergei Magnitsky murder!Lies by prison officials to the Moscow Prison Watchdog about what happened in Magnitsky’s final hours;

  • Denial of causes of his death;
  • Denial of the existence of requests for medical care;
  • Currently conducting an “examination” of his handwriting to verify autheniticty of his complaints (complaints they confirmed as received and rejected when Magnitsky was alive);
  • Denial that Magnitsky was falsely arrested and prosecuted and kept by officers he accused as a hostage;
  • Denial of the crime Magnitsky exposed and role of officials in it.
  • Putin stating he died from a heart attack while he was beaten to dead!
  • Medvedev and Putin(switching jobs to keep in power) refusing to have this crime of stealing 230 million US$ tax refund from the Russian people and the murder, fair and openly investigated! So they must be involved themselves!

Cover up of Hans Smedema case!

Case has been made possible by politician Lubbers who had a very good contact with Queen Juliana and later Queen Beatrix! He was deeply involved in the conspiracy from this Royal Criminal Organisation! Here just some of the cover up activities!

  • Hide the fact Hans Smedema had secretly been made infertile in 1972, and their three children and six pregnancies were therefore from rapist!
  • Hide the fact the wife of Hans had a second easily re-callable emotional personality making it impossible for her to file charges against her many rapist during now 40 years!
  • Deny both of them any medical therapy from 1972 until now(!) so their severe suppression and amnesia would disappear! They then could have defended themselves against the many rapist who knew they both were defenseless suppressing every rape at once. Dissociation!
  • Falsify the DNA-tests so it made the three children look to be from Hans Smedema and have Hans declared insane based on that by several psychiatrists! No lawyer is allowed to help delusional clients!
  • Falsify all evidence or delete it!
  • Monitor all email and telephone from Hans Smedema so he never was able to proof his case with evidence!
  • Falsify an MRI scan by renting the facility for an hour and using state security as a reason!
  • Queen Juliana and Beatrix both are already immune so they have nothing to fear, but still the Dutch State uses state security as a reason, only afraid of negative publicity!
  • His own family specific his brother Johan Smedema leader of the Criminal group from 1972 until 2003 and brother in law Tjitte de Jong leader from 2003 until now denied everything and even made his wife believe Hans has suddenly become delusional! They protected and helped the rapist H. Rieks P. and betrayed Hans and his defenseless wife! Tjitte de Jong Norg

Hans now also faces 6 months in a Dutch prison because he of course refuses to follow up on the unfair discriminating fraudulent trial and verdict ordering him to take all names of the Blog and his E-book, and pay in total 5300 euro or over 6000 US$ to the rapist of his wife, one H. Rieks P. even the father of his youngest son after raping his defenseless wife for a year!

Can be changed later when more information becomes available!

Hans Smedema in excile in Xalo – Jalon, Spain

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.