Comparison famous ‘Anne Frank’ with unknown Hans Smedema affair!

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Comparison famous ‘Anne Frank’ with unknown Hans Smedema affair!

Anne Frank story
Anne Frank story. She was also betrayed by the coward Dutch!

For the information about her now famous horrifying case see Wikepedia Anne Frank!

I make this horrifying comparison because her story(and 6 million others!) is unbelievable but after years found true! My story now looks to be the story of a lunatic but is the horrifying truth also! Why do ignorant people always first deny every strange unusual story? Plain stupidity? Ignorance? Denial because the truth is to much for them?

“If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.” – French author Emile Zola van de ‘Dreyfus-affaire’.

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

  • she also was betrayed by her own country Netherlands who did nothing to protect her! Just like in my case they helped the rapist!
  • even Dutch police and officials helped to get her to Germany! Just like in my case they helped the rapist!
  • Secret service(Gestapo) made sure nobody know anything, just like in my case!
  • No media attention about where they were going! No media publishing about my case either!
  • It was a big unbelievable horrifying conspiracy, just like in my case!
  • She asked for asylum but it was denied, just like in my case!
  • Etc.

Conspiracy against Anne Frank and 6 million others

If  she, or any other of the 6 million death, could have escaped from the Germans and tried to warn the Dutch(or other) people, she or he would be ‘vaporized’ and forced into a mental hospital! The conversation would be like this, just like it is in my case? Fiction! I repeat fiction! Just to compare unbelievable stories.

  • Anne Frank – I escaped from the German Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and want to warn the Dutch people for what will happen when they let the Jews be deported to Germany!
  • Dutch people – Oh…, and what warning would that be?
  • Anne Frank – I was taken from our house without Dutch police, justice or judges helping or protecting us, and transported in train wagons for animals with no toilets, no heating, no water or food, and people dying by the hundreds around us, for days to a concentration camp to work for the Germans! But it was not for work at all, and we were tortured to death with almost no food or medical attention!
  • Dutch people – Oh…, and why should they do that…? Very unlikely…, people would know that by now. Germans would not allow it to happen! Dutch police, justice and lawyers would have protected you! Can you proof that insane accusation? Do you know it is libel and slander to accuse the Germans when you cannot proof this?
  • Anne Frank – It is the truth! But I have no proof of course, you will have to have look yourself! And even worse, thousands of people are disappearing into a building for showers and to go working, but nobody is ever seen again! I think they are all murdered!
  • Dutch people – Oh…, and you really think that could happen without anybody knowing it, and nobody would warn the Germans and Dutch? Can you proof this…? No…! Thousands each day? Insane thought!
  • Anne Frank – I think it is a big conspiracy from Hitler himself! Goring, Hess, Mengele and many others, hundreds are also involved! The German secret service Gestapo and many other officials are ordered to help betray and kill the Jews and others!
  • Dutch people – You are insane and delusional! Why on earth would Hitler do such a thing? We asked those men and they deny everything! They now filed charges against you for libel and/or slander! You are delusional and we will force you into a mental psychiatric hospital! (Just like Gustl Mollaths case now in 2013, and they tried with Hans Smedema!)
  • Anne Frank – Without a lawyer and no investigation by the prosecutors or police! I of course cannot proof this alone! You will have to investigate yourself! Have a look there!
  • Dutch Judge (Jeroen van Bruggen like with the case of Hans Smedema) – You have no proof at all!, I asked all people you accuse, and they all deny! Girl think what you do to those poor innocent Hitler, Hess, Goring, Mengele and others! Do you have any idea what your accusations do to their families? I will not allow any witnesses or investigation because I already know, that you are insane and delusional! I sentence you to 3 months in prison, two years conditional, and you will pay the poor Germans 5300 euro damages! If you refuse to do so, you will face another 3 months in prison!
  • Anne Frank – I rest my case. Against ignorance and stupidity, nobody can fight! My father new how stupid you Dutch are and asked for political asylum from America, but it was denied! Horrifying for us and many others.

Hans Smedema affair

Of course the above conversation is only fiction, but would have happened! In fact it happened to Hans Smedema almost exactly!

See my Dutch Post Parabel  politierechter Jeroen van Bruggen!

Hans Smedema warns on his Blog the Dutch people of a horrifying conspiracy in which the Dutch Queen Juliana, later Queen Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander are involved and making things worse!

He also warns the Dutch people that all Prime Ministers since around 1975 are involved in the conspiracy! Specific Lubbers who made it possible, and now former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and Prime Minister Mark Rutte deny everything and refuse to help innocent victims! Also many Ministers of Justice because they secretly make sure no investigation is allowed, and all evidence is hidden, deleted, manipulated or falsified! A cordon sanitair is made around Hans Smedema so everybody thinks he is insane! The Dutch people and nation is NOT allowed to know anything about this horrifying conspiracy by the Dutch Royals against two innocent victims of rape and torture!

Severe human rights violations!

  • Hans warns police, prosecutors, justice, politicians and ministers about this conspiracy going on since 1973, but nobody believes him. He is neglected by everyone.  Including his own family whom he of course trusted, not knowing they betrayed him since 1972! In fact Hans was betrayed by all that he normally should trust!
  • Not allowed to officially file charges against all perpetrators!
  • All his detailed documents with the names of all rapist and fathers of their 3 children mentioned, fraud, drugging, rapes, extortion and much more, is neglected and apparently not allowed in court or by police/prosecutors.
  • Medical files are manipulated and falsified to hide the truth about their horrifying crimes!
  • Over 50 police files disappeared!
  • Secret service is involved and has to hide everything like the Gestapo earlier with Anne Frank and others.
  • Hans asked also for Asylum in 2009, but was after 28 weeks in detention deported back because not enough evidence of the involvement of the Dutch government. Who hide it!

Hans will have to seek political asylum again, to be protected from the persecution from the Dutch government! He leaves Monday 9th, 2013 for Madrid to do so. Staying here in the Netherlands with his wife would be very dangerous with more than 6 months in jail soon and 6400 euro fine for insulting the rapist of his defenseless wife. And less pension another 6500 euro! Or 13.000 euro while his only crime is being a victim of the ‘crime of the century’ and warning the Dutch people for this Dutch conspiracy against him and the whole Dutch nation! He still has no lawyer, no media coverage and no help from anyone!

Many, many human rights violations without any(!) Dutch defending him! The cowards!

More later…

Hans Smedema in exile

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.