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Statement of Hans Smedema in Asylum case.

‘Never in history, have so few, been betrayed so badly by so many.’ Hans Smedema

The American ‘Declaration of independence’ makes clear that any Government has to make sure that their people can achieve Life, Liberty, Safety and Happiness, even when a King is involved.
So if a Government becomes Destructive to that End’, it is the ‘Right of the People’ to even institute new Government and America did just that! They got rid of a King, as I have to get rid of a Queen.

Political Asylum is based on the same principles and gives those who are betrayed or mistreated by their own government, or certain people inside the government, protection and a safe place. This is exactly the case now with Hans Smedema and his still defenseless wife, who is being taken in fact a mental hostage’ in the Netherlands.

This unbelievable case of Hans Smedema, his wife and American Al Rust, needs after 36 years of unethical decisions and criminal acts by certain unscrupulous Dutch people, among which Family, Officials, Physicians and Politicians, a firm and for once ethical and sincere decision. Only that can make an end to this scrupulous sequence of cruel crimes.

What makes this case so cruel and unique, is the fact that the victims have still to suffer, only to protect the ones that made terrible wrong, unethical and criminal decisions. Even after now 36 years of cruel behavior they are not willing to stop their mistreatment, although they know it’s causing severe pain and financial distress for the innocent victims.

Even more disgusting is the fact that the citizens of two countries are betrayed by this conspiracy and unethical behavior. The Dutch people, but also the American people. The Dutch people because they are not allowed to know and learn, or to know that large amounts of tax money are secretly used to betray innocent citizens and victims, the Americans because the Dutch are using this fraud mixed with legal special rules to force the Americans to keep silent about the Dutch illegal and unethical behavior.

This caused American Al Rust to suffer for almost 10 years and even now causes ethical people like Paul Bremer, but also other American Government Officials, to keep silent about certain things against their own normally ethical behavior.
This all could be to protect the former Queen Juliana who was only lured into this by signing a special ruling, and Officials from being publicly negatively connected to this cruel case. The poor victims are not considered in their thinking.

I would like to make very clear that I don’t think America is obliged to give me Asylum of course. America has done more than its share of helping other people and countries.

But granting Hans Smedema Asylum would quickly make an end to these 36 years of mistreatment and scrupulous behavior. At last justice would be done and the mistreatment of Hans and his wife would soon stop.

Hans would be able to have a simple new warranted(!) DNA father ship test done for their three children and have a forensic surgeon examine the facts about the scar not being a scar by the Dutch, and the fact that he must have been made infertile in 1972 by his enemies.

And after informing the Dutch people they would be very grateful to know what was done to some of them and how, so they can make sure this will never happen again.

The current proof in this case, is only that Hans is not insane, as the Dutch try to make sure.

The following facts and evidence points to that fact and that at least an attempt must have been made to secretly make me infertile:

  1. The last letter of the Dutch Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende proves that he doesn’t want to solve this case and refuses to communicate anymore, making asylum the only last solution. He is, like stated in the Declaration of Independence ‘Deaf to the Voice of Justice!’ This gives America the right to grant me Asylum.
  2. The letter of Urologist Smorenburg about feeling a ‘Gap’ on both funicles, proves that someone must at least have tried to make Hans infertile, making ‘Delusions’ impossible.
  3. The letter of dermatologist De Groot proves that something had to be burned away over 7 cm, which at the very minimum points to a scar being very probable. I can’t yet prove that surgeon Hermsen called it a very badly stitched scar made at a mature age years earlier and that he already warned me for the fact it would cause problems later with aging! Together with the Gap however it proves that Delusion or being insane is statistically impossible. Chances must be much less than one to several million for both of that to happen if not zero. And nobody ever heard about a ‘Delusion’ leaving a Scar or a Gap.
  4. Based on this the Dutch Police and Justice should have investigated, but refused to do that, which points to the fact that my story about this being a big conspiracy is true. I am not allowed access to my laptop with all my files and documents, so I am not allowed to provide you with more evidence from several documents available.
  5. Proof already known to the American Government is the cruel case of innocent American Al Rust and his Family. After being innocently dishonorably dismissed from Military Intelligence in 1987, he was able to get the deleted secret file about Hans Smedema and his wife from Germany in 1996, and proof that he was right about the conspiracy by the Dutch Government against Hans and his wife. The CIA and more officials were involved. This case alone should be enough proof that Hans Smedema indeed is the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy and should get Asylum. Delusions are impossible with all my knowledge about Al Rust.
  6. Paul Bremer, in 1996 former USA ambassador in the Netherlands, told me to ask for political asylum and said they would take good care of me. ‘You have never done anything wrong’ he said. Not sure yet to me is, if he is legally allowed to confirm this without me having political asylum first!
  7. There are a lot of documents that can proof that Justice department, Police, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs and College Procureurs Generaal(Attorney Generals of the USA) refuse to open up their (secret) files about this case, as they didn’t in the case of American Al Rust. But I was not allowed to get access to my laptop computer which is in my luggage. Doing research with all the files in the computer is also impossible then. Staying any longer in BTC or an appeal is useless for the same reason. I asked for permission on July 1th, but never received an answer from supervisor Haitian mr. Brunache. He only wants me to do certain things for him, but has never answered several requests. I don’t even have copies of my requests. Asking for my E-Ticket back to Madrid valid on  July 16th, to be able to reschedule that to a later day in the case of removal, was also not answered. But once I was allowed to clean his candy pot for him, and because of his unfriendly behavior later refused to do anything for him anymore. This BTC is against human rights, it took me over two weeks to prepare this document, which would have taken only half a day outside.

Why Hans should get Asylum?

  1. A fact is, that this whole conspiracy is based on fraud with secret documents, betrayal and extortion. Hans never signed knowingly a document giving his brother the right to decide for and over him. Hans would have never done that! Nor did his wife sign such a thing. Hans did never out of free will sign a document giving psychiatrist Onno van der Hart the right to decide for and over him either. Although Hans now knows that he was pressed to do so after refusing twice, after being tortured and with the use of memory blocking drugs twice. America doesn’t have to act based on the request from the Dutch to help with this conspiracy. It is against human rights and against their Declaration of Independence and constitution! Only giving Hans Smedema Asylum will solve that unethical problem causing great dilemmas for all involved.
  2. Proving a conspiracy is big as this one with a state involved is almost impossible to do for any individual. My case resembles Alexander Solzhenitsyn and I don’ t think he could proof everything either.
  3. Granting Asylum to Hans Smedema, will not cost any money, but will bring economical stimulus with damage payments, interviews, published books and almost sure a movie. Could be many millions easily if done wisely.
  4. I only need protection from the Dutch who can force America to falsify new DNA tests about the three children and about the scar and being made infertile. After Asylum manipulation should be impossible.
  5. Both the Dutch and American people will be very grateful to see this sequence of scrupulous crimes end at last and be able to learn from it. Even if we save only one girl, it would be worthwhile.
  6. The simple fact that I had to be placed into this BTC, is prove that the Dutch conspiracy is powerful and influential. This would normally not be necessary told Al Rust me. But in this case it protects me against the Dutch until asylum has been given. Only then can they start helping me.
  7. The report about the Human Rights in the Netherlands being fine, is correct. But it was also correct when the American Watergate happened, and this is the Dutch Watergate. The report doesn’t rule out mistakes and/or betrayal.
  8. Going back to the Netherlands is impossible. I am defenseless without Lawyers, legal investigations and a wife who has been forced to believe that 1 am insane. I would end up in jail without any legal defense, when I try to defend my wife or myself.
  9. Spain is impossible because it is a Kingdom and part of the EU. The language is a problem also. Also they have no proof of my case, like America does have.
  10. My health is going worse and worse. I feel very depressed to have to live in a place like this, who only try to make your life as bad as possible. I must leave now. Asylum is not even the most important item now, staying alive and be free again is!
  11. The fact that overstay is named is not correct. Nor was the Visa waiver stamped! This must be a mistake.

Only when I am really welcome in the USA, I will want to stay here. When I have to fight my way into this country, I will rather go somewhere else. Meaning I am going to waive the right to appeal your decision.

I will never force my way into America, which people I consider to be very good friends.

I hope you will take the only wise decision possible in this case, granting Hans Smedema Asylum. If not I ask for voluntary departure and will go to Panama next.
‘History has proved to be always on the side of those who stand up for justice!’

President Obama.


Hans Smedema, July 2009

Broward Transitional Center

Pompano Beach

Florida, USA

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.