The cruel dilemma!

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What these both cruel families, with the ‘Group Mengele’ at the Justice Department are doing to innocent victims, is unbelievable and inhuman.

Because my wife thinks I am insane, being betrayed by her own family and mine, and by the Justice Department, and by physicians, she for instance gos to birthdays parties of my brothers. Who also betray her, by telling her I am insane and should be treated. The fact I have a witness, who can’t put anything in writing yet because she has signed to keep silent or pay damages, doesn’t mean anything to her. If you were right, police and family would have helped me, she tells me honestly and looking beautiful as ever.

So she gos to these birthdays parties alone and leaves me behind. I of course can’t go there and party with those I know are betraying us deeply and inhuman. And are the cause of our three children from abusers and two other pregnancies.

She also gos to my neighbor, who I know to have her abused for over 25 years, without herself knowing this! He knows how to get her into her second or ‘Emotional Personality’ (in fact sex slave) and afterwards she doesn’t remember a thing. Always some force has to be used. It could be instantly gets into the second personality with him after so long being his slave, but she doesn’t know! So it is illegal and a crime. Some pain is also needed as was programmed by the clever abusers. Al my neighbors warned me earlier, they heard a quarrel and my angry woman at the door at first, but afterwards she would let him in, and after an our or so the man would leave. When they asked her what happened later, why the quarrel, she didn’t know about any quarrel at the door and never had let a man inside the house! She thought they must be insane! You of course have no knowledge about a second personality! If she would know, it would be a single personality of course. The neighbors didn’t know how to handle that kind of bizarre things.

So I sit at home trying to keep my anger low enough not to go there and fight him. If I did, he could simply call the police, and I had a big problem keeping out of a mental institution! My wife denies everything and strongly believes I am insane.

Also she is trying honestly to get me forced into a mental institution! She thinks I am insane. When we did three DNA tests with Gene-tech in the USA, they came back telling us, all children were mine. But several witnesses told me they are not with great problems for them. So I believe them more. Also we know the Justice Department or an intelligence, are involved, so they can easily falsify the results. I call this criminal organization ‘Group Mengele’ after the German physician who tortured and experimented with people in second world war.

So what to do? When I force my wife to stay at home, I will make my position weaker. Letting her go to this neighbor or another man, is dangerous. She could be abused again. And with aids around now, it could mean her death.

Psychiatrists wont help, instead they try to force me to take medicines or taken by force into a mental institution! So that way is blocked here in the Netherlands! This captain Cust and others from intelligence did business with in Germany warned me about this in 1982/3, when they had to check my files and heard I never was treated by a psychiatrist and never signed any document giving others power to betray me. They much later also said this could NEVER happen in the states and told me to become an American.

It really is being between a rock and a hard place. Even my children don’t believe me they say, although I think they do know, but won’t tell me. They think they help my wife, by keeping silent maybe? But my wife would give anything to have this go away. She has begged her sisters and my family to tell her what they know! To no avail. I must live in a family betraying each other, and not telling the truth. The best way to end any relation!

And I know this ‘Group Mengele’ (after the German camp physician) as I named them, have made three attempts to kill me. Once they almost succeeded, but I was rescued by a woman who saw in this restaurant two man putting something in my glass several times and called the police. And two more times in 1980 when my neighbor working at a newspaper, got to close to the secrets of this ‘Group Mengele’. He was killed, but police thinks he had a hart failure. But they drugged him like they were doing me at that restaurant in Bunnik in 1975, Netherlands.

And this Rotary friend mr. W.R. Rosingh head prosecutor in Leeuwarden, who did some investigation in 1991, was immediately transferred to another town! And his investigation stopped af course. So police cannot do anything. They would be silenced instantly and get no money and time to investigate.

What to do, when the coward Dutch media refuse to investigate and publish this? When psychiatrists don’t believe me? When politicians refuse to ask for an investigation and some have made this possible? When the European Court has been betrayed by this ‘Group Mengele’ inside the Justice dept and got false information about me?

And at the same time, lots of girls are drugged and mentally broken into slaves, without their boyfriends understanding the sudden change at all. Let alone her parents or sisters! What is suddenly happening with our sister and daughter?

Let me know when you know anything about this by putting a comment here, or e-mailing me at [email protected]

And warn the media about this! A lot more is going on besides this case alone! ‘Group Mengele’ will try to block info reaching me. So try again!

Hans Smedema B. Sc. , Sydwende 97, 9204KD Drachten, Netherlands +31 512 542252

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Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.