High Commissioner Human Rights refuses help!

Degradation Alfred Dreyfus
Degradation Alfred Dreyfus

High Commissioner Human Rights refuses help!


Office of the United Nations  
High Commissioner Human Rights
Ms. Navanethem Pillay
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

 Drachten, August 28th, 2013


To Ms. Navanethem Pillay,

Concerns:  Urgent matter in still ongoing human rights violation case!


Dutch Hans Smedema Affair!

New Human  Rights abuses against Dutch Hans Smedema, born March 27th 1948, Netherlands. Passport(see attachment)number: NUDRL9FP5

  1.  New Human Rights violations in the Hans Smedema Affair! 
  2. Received a notification from the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (CJIB; Dutch central fine collection agency) to pay 5300 euro to rapist! 
  3. Why no answers and explanations to all my pleads for help?
  4. Demanding an appointment to discuss possible help!


 1 – New Human Rights violations! Fake political trial! No fair trial because no defense allowed!

On December 3th 2012 I was again sentenced without the normal Human Right to any defense! This time in the appeal case! In the earlier police judge case I was not allowed a lawyer and also no defense was allowed at all!

This time I had a famous lawyer, but again no witnesses or simple DNA-test! In fact no investigation at all, was allowed. And no reason given also! Kafkaesque! In this horrifying case all evidence is deleted, manipulated or falsified by the Dutch government itself! Which I can never proof without an independent investigation from outside the Netherlands!

 Human Right abuse – Article 6 point (d) to examine or have examined witnesses against him and to obtain the attendance and examination of witnesses on his behalf under the same conditions as witnesses against him;

 Being only an innocent victim trying to defend myself and my wife, I am sentenced to over 6 months in prison and pay the rapist(two a father of a child) of my wife a total of 5300 euro, soon 6400 euro with the fine of not paying. Which I of course refuse to do. We will be broke in a few months, so why should I pay the rapist?

To prevent going to prison, I will have to ask again for Political Asylum somewhere in the next weeks!

My only ‘crime’ is the fact I accused the rapist(fathers of 3 children too) of my wife, and the Dutch government refusing to prosecute them since 1972! I only asked for an investigation!

It looks like my normal civil and human rights have secretly and illegal been taken away by Queen Juliana around 1975, and this was continued by Queen Beatrix to protect her name.

And Kafkaesque nobody finds it necessary to simply inform me! A request in 2008 sent to Queen Beatrix to look into the case, never got an answer at all! This is an evil deed! She is already immune! Prime Ministers refuse to look into it also!

This seems to include lawyers and judges having to ignore all my documents, evidence, witnesses and investigation as a simple DNA-test which would proof the falsification of an earlier DNA-test! Lawyers seem to ignore my defense also and only pretend to help!

Looks to be a fake political trial to mislead and betray me, and the real trial was done somewhere else with unknown people acting out of my name? But why did I pay 10.000 euro to my famous lawyer(only doing defense and refusing main case!) and didn’t he inform me about the conspiracy?

Current situation my wife and I are facing:

  • Family, justice, physicians, psychiatrists, police, prosecutors, two Queens and now a King, together with all Prime Ministers and Ministers since 1975 or so, betray my chronically ill wife with severe dissociation to believe, that her husband Hans Smedema is delusional by telling her the lie about our three children being mine, instead of the truth being from three different rapist! Human rights violation! Right to information about accusations and medical help!
  • This is causing us to fight over what is the truth almost daily, which caused me to have to flee to Spain, or be forced into a mental hospital and never get out again! The now famous German Gustl Mollath case proves what might have happened to me! Human rights violation! Right to a normal family life. The famous Dreyfuss affair is also comparable to mine.
  • Police is not allowed to officially file my charges, investigations are forbidden from the highest possible level! Which is severe discrimination as the rapist are allowed to file charges for libel! Human rights violation!
  • Disproportionately high extra costs of being forced into two separate households! One that I have to take care myself for my chronically ill wife who cannot be treated when the crimes/illnesses are denied by everyone except me! I had to use our pension fund of around 200.000 euro and we now face bankruptcy in the coming months! I cannot pay Spanish and Dutch taxes anymore! Also the extreme situation tries to provoke me into fraud, which I counter by publishing everything on my blog!
  • Lost my high level top position in 2004 and around 100.000 euro less income a year! They let me try to proof this case using thousands of hours since 2000! While all the information is available with family, physicians, psychiatrists, police force, prosecutors, ministry of justice, Prime Ministers and even Queens!
  • It looks like our lives have been secretly taken over in 1972 by a brother and brother in law, but they and everybody denies and state I am delusional! Causing me to have to live completely isolated as a lunatic since 2000! Again Human right violations!
  • Both our lives have been a horrifying ordeal since 1972! Why are we as victims not allowed to know the truth and live a normal life?
  • We face a ‘Cordon Sanitair’ to isolate us and to prevent the truth from ever being released! I am fighting an unknown hiding enemy for 13 years now! With no help at all!
  • Lawyers do NOT act on my behalf, so all other Dutch legal matters are impossible!
  • There is some evidence, but no real hard evidence as the Dutch government has deleted, manipulated, or falsified that evidence. Even 50 police and prosecution files about our case have been deleted and/or hidden.

2 –  Received a notification from the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (CJIB; Dutch central fine collection agency) to pay 5300 euro to rapist.

Despite no fair trial with no simple DNA-test or witnesses for the defense allowed, I receive a demand to pay over 5300 euro before August 5th 2013, or pay 6400 euro after that. And that will go up with other costs!

No defense possible anymore!

3 – Why no answers to my many pleads for help at your High Office Human Rights?

Complaint in more detail:

  • I didn’t get any answer to my last complaint sent to you on June 9th 2011 from Spain where I live as a fugitive or in exile. See attachment.
  • Earlier a complaint sent to the CAT Committee in Geneva on May 15th 2010 was denied in a day or so. No reason given! It contained a lot of evidence!
  • Also earlier a Complaint to the CCPR Committee in Geneva on June 23th 2010 was denied in a day or so.  No reason given. It contained a lot of evidence!
  • Request for Political Asylum in Miami Airport on April 23th 2009 was denied because of not enough hard evidence of the Dutch government involved in the human rights abuses against us at that time!
  • And many more as stated in my letter to you from June 9th 2011! All request denied and NO HELP at all!
  • We still have no legal help and Kafkaesque still have no information about why this is done to us! ‘The Trial’ from Kafka has become horrifying reality for me!
  • Our case is also Orwellian, and not fiction, but horrifying reality also!
  • All evidence has been deleted, hidden, manipulated or falsified! Over 50 Police files are missing and kept from the Judges! Which is human rights violation. And many more. This is going on from 1972 and is an unbelievable horrifying case!
  • I had to spend thousands of hours to fight this criminal organization!
  • The story has been told on my Dutch blog and English

If your organization keeps refusing to give any help I will be declared broke in the next few months! Together with my wife we are no longer capable to pay normal taxes in Spain over 2012 and later, and in the Netherlands the same regarding my pension company and other taxes!

If I don’t succeed in getting asylum somewhere or help from you, the Dutch will put me, an innocent victim, in prison for over 6 months, and my low Dutch pension(AOW) will stop during that time, making things even more disgusting! And I already spend 28 weeks in a detention centre in Florida asking for asylum too!

Prime Minister Mark Rutte refused to confess the secret conspiracy from Dutch Cabinet and then Queen Beatrix. He also refused to pay an advance damage payment of 1,5 million to prevent the current ugly situation.  We are now provoked NOT to pay taxes anymore!

 4 – I request an appointment to discuss possible help!

I request an appointment with you or one of your organization, to discuss what action we will take to force the Dutch Royals and Prime Minister to stop with their heinous acts, and pay damages so we can live a few more years together before we die!

With kind regards,

 Hans Smedema B. Sc.

 Temporarily with my wife in Drachten, Netherlands to discuss our heinous situation and my new request for political asylum somewhere!


Attachments: Copy passport Hans Smedema and former letter to you June 9th 2011

Comparison famous ‘Anne Frank’ with unknown Hans Smedema affair!

Anne Frank story
Anne Frank story

Comparison famous ‘Anne Frank’ with unknown Hans Smedema affair!

For the information about her now famous horrifying case seeWikepedia Anne Frank!

I make this horrifying comparison because her story(and 6 million others!) is unbelievable but after years found true! My story now looks to be the story of a lunatic but is the horrifying truth also! Why do ignorant people always first deny every strange unusual story? Plain stupidity? Ignorance? Denial because the truth is to much for them?

“If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.” – French author Emile Zola van de ‘Dreyfus-affaire’.

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

  • she also was betrayed by her own country Netherlands who did nothing to protect her! Just like in my case they helped the rapist!
  • even Dutch police and officials helped to get her to Germany! Just like in my case they helped the rapist!
  • Secret service(Gestapo) made sure nobody know anything, just like in my case!
  • No media attention about where they were going! No media publishing about my case either!
  • It was a big unbelievable horrifying conspiracy, just like in my case!
  • She asked for asylum but it was denied, just like in my case!
  • Etc.

Conspiracy against Anne Frank and 6 million others

If  she, or any other of the 6 million death, could have escaped from the Germans and tried to warn the Dutch(or other) people, she or he would be ‘vaporized’ and forced into a mental hospital! The conversation would be like this, just like it is in my case? Fiction! I repeat fiction! Just to compare unbelievable stories.

  • Anne Frank – I escaped from the German Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and want to warn the Dutch people for what will happen when they let the Jews be deported to Germany!
  • Dutch people – Oh…, and what warning would that be?
  • Anne Frank – I was taken from our house without Dutch police, justice or judges helping or protecting us, and transported in train wagons for animals with no toilets, no heating, no water or food, and people dying by the hundreds around us, for days to a concentration camp to work for the Germans! But it was not for work at all, and we were tortured to death with almost no food or medical attention!
  • Dutch people – Oh…, and why should they do that…? Very unlikely…, people would know that by now. Germans would not allow it to happen! Dutch police, justice and lawyers would have protected you! Can you proof that insane accusation? Do you know it is libel and slander to accuse the Germans when you cannot proof this?
  • Anne Frank – It is the truth! But I have no proof of course, you will have to have look yourself! And even worse, thousands of people are disappearing into a building for showers and to go working, but nobody is ever seen again! I think they are all murdered!
  • Dutch people – Oh…, and you really think that could happen without anybody knowing it, and nobody would warn the Germans and Dutch? Can you proof this…? No…! Thousands each day? Insane thought!
  • Anne Frank – I think it is a big conspiracy from Hitler himself! Goring, Hess, Mengele and many others, hundreds are also involved! The German secret service Gestapo and many other officials are ordered to help betray and kill the Jews and others!
  • Dutch people – You are insane and delusional! Why on earth would Hitler do such a thing? We asked those men and they deny everything! They now filed charges against you for libel and/or slander! You are delusional and we will force you into a mental psychiatric hospital! (Just like Gustl Mollaths case now in 2013, and they tried with Hans Smedema!)
  • Anne Frank – Without a lawyer and no investigation by the prosecutors or police! I of course cannot proof this alone! You will have to investigate yourself! Have a look there!
  • Dutch Judge (Jeroen van Bruggen like with the case of Hans Smedema) – You have no proof at all!, I asked all people you accuse, and they all deny! Girl think what you do to those poor innocent Hitler, Hess, Goring, Mengele and others! Do you have any idea what your accusations do to their families? I will not allow any witnesses or investigation because I already know, that you are insane and delusional! I sentence you to 3 months in prison, two years conditional, and you will pay the poor Germans 5300 euro damages! If you refuse to do so, you will face another 3 months in prison!
  • Anne Frank – I rest my case. Against ignorance and stupidity, nobody can fight! My father new how stupid you Dutch are and asked for political asylum from America, but it was denied! Horrifying for us and many others.

Hans Smedema affair

Of course the above conversation is only fiction, but would have happened! In fact it happened to Hans Smedema almost exactly!

See my Dutch Post Parabel  politierechter Jeroen van Bruggen!

Hans Smedema warns on his Blog the Dutch people of a horrifying conspiracy in which the Dutch Queen Juliana, later Queen Beatrix and now King Willem Alexander are involved and making things worse!

He also warns the Dutch people that all Prime Ministers since around 1975 are involved in the conspiracy! Specific Lubbers who made it possible, and now former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and Prime Minister Mark Rutte deny everything and refuse to help innocent victims! Also many Ministers of Justice because they secretly make sure no investigation is allowed, and all evidence is hidden, deleted, manipulated or falsified! A cordon sanitair is made around Hans Smedema so everybody thinks he is insane! The Dutch people and nation is NOT allowed to know anything about this horrifying conspiracy by the Dutch Royals against two innocent victims of rape and torture!

Severe human rights violations!

  • Hans warns police, prosecutors, justice, politicians and ministers about this conspiracy going on since 1973, but nobody believes him. He is neglected by everyone.  Including his own family whom he of course trusted, not knowing they betrayed him since 1972! In fact Hans was betrayed by all that he normally should trust!
  • Not allowed to officially file charges against all perpetrators!
  • All his detailed documents with the names of all rapist and fathers of their 3 children mentioned, fraud, drugging, rapes, extortion and much more, is neglected and apparently not allowed in court or by police/prosecutors.
  • Medical files are manipulated and falsified to hide the truth about their horrifying crimes!
  • Over 50 police files disappeared!
  • Secret service is involved and has to hide everything like the Gestapo earlier with Anne Frank and others.
  • Hans asked also for Asylum in 2009, but was after 28 weeks in detention deported back because not enough evidence of the involvement of the Dutch government. Who hide it!

Hans will have to seek political asylum again, to be protected from the persecution from the Dutch government! He leaves Monday 9th for Madrid to do so. Staying here in the Netehrlands with his wife would be very dangerous with more then 6 months in jail soon and 6400 euro fine for slander and less pension another 6500 euro! Or 13.000 euro while his only crime is being a victim of the ‘crime of the century’ and warning the Dutch people for this Dutch conspiracy against him and the whole Dutch nation! He still has no lawyer, no media coverage and no help from anyone!Many, many human rights violations without any(!) Dutch defending him!

More later…

Hans Smedema in exile

Interview with Hans Smedema!

Hans as a criminal
Hans as the new criminal during new years eve party!

Interview with Hans Smedema!

Buy Ebook?

Truth is stranger than fiction”; this goes beyond all sinister imagination…!

Why do you write so openly about the very private horrifying rapes and other heinous acts done to your girlfriend and you?

If we want a better world, the truth about the horrifying human behavior in a group, totally destroying innocent victims lives, should be known! I also want justice done!
The Royal Criminal Organization behind this political conspiracy has totally destroyed our lives! I was a successful businessman earning 140.000 euro a year, and are no a lunatic broke in a few months! Why?
My gruesome story must be unique being both Kafkaesque and Orwellian! In fact it is almost those famous stories and this time no fiction, but horrifying reality!
The crimes done to us still have not ended now in 2013! The story is so unbelievable, that even after 13 years of fighting the conspiracy, only a few insiders know it is the truth, but mainstream media and humans think I must be delusional! Horrifying to have to live like that! To tell the story as I had to endure it, I needed 4 parts and a 1000 pages to explain what was done to me by my own family and my own nation!
I am almost sure nobody has ever been through anything close to similar! Not with even two Queens and now a King involved, and the Dutch Cabinet and Prime Ministers since around 1975 or so. And also Americans have suffered immensely too! A friend who only wanted to help me, went through an ordeal of his own with his innocent family and child, for almost 10 years! And only because the Dutch Royals and Cabinet refused to simply tell the truth! But after 10 years he won his case with a secret copy of my file!
The unscrupulous Dutch criminal organization behind this, wants it covered up of course. They are so ashamed and don’t want the Dutch people to find out two Queens and a King have betrayed innocent victims and the whole Dutch nation! It is a case of high treason by the Dutch Royals and Ministers!

So you are no writer, but the victim writing his gruesome story?

Yes, that is correct! I am no writer by nature, but forced to write about my horrifying story. If we want other unaware girls to know how shrewd criminals, sexual abusers and rapist can be, I have to try and make this story known! The privacy of me and my still unknowing wife, not believing her own husband, has to be put aside! Like with all crimes. Privacy can only exist when you don’t have to fight criminals!
I started writing my book in 2007 and several people involved who have read the story tell me it is well written! But I always see parts that I am able to do better, and I would love to have this story rewritten by one of the famous American writers!

What’s the story behind your books?

My girlfriend in 1972 after being drugged was sexually abused, raped and on purpose tortured so bady, to protect herself her brain developed a so called second personality! An easily re-callable emotional personality, or here in plain English, a sex-slave! But not a fake one, like mostly seen, but here the horrifying reality!
Loving each other immensely, I of course was in her room a lot, and the rapist had to drug me too to get his sex with her. Soon he managed to drug and break me mentally too, and I suffered from suppression from 1972 until 2000! I saw many rapes and abuses, but simply suppressed it and lived on like I din’t see any anything!
Family already found out late 1972, but unscrupulously decided to hide all the crimes and even photo’s of it, for us.
So we married without knowing we both were defenseless against any rapist or man who wanted to have sex with my girlfriend and later wife! Even the fact I was made infertile by the rapist and our first child, a girl, was from this rapist, was hidden from us! Causing two more children from rapist also! Until 2000 she was defenseless and I din’t have a clue thinking the children were mine and no rapes had been done to her!
This criminal organization decided for me and over me, that I had no right to have children of my own! It could easily be done with some therapy! Until 2000 I thought the 3 children were mine, although everybody around us knew they were not! My wife still thinks they are from me!

What motivated you to become an indie author?

The gruesome fact that the criminal organization including Royals, Cabinets and Family even when I at last found out and remembered some rapes, still refused to simply tell me why this happened, and apologized for there evil deeds! Then I still could have had children of my own in 2001 or so! Children who would now be 12 years old! But these criminals not even allowed me to have children of my own since 1975!
I think this horrifying story will be Dutch and maybe world heritage! This horrifying ordeal must be told!
And now we suffered millions in financial damage too! I lost my top position as a headhunter in 2004 only because this criminals refused to simply tell the truth! I will be broke in a few months and can do nothing about it! If the truth came out, we would have millions in damage payments, or from the rights of a book and film.

How has Smashwords contributed to your success?

There were publishers interested, but only small ones in the Netherlands, and no names were allowed. Others simply think it is the story off a lunatic and don’t dare to write about Dutch Royals and Prime Ministers involved in heinous crimes!
So I published the first book end of 2007 on my own, but when l learned about Smashwords, it was perfect for me! Nobody can keep my books from being published now! I am responsible and I know I am right and so dare to publish! I sold the rights to my Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation in Panama so the Dutch will never get a penny!
A Dutch police judge, without allowing any defense, the same in the appeal case, ordered me to take all the names from my Blog and books! Which I refuse to do! He also sentenced me to pay the rapist and two fathers of children, 5300 euro! Which again I refuse to do. So this case will get more ugly by the day now! In weeks they will seize my accounts! I stopped paying taxes too! Why should I pay taxes to the Dutch when they ruined and destroyed my life since 1972!

What is the greatest motivation of writing for you?

I hope one day somebody will come and look into this horrifying case and publish about its, so I will get help from world community! The truth about this horrifying case must be told! I will die trying to get it into the news, but until now never got an article or interview! It is silenced to death!

What did your English translator say about the book?

English translator:

‘It is a story that will arouse horrified fascination. I stayed up late reading last night; I had to force myself to stop. Yes, it’s hard to believe these things could really be happening to someone. I like your writing style; it is very direct and very accessible to the reader, like you’re right there, talking, and this makes it very compelling to keep reading. The dark world of pornography is permeated through our culture and has so many hidden layers that would shock the average person. We’ve all heard the expression “truth is stranger than fiction”; this goes beyond all sinister imagination…’

Why do you think this story is unprecedented and unique?

Because almost nobody believes the story after 13 years!
Nobody can understand how a family betrays their own daughter, sister and brother in law! Helping the rapist hide their crimes, and betraying the unaware loving couple!
Also a woman like my wife, not knowing her children are from different rapist, and still thinking she has never been raped or has slept with another man then her husband, is beyond comprehension!
And all that during 28 years before I at last found out slowly. Most psychiatrist deny that it can happen! They fight each other over it! But my story proves it can! With a double personality in combination with me suppressing everything and the cover up from the family and physicians.
There have been 3 murder attempts on my life! And my poor neighbor was secretly murdered to prevent this horrifying story from being published.
And then Queen Juliana, her daughter Beatrix and now even King Willem Alexander involved and refusing to stop their secret ruling which orders all Dutch officials to hide everything! People I speak to ask ‘why would they do that?’
Next the Dutch asked America to help also and so my American friend suffered for 10 years too!
The Dutch hide and manipulate all evidence and forbid any investigation or help from lawyers! Now 13 years without ever having legal aid! Against all human rights! I have to do all fighting by myself, not having legal knowledge at all! But nobody talks or publishes about that horrifying fact!
No impossible that this has ever been done before!
It is most probably unprecedented!

What are the greatest problems you face?

Not having a lawyer in the main case, and not having someone to talk too!
Famous lawyer mr. Bram Moszkowicz did only some defense, but almost sure he was not allowed to help much and had to ignore all evidence and/or documents I provided! Without telling me! He refused to help with the main case too!
My wife fighting me is also a big problem. When she cries, I stop fighting for the time being. I don’t want to hurt my wife, but she visits my enemies! Thinking they are friends based on the conspiracy hiding all evidence!
No media attention and therefore no help from public opinion is horrifying. Your a lunatic is all the ‘help’ I get!
Not getting asylum in America was a big disappointment! I spend 28 weeks in detention for nothing! And back in the Netherlands totally ignored!
But as always something negative always has a positive side too. This for sure will be in a movie or film. I have a concept script almost ready! But that will only happen when world community finds out at last this story is true.

What are you working on next?

I still don’t have the end! The cover up and horrifying conspiracy is still ongoing! I publish many articles on my Blog, but nobody is interested in the story of a presumed lunatic!
My defenseless wife still thinks I am delusional and making this up. We are fighting each other at home when together! Horrifying for a couple still in love with each other! I love her, but every day have to see her suffer and sometimes cry, but can do nothing against it!
So how to write the last chapters? But I will finish it anyway. The last part is ready both in Dutch and English, only an end is needed.

Published 2013-08-26.