Going to Spain!

I was planning to go to Panama or Belize, but it is better to go to Spain first and finish my book part 3 and total book for publishing. Panama and Netherlands don’t have a tax treaty yet and I would have to pay full taxes in Netherlands living in Panama. They are working on a treaty as we speak.

So any former plans will have to be postponed a bit!

Still lots to solve also here.

Insurer company stated paying again, so income is oké now. Have to be investigated by a psychiatrist first to keep that income, but should be no problem. But never underestimate psychiatrist! The fact that I told him I am not insane, but the victim of a conspiracy in which the government and people in America are involved, was to much for him to understand. Pointed him for more information to my Dutch Blog with a lot more information.

I was able to make my poor wife feel much better and take care of our own pension fund financial construction. Looking very good for now.

Not being able to go to America to talk to people there about what they know about Al Rust and his family, is a problem, but can be solved later.

When things come into the open, they will grant me access again for sure.

More later…

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