Testimony about the Hans and Wies Smedema Affair, or Dutch Queengate!

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Testimony about the Hans and Wies Smedema Affair, or Dutch Queengate!

Hans Smedema, Author of this Blog (Founder and former Chief Executive Officer, Human Power Services International, and Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation)

(Still under construction as more details are found)

How it started

This horrifying story starts out in 1972, more than 44 years ago, when I met my girl friend and later wife. She was secretly drugged, abused, raped, used in rape movies, bestiality movies, and tortured with a taser for animals until she developed a so called extra emotional personality! She would suppress anything done to her in her extra personality and when I met her, she would be safe in her normal personality and feel free again. So I didn’t find out at the time.
I was there a lot of course and so needed to be drugged by the rapist too, was also severely traumatized and hypnotized with low doses ketamine into an unbelievable mind control that lasted until recently(!). Just like my girl friend could be controlled by her master.

She had become a sex-slave and I also suppressed everything about it. So we were both helpless and defenseless for a year in the hands of the rapist and porn criminals selling the illegal rape movies worldwide. Police was warned by me, but left us being drugged with the rapist! The drug caused memory loss, as did our own suppression. So we knew nothing afterwards and could never file charges against the rapist. Angry about me warning the police, they secretly made me infertile so the main rapist could make sure he himself later got a child with my girlfriend, later wife!

When at last after a year end of 1972 our Family found out about it, with many pictures, and found out that we knew nothing about the rapes because we suppressed everything, they decided to keep it silent. No prosecution of the known rapist, and the many pictures of the rapes were hidden from us.

So they hid the truth for us and let us believe nothing happened. Creating a false reality for both of us. At the moment my wife still is made to believe I am insane, and nothing happened. So having her treated is impossible because of the cover-up and conspiracy.

My evil brother even went further and made the whole thing into a legal cover-up by falsifying documents, misleading and using money to bribe friends to lie to us and hide the fact the first child in januari 1975 was not mine, but from main rapist Jan van Beek! Also the crucial fact I was made infertile in 1972, and so the two other children were also not mine, but from different rapist Jan de Vries en Rieks Perdok. Because of the gruesome cover-up, we unknowingly and defenseless lived on, assuming the children were mine and we were not(!) victims of these unbelievable horrifying crimes.

Royal cover-up!

My brother was able to start a special Royal cover-up of all crimes, by bribing a psychologist Onno van der Hart and psychiatrist Robert van den Bosch who forced me by drugging and torture to sign a document stating I would not want to know what happend to me and my wife. While I stated and fought for two hours, even after being drugged, that I did want to know and file charges if there were crimes against us. The drug caused memory loss so afterwards I knew nothing anymore. My wife also wanted to know, but they made sure we knew nothing and therefore were defenseless for the rest of our life!

Based on the fraud Queen Juliana signed unknowingly and the whole case was now suddenly state security! All officials, politicians and Ministers have to protect the Royals by their oath, and we were helpless without knowing it until I found out slowly in and years after, 2000.

They made sure I could never find out by keeping an expensive cordon sanitair around me and even making a rapist of my wife our neighbor and  a formal informant, to keep an eye on me and periodic drug us and use mind control or hypnosis to make sure this cover-up would never blow up.


Colleges of the psychologist (later prof dr.) Onno van der Hart, who secretly and against my will brainwashed me in 1975 and my wife to forget everything, warned me that hiding the facts for us would ruin my life, and that is exactly what happened to me and my wife!
On May 20th 2010, just after my first asylum case, prof. dr. Onno van der Hart again brainwashed me in Benidorm with help from the Spanish secret service and Justice, to make sure I became a kind of zombie so the cover-up and conspiracy would not be in any danger.

Just in time the local police was warned by the girls and photographer because of the horrifying medical instruments, but were NOT allowed to protect me!

Which means that the Dutch asked the Spanish to allow and help with this horrifying case of torture and conditioning. They heard me scream for hours and afterwards I was much more a zombie who avoided the whole case, than before.The cover-up made sure I could never solve this horrifying conspiracy on my own!

Not allowed to file charges! No legal help!

I am not allowed to file charges against the rapist and others! I am the only one in the Netherlands who is NOT allowed to file charges!

No police investigation is allowed, no prosecution, no lawyers are allowed to help, lawyers and judges have to ignore everything I file and all evidence too. So I will always loose! Even the famous lawyer mr. A. Bram Moszkowicz was not allowed to hear witnesses or have a DNA-test which would proof a plaintiff lied in his charges against me never to had had sex with my wife, but was the father of our youngest son!

No fair trial is possible in the Netherlands and almost all the perpetrators involved are even officially honored by the Royals! The case resembles the famous Russian Sergei Magnitsky case where the criminals also were protected and honored by the State and Putin!

Ruined and divorced!

But nobody informed us, so we lost our pension fund of 250.000 euro, my income of 140.000 euro a year, suffered mentally badly, and are now financially broke also. We divorced on June 29th 2015 and both have to live on an absolute minimum of a few hundred a month because of the fine of 7000 euro I have to pay to the rapist(!) and other bills we cannot pay anymore. Our cost to investigate and forced to live in two countries were huge!

My wife divorced me at last in 2015 after me fighting for 15 years for the truth and an investigation, based on this horrifying Orwellian fraud!

Mind control, no medical treatment allowed!

The rapist made sure we got repeatedly the drug and more and more trauma’s so they would keep the mind control on us until recently because I fled to Spain, and my wife still is under their control in the Netherlands. We were denied medical therapy what would have helped me in weeks! I could have saved my wife from most of the rapes and we would have had at least two children of our own.

When we moved to Drachten, they even made sure a rapist became a neighbor and would continue with the drug and be paid officially by the Justice Department as an informer. A friend of the first rapist got a high level staff job inside the Secret Service, or Justice Department and controlled this case so nobody would ever find out. All evidence would be falsified, deleted, or manipulated. He even made sure the rapist got free drugs like Roofy from the police office!

Murder by secret service!

When my former neighbor found out to much they murdered him by drugging and mind control.
Tens of years my defenseless wife was raped by anyone who knew about her being defenseless!
I was fired several times because she had sex with employees or others, never understanding why I was fired.
They made sure my life was horrible and bad by putting microphones in our house and tapping all emails, and phones. Using that information to mislead me and others. Even lawyers got a visit from the secret service before I met them.

In 2000 I slowly found out, but everybody kept to the Omerta that started in 1972 and lied to me. Causing me to lose my job and having to live from an insurance payment since 2004.
Since 2008 I knew staying in the Netherlands would be to dangerous. So I moved to Spain and prepared for asylum.

Civil rights secretly taken away from us!

The special ruling from the Queen made sure I was not allowed to file charges against anyone. During court cases I was not allowed any defense also. Political no fair fake trials as the lawyers were not allowed to use evidence I had, and even judges had to ignore everything I put forward in documents. Most lawyers therefore refused to help me. My wife denying everything and stating I was insane, made everything worse of course.

  • not allowed to file charges!
  • not allowed any real legal aid!
  • No fair trials allowed!
  • all my evidence and documents have to be ignored by lawyers and judges!
  • Other countries are legally asked to assist because of the signature of Queen Juliana!
  • All involved have to keep silent! Omerta!
  • People I trusted were paid to give all information to the Secret Service!
  • Ministry of Justice secretly(!) signed for our marriage and unknown people decided over our lives since 1973!

The Review Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services CTIVD

In 2008 I filed a complaint with the Dutch CTIVD who controls and keeps an eye on the Dutch Secret Service. The judge mr. I.P. Michels van Kessenich-Hoogendam confirmed my story and that the Secret Service was involved. She filed a report to end at once the Dutch cover-up and conspiracy, but Prime Minister JanPeter Balkenende and the other Ministers of his Cabinet refused to stop it, causing me and my wife more and more suffering.

Fake no fair trials!

I was not allowed to file charges and no investigation was allowed directly from the Dutch Ministry Justice, while police wanted to, but were not allowed. A Rotary friend who was head DA, had to stop an investigation into the rape by two man of my defenseless wife with witnesses, by police detective Voshol in 1991. And after his refusal he was forced to move to another town in a week! When I tried to file charges in 2000, the file was gone! Deleted by the cover-up and conspiracy. Orwellian! In 2004 I tried again with a lot of facts and after 5 months again no official charges were allowed and no investigations! Directly from the Ministry of Justice itself! Police and prosecutors were not allowed to investigate to protect the name of the Queen!

At last I provoked the rapist and others to file charges against me for libel and defamation. So I could defend an win my case. But the Dutch police judge mr. Jeroen van Bruggen refused me time for a lawyer, no investigation, and no simpel DNA-test which would proof the whole case at once! Testimonies by the rapist were false, but not investigated at all. He sentenced me without a lawyer present and being sick with PTSS, suppressing important crimes, and much more. So I knew there would never be an honest trial possible in the Netherlands and fled to America and asked for asylum.

Asylum denied!

In 2009 I asked Asylum on Miami Airport Florida, and was deported after 28 weeks back to Amsterdam. But many facts were proven, only not enough proof the Dutch Government was behind it.
The Dutch immediately had me drugged and brainwashed again in Night club Pretty Woman in Benidorm on May 20th 2010. That made me a kind of zombie and not much I could do alone for years suppressing everything.

In 2013 I again asked for asylum, now in Texas, but was again deported back to Amsterdam. Not enough proof Dutch government involved.
In 2015 my wife could no longer keep up with it and filed for divorce which I now accepted as she would not have to pay for all the fines I had to pay to the rapist for defamation or libel. One fine was to pay the rapist of my wife 5400 euro and because of my refusal to do so, became 7000. I also spent one month innocent in jail when I refused to take away the names of the rapist and others. Jail was a fraud,  as confirmed by three judges after 31 days. In fact it was secretly to make sure I could not reach Texas for asylum, but I managed anyway.

Orwellian horrifying story!

Instead of turning a blind eye, as many others would have done at the time, I decided to accuse all the officials who were involved. But filing charges was not allowed.

We know it in detail because I published all evidence and information on my Blog hanssmedema.info

I wrote over 300 posts detailing every aspect of how I was tortured and mistreated. Because of these documents and even E-books, I created an unbelievably detailed record of what happened to me.

This must be the most horrifying cover-up and conspiracy of the Netherlands in the last 100 years. It is much more severe than the famous France Dreyfus Affaire with also a traitor involved.
But not one Dutch Media or Newspaper has ever published about my case at all! Maybe not allowed because of the State security involved? No foreign media either.

Dutch Queengate!

Now, everything that I’ve mentioned is horrifying, but what makes these crimes really exceptional on an international political level is not the actual crimes they committed, but what happened afterwards. And what happened afterwards is a high-level government cover-up that goes right up to the Prime Ministers and now three generations of Dutch Royals. Or the Dutch Queengate.

It’s like the Watergate scandal. It was the cover-up that led to the resignation of the President of America, not the crime itself.

Just to give you an example of the horrifying cover-up, a friend Major Al Rust tried to help me in Amerika, but was innocently fired just because the Dutch Ministry of Justice denied that a file existed about my case. But Intel in Germany had a copy of my ‘not existing file’, and after 10 years of suffering, he was able in 1996 with the help of former US Ambassador in the Netherlands Paul Bremer, later Governor in Iraq, to appeal his case and was paid one million dollar damages by the same lying Dutch within a week!

Hans Smedema, Cami de la Cantera 84,
03581 L’Alfas del Pi
Alicante, Spain

Published by

Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.