Children falsify DNA-Fathership tests!

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At last and much to late in 2014 my(not biological) daughter confessed the 3 children themselves had falsified the DNA Fathership test I asked for by switching the stabs with those of another family! Most likely the family of my son in law!

It was done together with the Criminal Organisation led by my corrupt brother mr. Johan Smedema Gennep and neighbor AIVD-rapist drs. Jaap Duijs. Causing me to live as an idiot for now 18 years, 29 months in jail and losing my income of 145000 euro working half days! Horrifying! Also all the photos of my youth and during holidays and much more, were stolen and secretly hidden on the attic of daughter in Groningen! I have nothing anymore. See Dutch post Kinderen vervalsten zelf hun eigen DNA-test!

Published by

Hans Smedema

High level Dutch man(Rotary member) who became the victim of an unbelievable conspiracy set up by his own family and by a criminal organisation of rapist. De Facto Stateless! Now fighting for 18 years but the Dutch government refuses to open an investigation. America offered help and maybe this case will run at UNCAT. Almost certain this case will be filmed.