12.2 Founding the Foundation


When it became more and more clear to me, the Dutch will never let me publish about this cover up and conspiracy, which I called the Dutch Watergate, I made arrangements for a Foundation.

The name is ‘Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation’ and I donated and sold all the exploitation rights of my unbelievable story and book ‘Fighting the unknown’ to that private interest foundation. It has been founded in Panama according to Panama law.

I also founded ‘Fighting the unknown Inc.’ in Panama which will do the licensing of all rights to publishers outside the Netherlands.

When now the Dutch government or others, try to deny me the right to publish it, the rights will go back to the ‘Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation’ and by now they already are.

The ‘Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation’ will have the right to publish it in any other way.

Being refused the right to a lawyer, no investigation by the justice dept, no medical help for my poor wife, etc., this is a logical and therefore legal move. And even more disgusting, being accused without any possible defense (!), to be insane, just because they don’t believe the crimes made against us, is even more reason for a foundation.


The aim of the foundation is:

  • ‘to help and assist other victims with amnesia or suppression’.
  • grant money for studying to those who investigate and would like a degree in Amnesia, Emotional Personality and Dissociation
  • to give money and grants to those who helped Hans Smedema, and or his wife in any way possible.
  • Also to make the world community aware of the stupid behavior of most psychiatrists when confronted with these patients. Most of them even deny this story could happen!
  • Stimulate awareness of my book which is very educational for all people involved in this kind of crimes.
  • When we get a reasonable damage payment, money will go to those victims.
  • pay to ourselves because we are victims too and are beneficiaries.
  • So it is a Private Interest Foundation or PIF.

For the moment no grants or money is available, as the fight is still going on against the Dutch Government and a specific group inside it, who even do criminal acts to prevent the cover-up and conspiracy to be published.

But this can change on a dime when I get some help from Lawyers and Human Rights activists. What did not happen, but in 2017 apparently President Obama must have done something just before he left office and this case probably has been brought before the UNCAT or equal.

Book ‘Fighting the unknown’

My now inactive Dutch company ‘Human Power Services International B.V.’ has bought the rights for a Dutch language book from the Foundation. The investigative report of that story part 1 – Scrupulous betrayal, can be bought now.

There are now 8 Ebooks, 4 English, and 4 Dutch, which can be bought almost everywhere.

A corrupt Dutch Police Judge forbid the first investigative book or written statement of Hans Smedema:

  • without a Lawyer present,
  • no witnesses allowed,
  • and denied a simple DNA test which could prove one of the claimants is the rapist and father of our youngest son!
  • Hans was sentenced to pay the rapist of his wife and father of their youngest son 2300 euro and that sentence will cost Hans Smedema much more money.
  • An appeal is coming, but without the right to defend himself and the Dutch secret service making sure Hans will never get any proof, he is in fact defenseless
  • But the famous Dutch Lawyer mr. A. (Bram) Moszkowicz, now took the case for an Appeal, but no defense was allowed at all, against all human rights. Most likely to protect the Dutch Royals involved in this horrifying case.

More later…

Hans Smedema B. Sc.  2010 Hans Smedema Parcent, Spain